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Piano Arrangements / DADDY MULK [The Ninja Warriors]
September 23, 2022, 03:39:44 PM
I will upload a PDF if necessary.
Hello, I also wrote a "Games of Happiness" score before. I love this song.
If there is a good part, please adopt.
For example good arrangement and amazing playing. :o

Piano exercises on nintendo Kirby songs
Quote from: Olimar12345 on June 15, 2018, 10:26:01 AMWow, thanks for the tutorial, karma7! (and welcome to NSM!) The way we make sheets here is a bit different though, and involves creating them entirely from scratch (alleviating the need to search for a midi file). If you're interested in contributing here, check out the Submission Info, found in the NSM Panel:;area=info;sa=submission

I understand. Thank you!
1. Download and install MuseScore

2. Download game midi (For example, VGMusic)
 Conversion Tools for Video Game Music (Focuses on Sequenced Music → MIDI)

3. MuseScore opens midi (see "Key Signature" and "Tempo") and make new "Grand Staff" score
 Recommended "Max. voices" =1

4. Copy the channel you want from midi score and paste it on the new score.
 Selection modes
 To extend the selection to the beginning of the score: Press Shift+Ctrl+Home (Mac:Shift+Cmd+Fn+←).
 To correct the octave Use Ctrl+↓ or Ctrl+↑ (Mac: Cmd+↓ or Cmd+↑).

 How to merge/combine/implode two staves in one with two voices.

5. Adjust it and Export PDF/MusicXML Files!
 Hint: Considering the size of the hand.
         Do not pack too much sound.