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Up-to-date news?! Preposterous!

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Is there a reason why you beam over the 8th rest in places like m5 (LH)? To me it seems a bit inconsistent since you don't beam over rests in the RH, and you've split groups of 3 eighths as well.

I think someone suggested it to me before. I prefer non-beamed, so I'll do that if it'll make the sheet more consistent. Think we're all good now?

Why do I do these huge orchestral sheets they make me want to tear my hair out by the time I'm done

Final Fantasy XIII-2 [MUL]

Noel's Theme -Final Journey-MUSMIDIPDFOriginal

Injustice: Gods Among Us [MUL]

Fortress of Solitude (Laboratory)MUSMIDIPDFOriginal

Star Fox 64 [N64]

Sector X (Replacement)MUSMIDIPDFOriginal

Site News / Re: Some staff updates (Wednesday, 22nd of March 2023)
« on: March 23, 2023, 01:49:34 PM »
Congrats Xiao and Kricketune! To be fair, I've been viewing them as honorary updaters for a while now given how much they help out :D

Awesome, thanks!

Sure thing, updated.

Sure thing. Normally wouldn't bump down the bass, but I like the RH chords where they are. Plus, it makes a contrast with other sections. Fixed :)

Submissions / Re: [N64] Star Fox 64 - "Area 6" by Fernman
« on: March 08, 2023, 03:19:55 PM »
Since I'm coming from Musescore over to Notepad I will wait to make those cosmetic edits. Though making changes back and forth between Musescore and notepad is starting to become a hassle. I've read the instructions on how to do it, there just has to be an easier way.

Ahh, that explains it. Yeah, I do that myself and it's a hassle. Don't really have any tips though.

I used to write endings that were just a whole note, but i find those to be just boring or even if it is two measures it can be abrupt. Since when most of us listen to a looped game song, before the song fades away the track begins again. So that is what i tried doing. Start the track again and have it end as soon as possible.

Yeah, I understand. Typically we don't have actual endings to most of our sheets anyway, just wanted to let you know in advance because I'm pretty sure updaters will have you change it later.

Submissions / Re: [N64] Star Fox 64 - "Area 6" by Fernman
« on: March 07, 2023, 02:54:38 PM »
Hey, a couple things I noticed:

First off, at m2 beat 3.5, you have the 3 LH 8th notes beamed together. You can keep them that way if you want, or you can separate the beaming so that the offbeat 8th stands out. (For what it's worth I prefer the separate beaming.)

At m23 RH and elsewhere, you've got a dotted 8th note-regular 8th note with a 16th rest. This isn't an optimal pattern for that sort of rhythm: I'd recommend having a dotted 8th note-16th note with an 8th note rest. If you really want that second note to be long you can add a legato mark.

At m30 you have a double barline that...just shouldn't be there. Typically it's reserved for the end of the piece, so I don't know why that's there.

And finally, at m46 you seem to have a custom ending that's not in the original track. I know it's counter-intuitive to have a piano sheet just repeat without an actual ending, but that's typically how sheets are handled here. If you still want to write an ending then I'd recommend a measure or two at most: keep it very simple. (Trust me, I used to write endings of my own so it took me a while to get used to it too.)

Just cosmetic stuff, but then I think someone will be able to get to the actual meat of the arrangement after this :)

Sure thing, updated.

Hey, I know this track! Thanks for covering it, and keep up the great arranging.

Of course! Thanks!

Been a hot minute hasn't it

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age [MUL]

The Hero Goes Forth with a DeterminationMUSMIDIPDFOriginal

Marvel's Avengers [MUL]

Hulk SmashMUSMIDIPDFOriginal

Tales of Symphonia [GCN]

A Wood Carving Star (Replacement)MUSMIDIPDFOriginal

I personally don't think the long synth pad voice that enters in m13 works in the L.H. in this octave, combined with the L.H. It makes the L.H. a bit awkward to play, which in turn makes it even harder to combine the L.H. bassline with whatever happens in the R.H. I think it might be better if you forgo the R.H. voice here and put the new voice in the R.H. (you could even add some of the other chords back in), and leave it out at m21 when the melody takes the foreground.

Yeah, this was the best compromise I could come up with and it doesn't sound great. I wanna know before I make a huge change, though: are you talking about completely getting rid of the RH from m13-20? And replacing it with chords? Or just adding chords to what's already there? (Which might be tricky)

-m45-48: The upper layer in the R.H. can't be played legato with the octave transposing bass F#'s, though I'm not sure how well it works with some more F#'s transposed up an octave too. I'll let you decide what you think looks and sounds best ^^

I'll just get rid of the legato if that works.

Everything else should be fixed, but I won't update until I hear from you. For such a simple song, it's really hard to arrange for piano lol.

Not sure what you mean by hiding brackets, but I beamed the top triplets. And I prefer that section in bass, since it's easier for layout, but I'll change if need be. Don't think there's any one right way that's super easy to read.

Measures 39-44 (the measures under the 8va) need some work. Two things about it:
- Try to avoid 8va bass clef in the right hand. Generally speaking what you want to write can still come across clearly either in treble clef or bass clef. Using an 8va bass clef here adds some mental load to the performer, and in particular makes it more difficult to tell how far apart the left and right hand parts are. Removing the 8va here makes it easier to see the next thing...
- The notes in the upper layer in the left hand are also present in the right hand part currently. I assume you meant to remove the voice from one of the hands?

Wasn't sure how to show this. Seemed too high for regular bass and too low for regular treble. I'll just keep it at bass for now. And yeah sorry I did mean to remove it, I have to import from Musescore so sometimes there's things that fall through the cracks.


Sorry, I meant including more of the arpeggios rather than leaving them as 8ths.

Think me and Kricketune talked about this, I think we decided that the arpeggios were too difficult to play as is so we went with 8ths

Ah yeah, I'm hearing it in the other places too now. If you find a way to incorporate it that you're happy with, it can be changed, and if not it should be fine as is.

I'll mull it over. In the meantime thanks for looking the sheet over!

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