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Up-to-date news?! Preposterous!

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I also suddenly heard an E# grace note before beat 1 in m32, but aside from that I'll approve!
Ah yeah! Edited that in, thanks :P

Not sure about this one, I still think it's a D.  That G sounds like it's moving to an F on the next bit, i.e. its just part of the chords that I've already written in the left hand.
Ah got it! Yeah that makes sense, I see what you were going for now.

I think we had a similar disagreement in another FFX sheet (and harmonically the situations are very similar).  I guess I still see this as a chromatic passing note so it makes more sense to me as an A#, even if it isn't in the key signature.
Sure, sounds good~

Good to go from me!

Consider it all done, with the exception of the percussion in m23-24. However, there did seem to be a restrike that I included.
If you're going with the original's bass voicing I think in m. 24 I think the Cb restrikes on beat 4 as well as beat 3.

I'll just leave that to whoever checks next to verify, everything else looks good!

Submissions / Re: [PS2] Final Fantasy X - "Rikku's Theme" by Libera
« on: January 26, 2022, 04:16:54 AM »
Looks good! Just a few small things from me:
- m. 8 beat 1 top layer sounds like a higher G instead of a D?
- m. 8/22 second half - there's F and E on top of these offbeat chords, did you omit them for simplicity? (I ask because the chords are present unaltered everywhere else where possible)
- The inner ties in m. 16/18 could probably be adjusted a bit so they don't blend in with the ledger lines as much
- m. 29 - the A# would probably be simpler as a Bb within the key signature
- Courtesy Bb in m. 31?
- This is a stylistic choice that I'm fine with you keeping if you want, but neither the bass note nor the melody actually carries over from m. 44 into 45 in the original.

I don't have a definitive answer, just when I was originally arranging this song my mind went to the root as Ab instead of G#. It could also be that the Ab minor "feels" more "Russian" to me instead of the G#? Like I said, don't have particularly strong reasoning. I can always just change the key signature if needed.
I can't say I really understand that reasoning, but it's fine as long as it's still easily readable. There aren't really any extra flats here that would result in awkward double flats so it works. I'll accept!

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: January 25, 2022, 01:13:00 AM »
Hey nice to see you joining in! Besides using Google Drive or Dropbox as mentioned above, I'd highly suggest putting a spoiler warning or something to the MuseScore link - since comments are enabled and publicly visible. Not that anyone around here could cheat of course, but it's easy to get spoiled by accident.

edit: you also have two #21s

Thanks! So I'm not 100% certain on this, but I'm pretty sure that this is the "Heavy Damage" variation of the track as mentioned below in the thread. Static and I had discussed this, and I wanted to keep with the other Street Fighter sheet and put the Heavy Damage as its own sheet (well, in theory at least.) Although, if the updaters find it best then I'll add this section to this sheet (dunno if that would apply to the other Street Fighter sheet as well)
Ah, okay. Yep that's fine, just wanted to make sure that wasn't left out unintentionally~

Anyway this looks good! Here's some feedback before we finish up with this one:
- Out of curiosity, is there any reason you have this in Ab minor (7 flats) instead of G# minor (5 sharps)?
- There's a space missing after the = in the tempo marking
- Measures 24-32 are super spaced out right now at 3 measures per system since they're relatively empty - especially when looking at m. 33 which has 6 measures in one system. I'd recommend adjusting the measure distribution a little bit accordingly - let me know if you want any suggestions.
- Pages 2 and 3 have the top system rather close to the header while there's extra room at the bottom. You can use the Staff Tool and drag the top staff on those pages down to give the header a bit more space by moving the music closer to the bottom of the page.
- I think for the 16th note groups in the right hand of m. 39-45, it would make more sense to have just one slur covering the whole thing.
- The quarter notes in m. 48 beats 3-4 should be Db-Eb (instead of Cb-Db).

Submission Archive / Re: [3DS] Tomodachi Life - "Mii Edit" by Nine Lives
« on: January 23, 2022, 07:53:22 PM »
Looks great! I forgot to mention that the ties between m. 37-38 needed adjusting too (practically anytime there's a second interval in a chord). Also the bottom tie in m. 42 overlapped the flag a bit. I got those couple of small things for you along with the v26 articulation reset and will accept now :)

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: January 23, 2022, 06:47:31 AM »
Here's Meteo.

