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Debate topic for next Tuesday: Are cannons truly valid instruments for an orchestra? Or should they be replaced with something safer, like Tesla coils?

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Metroid is the current winner of my arranging poll.  This will not be the last arrangement from the games I post...

Short and spooky, perfect for the month.  Happy Halloween!

Environmental Mystery - Metroid Fusion

Project Archive / Re: Spookietune's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 24, 2021, 06:44:28 PM »
Gave it some thought, and I think I would rather represent the notes here than some very hard to hear pitch changes and percussion.  The .musx file in the folder should be that currently, so I am good  to go as well

Projects / Re: Zeila's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 22, 2021, 06:33:26 PM »
Intense! I guess I never thought of this as halloween-esque, but I can really hear how it fits the theme.

-m8 I like how you chose to play with the octaves here and clearly defined which voices are in the LH and RH, as well as prioritizing the "melody notes". It gives the chord some different flavor than the original (without the B and D being above the A moving to G#), but I think it works well
-For that same measure, move the cresc. a tiny bit lower so it's centered.  Maybe I'm wrong though if it was put this way to line up with the mf in the next measure (and system)
-m15-16, I agree with your decision to keep it moving here.  However, I think it wouldn't hurt to try and replicate the feeling of the original here with some accents.  Maybe an accent on beat 1 of both these measures in the LH?  Or a tenuto maybe would be better.
-m41, man playback in Finale doesn't like that haha.  I tried it on my own keyboard though and I like how you represented the sort of bend up to the G and F#'s here
-m72 There is a lower octave to the notes being played here beats 2-4. Maybe make it in the LH, but down an octave from the original so it lines up with your LH ending notes?  It just sounds a little empty currently here.

Project Archive / Re: Spookietune's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 21, 2021, 03:39:53 AM »
Oh I was looking at the wrong measure, fixed 9

For reference, this is what was m.16


Brb just gonna take over the Pokémon XD section

I think this should be called "The Hexagon Brothers" based off this track list I found relatively recently:

Video has a different title, but I only picked it really for the audio quality

Few things to acknowledge:
-I do hear a "piano part" in the original on beat 1.5 and 2.5 in m1-m3, but I think it would overcomplicate the RH if it was added.  I have included those notes on 3.5 and 4 though with those upper registry parts.  Maybe it would be fine to include En and Gn on 2.5 though?

-Not sure if that's the best way to do the goofy/whistle sounds in 14; but I felt like those chord pitches were close to what is heard and fit well

-The dynamics above the RH are intended for the RH as the part seems to muffle on that run; if that's not the best way to do it let me know an alternate way or I'll just remove if that's also better

Project Archive / Re: Spookietune's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 21, 2021, 01:38:59 AM »
I did actually mean to suggest the whole measure, like this:

I wasn't really hearing eighth note triplets as you wrote in.

I'm not sure if you had seen what Bloop had given feedback on for that measure, but what you have is essentially what I had to begin with (minus the lower notes) in the LH.  This way of arranging the part seems more accurate to me, certainly in an audible sense.  I've updated the file to express what you have here but I just wanted to confirm if this is the preferred way

Fixed the spacing as directed on pg 2, reuploaded this time in the right folder lol

Project Archive / Re: Spookietune's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 20, 2021, 02:01:49 AM »
- Having a slur between the F# and G in m. 6 RH beats 3-4 could help to show that the F# is held while the G is tapped quickly. Conversely, I think the slur over m. 24 is confusing due to the staccato in the middle of the measure and I'd recommend taking that slur out.

Slur added m. 6, taken out as instructed for m. 24

- Not sure I hear the upper octave C#s in the right hand of m. 9, and I'm not sure it belongs as the rest of the melody is just single notes

Yeah I think I thought this because the bells sound different here compared to other parts.  Playing with audacity didn't here a second layer so took off the top notes

- About m. 16, I don't think the accents being on beat 4 is right. It sounds to me like accents should divide the second half of the measure into three, just like the first half of the measure. That'd also be consistent with the bass moving to C on beat three and two thirds.


- Accordingly, I think it might be better for the left hand of m. 16 to be quarter note triplets.

I'm assuming you just meant the first two beats of the LH, fixed

- You should have courtesy naturals on the left hand D's in m. 22-24 because they alternate with the D#s. (Would recommend non-parenthesized)

Added, non-parenthesized

- I forgot if I mentioned this somewhere else in Discord, but I don't think between the staves next to the rest is the best place for the text note. It should be next to the part it is supposed to relate to. There's not a lot of room on the top, but I think it would look better up there - maybe shifted left a bit because of the DS.

