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It's not Opposite Day.

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^^ Seconding this. Maybe you're using it as a substitute for the percussion, but I don't think it fits all that well. You're better off leaving it to the LH, imo.

I had mentioned above in an earlier reply to Latios that it was representing the cymbal hit.  I included it because I thought it added a little bit of zest to the arrangement on what is an otherwise empty beat. I was iffy about the one in m4 myself, but I thought I'd test the waters and see what others thought.

Took out m4 octave, kept it in for m68

Feedback / Re: Difficulty Rating
« on: October 17, 2020, 02:41:01 AM »
If I could throw in my two cents, maybe we could have a separate board or thread that is specifically centered on piece feedback.  Maybe people could rate their opinion of the difficulty, play-ability, etc. that way?

ToastBros what do you feel comfortable with as a player? I know myself I struggle with active LH parts such as moving eighths at medium tempos.  I'm better than I used to be, but I definitely am not as comfortable with my left compared to right.  I myself am currently enjoying the New Horizons Main Theme sheet!

Just curious, have you tried the / key? I think some shortcuts work for both finale and notepad, but not sure if that's one of them

No I hadn't and it did work!  Thank you I have now made all the changes myself

Uploaded a new file to reflect all changes... minus the note beaming.

- The beam in m67 RH beats 1-2 should be broken since you don't beam over rests anywhere else.

Notepad unfortunately doesn't seem to let me do this.  No matter what I do the two notes just can't be separated like they're star crossed lovers or something.  I had this same problem in a previous submission, so someone with Finale is going to have to fix that for me. 

I also added a staccato quarter note in m4 to play the part of the cymbal just like in m68.  Figured it was good to keep consistency

Awesome thanks sorry I missed the F's haha

I just added the colon to the .mus and pdf now only the game title needs to be changed on NSM

Just re uploaded the file to Dropbox, almost all the changes were made with the exception of 21-28.  Notepad can't seem do to a 8va on it's own (having trouble with this on my Bounty Hunter arrangement), so I'm going to have to have you add that in.

- I'd suggest writing all the chords in the end section with the octaves on the bottom instead of the sevenths (ex. m. 55 could look like m. 3, an similar for other measures)

Hope I hit this the way you wanted!  I went through and made sure the octave is on the bottom for each section.

I didn't put this in the dropbox version, but what do you think about having a double E on m. 68 beat 4 RH to represent the cymbal?

Great pick!  That's a fun game on the collection for sure

Changed the console to [MUL]!

One other question, should the game title have a colon in it? If so, I'll fix that too.

Yeah I guess it should my mistake for missing that!

Feedback / Re: Broken MIDI
« on: October 07, 2020, 04:19:28 AM »
I tried to download the MIDI for Defend Globe, only to find out it's broken and registers as 0 bytes. Yes, I tried every possible troubleshooting solution, but I get the same result every time: a broken 0 byte MIDI. Please repost the MIDI for this song.

One workaround if you really want the midi is you could download the .mus file, and then do save as and save it as a midi file

MUL is only used for multi-console release games.  A game being released later on a different console does not change it's console designation on NSM.

Sorry for not being clear: this is from Wikipedia:

Release   PlayStation 2

    NA: November 19, 2002
    PAL: December 6, 2002


    NA: December 7, 2002
    PAL: February 7, 2003

Would this then make it a PS2 original release?

I was not aware, but I now understand with the recent console next to title update that multiple is an option.  Since Bounty Hunter came out on the PS2 and later the PS3 and PS4, this submission should read multiple for the console. 

Is there a way to fix this myself?

Fixed up the swing playback and formatting for ya. Sheet review to come soon~


Just deleted my Submissions topic for Reflected Laughter

So I had only just submitted this sheet last night
Kirby Triple Deluxe - Reflected Laughter

Should I delete the submission topic then and upload the files to the Halloween project folder?

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