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Title: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 05, 2015, 12:34:47 AM
Welcome back to NSM Weekly!

This topic is just for the official newsletter only, as per popular request. Discussion (and everything else) should happen here (

Dear all,

          NSM Weekly is a weekly (or rather, whenever we feel like updating it) experimental publication in which we recap things that happen during each week. In theory, we’ll have different sections written by different members and assembled to make a kind-of-coherent newsletter, but, you know, getting people to do things is HARD. Please post here or PM me with any ideas you have or things that you would like to contribute. I’m the captain now. :)

          (Why did I make a new topic? Well, I need to be able to update the OP with links, news, and things.  I’ll also move over the mess of news fragments from before onto here, so as to be better organized.)

- Latios212

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braixen1264: Founder
Latios212: Chief Editor
MaestroUGC: Columnist: “Inside the Mind of Maestro”
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The following people have expressed interest:
Title: Re: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 05, 2015, 12:39:38 AM
NSM Daily Weekly
Delivering NSM News Since 2015

Issue #000
26 February, 2015
by braixen1264, NSM member
edited by MaestroUGC

Birth of NSM Weekly by braixen1264
NSM Weekly has officially started up... Ellipses are unprofessional. yay.
Also name change. Because apparently daily pushes it. I also took the liberty of changing the name because the original represented an unattainable ideal. Grammar. Because literacy skillz.
Let's get this barrel rolling now, shall we?

PM me for a job interview
Never mind, I'm 14. Never reveal ages if the person is under 18. I don't know how job interviews work. So if you want to be in just say so and you're in.
Also I don't know how this newspaper stuff works(again, I'm 14) No asides, this isn't some personal advice column. Also no ages under 18. so help needed.
And how do you guys want to organize this thread? Leave your suggestions here. Punctuation is both useful and mandatory. Use it correctly or you're fired.
Title: Re: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 05, 2015, 12:41:47 AM
NSM Weekly
Delivering NSM News Since 2015

Issue #001
27 February, 2015
by Latios212, Master Reporter

Member Spotlight by Latios212
This week has seen the arrival of three new ambitious members. Welcome, Pianist Da Sootopolis, Kecleon, and Yug_Guy!

I haven't found something on here I can't at least sight read through all the way.
A new member who has already shown he knows a thing or two about music, PDS's arrangements and recordings are definitely things to watch for in the future.

Wazzup People I'm Kecleon. I'm working on Pokémon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire songs that no one else has created.
For This project only I use Widi.
Not only is Kecleon apparently the sole user of "Widi", but he has also taken on the task of arranging missing songs in the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald soundtrack. Excellent!

Hello All! I'm Yug Guy (call me whatever you want, I really don't care), and I've been using this site for quite awhile, but it's only now that I've decided to start making contributions!
gotta go submit my first sheet now!
A guy with an awesome palindromic name who's already contributed. :)

It's good to have more chill people around. Especially given a certain someone won't be returning, NSM Forums is taking steps back toward being the welcoming, conflict-free place of discussion and assistance that is has been and should be.

New Activities by Latios212
A bunch of new activities are starting to get some attention.

NSM Daily
braixen1264's small idea has grown into a (hopefully) regularly updated newsletter. Of course, this happened...
I'll take over the publication as chief editor.

Comedy 101
Using questionable teaching methods...
How you taught the lesson? With a horribly written example of a comedic story.
Maestro's class seems to work anyway.
Sandwiches. :)
someone help me I'm laughing so hard I fell out of my chair and can't get up

Secret Valentine 2015!
I recall doing this before but I guess that we all need LOEV more this year than anything else!
A great opportunity to bring people at NSM closer together, this project is nearing completion!

This Week in Quotes by Latios212
There is a SpongeBob quote for everything. (
I go there to take my daily dose of cringe  :P
Dude injures herself.
you have a room in your house that is completely inaccessible
who approved that
Title: Re: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 05, 2015, 12:45:22 AM
NSM Weekly
Delivering NSM News Since 2015

Issue #002
7 March, 2015
by Latios212, Master Reporter
with help from NocturneOfShadow

New Happenings by Latios212

New Member: cashwarrior1! Both cashwarrior1 and Kecleon have already arranged Pokémon tracks and are seem intent on doing more!

Another Maestro Project: The project is named Hexameron - An Invitation, an Adventure. Maestro aims to piece together unique variations of a single song, all arranged by a group of NSM arrangers! So far, deciding which song to experiment on has been difficult, but with polls finally up, the issue should be resolved within a week so the fun part (arranging) can begin!