I don't think I saw that if it was said... or maybe I misinterpreted it lol.  I have moved it above the notes, and also moved the D.S up 3 up arrows

- Pedal release marking is higher than the pedal marking in the last measure.


Beat one and two thirds? This is still an F instead of an E#. (Also F# major scale here, not C# major?)

Fixed this forgorten part, are there any implications to the scale being F#?  I.e. changing accidentals

"Grandmother's" doesn't need to be capitalized.
Shhhh it's a formality respect your elders fixed

And I'm not sure if a toy piano would work, because I think toy pianos generally have a pretty small range - you need the high tinkly notes as well as the low bass octaves, so I don't think using a toy piano as a suggestion makes a lot of sense.

Okay, took that part out.  I was trying to illustrate that you want this to sound somewhat goofy but it did cross my mind it probably wasn't feasible

And lastly the main thing I want to mention about this one is that it could be respaced a bit. The third system in particular is pretty cramped. You've got a lot of empty space on page 2 that you can use for an extra system, so I'd suggest shifting a few measures downwards. See what looks good to you.

Arrrggh I knew it I resisted though for the lack of wanting to fix the things that inevitably get shuffled.  Fixed

Submissions / Re: [PS4] Bloodborne - "Cleric Beast" by Renaud Bergeron
« on: October 18, 2021, 09:52:25 PM »
Ooo a Souls sheet.  Dork (as in dark, but pronounced like Goofy would)

I would review a couple slides from the NinSheet Formatting PowerPoint for a few things I'll point out.  This powerpoint has a guide of where dynamics and cresc. and the like need to be aligned to.  With that said:

-Move the forte in m1 a bit to the right so it's centered under the RH.  Put it so it's between the C# and D#
-move the mp in m10 a smidgen to the left so it is centered properly.  Do for m34 as well
-Take a look at your crescendos; per the powerpoint, align your crescendos so that the end two lines are at the end of the last note that they are affecting.
-In m32, and this is also in the powerpoint, but align the cresc. between the staffs so it's centered on the forte, and extend the cresc. so it is closer to the forte

-As far as the intro, the only ideas I can think of if you wanted it would put the lowest Bn on the piano in the left hand for 6 bars.  I counted 6 bars at 140 but could be a little off given there's not really a note at the very beginning.  In the RH, you could have some tremolos representing the strings when they come in.
-From m10 to m13, it sounds like those quarter notes on beat 3 and 6 are held less than a full quarter, so I would a staccato on those notes.

-For what is m1 currently, I disagree with this tempo and time signature.  140 feels too fast here; every consider making this section until m10 quarter note = 70?  And then halving the value of each note.  It might be interesting to have a fermata over the fourth note cluster of these phrases(currently the dotted whole notes) rather than just having them as long notes.  In final, time signature to me seems like it would work well at 7/4 until m10, but maybe ignore this particular paragraph of feedback until an updater weighs in.

 It doesn't sound like the current length of m3 beat 5 is correct- if this stays 6/4 tie the notes to another quarter note of the same notes in the next measure before changing pitches.

-The copyright info should be FromSoftware, Sony Computer Entertainment

As for the ending, I think you could either follow what I said somewhat for the low Bn and maybe have it pedal sustain and fade out (but again maybe hold off on this till an updater gives this a pass).


Request / Re: [MUL] Deltarune (Chapter 2) - Dialtone
« on: October 08, 2021, 02:03:20 AM »
Jumping in a little late but XiaoMigros actually did this one- they didn't really post about it on the forum but they updated their thread and it is on there

Project Archive / Re: Spookietune's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 07, 2021, 07:40:17 PM »
Updated Project Folder with this feedback

Hey there, welcome to NinSheetMusic!

It's kinda customary to drop a YouTube link with your submission but here it is for everyone


-Just to check, is this 100% supposed to be called End Credits?  I know there's not like an official soundtrack to refer back to, but I did see a few videos call this credits on youtube (though honestly more called it Ending). I've never played Puzzle Challenge so if you have and there is a music player or song names in the game I'm sure this fine.
-Do you have a source that this was specifically composed by Minako Hamano?  Only wondering because typically if there isn't official info out there, we put all composers credited for the game (in this case also put Toshihiro Nishii). 

