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Projects / Re:'s Space Travel Project Sheets
« on: May 17, 2022, 03:50:10 AM »
Flying Through Outer Space
Just a couple small things:
- maybe write the Ebm chords in m13-20 as D#m instead? m12 seems to lead in better that way, but I'll leave it up to you.m
- m20 RH beat 6 is missing an Ab

- this makes sense, I'll respell them (what's the Finale shortcut for this?)
- I didn't re-check it, but I trust you. Fixed

-Very glad to see more Dream Course representation!
-In m12, the offbeat chords/bass on beat 3 sound like they're held a little longer than the other notes, you could add some tenutos or staccato-tenutos there if you wanted
-It's really faint, but there are some more notes in m21 RH on beat 4:

-m29 RH: I actually don't hear the A's on beat 3, it sounds like these chords have D's in them instead
-m29 LH: the 16th pairs on beats 2 and 3 sound like they should be down an octave

- you gonna help me get Iceberg Ocean on the site, or what? ;)
- I'd rather leave them the way they are, as they're about the same length as other instances of that pattern
- so there are! I'll mark them with tiny notes, to leave playing them up to the performer. It'll sure be a quick leap up to the high G-sharp
- I should've checked those chords myself before blindly changing them. Thanks!
- those might've been left like that from when I was first trying to make playability accommodations. Fixed

New files are up. Thanks, Radiak and Static!

Projects / Re:'s Space Travel Project Sheets
« on: May 16, 2022, 03:20:23 AM »
Flying Through Outer Space
- Is there a reason the G is missing from the second chord in m. 1-2? I don't hear anything differently in the chords there and everywhere else in this part you've got 4-note chords
- Would suggest courtesy (non-parenthesized) naturals on the E's and B's at the beginning of m. 4 (both LH and RH)
- You have all the 7/8 measures beamed as 3+2+2, so I would recommend splitting the beam between beats 5-6 in the last measure too.

- hmm, I don't hear a G in the second chord. Here's what I'm hearing for the first two measures:

B-flat major alternating with G minor (its relative key), and A minor alternating with F major. Combining each pair of chords results in a Gmin7 and an Fmaj7, respectively; there's no G in the second chord of those bars.

- you're right, I should add those
- so, four groupings, right? That looks right to me, let me know if I should combine the second and third

Music from Radar Scope

The only thing I would say is that I think it would make more sense for BGM 3's tempo marking to be in quarter = rather than dotted quarter =, just to make it easier to compare to BGM 2 and BGM 3.  I mean really it should probably be given in eighth =, but maybe that could just be in brackets.  It's not a big deal, but it's also not immediately obvious as to whether BGM 3 is faster or slower than BGM 2.

Yeah, I see how that would be misleading. I'm not sure if the brackets are necessary, but it should make more sense to mark BGM 3 with a quarter. Consider it done!

Astro Man Stage
  • I'm not that familiar with the differences between the PS1 and Saturn version, other than Tengu Man Stage of course. Are they basically the same across both platforms? It seems that way to me from a cursory listening, so if that's the case, we'll change that label on site to MUL for ya.
  • m1-5 LH: Might be cool to have the bass on beat 1 here, since there'd be enough time for the LH to jump up to the chords. Even though there wouldn't be a chord on beat 1, the arpeggio in the RH has the same notes so it would still be harmonically complete if that makes sense. Up to you though.
  • m5-13 LH: It looks like you just took the background chord hits and moved them down an octave for this LH part. Rhythmically, it works fine, but it clashes hard with the melody and obscures the harmony. I think you could get away with omitting some of those notes to help everything sort of gel together better and groove harder. This is just one idea I had:

    Keeping it to 3 voices max in that mid-low register (as well as avoiding 2nd intervals) helps things stay light. The bottom voice matches the bass (Eb-D-Bb pretty much repeated throughout that section, like in m14-21), and the upper notes stay out of the way of the melody and countermelody - all while still preserving the harmony.
  • Maybe have slurs over the melody starting on m8 beat 4.5, and on m12 beat 2.5

- I found an upload of the Saturn version on YouTube, but the differences are so miniscule that they're hardly noticeable. Aside from Tengu Man Stage, it also has exclusive themes for the Wood Man and Cut Man cameos, but I don't think this calls for a separate designation on the site
- don't get me wrong, the bass is good to have, but I don't think it's important enough to override those chords. At least, not there, anyway
- I've made changes to match those two bars, but could you help me with m. 8 - 13? Maybe over Discord?
- sure thing, I'll add those in

Okay, I've made changes to all three sheets! Files should be syncing their updates through Dropbox now.

btw you don't need the courtesy F# in m29 anymore

Oop, my bad. Fixed now.

