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Submissions / Re: [MUL] Genshin Impact - "Fragile Fantasy" by Latios212
« on: September 26, 2023, 10:10:22 PM »

- Something odd seems to have happened to the RH part in the first half of measure 1, where the lower layer triplet isn't aligned properly like it is in the rest of the measures
This needs to be reset to normal because the triplets in the lower layer need to be aligned with the eighth note in the upper layer for this to make sense rhythmically.

Haha, sometimes when you look at your own sheet too long, it becomes hard to notice things :P

Changes look good, it's accepting time!

Cool! A few small things remain before acceptance:

In places like m. 2 where you have a staccato note overlapping it - should they play the note staccato and then release, preventing the D# from being sustained the whole measure? I wouldn't say this is a requirement, but you may want to consider shortening the beat 1 note accordingly.
m. 8 could use similar adjusting as well

- Fix the alignment of the upper layer beat 1 notes in m. 40-41 and 48-49
- A few dynamic positionings:
  - mf in m. 19 is a bit far to the right
  - m. 28 is a bit crushed. You can use the Page Layout tool to drag the lower staff down a little bit to create more space between staves for this system, and adjust the dynamics accordingly.
  - Lastly, this is a bit minor, but the hairpins don't need to be extremely close to the dynamic symbols or barlines (most apparent in m. 29 but also a bit of 27 and 18 too).

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'd prefer the n rather than the circle as it seems a bit more intuitive to read as someone who hasn't seen the circle before. I've updated the sheet accordingly :)

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Symphonic Rain - "Hello!" by Latios212
« on: September 18, 2023, 10:40:13 PM »
I just have one outstanding comment that applies in a couple places: m22, m26 RH beat 1, I hear these chords slightly differently: hearing E and A in m22 instead of F and A, in m26 same notes instead of D and F. Pretty minor, but was wondering if the notes below the melody you placed here was more implied than notes you heard.
Ah good catch, I think you're right! The harmony in the right hand does sound like A minor here. I've adjusted the notes accordingly - not exactly to your comment above, but to make triads in the right hand consistent with the rest of the section.

Thanks again for checking, files updated! :D

I'm not sure I like 'fade in' being used instead of a dynamic marking, even if it captures the intent quite clearly. I think moving it above the stave (and right of the tempo) and adding an actual dynamic would be best, would you agree?
I think I like its positioning centrally next to the crescendo where it's most apparent and where you'd expect the opening dynamic to be. I'd prefer to keep it, but if you feel strongly I can just change it to ppp or something, shouldn't make a difference in how it's performed

m5 & m7: I think I hear the F# be restruck at beat 3.75, though it's not entirely clear in m5
I don't think I hear either, at least nowhere near as apparent the restrike is in m. 10.

m8: Thoughts on including the mallet figure in the RH?
Good question, let's see...

The first couple of notes just octave double the left hand, and it's a bit of an awkward jump to the high E, and that's getting into the range of the main melody so I think it'd distract from the incoming main melody more than I'd like. I'd prefer to keep it out for these reasons!

m17 beat 3.75: You could include the low E in the RH here, to keep things moving
That makes sense, similar to beat 3.5 in m. 15. Updated (and m. 21 similarly)!

that's all, but next time transcribe the wave sounds
check out this sick sheet of mine

Files updated, thanks for checking!

Just a last minute thought, but I was wondering if it would be worth changing the order of Arranger names so that it's in alphabetical order and matches our sheet credits. Looking at various on-site sheets as examples, many of them aren't consistent with the order on-site vs. in-sheet anyways, so it's not a big deal if that's too much of a hassle!
If I recall correctly, the site's infrastructure automatically lists arrangers in order by ID (i.e. forum account join date). Consider it an improvement we can make in the future, but for the purposes of the sheet please feel free to list the arrangers however you choose (I would recommend in order of importance/contributions, but not a big deal).

(Also I unfortunately haven't gotten the chance to go through this one closely but super nice work getting this done you two!! And thanks for those who checked it as well of course haha)

All looks good to me, let's get this replacement in! Thanks for doing it :D

For today, a fun ragtime piece!

Genshin Impact
NEW!   Blissful Little Ditty[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

And here's a project submission (which I will fix up soon)!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
NEW!   As Fierce as Fire[MUS] [MIDI] [PDF] [Original] 

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] OMORI - "By Your Side" by SlimyWyvern
« on: September 17, 2023, 09:55:54 PM »
Yep, looks good! All set now :D

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Symphonic Rain - "Hello!" by Latios212
« on: September 17, 2023, 09:28:55 PM »
• m5, m7, m9, m73, 75, and 77 RH beat last note of these measures, you could add slurs given how the vocal note shifts
I like this, added!

