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Title: NamelessArranger's Arrangements
Post by: NamelessArranger on August 12, 2019, 08:21:02 PM
Hello! I really just registered because nobody seems to have arranged [NDS] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: "More London Streets" yet. I've decided to take matters into my own hands and would like to share my results with you:

[NDS] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: "More London Streets"
MUSIC XML (For Import into Finale):!ovxwxKAJ!E7A3si_DvLpSY1aSWZVACXNOBHGHUfRfKVDoSjzQaz8

As you can see, I'm a Musescore user, so I unfortunately can't provide a Finale file. You'll also notice that my formatting isn't correct yet, as I seem to be missing the Times New Roman font. I'll see what I can do in this regard.
In addition, I do not know the actual composer of this piece. In fact, I'm always baffled by the fact you manage to find the composer for every arranged work. How do you do this?

Also, this is my first real arrangement. I tried my best to hear the topmost notes of the bass chords and add the rest by intuition, but sometimes it sounds a bit rough around the edges. So if you got feedback of any kind, I'd be glad to hear it!
Title: Re: NamelessArranger's Arrangements
Post by: Dekkadeci on August 13, 2019, 01:08:31 AM
Typically, the composer(s) for a video game can be found on the game's Wikipedia article. In the case of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, I looked up its Wikipedia article and found it has exactly one composer: Tomohito Nishiura.

(Sometimes, you're not so lucky, find 6 composers for a single game, and have to narrow down who composed the song you arranged by looking up the game's OST.)
Title: Re: NamelessArranger's Arrangements
Post by: Onionleaf on August 13, 2019, 08:49:30 AM
Hiya, welcome to NSM! I think you're off to a great start with this arrangement. :) Like you said, it's a bit rough at the moment but with some polish it should come out great. I suppose at this stage just focus on the notes, and all the formatting adjustments can come later. There's a thread here ( on the forum where you can request assistance to bring the format to NSM standards.
Hope this helps get the ball rolling. It's just a high-level review from me so there may be other NSMers who can provide some more feedback. ;)
Title: [NDS] Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: "More London Streets" [Version 2]
Post by: NamelessArranger on August 13, 2019, 02:49:15 PM
Hey, thanks for your advice!

Key signature has been changed, voices have been separated, and a (presumed) Author has been added. I was a bit confused on the author, because it seemed that Ann Sally has been involved as well, at least she's listed as composer in this piano sheet ( for "Time Travel". Judging Wikipedia's claim that she really just sung the ending theme, I suppose that is a mistake on the arranger's end.

I've also worked on including the eighths as Onionleaf suggested. Since they are basically overlapping with the chrods, I've decided to engrave only the "extra" eighths and leave the rest inside the chord. I've also corrected some chords based on the path of those 8ths. Note that I decided to remove the eighth-rests to make the bass less crammed - do you think this will cause trouble understanding the tempos?
They are quite difficult to hear, but I think the eights are also present in M35 onwards (can certainly be heard in M38). I'm not entirely sure whether this sounds good or not. Maybe you could give your opinions.

When I find the time, I might also add a few more measures for the repeat - after all, during the repetition, the first few measures have those extra-eights, too.

Title: Re: NamelessArranger's Arrangements
Post by: Onionleaf on September 22, 2019, 08:49:49 AM
Hiya, sorry for the late reply. Those are some good changes :) To answer your queries:

• Why not write all notes as eighths starting from m. 19, including those chords? Actually, I think the 2nd and 3rd chords in all other measures can also be written as eighths, as this is how the accordion plays them (with breaks in between).
• That's a fair point about the repetition, I didn't notice that the second repeat also includes the eighths. I suppose one option would be to include these additional notes on page 1 but to make them smaller and add a narration to only play them on the repeat. Hopefully this won't clutter the page - if the notes start looking too cramped, I'd suggest to increase the width of all measures.

This would be a great piece to see completed, I'll definitely be printing this one off once it's done. Let me know if you'd like some further feedback on this and I can have a closer look at the notes.