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oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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Sometimes you need to make slight and subtle adjustments to the music to make it playable for an instrument.

I changed some critical passages, so a 10th is the largest interval now (that should be playable). But please let me know, if there are some spelling mistakes on this sheet, cause I guess there are some.

I replaced everything I could with double dotted half notes, but this seems to have corrupted the layout a bit and it's just not looking that good. Could someone with finale fix that (like you TMP)?

First of all, thanks for helping, TMP. I fixed the upward facing notes and corrected that issue in measure 18.

I'm on mobile so I can't see if TMP changed this or not, but you use a double dotted half note in measure 10. That would be helpful in other places too.
Shoul I replace every possible note with a double dotted half note? Like this:

(example screenshotted in MuseScore, most things not corrected in this version)

Should be fixed now (hopefully).

EDIT: It actually is not, but now I know where the problem was: I accidently saved and older version and uploaded that one. I'll fix tomorrow.

Another EDIT: everything seems allright. Finale Notepad is such a confusing software...

I fixed the little font issue and just requested help on the thread you send me. Anyway, thank you for helping me out!


My arrangement could fit on one page, but i just can't remove those giant gaps between the lines.

Is there someone who can handle this?

Ok, I just fixed that litte Font-Issue.

Ok, I also fixed the layout issues with this sheet. Right Hand got bass clef (yes, this is possible in Finale NotePad to change Cleffs, but it's quite annoying) and Left Hand was lowered one octave, to not clash with RH anymore and to sound more like the original. It also may also fit on one page, but I don't think, I can do this with Finale NotePad (with MuseScore it would be possible, but then it won't have the Finale-Layout). Maybe someone with Finale could help me with that. If there are any other things to improve, please let me know!

Okay, I fixed the layout issues and made some notes staccato to get rid of all the sixteenth breaks. To improve the look of the sheet I wrote the notes for the second hand one octave higher and added "play LH one octave lower than written". Also I changed something in measures 21/22 to make them playable. If there is something wrong with those changes or other things to improve, just let me know!

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