• m13 LH 2.33 I think the G is not present here, but at m14 1.33 I hear the G above the E. On m14 beat 2.33 I only hear F, and no G
• m17 LH same about 2.33 as m13, but hearing F as well with the G on 2.66
I'm not sure I hear some of these suggestions here, listening again I think it generally makes sense to keep the dyads consistent since they don't seem to be super obviously single notes. (In case you were wondering I omitted the G in m. 14 beat 1.33 because of the overlap with the melody, otherwise the goal was to have a consistent texture.) I do hear F instead of G in the latter half of m. 17 and it didn't sound like triads, so I swapped them out.

• m18 RH you could add a slur between notes, same reasoning as above
• m23 RH 2.33 and 2.66 C is restruck underneath
Yep, updated!

• m50 RH I think I hear an F in this cluster
Yeah, F sounds right here. I didn't want to put it a major second away from the melody so I extended this chord downwards.

• m53 lyric on second 16th note I hear as "na"
• m58 1.33 lyric hearing "na" as well
(assuming you mean m. 58 beat 1.66) These do sound a little ambiguous, but I did cross-check the original lyrics to confirm that those are correct. I checked a couple of sources but here's one with the romaji pronunciations (note this is the full version of the song from the album version so it has extra verses not present in this sheet).

Thanks for checking! Updated the files :)

Heya! Looking good but there are a handful of things that can be improved to make this sheet shine better. Please bear with me :)

Notes and stuff:
- Fn in m. 13 should be E# (C# major chord)
- The lowest note of the second chord in m. 20 and 24 should be E instead of F#
- It really sounds to me like only the bass note in m. 30 should be 8vb, not the entire rest of the left hand from there onwards.
- That left hand note in m. 30 should probably also be accented.
- Measure 34 (and similarly 36/42/44) are rather empty right now. How about adding in this lower voice?

- It looks like Finale's default spacing isn't applied correctly everywhere (notice how the double sharp in the left hand in the next measure is kind of overlapping the flag from beat 2.5). Give each measure a click when using the Note Entry tool just to make sure everything's all set.
- Somewhat personal preference, but I think m. 19-29 would be better off in bass clef rather than treble. If you're keeping this section in one clef, you're ending up with 4 ledger lines off the staff either way, but it's pretty straightforward to read stacks of thirds above bass for the chords - as opposed to the low single notes in m. 22 and 26 as written. If you do change this, make sure to reposition the dynamics.
- Be mindful of your rest placements in places where you have multiple layers. In particular:
  - In measure 3, if beats 2-4 are flipped as normal, the 16th rests should return to their normal mid-staff positions (use m. 1 for comparison).
  - Measure 12's top layer rests on beats 4/4.5 should be at their normal staff heights too
  - The quarter rest on beta 4 of m. 38 is too close to the upper layer G#. I'd suggest moving this down a few notches to be below the staff instead of overlapping the bottom line (and the other quarter rests in m. 39 to match)
- Align the ending numbers in m. 17-18 and 26-27 with the beat 1 notes (they're awkwardly far to the right currently, Finale's default placement isn't good at this)

One other thing:
- You have a bunch of places here where you have a whole note sustained throughout the whole measure, but you have a bunch of places where the note is meant to be restruck. This is okay sometimes to communicate what the voices in the original are doing but it can be unclear for the performer. In places like m. 2 where you have a staccato note overlapping it - should they play the note staccato and then release, preventing the D# from being sustained the whole measure? I wouldn't say this is a requirement, but you may want to consider shortening the beat 1 note accordingly. The thing I would strongly recommend adjusting though is m. 40-41 and 48-49. The whole notes clearly can't be held across the measures because the second layer is playing the notes again, but you could change the lower octave note on beat 1 to the whole note instead to achieve a similar effect performance wise.

Lastly, I suggest giving this topic a read: Staccato placement on stem side. It's not a requirement by means, but I really do recommend defaulting them to center around noteheads.

I'd be happy to help make some visual adjustments to this sheet before we accept it if you and Bloop want some assistance, as there are some minor spacing tweaks and such that could help alleviate the crampedness of this sheet.
Please do!

Check this out!

The first file has some minor tweaks in addition to some tie/beaming adjustments. But to be honest, I think trying to fit this on one page is not great and I've provided a second file that more naturally spreads it across one and a half pages that I'd highly recommend using instead.

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] OMORI - "By Your Side" by SlimyWyvern
« on: September 17, 2023, 04:17:55 PM »
Looking good! Just one last thing about that last note in m. 20 - I think that Bb should be an octave below where you have it now (leading into the A in the next measure). If you move it, be sure to make sure it's re-aligned properly.

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