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Submissions / Re: [MUL] NieR - "Halua" by Libera
« on: Today at 12:06:23 AM »
Wondering if m24 RH warrants a roll on those notes- it sounded to me like there could be one there.

At m31, while there isn't a lot left of the song, I don't think it'd hurt to be faithful to the song and include a rit. starting at the eighth notes here.


At the fermatas, do you see any potential usage for some performance text saying something to the effect of "let the sound carry" or "fade out"?  I know fade out is probably not the right term and con pedale is already in the beginning, so maybe this is a redundant point.

Hmm, I'm not really sure this makes sense.  I think it's going to happen naturally and there's not much the performer can do besides the fermata which is already present.  I think I'll just leave it.

Thanks for having a look.  Files updated.

The bass actually does play G# there, but it's hard to tell with all the layers present. Here's that bassline isolated, starting at m516.

We talked about this on discord; I think we agreed they should be Gns.

And everything else should be fixed, lmk if I missed anything

I think it was because I actually forgot to put it in my first post (a copy-paste error I think), but this:

-Courtesy accidentals on the Ebs in bars 434/442 etc. ?  You have them in the left hand at those points.

Everything else looks good.

Great, I'll accept.  Nice work!

How's that?

I think what I said may have been confusing.  Here's a picture:
I think that is what we want to achieve here.

And one last change from me - I had accidentally put the developer (ArtePiazza) in the copyright info instead of the publisher (Marvelous Interactive), so that's also been fixed.

We should put both the developer and the publisher in the copyright information.

Project Archive / Re: Libera's Coulors Sheets
« on: September 12, 2021, 08:35:52 PM »
Blue Dove
- Maybe use "Transcribed by" rather than "Arranged by", since it's not really an arrangement. Everything else looks good (also I'm a bit surprised this only the second Ace Combat sheet to ever be submitted here... nice to see some more)

Yeah I get that it's probably more correct but I just prefer to not really think about it.  We're all called 'Arrangers' on site anyway so I don't think it really matters that much.

- m3 RH beat 1: There's an F above the Eb that might be cool to add, since it clashes nicely with the Gb, but up to you. If you were to add it, probably put it below the Gb so it doesn't get in the way of the melody voice.
- m6 RH beat 3: There's a C in this chord below the Eb
- m7 RH beat 1: There's a Db below the Eb
- m8 RH beat 1: There's an Eb in this chord
- m8 RH beat 3: There's a Db in this chord, which I think sounds pretty cool but might be a bit too dissonant when you voice it right above the C.
- m21 RH beat 4.5: The low voice in the lead part goes down to F here instead of Ab (which coincidentally aligns with the background voice too).

Lots of nice spots here.  I think I may have somewhat rushed this arrangement to finish it in time before I left.  Thanks for the help.  I didn't add in the Db in bar 8, partially because I'm not super sure it's there but also because I think it sounds a bit much on piano with this voicing.

- m10 LH: It sounds like the guitar part comes in on the offbeat before, like between m11-12, though I guess it doesn't really matter that much in a fade-in.

I tried to keep it simple with this fade in, to give the 'chord' in bar 9 a bit of room (there's only so quietly someone could really play the fade in on piano) and I think it's just a bit cleaner to start on the beat.

- m30 RH: Consider removing the upper octave (or making it 5ths) and/or lowering the dynamic in this measure; these notes don't sound nearly as loud or powerful as the ones in m29/31. In addition, it sounds more like Ab-Cb to me as the top voice rather than Eb-Gb

Sure, I like it.

Thanks for the feedback.  I've updated Green Orange in the dropbox folder.

m18 LH: There is an extra 8th note Eb in the bass on beat 4.5, it's pretty short but noticeable when isolating the channel. Up to you if you want to include it, but the rest of the bassline is there so I figured I'd mention it.

Added this in.

m27 LH beat 3: The top background string voice still goes to Bb here, I'm assuming you changed it to G because of the RH? Same goes for using the low voice in m29 LH.

Yes, that was the idea.  I think it sounds fuller and more interesting this way.

m31 LH: It might be cool to include the G-Ab-Bb line on the downbeats instead of Bb-Bb-C, since it leads into the Bb in m32. It's fine either way though.

I tried changing it to Bb G Ab, but it sounded kind of weird to me stuck out like that, since the resolution of C -> D in the melody stands out more and the jump Ab -> D is a tritone.  I guess I could go for dyads on the beat here but then I think I'd have to do it everywhere, and I think it'd make the section sound too heavy.  I think I'll just leave it as it is.

In my eyes, putting them at center staff makes it look like the rests apply to both layers, which is confusing at first. I put rests back on center staff if one of the layers is far above or below the staff, but here layer 2 is also in the center of the staff, so it's not clear at first glance which layer the rests actually belong to. That's how I view it anyway.

I changed this.

Thanks for checking; new files are up.

Any progress on this?  If you want any help with anything or need clarification on something, let us know.

OK, here's comes the final section check from me.