Revival of Video Game Trivia: NocturneOfShadow and I found an old thread that blueflower999 was willing to continue hosting trivia on. Game on!

Dudeman writes things creatively: Just sit back and relax while reading one of Dudeman's short stories. (Seriously, more people need to read them. The Creativity Corner in general needs more love.)

The TWG Game may be inactive, but its participant's minds are quite the opposite as everyone wonders the same thing: WHERE'S DAVY?!  The creator has been gone for several hours now, and the phase update is much overdue.  Unable to find the creator himself, I interviewed a few of the players to try to establish the local opinion on Davy's disappearance.

emcee_mikey: Mariolegofan!  NocturneOfShadow, NSM Weekly.
mariolegofan: Hey.
emcee_mikey: Would you be available for a quick interview?
mariolegofan: Of course!
emcee_mikey: Great!
emcee_mikey: So, are you currently playing in TWG LXXV?
mariolegofan: Yes, the first I actually enjoy. (Mariolegofan spit his tongue out at me here)
emcee_mikey: Awesome!  Now, how balanced do you feel this game is?
mariolegofan: Well, honestly, it's boring.  I guess Davy being gone today just slowed it down a little.  He should be back soon!  Then it will pick up again!
emcee_mikey: Interesting.  So davy is gone?  Where do you think he is?
mariolegofan: Well, today is [his] birthday.....hopefully he isn't dead. (At this point he defies logic and makes an "X" shape with his mouth)
emcee_mikey: Hm... that's quite a macabre thought.  So do you feel confident in a victory for your team at this point?
mariolegofan: Perhaps, I am still fairly new at the game.
emcee_mikey: Well, thanks very much!  One more quick question:  Could you tell us what role you are?
(at this point mariolegofan left the interview.)

emcee_mikey: Hi Bubbles!  NocturneOfShadow from NSM Weekly.  Are you available for a few quick questions?
bubbles: Sure.
emcee_mikey: So, how much fun would you say the current game is?
bubbles: On a scale from 1-10, about a 3 (sorry!!)
emcee_mikey: Oh, well that's a shame.  Any particular reason why?
bubbles: TWG is fun, but no one is even posting so there's not much playing going on.  But there's some interesting roles so its still kinda fun.
emcee_mikey: Well that's nice.  How confident are you in a victory for your team at this point?
bubbles: Not really sure actually, since the humans seem pretty [CENSORED].
emcee_mikey: Given the disappearance of game's creator Davy, what do you think will transpire next?
bubbles: He's out enjoying his birthday!! Give the man a break- at least he has an excuse for being inactive.
emcee_mikey: Mariolegofan said he might have died.  Do you believe this theory holds any sway?
bubbles: Possibly.  I don't know where he would've gotten that idea from; it's always possible for that to happen though
emcee_mikey: Really.  Do you think Mariolegofan might be behind the attempt to end davy's life?
bubbles: You seem pretty confident that hes already dead/goin to be dead soon.
[at this point my editor in chief walks in]
maestro: So I just walked into something.
bubbles: Personally i'm more suspicious of you than mlf.
bubbles: yeah maestro hes interviewing me on illegal stuff!  [I'm a tattletale!]
emcee_mikey: Hehe... now see here, I'm just the reporter.  I'm not actually RESPONSIBLE for anything persay.
bubbles: trying to get me to spill twg secret beans!
emcee_mikey: Alright, alright, let's not be hasty.  I just have one more question for you: What is your role?
bubbles: my role is to keep everyone happy and not doing illegal stuff
emcee_mikey: ...It was worth a shot.

Well folks- there you have it.  Out enjoying a birthday, or possibly murdered in cold blood?  YOU DECIDE!

This Week in Quotes by Latios212

Maestro isn't funny. He's hilariously unfunny.
If there's another Layton game I am going to drink nothing but tea the whole day to celebrate.
“You have to make a choice. Either you can stay here, melding with the crowd and dying unknown, unloved, and unfulfilled. Or, you can take my hand and fix this broken world.”
[Insert Celine Dion voice here]
If I don't feel important and people are just going to ignore me, there is zero point wasting my time here.
I used to have "Playing Piano" for DS but I lost it when my brother accidentally sold our house to a vending machine.
Title: Re: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 05, 2015, 12:51:47 AM
NSM Weekly
Delivering NSM News Since 2015

Issue #003
26 March, 2015
by Latios212, Master Reporter
with help from MaestroUGC

Inside the Mind of Maestro by MaestroUGC
Corn is cobbed, yet peas are beaned.
Tuesdays come and go every week, yet Thursdays are forever in their 24 hours.
I started a symphony today, but I found that my wild waving doesn't actually write the music.
I stopped writing a symphony today.
Star Wars is a multi-million dollar franchise, yet they can only afford six movies.
Roses are red due to a genetic defect.
I can see clearly thanks to my prescription glasses.
Man, this guy in front of me looks like he's homeless.
Though I do like the frame on this mirror.
The real comedy is my love life.

