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Wow, thanks alot for those changes!  ;D
It sounds much better now.
I've replaced the old files with the new ones.
Are there anymore things that need to change to the sheet before it can be accepted?

Oké so i made some changes to the first system of the sheet.
Is this the way to do this with the parentheses thing or should i be doing this different?

1: the PDF must be made from the .mus file, which means the .mus file must be formatted accurately.
I have now formatted the .mus filed and made it into a .pdf file

2: Voice doubling - those octaves in the first system only serve to confuse the melody. Also, each the voice is picked up by the RH, you should still include it in the LH and put parenthesis around the RH note. As it is, it's a pain to follow the melody. If you just put rests in the RH, it would seem rather strange. So, this is your best option here.
Could you please specify which measures it goes about?

Thank you for the feedback!

Hello everyone!
This is a transcription of one of my alltime favourite game!  :)

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