-I think the Gb in bar 406 makes a bit more sense as an F# (the harmony is something like Gm -> D -> Bb with the bassline descending G -> F# -> Fn).
-The way the cross-staffed notes interact with the RH second layer in bar 411 looks pretty ugly.  Maybe something sneaky like this presents a little more nicely?
-I'd suggest dropping the F in the second layer on beat 1 of bar 412/414.  I think it'd be more consistent with the other chords in this section and would also highlight the descending pattern better.  I'm also not really sure you need a five note chord hear; it's not a particularly heavy point in the piece.
-I think the second layer C in beat 4 of bar 413 might be better as an A or an F.  The C doesn't really stick out to me above either of those and you already have an octave C in the left hand there, so I think it might just sound a bit more balanced this way.
-You could write in the string line from beat 1 of bar 428 if you wanted to.  It might look a bit less confusing as to where the second layer comes from.
-Courtesy accidentals on the Ebs in bars 434/442 etc. ?  You have them in the left hand at those points.
-There are a few awkward fingerings in this sheet already, but I feel like the chord on beat 3 of bar 443 is the worst I've noticed so far.  I'm not sure I can play that comfortably at all in isolation, let alone as part of performing that whole line with both hands.  It might be worth changing it to something less painful...
-Again, have you thought about making the left hand in bars 454+ fit the percussion a bit more closely?  I think the reworking of 340+ was a big improvement, so maybe an approach like that work well again.  You could also get some of the timpani rolls in (like in bar 461).
-I cannot play the first chord in bar 477 at all and it seems like a really difficult stretch to me.  The seventh is fine but playing the two middle notes as well is impossible for me and probably most other people.  Dropping the Eb probably would make much of a difference since it's already in the left hand in octaves.
-The second note of beat 4 in bar 489 should be an F# I think (currently an E).
-I can see that you want the melody to stand out more in bar 496+, but dropping the semiquavers means you suddenly lose a lot of the energy that you've built up.  Maybe you could put the runs back in for beats 2 and 4 i.e. chord -> four notes -> chord -> four notes -> chord -> four notes -> chord -> two notes etc.  Maybe that makes sense...  Once you've got to bar 500 you're fine because you've got stuff going on in every beat so I don't think it's going to sound unenergetic.
-These thirds in bars 504-507 etc. sound kind of off to me.  I'm not sure I can even hear the top line, but certainly the lower line sounds more prominent to me.  Maybe it's just something about the texture of the original here which doesn't translate to piano very well...
-The left hand G#s in bars 523/527 really sound like they should be Gns to me.
-I forgot what the 'technically' correct thing to do is, but I think it'd be easier to read if you brought the pedal release markings up a bit in 523/537 so it's more obvious that they even exist (I didn't even notice them myself when I was reading it through first time).  I don't think they HAVE to be in line with the previous pedal marking in cases like this where it doesn't really make sense.

I think I might give this another 'quick' once over for visual stuff later but I think I'm finally pretty much done with this... Well done, it's certainly an impressive sheet.

Submissions / Re: [MUL] NieR - "Halua" by Libera
« on: September 11, 2021, 11:00:33 PM »
This was unreleased on the original soundtrack.  The composer info is a very educated guess based on a) knowing the members of MONACA involved and b) knowing who arranged it on the ver.1.22474487139... soundtrack.

Piano Arrangements / Re: Libera's Arrangements (Halua)
« on: September 11, 2021, 09:59:24 PM »
My new party trick is reciting the square root of 1.5 to 11 decimal places.

Original - Halua: [Musx] [Pdf] [Midi] [Mus]

ver.1.22474487139... - Halua: [Musx] [Pdf] [Midi] [Mus]

Apologies for the terrible second video.  I couldn't find a static picture upload.

I definitely see what you're saying here. I reworked a lot of things here, mainly dropping the bass notes where appropriate to let the horn part come through (which sounds fine to me since those notes were pretty quiet in the original and provided rhythm more than pitches). Hopefully this sounds better texture-wise? I also did some significant playtesting and changed how I divided the top line between the hands, so I think the playability should be better as well.

...The difference is honestly night and day.  This sounds magical now and is even better than I was envisioning.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to mention that I had to manually align the LH seconds on beat 3 in m. 26 and 28, and I wasn't positive what the "right" way to do that here was. Do they look alright the way I did it?

I think you want to align these so that the lower layer lines up with the top layer in the RH (i.e. the middle of notes line up).  At the moment the notes now bunch up towards the following beat, which we probably want to avoid.

Submission Archive / Re: [GBA] Mega Man Zero 4 - "Power Field" by Jake_Luigi
« on: September 04, 2021, 08:19:37 PM »
Looks great.  I shall approve.  Good job for sticking with it!

Submissions / Re: [NES] Mega Man - "Ice Man Stage" by
« on: September 04, 2021, 05:43:35 PM »
Notes look great.  It sounds like a Gb to me in bar 14.  If you wanted my opinion, I don't really think it sounds bad this way either.

-Any reason for not adding in the triangle tom pickup?
-I don't think you need the second layer rest on beat 3 in bar 14; the beat 4 second layer notes are coming from the second layer in the LH, so I think it's clear what is going on here without the rest.  The beat 4 rest should be there in the LH though, for the first layer.

Submission Archive / Re: [GBA] Mega Man Zero 4 - "Power Field" by Jake_Luigi
« on: September 04, 2021, 03:51:42 PM »
I'm sorry about the wait on this one; I was away last month.

I think this is looking and sounding much better and is pretty much done on my end.  The only thing I can see is that the systems are perhaps a little too spread out on the first page, especially when compared to how little white space is between the fourth system and the url/copyright.  Something like this would probably look more balanced:

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