Now for some sheet feedback

-tempo marker should align with the Time signature, rather than the first note.
-m1 just move the mp ever so slightly more to the right so the symbol is directly centered under RH beat 1, and down a tiny bit so it's a little more centered between the staffs.
-m3, and several other places in the LH with this rhythm: the note placement is correct for most of this arrangement, but for these it should be an eighth tied to a quarter rather than a dotted eighth.
-m8 the 8va is a bit tight and could come over a bit farther to the left; ultimately the staffs need to be a bit farther apart, but is not something you can fix if you do not have full Finale though.
-When the last note affected by the 8va is done, it's best to have the line end a bit closer to the end of the note.
-m18, and m22 RH- I don't hear the half note tie over, but rather an eighth rest there instead.  There are more instances of this, but I think it would be good to go through and check this repeated rhythm again.
-m28 LH beat 2 combine the eighth rests into a quarter rest.  Do the same at m42 and m44, both beat 2 in the RH.  I think there's a few
-Anytime you have an eighth note on the first half of the beat and an eighth rest on the second, it's preferred to make the rhythm a staccato quarter note instead; it is easier to read that way for that matter.

-m48 the LH is getting quite high here, I think an 8va could be used for this single note.  this also needs to be moved apart a bit

-For the copyright info, I think you'd be okay to put Intelligence Systems, Nintendo; usually the info for copyright is developer, publisher
-The url at the bottom should be an https; I think the newest template on the forums has this but I'd also just reference some of the sheets that were recently added to the site for how this
should look.
-Not sure why it is, but the fonts are overall a bit small; I used to have this happen as well when I used to use MuseScore when converting into Finale Notepad.  Maybe someone else has a different way to call it but I would increase all of the non music text (excluding measure #'s) on your sheet by 2 pts.

I took it upon myself to make a new .mus file for you; I fixed anything NotePad can't do; I did change some of the measure distribution as well though so if there's something you would rather have differently just comment and it'll get fixed.  Also, the beaming for a lot of the eighth notes were changed; when you have beats 1 and 2 for example as all eighth notes, they should be beamed together.  Most of the changes are fixed up on this as well, but definitely give the file a look over before reuploading it to replace the current submission files.  Hope this helps!  [.MUS]  [.PDF]  [.MIDI]

Edit: I realize I had put the title as Ending and left composer as is, feel free to change if you have more up to date info

Project Archive / Re: Spookietune's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 07, 2021, 02:34:04 PM »
-About the pedal markings, you can be a bit more nitpicky about where you want them to end (the star part): the one starting on m9 could end at the start of m10, and the one in m28 should end directly under the quarter rest.

Not sure I understood where the end mark for the m9 pedal goes, so hopefully that's the right spot.  Fixed m28.

All other stuff mentioned in your comment has been addressed and updated, I did revert m27's Ab's to G#'s where you had specified.  I also added a courtesy sharp to the last G# in the right hand

Project Archive / Re: Spookietune's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 07, 2021, 01:54:12 AM »
Just want to preface before getting into the comments, I really tried with the enharmonic spelling based off previous feedback I received; looks like I fell short on this though.  I knew this was going to be a tough one and I put a lot effort into figuring out the pitches and chords, but I'll do better for future stuff

-m1-2: Instead of a tempo marking, I'd write "Cadenza" here: there's not really a tempo to hold on to, as it accelerates from the first note already.

Swapped out the tempo marking as directed

-m3 and on: The D#'s and A#'s should be notated as Eb's and Bb (it should look like a Ebsus2 chord)

These should be fixed now

-m5: For some reason the double barline is at the beginning of this bar instead of at the end of m4?

Shoot.  I had this right when I first addressed this... Zeila had made me aware of including a double bar with the segundo but I misunderstood her feedback and changed what I had after I initially fixed it.  Fixed to be correct

-m7: The 32nd notes here, though technically correct, may be a bit too hard to play at this speed. I'd recommend raising the 2nd and 4th of these notes up an octave, so the high plingy sound is still there while being way more manageable.

Yeah I was wondering if this was too fast.  Fixed.

-m9: I think it would be cool to have a strong low Eb an octave below the low gamelan part + pedal, to imitate the gong in this bar. It's so sudden and spooky, it'd be a waste to leave it out imo.

