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Yesss thank you so much for arranging this!!
Currently trying it out as I write this. I’ll let you know right away if I find anything strange.

Submission #7: Xenoblade Chronicles - Hometown by Maelstrom

Submission #6: "Tressa, the Merchant" - Octopath Traveler by Latios212

Yaaay time for more submissions!

Submission #5: "Gear up for..." - Fire Emblem: Heroes by Latios212

Thanks Braix! You're the best ^^

Submission #4: "The Final Note" - Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows by Zeila

Submission #3: "Route 4/5/6/7" - Pokemon X/Y (Piano Cover) by Clanker37

Submission #2: "Hau'oli City (Night)" - Pokemon Sun/Moon Latios212

Submission #1: "Spirit Crucible Elpys" - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by Maelstrom

Hi everyone! Special thanks to Latios212 for letting me know about this wonderful event ^^
I really enjoy playing a bunch of stuff from NSM, the site is essentially a part of my childhood haha
I don't normally post here, but I feel like showcasing these great arrangements is my way of giving something back to all you awesome people :D
I hope you all enjoy them ^^; You can find all my youtube channel showcases here.

Submission #1: "Spirit Crucible Elpys" - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 by Maelstrom
Submission #2: "Hau'oli City (Night)" - Pokemon Sun/Moon Latios212
Submission #3: "Route 4/5/6/7" - Pokemon X/Y (Piano Cover) by Clanker37
Submission #4: "The Final Note" - Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows by Zeila
Submission #5: "Gear up for..." - Fire Emblem: Heroes by Latios212
Submission #6: "Tressa, the Merchant" - Octopath Traveler by Latios212
Submission #7: Xenoblade Chronicles - "Hometown" by Maelstrom

Piano Arrangements / Re: Xenoblade 2 Arrrangements by Starsoarer
« on: April 06, 2018, 12:32:45 AM »
Hi Starsoarer! Nice to see you on here :D

The best thing about NSM is that you can ask for advice from other arrangers on here. Maelstrom so happens to be the main Xenoblade arranger, and he’s a pretty cool guy haha

Like you, I’m a bit of a newbie here, but I’m super anxious to see what you’ll come up with next!

No purchase necessary. If you ever find yourself in need of help with formatting a .mus because of Notepad's stupidity, visit this topic to ask for assistance. A lot of us don't have the full version of Finale and it turns out fine in the end.

Alrighty, thanks a bunch!

About this sheet though, just to clarify: it's your sheet and you do what you want with it :3

At the moment though, it seems like Zeila's sheet is a little closer to being accepted in terms of quality and formatting and such, so it's more likely we'll end up going with that one for the site. But that by no means means that your sheet is bad and you should stop working on it! Especially with a sheet this complex there are a lot of arrangement decisions to be made and things you can do to make this sheet your own (which I have already seen a lot of).

If this ends up being deleted, feel free to share on a personal arrangement thread (please do!)

No problem, that's fair enough. Checking over Zelia's arrangement, it's definitely the more "accurate" arrangement, but it's still somehow very different to mine! I don't know if I'm savvy enough to go as far as making my own personal arrangement thread yet, but maybe I could post arrangements of simpler songs and learn from there. And I really do appreciate the warm welcome! It's really reassuring that I'll be able to get tips on how to improve my arrangements :)

Speaking of which, (and this is slightly off topic) Is it necessary to purchase Finale to submit stuff to NSM? As you guys mentioned above, there are some formalities with formatting music which sadly, isn't possible with the free notepad version of Finale.

Haha, by all means do stick around, post your arrangements, get involved, and chat with us! I look forward to seeing what you arrange and what you think about our sheets!

I will! I'm actually rather "fresh" at this arranging stuff but I love reading and playing music. I could definitely learn some new things from you guys! 

Soo uh... what will happen to this arrangement if Zelia's already arranged it? Is it worth continuing to work on this one?

Hey, I lurked this site, too! 5 years before finally joining, too!

Welcome! To start off, I like to say thank you for contributing by replacing! We've got plenty of sheets that are outdated here.

If you would please read these formatting guidelines, it would help your sheet! If you have any further questions, or if you'd like a sheet template, let us know! We're happy to help!

Thanks a bunch! I actually don't have a purchased build of Finale so a Sheet Template would be amazing! I created this by porting my arrangement over from MuseScore, and unfortunately my options are limited with the free Finale Notepad edition.

Welcome to NSM! (Hi!)

It's great to see new arrangers join, and this looks like a terrific effort to start! Please, do stay, learn, arrange more, and grow ^^

I hate to be the one to bring this news, though, but Zeila just submitted a replacement for this sheet :-[

I was too late? Nooo...
Oh well, looking over Zelia's arrangement it looks like I got the wrong Key (D major instead of G major) in the last segment of the song too haha, I'll have to fix that.
Either way, thank you so much! I've had a real blast playing all the arrangements on here, yours included! I really feel like trying some arranging of my own is my way of "thanking" you guys ^^

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