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The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXXIII: ADOFAI Postgame
July 04, 2024, 06:43:10 PM

I'll type more when im off work but you want to know something hilarious.

Firstly, and for the record, everything i said was true from being busy when most chatter was happening to not thinking deep on ANY of my decisions.

In fact, my thought process for N1:
"Hmm, who do I burn? I dont want to burn TZP, they said they were joining the game because they saw I was playing (and someone else), i'll choose uhhhh THC, because i think they know how to play the game well."
I proceed to choose them as soon as roles were sent out, and clearly state to MSF that i wanted to put my burn decision in before i forgot to later. That i would likely change it before phase change.

Then i totally forgot and did not change before phase change because i was busy. Haha...
So, frankly, there was little to no reasoning behind choosing THC. I feel bad that they get targeted so frequently!!

I also... like i said, have no recollection of previous games especially the most recent ones so i try to keep my opinions rather face value.

I am genuinely curious what about my actions played as wolfy enough to get voted because my mindset going into this game was to just play as vanilla as possible (no strategy, just be honest), and it get me to a lynch x).
I chose TZP D1 because no joke, TZP thought nearly the EXACT same way i did when choosing a candidate hahaha. I was like, "thats something i literally thought to myself... i wonder if they are the other wolf thinking like me."
The irony in that, alone...
After i died i kinda hoped they were the other wolf lol.

And someone (i forget who) hit the nail on the head when i said i was sticking to my guts at the end just to throw everyone into a bit of chaos. I knew my time was up, i honestly didnt want to fake claim so i thought, i hope me not claiming will either change votes or make everyone doubt everything. In a way, i got what i wanted 😂

But still upset i got lynched first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ alas... if next game is simple enough for me to understand ill play! I didnt play last time because ill be fr i didnt understand the rock paper scissors thing 🙃 😅
Welcome back to TWG to me x)
Good luck y'all
I'm not going to take the responsibility to fake claim, that would be worst for me down the line. So no, i am not
Before reading back on posts to actually formulate proper responses, i feel like this game has become something where, from my perspective, situations out of my control have led to a couple folks narrowing down a choice to pick me. When i havent necessarily contributed to those reasons at all—more like a process of elimination so to speak.

Either extremely coincidental or it has become quite favorable for the wolves to jump on in.

When the game concludes i will likely inquire as to how you all do it when it comes to earning your place as town, because i feel like i havent contributed much (no outside PMs, no one else claiming). Definitely different from other TWG ive played in the past.

Oh also the meta-gaming side where you compare players to other games as a sort of citation, is very much out of my wheelhouse because i play this game for how it is; should i be reading that far into people?

Well, as time is running out, im glad BDS can get a sense for a little of this as i definitely am around to play and type when barely anyone else is, then am busy and tight on time when all the posts come flooding in..

If its any consolation as i dont doubt i will likely be lynched here, i appreciate the heavy analysis and breakdowns from TZP. Something i do not have the energy to do; especially, like i said before, if it involves "thinking of other games" because it has been months since i last played...
I wasnt strong on my vote for them, but will likely change due to other strong suspicions im picking up from BDS and TZP.

I will be frank, my inactivity and lack of lengthy explanation probably puts a target on my back more than i believe to see as fair, but at the same time everyone here plays the game way more often than i do. I get it..

As much as i would like to deep dive, time has gotten away from me and i will change my vote to Oricorio.
I thought them to be seer earlier primarily because their posts seemed like they were looking for info, thats it just a hunch. TZP has earned apass for now in my book because their thought process seems similar enough to mine on reads.

I have so little to go off this game, because it feels like nothing has happened for me haha. Perhaps this is why i dont play too often, idk. x)
Oh boy ok i gotta post my thoughts asap because i just got on my lunch ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Quick reply is as quick reply does, as im on a quick break here.

I totally forgot i got that distinction at the end of whatever game that was LOL.

I can see how to you all that shakes things up for me. In general, as an overarching statement with both IRL mafia games and sometimes this one, i take that passenger seat.
I love being the one who jumps in and proves a point or proves someone wrong when it becomes clear to ME, but its hard to do with this game being as social and overthinking as it is.
If that makes a little sense. Now that im talking more, at this point im speaking my mind for the sake of speaking, rather than bringing you with any clear or direct evidence.

By the sounds of it i am thinking of changing my vote around by phase change—just need to make it to my next break to read what TZP said about Xiao a little better.