Notes and stuff all look great, so I'm just gonna address those points you mentioned:
  • m1/5 LH: The rests here should look like m3/7.
  • If you want the LH to be less muddy, maybe just change the upper layer notes. Not much harmonic information will be lost since the melody outlines the chords anyway:
  • Going off the above, the countermelody in m17 would probably work better in the RH in its original octave. The few notes that are out of range (like end of m18 going into m19) could be played by the LH using the pedal or rolling the notes slightly. (or played as-is if you have large hands, since the largest interval here would be a 10th).
  • Maybe move the top voice at the end of m24 to the RH, or swap the inner two voices so the range is more evenly distributed across the hands:

    Either way, I'd just recommend not having all 3 voices so low/in one hand.

- here, I fixed 'em. Do those look better?
- hmmm, I don't like fourths replacing thirds, but I have to admit, they work better here, so it shall be done
- I did some of my own voice leading to accommodate the larger intervals and voice crossing, how's that?
- I went and revised the whole last measure, taking your suggestion into account

New files are up!

  • m4/8 LH have an additional G on beat 4.5, on the first line of the staff.
  • m20 LH beat 4: Should be Db instead of C# (G7#5b5) - just look at how the voices resolve back to C
  • m28 RH: Last note should be E# instead of Fn (goes chromatically up to F#)
  • m29 RH has 3 voices throughout, and some of the notes are different than what you have:

Nice sheet

Thanks for checking all of this, these are things I should have revised from the original draft before submitting. New files are up.

Finals are imminent, and I'm beginning to lose a lot of sleep...


[SNES] Kirby Super Star - "Flying Through Outer Space"


Hi just here to say what the frick, kirby?

Well said, my friend. As Cash has already pointed out in the thread, this is a rather unusual song for a Kirby game. It's in everybody's favorite meter, 7/8, and there's no clear tonal center—it just settles on a chord for a brief moment, then moves on to the next. Did I mention it took forever to put together? Err, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it definitely took me longer than anticipated; figuring out the right hand was a pain and a half. But now we're one step closer to finishing Kirby Super Star.


[MUL] Mega Man 8 - "Astro Man Stage"


Ugh. Mega Man 8. Have you ever heard me talk about this game before? Probably not, because I'm not a huge fan. This here is the game that almost killed the classic series, leaving it to the many Mega Man spinoffs to keep the franchise alive. Mega Man 9, which released twelve years later, was arguably the only reason this franchise is still thriving today. What exactly don't I like about this game? Almost everything:

- the cutesy, saccharine visuals make me want to vomit; it's as if Mega Man X being edgy meant this game had to be the polar opposite
- the difficulty is watered down, and yet the developers thought that was good enough of a reason to get rid of E-Tanks, a staple of the series
- they not only brought back the scrolling shooter concept from Mega Man 5, but also introduced these god-awful snowboard sections
- the voice acting in the English version of the game is horrendous, and made me skip every cutscene I possibly could; it's like nobody cared
- most importantly, it's just not fun to me. I'm not sure where they went wrong with this factor, but I don't enjoy playing this game at all

Why is this all relevant here? Because, as you know, no matter how bad of a game I'm confronted with, I'll always find a way to defend its music. But this game's music? I just don't enjoy most of it. The transition into the next console generation brought about such a tonal shift, and for the first time in the series, I can't hum any of the game's tracks off the top of my head. Does not being catchy automatically make music bad? Certainly not, but it was the last straw with this game for me. I can't believe I was anxious to play this game when I got Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

"Astro Man Stage", like many of the other tracks from this game, has very little to say. The melody is boring, strangely dissonant, and drops out for eight bars at a time on every loop, so these syncopated chords can take the spotlight. My opinion of the track wouldn't change if it worked better as a piano solo; that's just another downside. But I'm aiming to represent every game in the classic series on-site, and Mega Man 8 was just another hurdle.