Maestro Astropopolis

This Week in Quotes by Latios212
Great!  :)
I sound like mlf
I'm just going mention the Soviet Union because I'm Stalin for time right now.
Oh yeah? Well I'd re-turn straight for you every other Thursday!
Oops. Apparently I hate having money.
I always love fresh blood.
Thanks to you, now I realize that arranging is taking inspiration from an existing song and take it to an instrument the way you feel it, creating something new while maintaining the essence of the original; not just copy-pasting notes like a machine.
And I'll get the crossword puzzles
Title: Re: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 05, 2015, 12:56:47 AM
NSM Weekly
Delivering NSM News Since 2015

Issue #004
3 May, 2015
by Bubbles
with help from MaestroUGC

there is no news

Inside the Mind of Maestro by MaestroUGC
French fries are American, but American cheese is based off of a Swiss formula.
The opposite of left is right, yet the opposite of write is erasing.
Nintendo used to run "love hotels"; just let that sink in for a moment.
Sometimes I like to look at the stars, though most of them have restraining orders on me.
I had a dream where I was flying with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he still had polio.
FDR died in my dream because of his polio.
One and One and One is three is how I learned to count.
My teachers weren't very bright.
The vending machine at the Pepsi plant sells Coca-cola.
Nintendo used to run "love hotels"; they should do that again.

Title: Re: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 12, 2015, 09:21:16 PM
NSM Weekly
Delivering NSM News Since 2015

Issue #005
12 May, 2015
by Latios212, Master Reporter

Man, what's with all the bots lately?
About ten bots have arrived this past week. Many of them seem to be advertising some kind of medical product, which makes no sense at all. At first they’re kind of entertaining...
...but after a while it’s just silly ( We probably need some better security features around here. GET OUT, BOTS! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) (Or at least improve your grammar.)

Creativity Corner Revival by Latios212
For quite a while there hasn’t been much going on in the Creativity Corner. But this past week has seen more activity than I’ve seen in a while!  Check for new installments by
Maestro (, braixen1264 (, AwesomeYears (, Dudeman (, Hero of Trains (, and
yours truly. (

Arrangement Contest Results by Latios212
After the supersupersuperlate judging results came in, we have a winner! Congrats to all four amazing entrants, whose arrangements are truly fantastic...

HELP WANTED by Latios212
For replacing links: The old url expires very soon. Come help ( replace the outdated URLs on our sheets!
For NSM Weekly: writing is hard and I am bad at it

NEW UPDATE by Latios212

This Week in Quotes by Latios212
I absolutely adore chloramphenicol dogs when they squeak sadly.
what are you doing stop making nsm a better place by spreading happiness
Or we could have an official NICENESS DEATHMATCH!! *screaming crowd*
I'm just going to play Pokemon in my head.
How does one run 10 miles with expensive cake
Title: Re: The REAL NSM Weekly
Post by: Latios212 on May 29, 2015, 03:51:33 AM
NSM WeekSometimely
Barely delivering NSM News Since 2015

Issue #006
28 May, 2015
by Latios212, Lonely Reporter

Anyone there?....... there?....... there?.......
With a few notable exceptions, a lot of things have slowed down considerably or simply stopped. A listing:
- Few new arrangements (but the ones that do pop up are really great!).
- Arrangement projects have stopped dead in their tracks.
- Poor Bespinben singlehandedly manages the entire Submissions board.
- No TWG.
- No forum games have been active at all, save for Questions.
- No one helps the lonely reporter here. :c
- Relative silence from many top posters (okay, maybe a break from Maestro isn't the worst thing in the world).
- Where is Deku?????

This Week in Quotes by Latios212
And if it doesn't work, I can just delete this post
See guys? Trains isn't nice all the time.
I won't be able to think of tomorrow without associating it with the color indigo now
Never heard this before but.... listen, and....
the feels
You're imagining it playing at the end of PMD2 aren't you
Why aren't there any natural disasters in animal crossing?