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Fixed all of that. Composer mistake on my part, I didn't look further properly.

I don't think the XML Editor for MuseScore is working anymore due to the changes from MuseScore 3, so bar numbers need to be added in the mus file. Otherwise, a simplistic sheet that I hope to get in since seeing the flood of Updaters' comments on everyone's sheets. Also, Ōkami has the best music, don't @ me.
Help! / Re: helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 16, 2020, 02:44:43 PM
NSM Panel and hover over the "Submission" button. There will be an option to submit sheet music.
I was going to think of a unique theme, but in the end, I'm just gonna endorse the BOSS THEMES idea, as I'm in the middle of transcribing two boss themes myself, makes my life a bit easier wink wink.
Quote from: SlowPokemon on January 06, 2020, 06:24:28 PMThis is such a fun idea. What do you use for composition??? How did you get the soundfonts and how do you use them in composition/sound playback? What software do you use?

How I write these songs usually goes like this;

1.) Muck around on the piano until I get a melody and chord progression that I really like, takes 5 mins maximum for me to get something good.

2.) Record on the phone for future use in case I forget it.

3.) Go on Reaper (DAW) and create song while referring to recording and listening to official AA music to gain inspiration. Flick through different instrument sounds on soundfont until I find one that sounds just right.

I get my soundfonts from and use the tag, "nintendo ds" to get the DS soundfonts. I use Plogue's "Sforzando" to select and import soundfonts for MIDI usage. I do rip the MIDIs off the AA DS Roms as well via VGMTrans to see the MIDI techniques used, mainly echos, volume and drum patterns.

This is what a typical song looks like on Reaper

I could do a tutorial if people want it, it's a lot of fun to replicate Ace Attorney music.
Jolting Logic

I lied, I had a really good logic theme stuck in me and had to get it out there first. I went a bit overboard with the length of the piece, it's twice as long as the Logic theme from AA1! I had to put a[nother] funky ass time signature in there so figure it out will you :^)?

Courtroom Lobby ~ A Dynamic Prelude v2

And I've fixed up the previous piece by making it not as boring and plain and empty, and added a few more ideas and swapped the bass with something punchier. So listen to that one instead of the old theme please.
Quote from: mikey on January 01, 2020, 09:26:16 AMneat! remember to have fun or I will find you

Don't worry, I'm having a lot of fun creating these tracks.

Anyway, got a new track for you guys, and I'm probably going to follow the OST route when composing my next songs, so next song will be the court music.

Courtroom Lobby ~ A Dynamic Prelude

I'm most likely going to fix this particular song a bit because some of the instrumentation and sections doesn't feel right to me so I've gotta figure it out in the meantime.
Turns out Mother 3 only came out in 2006 so there goes my whole list. Jk, will post a list pretty soon.
Turns out I made this a few years ago back when I was 13 huh. Well now that I'm a mature adult with much more free time now, I can make more damn music that doesn't suck as bad.

Anyway, my new years resolution for 2020 is to start composing music regularly, and I thought I'd start by creating my own soundtrack for a DS-era Ace Attorney game. Each song I compose will be faithful to the DS style by using only DS soundfonts (primarily the Ace Attorney Trilogy soundfonts and Investigation soundfonts) with the exception of a couple of 8bit VSTs. I aim to replicate the Ace Attorney Trilogy music style the best I can while adding my own flair.

I've also almost finished composing a couple of non-gaming pop music that I'll showcase here within a few days with way more production than my other pieces.

Investigation Opening 2020
Project Archive / Re: Halloween 2k19 Update
October 04, 2019, 03:50:58 AM
Hey! I have a spooky arrangement I did that I didn't submit! Time to amp it up baby! (And get heavily critiqued or something.)

Deadly Premonition
The Woods and the Goddess: [MIDI][PDF][MUS]
Site News / Re: Update, Monday 22nd of October 2018
October 21, 2018, 04:14:18 PM
Hallelujah, I finally got one of my sheets up on there! Now which one to submit next 🤔
Fixed everything. Idk how the composer disappeared in the first place but oh well he's back in the game.
Anyone considered transcribing the SSB Ultimate Main Menu theme yet? Because if no one has, I'll gladly take it for only me to make (and then I'll be famous on the interweb hehehe).
Made changes and removed the extra stuff in bars 14 and 16, I cannot figure out a good way to put in the tidbits without pure awkwardness in the hands.