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Contest: Results Announcement - FireArrow
  • Some 8th rests are clashing in m5 and 7, but other than that this looks good.
Updated the rest positions in a bunch of places, accepting this one now.

Zeila - Stark Mountain
This is overall very very good! Just a couple of small things.
- This was composed by Go Ichinose, not Hitomi Sato. (The bass and percussive rhythm are indicative of that :P)
- For the chromatic triplet descent in m. 28-29 I think it'd be good to respell a few of the accidentals as follows:
  - m. 28 Ab (7th note) as G#
  - m. 29 F# as Gb
  - m. 29 Eb as D#
This way you keep the pairwise minor seconds. Actually, given that they're pairwise minor seconds I think these would be better written as sextuplets so you don't group them contrary to that.
- Oh, and I think you should put an "Edited by Zeila" on this one.

Alrighty, sheet looks good!

Sounds good, nice catches. I've replaced the files! (Went with a tenuto in m. 18 beat 4)

Hi Elu, welcome again to NinSheetMusic! :P

Arrangement-wise, this is pretty solid. The melody and chords are pretty much there.

However, when listening to the original, there are some significant discrepancies I'm picking up on. HG/SS music can be somewhat dense and layered which can make harmonies and accompaniment patterns difficult to write in, so I can definitely see where your arrangement is coming from. But I'd suggest taking a closer listen to what's going on in the original under the melody voice - you have a lot of thirds written but the original tends to have more fifths/sixths in places which has a pretty different sound. I can point out some things specifically if you like. For the left hand, you've generally got the right chords but they use the lower range of the piano making them sound a bit muddy, and some of the jumps are also quite demanding.

Let me know if you need help with anything or if you want me to expand on anything I said a bit more to clarify!

I had a quick chat with Sebastian lately and he gave me permission to make edits and submit his sheets for him since he's been busy. There's a lot of good stuff he has just sitting around; I'm starting off with a couple of replacements to help the site.

(I've gone through this and call it good)

I had a quick chat with Sebastian lately and he gave me permission to make edits and submit his sheets for him since he's been busy. There's a lot of good stuff he has just sitting around; I'm starting off with a couple of replacements to help the site.

(I've gone through this and call it good)

Hi Christophe, welcome and thanks for joining! :D

We're actually trying to shut this project down, so please submit any new sheets you have (including that one) through the normal submission process here. Feel free to ask any questions here if you need help!

Submissions / Re: [SWITCH] Fire Emblem: Three Houses - "Wailing" by Libera
« on: November 12, 2019, 02:31:07 AM »
more three houses! Looks great, just a few things.

- The right end of the middle tie in m. 3 needs a bit of adjusting
- m. 9-10: sounds like a fifth (F-C) in the LH instead of a third (F-A)
- m. 11-15: any reason why these LH lower layer notes aren't octaves as well like in the original? Also, perhaps a double barline here?
- m. 17/first half of 18: I think I'm hearing E on the top of these LH chords? A bit difficult to tell
- m. 19: missing a crucial bass Eb on beat 1
- Would suggest flipping the open tie to bend down in m. 29
- Would suggest shortening the last system

Submissions / Re: [MOB] Fire Emblem Heroes - "Serious 6b" by Libera
« on: November 10, 2019, 02:38:13 AM »
Sounds good since they were on new systems anyway. Last system looks good too!

(still approve :P)

I'm assuming you meant measure 11, in which case you're right. Fixed.
Oops, yeah that's what I meant.

Thanks for the fixes, everything looks good now! Accepting :)

Submissions / Re: [MOB] Fire Emblem Heroes - "Serious 6b" by Libera
« on: November 10, 2019, 01:45:13 AM »
No problem! Changes look good, just a couple of real quick visual things:
- Courtesy natural in the right hand of m. 27 as well?
- Would suggest just separating the top and bottom parts at the end since the connectedness is throwing off the position of the dots. Regardless, the top tie on the bottom part would probably be best bending upwards. (Also there's an abnormally large amount of space at the beginning of the last measure?)

Submissions / Re: [GBC] Harvest Moon 2 GBC - "Spring" by Code_Name_Geek
« on: November 09, 2019, 07:27:53 PM »
-I tried to find a composer for this game but it wasn't listed anywhere, not even in the end of game credits.
Tsuyoshi Tanaka? Maybe this is just an educated guess based on other HM games, particularly the other GB version?

Everything looks good :P However, for the triads at the end, I would recommend moving them down an octave and splitting them between both hands (so the LH can play the bottom notes).

Submissions / Re: [MOB] Fire Emblem Heroes - "Serious 6b" by Libera
« on: November 09, 2019, 07:11:17 PM »
Yay, I love how this one builds upon the previous song. Good sheet, just some miscellaneous things:

- Is there a particular reason the beaming for the LH is different on the first page vs. the rest?
- Courtesy Cn in m. 11? (You have a corresponding natural in m. 7.) Same for 27.
- I'd personally recommend a double barline at the end of 18
- m. 32 beat 3 - melody plays G on top, not F#
- Try and keep your rest positions consistent - i.e. compare m. 19/21/30/47/etc.
- Any reason why the eighth note overlaps beat 1 in m. 41 where everywhere else it's a rest?
- Are you sure the E in the first chord in m. 46 is there? I'm just hearing a Bm7 chord
- m. 50 beat 1.5 LH - think I'm hearing C instead of E? Not totally sure
- Maybe widen space between staves for the last few systems a bit?
- D# in m. 52 should have a B under it
- I'd suggest moving the lower 2-3 notes in the last chord to the lower staff since it'd be easiest split between hands

Nice! This is a really good sheet. My note check:
- Bass doesn't play in m. 1/5/9 beat 4.5
- I'd suggest removing the staccato in m. 2/10 beat 2.5
- m. 10: missing the Ab in the second chord like m. 3?
- Would recommend making the Eb grace note in m. 14 D# instead
- I think m. 29 would make more sense using Gb instead of F#?

The edits look good, so other than waiting for someone else to check that E/F discrepancy in bar 16 (I checked it again myself and still hear an F) I approve.
Quite sure the last note in m. 16 is an E as written.

-Not sure about the really high chords at the end, some notes might be wrong
These sound good to me!

Aside from this, I noticed some of the margins/text alignment/etc. was a bit off and the distribution of the music on the pages could be improved a bit as well. Here's a file for you to use with some of those aesthetic adjustments since I know you have Notepad, feel free to use it. (This doesn't contain the note corrections.)

Submissions / Re: [PS1] Final Fantasy VIII - "The Oath" by Connor-Kingaroo
« on: November 09, 2019, 05:57:29 PM »
Yes, I would. Should I change my username accordingly?
No need, I've changed your arranger name on your profile :P

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