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I've had this lying around for ages...
Stuff that's bad:
- m6/m14/m23, beat 3: the last two 1/4 notes in the group should be small as well (see below)

- Copyright text overlaps stuff

(hold on, i'm going to reupload the file with measure numbers and header text, i forgot)
EDIT: fixed

Some stuff from Smash Bros. Ultimate that I've kept for two months (very late thank you, Cash)

[SWITCH] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Final Destination

[MUL] Minecraft


Wowww I've really ignored this page for a while. Here's a dump of "new" stuff though! (because there's so much stuff I'll only embthe last two)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness

Rising Fear (F Horn Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
Northern Desert (F Horn Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
Quicksand Cave & Quicksand Pit (Keyboard-Drumset Trio) [mid/pdf/mscz]
Crystal Cave (Woodwind Quintet) [mid/pdf/mscz]

Pokémon: Sword & Shield
Dynamax Trailer Theme ("Brand New World") [mid/pdf/mscz]

Thanks, Static, for the tweaks!

Ok so after a bit of thinking I decided to go with the route of less clutter, so I removed all pedal markings (save two general "no pedal" and "pedal"s) and the melody indication. I'm not sure if you can fit the dotted lines comfortably in between everything, but I also think it's fine without them.

Oh crap. Sorry, I forgot to turn on notifs for this thread so I haven't read this in a few days!

I tried to account for most of what you proposed, except:
- in m10, I don't agree with you; for me, I don't hear the A E C# Bb voice. Also, Lifelight's melody at this portion ("They fan the flames"/"...we finally find a way") goes D C# C# E, so it's more likely that this is the more important compared to A E C# Bb (if it's there)
- for m29, i removed a few of the pedal markings and wrote "ped. simile", though it's still pretty cluttered. I don't want to use different pedal markings because of consistency.
- m79: I can't insert glissandos in Notepad :/ When I import the xml, it defaults to the straight line. In reality, it only doesn't play back on the score but on the midi export, it does. Huh.

Adding to that I also did some minor edits here and there.

Some stuff from Smash Bros. Ultimate that I've kept for two months

[SWITCH] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Light Realm: Prologue (on-site)


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness

Amp Plains & Far Amp Plains ("Jazz Big Band")

Monster House! (Piano-Piccolo Duet)

Ohhh boy

I use Finale Notepad so formatting errors are everywhere (though i'd like to highlight the gliss. that doesn't play back at m79 and the cliiping of the copyright text on page 1).
Feel free to fix them if you can!

Thanks guys!

I decided to remove the lower An in the last bar to reduce the dissonance a little, and shift up one articulation.

hello it me again
There will probably be formatting errors which i can't fix on Finale Notepad.

Piano Arrangements / Re: 59²'s Piano Arrangements - PMD2: "Foggy Forest"
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:48:55 AM »
a bunch of stuff that was made over the course December and January
mus for "Beyond the Dream" will be created soon enough

[PC] Deltarune
School (on-site)

[PC] Portal 2
Final Boss Medley ("Bombs for Throwing at You"+"Your Precious Moon") (Two Pianos)

[NDS] Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky
Beyond the Dream

A concert band arrangement :o

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
The Long Way Back Home
(Town Medley)

1. Sorry again, I'm unable to change any of the repeat text with Notepad.
2. The second set is there, albeit very faint in the background (I think played by the strings, not trumpets).
3. Fixed!

I did some extremely minor tweaking (i.e. i moved some clipping articulations).

Updated accordingly -- thanks for the feedback!

This is kind of a pet peeve of mine, and maybe Libera would disagree with me, but I can't say I'm too fond of your character indication. "Loud" isn't a character; it's a dynamic, and you already have that covered with the "fortissimo" in between the staves (it's a little mispositioned, by the way). "Intense" is OK, but it feels incomplete to me, because it doesn't convey a specific emotion, etc.: it doesn't say whether the piece is joyful, sorrowful, serious, wrathful, etc.—any one of these could be "intense", despite implying very different characters.
Admittedly I'm not very good at coming up with playing directions. I was going for a reinforcement of the ff dynamic, sorta. Replaced it with a more descriptive "Dramatically, grandly".

The "blaring brass" indication I think could be argued, but personally, since the arrangement is for solo piano, I'd prefer using pianistic expressions—in this case, the indication "molto marcato" could be used to signify essentially the same thing, but in a much more usual manner.
I can see how the direction could come off as a bit weird. Changed it to "ben marcato".

Wikipedia lists Hideki Sakamoto as the sole composer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so I'd be tempted to just go with that, but you'd probably like the opinion of an updater on that matter. Personally, I wouldn't credit Bandai Namco.
So after looking at the in-game credits, Hideki Sakamoto is indeed credited as the only composer, but before that a list of arrangers appears. I'm unsure if this means the "arrangement supervisor" Rio Hamamoto should be credited or not, since I'm a bit unsure how the piece was created. For now since I'm going off the final arrangement which both of them took part in, I suppose I can only credit Rio Hamamoto and Hideki Sakamoto confidently.

For measures 4–7, I what I hear sounds more like this (with the Eb, D and C bass notes an octave lower, but compromises have to be made)...
You can play around with this a bit, but I recommend not removing notes in measures 6 and 7, because you have a crescendo written, and playing fewer notes per chord undermines that.

For measures 9–14, I find your texture very thin despite the frequent fortissimos, etc. I suggest doubling the bass in octaves and filling out the right hand chords more (those that come after the sixteenth notes). I think it'd be especially important to have an A in the chord in measure 11, because I heard it as a C# minor chord when listening to your arrangement, when it's an A major chord in the original.

For measures 19–21, I recommend having the left hand play fifths instead of octaves, because this will give you a richer sound and thicker texture. In this case, you could have the left hand playing dyads instead of the right in measures 21–22 for visual continuity. Also, a few note corrections for the right hand: the third eighth of measure 20 is a Db, not an Eb, and the first beat of measure 21 has Eb>F>C, not D>En>Bn.

I followed most of your advice here, but I changed your suggestion for m4-7 a bit to emphasise the melody more. I'm not sure if it works well though.

...Also, I do believe the formatting guidelines require you to specify a metronome marking beside your character indication.

Finally, your "D.S. al fine" text should be in bold, and it clips the slur a bit. (Also, I think your subtitle is a little too close to your title, and the pedal release marking in measure 7 clips the following pedal mark a bit.)

P.S. After trying to mess around with it a bit, I can say there are some really funky things in your MUS file (e.g. hand-written measure numbers, 77% resize with 0.33 inch systems, etc.), and some of the above formatting issues might be caused by that. If you want, I can fix this for you after you're done with the notes.

I'm pretty sure the mus file is funky because of FiNaLe NoTePaD 2o12
- The tempo marking (1/4.=90) should be on the first note but when I move it out of the way of the playing direction the anchor note shifts too
- I can't edit any of the repeat text, because Notepad (the clipping slur is fixed though)
- Moved around the clipping objects -- fixed
- I didn't put the manual measure numbers this time around so anyone who wants to help doesn't need to delete them to add actual measure numbers
- I definitely need help with the formatting on any of my submissions haha
  Sure, you can go ahead and help to fix up the mus file a bit.

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