Phew. That took a while to type out. Maybe updating my PA wouldn't take so long if I didn't spend so much time typing out long-winded rants...

Eh, who am I kidding? The rants are what make these updates exciting! So enjoy, and I'll see you next time.

Projects /'s Space Travel Project Sheets
« on: May 04, 2022, 05:40:50 PM »

[SNES] Kirby Super Star - "Flying Through Outer Space"



[MUL] Mega Man 8 - "Astro Man Stage"



[ARCADE] Radar Scope - "Music from Radar Scope"


Let's go, Space Travel! This should be fun. Hit me up with any questions.


[GB] Kirby's Pinball Land - "Leaderboard"


"Hey, wait a minute, ain't that three completed OSTs in a row?"

Yes, that's right. You gonna help me celebrate, now, or what?

Presenting my tenth "dedicated game" project:

Kirby and the Forgotten Pinball Land Project

My even-longer journey to complete the Kirby's Pinball Land soundtrack has come to an end! There may only be half as many sheets here compared to Mega Man II, but it's still more than Mappy, so I felt it was worth putting on a ceremony for. Check the spoiler tag below for the full list:

Full List of Sheets (9 Total)
Title Screen
Table Select
Whispy Woods Land
Bonus Game
King Dedede
High Score Entry

This game has been a part of my life for a while now (sixth grade, back when I first got my Game Boy,) so I always knew I had to do it justice and finish the project. You're probably not familiar with this title at all, but that's what I hope to fix. Meaningless statistics time? You bet!

First Sheet Completed: Whispy Woods Land
Last Sheet Completed: Leaderboard but you knew that...
Easiest Sheet to Arrange: Bonus Game
Hardest Sheet to Arrange: Table Select
Shortest Sheet: Title Screen, 0'22"
Longest Sheet: Whispy Woods Land, 1'22"
Favorite Sheet: Boss (catchy, and easy to arrange!)
Least Favorite Sheet: Leaderboard (those three parts did not get along...)
Project Duration: 69 months ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), or about 5 3/4 years

Now this game gets to join Kirby's Block Ball on my list of dedicated Kirby games. What's next? Oh, I dunno, probably BS Kirby's Toy Box... but does anyone really care about that one? i meant more than pinball land What I need to get back to doing is attempting to covering every single game in the franchise; I'm only a handful of titles away from accomplishing this goal, minus Kirby's Dream Land, since it is already finished on-site. But however long it takes me, I hope I'll still have you guys around to see it. Welp, I'm done rambling. Have a good night, everyone, and as always, don't forget to...

... check out my latest sheet for the Replacement Initiative!


[NES] Yoshi's Cookie - "Music A"


God, this song is so boring; at least it was easy enough to prepare a sheet for.

I stand by this statement. Where was I? Oh, yeah...

... eeeeennnnjoy!


Some things we need to figure out:

- rest placement, because we've got ourselves two layers in the right hand again
- how to divide up the sheets on the site. I'm guessing this game is similar to Wario's Woods in that the NES and SNES versions have some shared tracks, as well as some exclusives on their respective consoles. This track in particular is not much different from its SNES counterpart, but from what I've heard of the other SNES remixes, this is no trend, and a separate section on the site would eventually be necessary (we can't stick with [MUL]). I haven't listened to the rest of the on-site sheets, but I'm guessing they're all based on the NES version
- the title. I want to assume "Music A" is fine, but this is a Bullet-Proof Software game, the same developer that ported Tetris to the Game Boy. For the sheets of that game we're hosting, the tracks are labeled "A, B, C Theme", and in both games, the menu describes the tracks as "music types"
- who developed this game, anyway? I've got one source that says the NES/GB releases (which I assume are near-identical) were developed by Tose, and that the SNES port was done by Bullet-Proof Software, but this doesn't seem right. The latter developer is included on the former version's title screen, and one of our more recent Yoshi's Cookie sheets credits Blue Planet Software, which I've only seen associated with the SNES release. Help!