I had no idea first off that the gamelan was the name of the instrument lol.  Just thought it was some sort of belled instrument that was unique and cool sounding, but I have added this.  Thanks also for the photos, I didn't really know where to terminate the pedal in a measure but these visuals helped


-m10: The quarter notes on beats 2 to 4 can have their stem back down, as the other layer isn't affecting it anymore (and it's part of the lower layer anyway)
-m11: The F on beat 1.333 in the R.H. should be an E# (third in C# major scale). Also, I think the L.H. could either use portato markings (tenuto + staccato), or just be written as 8th + 8th rests. It's not really staccato short.

Fixed both, didn't feel it was a true staccato either but didn't know what to put  :P

-m12 L.H.: Again, the D#'s should be Eb. I think it'd work better to include the octave above beat 3 and 4 too, as it feels like the same strength as the notes before, except an octave higher.

Fixed, and I also have made the C# on beat 4 LH a Db based off prior feedback; I assumed it was forgotten

-m13-15: The Gb's here should be F#'s (they won't look weird with the F's in the R.H., this is too polytonal to worry about that). Also, each of these bars end with a rest. Technically it's always an tuplet 8th rest, but for m13 and 14 it may look a bit cleaner to just have normal 8th rests. Also also, you could add the lower octave to the L.H. on beats 1 and 2 to imitate those crazy Majora's Mask percussion accents. Lastly, the accent markings in the R.H. don't really make sense to me, as the notes they're on aren't really more or less accentuated than others. You could add the accents to beat 1 and 2 though, if you combine that with the L.H. octaves + accents.

A lot to digest here.  Fixed the Gb's as well as the last beats.  I like the idea of beat 1 and beat 2.  The accent marks on the F's were intended to replicate what sounded  like a little more emphasis on the first notes, and also sounded to me like the symbol crashes more on those beats.  I will remove though.

-m16: I personally would've taken on this bar completely different:

The accents are there for the majora's mask percussion stuff, as well as the octaves in the L.H. again. I hear the low B on beat 3.333: the C on beat 4 is for the percussion accent. I renotated a lot of stuff enharmonically: A# and B in the L.H., and almost the whole of beats 3 and 4 in the R.H. to show the B major-ish scale. The D# could maybe be written as an Eb as it appeared before in the bar, but it obscures the structure of this upwards phrase imo.

Wherever the enharmonic stuff, I fixed.  Hahah I spent way more of my life on this than I wish I had, but I ended up sort of going with this screen shot for the most part.  Was not initially a fan but as I listened in audacity and played around I realized it made sense.  I did also add a lower octave to the LH second A#, and a lower octave to the final note in the LH.  If you think that's too difficult I will remove.

-m17: I personally don't really like the repeated ped+line markings as pedal lines, I'd either prefer the classical ped + star, the modern lines only, or a combination of both.

now that i look at it better though, why do you have pedal lines here anyway? The notes in the L.H. can be held fine as is and the melody doesn't profit from the pedal at all.

On this point, I was trying to replicate the increased reverb of this part, but if it isn't perceived as adding anything I will remove.  Just a detail, kinda like what was recommended for m9 imo

-m20: I'd renotate the G#'s and D#'s in the R.H. as Ab's and Eb's, as well as the C# and A# in the L.H. as Db and Bb, because these go down a half step on beat 3.


-m21-23: I'd renotate everything that has a sharp in the R.H. as it's enharmonic flat, so it starts in Db major and goes down chromatically. Also, the first note in m21 in the R.H. could use an accent because it's so piercing,

Yeah I thought this was C#.  Fixed.

-m25: Same thing in the L.H. with portato or 8ths + 8th rests.


-m27: And again in the R.H. with moving up the 2nd and 4th 32nd notes an octave. In the L.H., I'd move them down (so they won't clash with the R.H.). I'd also renotate the G# as Ab.

Changed the octaves as advised

-m28: And lastly, another big gong in this bar, so you could again add an octave below the bass. I'd also add a pedal line, so the notes keep playing while the player taps the pencil.

Good point, added.

-Small thing too: the url in the copyright information could use a / at the end.

No joke this weird Chinese looking character kept popping up at the end of the url every time I edited the text there and would keep coming back.  In my efforts to erase the Chinese menace, I must've deleted on accident.

File has been re-added to D-Box

Timestamp 32:05 for anyone wondering

Projects / Re: Static's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 06, 2021, 12:54:16 PM »
Oh wow I didn't realize that was an official video from the composer I thought that was just a random guy lol

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