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Title: What instrument is this?
Post by: 607 on April 16, 2020, 11:08:57 AM
Hi, it's me again!

This might be a topic I'll reuse... I'm trying to do a transcription of this song (, as a fun challenge and so I can listen to it in better quality (like most GBA soundtracks, the samples are noticeably compressed)
However I got stuck right at the beginning, as I can't figure out what the instrument used from the beginning is. :P There's a shaker, but I'm not sure about the tom-like sound. I'm using MuseScore 3 and the only option seemed to be the Roto-Toms, but they are pitched in a different way, and don't sound quite right either (I did succesfully use them for this theme ( from another game, but that sample does sound quite different, and is not used as the main melodic component.
I don't know what the percussion is entering the song from 5 seconds onward either. :P It sounds like wood blocks to me, but I don't think wood blocks are available in so many pitches. Then again, that doesn't mean the composer can't have used a woodblock sample anyway, of course. But you might be able to tell me otherwise. :)
Thanks for your attention!