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: May 01, 2022, 08:09:32 PM »
this will take me no time at all; expect it to be ready by tomorrow.

And, as promised, here it is:


[NES] Yoshi's Cookie - "Music A"


God, this song is so boring; at least it was easy enough to prepare a sheet for. I'll save discussing arrangement decisions for the thread, once it's up.

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: May 01, 2022, 04:19:27 AM »
We have three more sheets for the initiative!

Music A - Yoshi's Cookie
Credits - Mario Kart: Super Circuit
Elevator Music - Goldeneye 007 (N64)


And I'd like to claim "Music A" from Yoshi's Cookie, please. I was expecting something difficult before I listened to the original, but on second thought, this will take me no time at all; expect it to be ready by tomorrow.

Wow nice! That takes a LOT of dedication.

Thanks, Ike!

Now it's time to finish off another soundtrack, on a much smaller scale.


[ARCADE] Mappy - "Miscellaneous Short Themes and Sound Effects"


YouTube Sources (there's a lot)


It's been a while since I've made a sheet like this. Normally, when I'm compiling a bunch of short themes together, it's for a smaller OST, but Mappy's was the first my series of Namco games that I felt needed multiple sheets. Could I have given "Bonus Round Results" its own sheet? Sure, but this saves time! And after all, it's a "short theme" isn't it? Case closed. Anyway, that's the last of Mappy. It's time for me to start thinking of the next early-eighties arcade game to give this treatment to. The Tower of Druaga looks tempting...

But don't go away yet! I've gotta post about the recent submissions, too:

105th (Re-Write)

[SNES] Kirby's Dream Course - "The First Hole"


(Original Sheet)

Starting out, this arrangement's first draft really isn't all that bad; it's the point at m. 22 where things start to take a turn for the worse. It drops the bass part completely in favor of the accompanying sixteenths, and the sense of key we had earlier is sorta lost (even if we've since modulated). I'm also not crazy about the older formatting, as you probably knew. Younger me had no business cramming this sheet into two pages. But no matter, because it's fixed now! Hooray!

0th - 40th?? (Re-Write)

[SNES] Mega Man 7 - "Dr. Wily Stage 4"


(Original Sheet)

O-Oh. That original sure is... ah...


... yeah, it's another one of these triple-stavers, as I like to call 'em. Shoddy formatting, incorrect beaming, missing information... it's got it all, as was the standard back in Fall of 2016. Though, I gotta say, the transcription ain't bad, so it was just a matter of condensing the three parts down into two hands. Am I happy with the result? Well, only sorta, but that's what the submission process is for. Taking okay sheets, and making them more-than-okay. Let's hear it for Mega Man 7 representation!

time to never touch this ost again

For my next PA update, I'll be adding my last sheet for the Kirby's Pinball Land soundtrack. Then, after that, I'll put together two new sheets for the recently-announced Space Travel project. And after that? I'll go back to arranging VGM at random, just like the good ol' days. You'll get to see some Mario Kart, a little Final Fantasy, and maybe even a dash of Kirby and The Forgotten Land, since I've just achieved 100% completion for it recently. The possibilities are endless, so enjoy!

Remaining Re-Writes: 7

Submissions / Re: [SNES] Mega Man 7 - "Dr. Wily Stage 4" by
« on: April 30, 2022, 11:43:55 PM »

First Mega Man 7 submission, also a re-write of an older sheet. Some things to point out here:

- accompanying chords have been dropped down an octave, so harmony's a little muddy right now. Shifting the left hand part up would require the same of the right hand, and I'm not so sure I want to do that
- from m. 9 to 16, I've used the arpeggios for the left hand part, swapping out several downbeats for the root of the chord
     - and on this note, I had to change the direction of the fast sixteenths in m. 12 to keep them from overlapping with the right hand part
- two layers of notes means two layers of rests! And for this reason, they're quite messy right now. Gonna need some help organizing them
- many YouTube uploads of this (such as the one here) will try to give these songs titles, but I'm still using the Rockman Sound Box titles from VGMDB as reference


This is a re-write of an old sheet of mine, and I felt it deserved special treatment.

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