Also interested in more about Ori from BDS.
You flatter me to think that I would take the extra time to do all that research prior to this game to come to some sort of conclusion like that haha.
Alas, i am not that well coordinated and am just trying to figure this out like the rest of you, only from a perspective of much inactivity between games.
If anything, I find it rather refreshing!
(But then i eventually get a target on my back because of it)

I will have to stick with my gut here and place a vote for TZP.

Aside from Ori, it's the only suspicion I have, including the play style dives into performance. I don't think at this moment any other person is striking much more of a flag, but anything can happen in 6 hours I suppose. Specs, your analysis is good, but idk what else I can say other than what I already have. Perhaps BDS is sliding too comfortably under everyone's radars?

I will do my best to check in before day change on my break at work. If anything further develops I will consider changing based on my previous analysis.
Oricorio, take the time you need! Hope everything does end up okay.

Can you also explain what LHF is?
I hope there will be more chatter today because tomorrow I will be at work when the day shift changes. I will likely pick a vote for someone tonight in the likely event I forget to post in time tomorrow.

Interested to hear more of your analysis, TZP.

Also Specs, if you post again in the morning.
I should specify, i dont believe that me posting analysis necessarily clears me as town, but rather it has been an observation that others expect it in some way to which it is earned through similar behavior.
I'll be so so honest, i tend to take a passenger seat role in these games! I think i've even mentioned that before.
The amount of deep dive y'all do is way beyond my mental capacity, but i do love joining along for the ride.

That being said, i will speak up if i have the right reason to do so! Maybe my flaw is I wait too long, because i want what i have to say to have substance and not just word vomit.

I'll go down the list of peeps and give my read on them, based solely on "listening" to everyone talk. I also have neither sent nor received any PM's.

Oricorio: I'm in agreement of the phrasing used by TZP, "I think Oricorio is maybe the most aggressive player in this lobby[...]". Perhaps trying to just snuff out information because they have seering power?
BDS: What I personally define as typical responsive behavior from what I remember from other games.
Specs: No true read, but it seems to have a bigger impact on other players here.

It appears that, for either some people here or in this game in general, getting a "town" read typically is given when giving heavy analysis and explanation into the social aspect of the game. As mentioned before, I lack this typically and perhaps that has always been my greatest weakness.
That being said, I will continue with the only shred of "something doesnt feel right" in my analysis.

Quote from: TheZeldaPianist275 on June 26, 2024, 06:30:13 AMI disagree that it was likely to be an RNG kill, though. My guess for why it happened: each wolf thought that, because a wolfing couldn't be guaranteed to kill someone, the best course of action was to play mindgames with the voting power and burn/chill someone unexpected. THC, as a player who had barely shown up, would be an ideal candidate to bank a burn/chill and keep the more active players thinking their votes were less powerful than they were.
TZP: It's only one paragraph, but it still gives me a weird feeling of how off-brand the decision may be from the wolves' perspective. It's only a hunch and I dont have much else. I appreciate the dive on Ori as it has assisted in forming my own opinion on them.
Xiao: Human lean; appreciate the effort in contributing to the game in a timely manner with the only vote so far, and the respect to say that it was primarily timing that it happened not necessarily the target.
Quote from: XiaoMigros on June 26, 2024, 03:21:52 PMI disagree with that analysis, I don't think it makes sense for wolves to target the less active towns under the current circumstances. I vote TZP

Is your vote for the sake of starting a vote count because none of us have voted?
To be frank, I did think TZP's analysis was oddly creatively-specific, but perhaps that's because they have more experience in TWG than I do... Does that warrant a vote already? Not that experience matters all the time, nor do I like to think outside the game (it gets confusing to me), but seeing that BDS posted about previous THC game history, idk.
I agree, msf.

Thoughts so far are it's tough to read anyone when all we do is speculate haha.
I don't mind the no non-lynch days because it certainly provides movement through the game, but it really is tough to point a finger even if justto point one.
Hi! I am here and quickly reading through everything.
This is unlike me but I did forget multiple times I was playing this game (my fault, is not an excuse; especially a "i havent been paying attention so dont count me as sus" excuse)..

It is late where I am, and I work open shift until about 4 hrs before the phase change (ugh). I will do my absolute best to reply throughout the day tomorrow!!

Initial thoughts are yes, be wary of  seering claims this early and i believe it highly unlikely, if anything very lucky, that the wolves both found each other AND got THC. Lucky, because like mentioned already, everyone at full vote is an absolute certainty at this point.
Cue "It's Been Awhile" by Staind