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So, unfortunately, I'm unable to shift the tempo markings around without moving which notes they anchor to (so I left it like that) but I've fixed:
+ the key sig from Cmaj --> Fmaj
+ the spread of the staves across the two pages
+ developer info
+ last measure's wrong rhythm grouping
+ the overlapping rests

(edit: also there's a problem involving the second voice in m6, m14, etc. having a (probably) redundant flat that I can't remove without changing the pitch)

Whoops. I'm back and changed everything to 4/4 (and tweaked what Insig pointed out) - sorry it took so long. The swing didn't transition over from the xml.

I think the reason why I wrote this in 12/8 was because of some of it using triplets (eg, m8, m20 beat 4) but in retrospect those two occurrences don't really warrant 12/8. Redoing this one!


I've had this lying around for ages...
Stuff that's bad:
- m6/m14/m23, beat 3: the last two 1/4 notes in the group should be small as well (see below)

- Copyright text overlaps stuff

(hold on, i'm going to reupload the file with measure numbers and header text, i forgot)
EDIT: fixed

Some stuff from Smash Bros. Ultimate that I've kept for two months (very late thank you, Cash)

[SWITCH] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Final Destination

[MUL] Minecraft


Wowww I've really ignored this page for a while. Here's a dump of "new" stuff though! (because there's so much stuff I'll only embthe last two)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness

Rising Fear (F Horn Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
Northern Desert (F Horn Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
Quicksand Cave & Quicksand Pit (Keyboard-Drumset Trio) [mid/pdf/mscz]
Crystal Cave (Woodwind Quintet) [mid/pdf/mscz]

Pokémon: Sword & Shield
Dynamax Trailer Theme ("Brand New World") [mid/pdf/mscz]

Thanks, Static, for the tweaks!

Ok so after a bit of thinking I decided to go with the route of less clutter, so I removed all pedal markings (save two general "no pedal" and "pedal"s) and the melody indication. I'm not sure if you can fit the dotted lines comfortably in between everything, but I also think it's fine without them.

Oh crap. Sorry, I forgot to turn on notifs for this thread so I haven't read this in a few days!

I tried to account for most of what you proposed, except:
- in m10, I don't agree with you; for me, I don't hear the A E C# Bb voice. Also, Lifelight's melody at this portion ("They fan the flames"/"...we finally find a way") goes D C# C# E, so it's more likely that this is the more important compared to A E C# Bb (if it's there)
- for m29, i removed a few of the pedal markings and wrote "ped. simile", though it's still pretty cluttered. I don't want to use different pedal markings because of consistency.
- m79: I can't insert glissandos in Notepad :/ When I import the xml, it defaults to the straight line. In reality, it only doesn't play back on the score but on the midi export, it does. Huh.

Adding to that I also did some minor edits here and there.

Some stuff from Smash Bros. Ultimate that I've kept for two months

[SWITCH] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Light Realm: Prologue (on-site)


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness

Amp Plains & Far Amp Plains ("Jazz Big Band")

Monster House! (Piano-Piccolo Duet)

Ohhh boy

I use Finale Notepad so formatting errors are everywhere (though i'd like to highlight the gliss. that doesn't play back at m79 and the cliiping of the copyright text on page 1).
Feel free to fix them if you can!

Thanks guys!

I decided to remove the lower An in the last bar to reduce the dissonance a little, and shift up one articulation.

hello it me again
There will probably be formatting errors which i can't fix on Finale Notepad.

Piano Arrangements / Re: 59²'s Piano Arrangements - PMD2: "Foggy Forest"
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:48:55 AM »
a bunch of stuff that was made over the course December and January
mus for "Beyond the Dream" will be created soon enough

[PC] Deltarune
School (on-site)

[PC] Portal 2
Final Boss Medley ("Bombs for Throwing at You"+"Your Precious Moon") (Two Pianos)

[NDS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
Beyond the Dream

A concert band arrangement :o

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
The Long Way Back Home
(Town Medley)

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