I need a little bit of help getting over the finish line on this one; I'm not 100% on the accidentals between m20 and 21, and the LH for those same measures I was having a really hard time making out those lower bass drum notes
Yep it needs some work but it's a solid starting point :) I'll put the sheet in subs and we can discuss further there!

Also, I'm putting this in:
2022 Week 4

A new replacement for the replacement initiative! (I know next to nothing about this game or this track...)

Tales of Symphonia
NEW!   Presea's Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

2022 Week 4

A new replacement for the replacement initiative! (I know next to nothing about this game or this track...)

Tales of Symphonia
NEW!   Presea's Theme[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

I added the RH marking in measure 6 et al, but I left m17/19 as is (because I seem to recall hearing that cross-staffing should be left up to the performer, and that's what this is, yes?)
Well, cross-staffing refers to where the note is placed on the staves and that's your decision as the arranger. Sometimes that can leave up to the performer which hand they want to play it with. Here I'm saying that I think it would be best for the right hand to play the upper layer notes on beats 2 and 3 because it would be an awkward jump for the left hand while playing the triplet arpeggio. And since they fit comfortably on the top staff, they would probably be best written there.

Additionally, one other thing to consider is that the beat 1 Bb doesn't contribute much in terms of sound (it's there in the original, but there's a Bb playing in the RH and the Bb is struck immediately afterwards in the left hand) and it's also awkward to re-strike, so I would suggest just taking it out. The bass note is also wrong here, and writing a Bb above it (lowered an octave from the original) forms a muddy-sounding tritone. So all that said, I would suggest this for m. 17/19:

Other stuff:
- Use a staccato 8th note + 16th rest instead of staccato dotted 8th note (m. 2, 3, 8, 30, 31)
- The Cb in the LH of m. 8 should be Cn
- m. 15 beat 4 RH: Use Fb instead of En (chromatically approaches the Eb, and preserves parallel sixth dyads)
- m. 21 beat 4 RH: Use Cb instead of Bb (chromatically approaches the Bb, and matches the Cb chord in the left hand)
- If you want, you could include the rhythm of the percussion in the bass of m. 23-24 to keep the forward motion in the sound.
- Keep 4 measures per system on the second page instead of having 5/5/3/3 in the last four systems.

Submission Archive / Re: [3DS] Tomodachi Life - "Mii Edit" by Nine Lives
« on: January 23, 2022, 02:45:45 AM »
Nice sheet! Some details:

- Performance directions don't need to be capitalized all the way through like titles; you can just use "Laid back, yet inspirational".
- m. 1/2/3 RH beat 1: These first chords are missing an Eb above the D.
- m. 2 RH beat 1.5: You could do without the lower harmonies here, since they're not restruck
- m. 1/3 LH beat 4.5: These 16th notes should just be a single 8th note, the bass does not rearticulate there.
- m. 5/9/29 RH: Slurs on staccato phrases are okay, but I don't think slurring over rests makes any sense here - would suggest removing the slurs.
- m. 24: This is crushed a bit for some reason, click it again with the Note Entry Tool (maybe other measures in the system too) and it should respace itself
- m. 29 beat 1.5 LH: I don't hear this G there
- m. 25/29/33 LH: I would recommend writing beats 1, 2, and 3 as regular quarter notes; the way they are written now as eighth+rest makes them look like the syncopated rhythms elsewhere, and the notes aren't particularly shortened there. You could use the staccato/tenuto marking if you want.
- m. 29 RH beat 4: I think it would be better to put a F instead of G underneath the Ab
- m. 36 beat 2 LH: I hear an F instead of a rest here
- m. 42 beat 2.5 RH: Fix the middle tie so it doesn't overlap the note on the right
- m. 44 beat 2 LH: I hear Ab (lower) instead of Db

Nothing further to add! Replacement let's gooooooo

I'll leave the track name as you left it until we hear otherwise :)

This looks good, though as Static is preoccupied with some things right now I'll make a couple of minor edits - centering the p dynamic at the beginning and adjusting the spacing of the last system to allow a bit more room for the crescendo.


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