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Quote from: mastersuperfan on March 11, 2024, 07:19:26 PMI didn't know you couldn't self-vote, or at least I wasn't aware that was in play this game. I was wondering why you weren't voting yourself — the fact that you didn't made me go back to thinking it was you/Specs (or you/Toby) instead of TZP/Specs and you were banking on Specs (or Toby) coming back to switch his vote to me

   Lmao was this a real thought? Ooo to my woes it turns out I could have voted my self I checked the rules again and apparently that was never in there, among other oddities in time that made me laugh like the weird rule of #9 that was thankfully discontinued.

   This game was fun imo, but I wish it had started out with less straight meta solving right away and letting people type and react first before people come forward with the chalk board formula for how to solve the game on Day 1. I say this just as an idea for future games...
    I haven't played on this forum in forever, but I'm super proud to see it now, like, whoaaaa 121 TWG games so far? That's come a long way, and the intelligence is definitely there in the community... Yet from a perspective where the roles were supposed to have everyone partnered as 'stargazed lovers in a trance;' it was more like scientists arguing amongst themselves as they declare their knowledge of how to solve the puzzle. That's why I came out with not too much other than a rick and morty kinda approach "weweee here I goooo ~~killin~~/lovin' again," on Day 1, until near the end of the phase where there was pressure and it was time to make a real post.

   In the future it would be cool to see people role play up to their roles a bit more and attack others with their intelligence/deductive thoughts afterrr they set up false scenarios or try to at least.... it's like...idk where were the poetic puns or valentines day posts or trying to speak subtleties and set up lies of 'lover partners' and that tragic vs comedy kinda thing. That might have made the game stretch out for a few more phases and be interesting in the end.

   Either way it was still fun and I'd play again with you guys...It's neat to post here again.

The Werewolf Game / Re: Hosting and Balancing
March 12, 2024, 10:30:40 AM
Quote from: mastersuperfan on March 12, 2024, 09:43:58 AMcurious to hear people's thoughts! I'm not sure about the balance (it seems like hunting down the last package might be a coinflip for the wolves), but I'm sure there's room to give special powers to either side to even it out.

    The idea of packages meaning something is kind of cool in the background, but the titles for the roles seem a bit hardcore/fringe inappropriate for an online bbc forum board for nintendo sheet music from a 'Moderative' point of view. Perhaps if the concept were the same, yet the theme were based something more soft like bandits vs. detectives....with like shady packages of stolen golden bananas from DKC or something lol.

   Mean that in a positive way, like the elementals of the game are there, but there's also some question's I'd have...(like why can the receiver not hear that their package was intercepted?) Or why can there not be a repercussion for the deliverer that tried to send a package if it gets intercepted...say like a red flag or something noted on them during day phase...that way people only try to send packages tactically out of fear of interception, and only the caught get exposed. Idk other ideas of that nature to expand the game idea.

   Does this also mean that each would can choose to do both actions? Thus 4 possible actions happening by the wolf team per night phase?
I agree, why didn't someone put the third vote onto me and give the wolves another chance lol... I wanted to self vote to mess up the kitb at the end, but then I realized in the rules itself that I brought here that you can't self vote. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

   GG's though, and sorry I totally misread Specs/MSF.
I meant to do this earlier, but I just wanted to apologize in advance. I don't know which team you're on, but I knew from the moment the game started that I'd end up dragging you down with me, and I'm sorry. My playstyle is way too suspicious to others, I always get lynched.]

  If I ever die before the end of the this could have been my partner all along....What if MasterSuperFan and ThatHiddenCharacter are the wolf alliance...I could have been instigated from the beginning by being teamed up with THC...I see both MasterSuperFan and ThatHiddenCharacter voting upon SpecsFlyer17...

    The others that have posted....I sense it...the blast of a shopping cart in nuts & bolts(I never was able to play it, mea culpa =< that what that is....the Ghosts from beyond saying WE WERE TOWN ONCE! AND YOU BETRAYED US and left us to gooOOOo![/b])

       Why did it have to come out to the podium with the acknowledgments in the I write this final address as a post for today's phase..., I wish to say that it was the 'Face Shrine Theme,' from Link's Awakening DX; that I listened to while writing this. Then to exclaim that it is a TWG where I have seen MasterSuperFan come forth with the mimicry my endeavors upon the last page, as an AH hAh HAAH. I believe you are a wolf MasterSuperFan, and THC has been equipped with me in this game for the enjoyment of what might unravel.

      That being said....The next day seems to have done a 180 in meta logic and this is interesting.

              SpecsFlyer17 has spoken nothing other than the truth that occurs to my mind, so for both of them to turn against him.
          It leaves it in its own lavender shades of .....sand dunes.

       So my vote simply goes upon MasterSuperFan.
Ohh okay nevermind I see, Day 1 officially ends at 9pm EDT...

   Could the host please simply state the official phase ending time in EDT format so I don't sound like a fool of a took. Or in format of the forum time...instead of giving 48 hours and then I have to calculate as my mind wanders in this post and you keep reading it wondering why I'm typing with nothing else to say and I giggle because it's TWG and every takes Day 1 so seriously and here I am trying to break my mind into it again and no one has sent me any PMs for conversation which makes me feel bad inside like a left out kid at the playground but also makes me wonder what kind of scheme'ing is happening in the background and how many PMs are going around and whether the wolves are trying to be PM overlords like spiders....

   So if you're getting a lot of PM discussion, my bet is that you're coordinating with the high likely-hood of Wolves. As a town I have not PM'd anyone and only have received one PM from my lover, THC.
Sorry, we're in EDT lol....but that last post by ZeldaPianist is very suspicious, because I feel town check for THC, who is my paired lover, and I don't feel town check for Raeko/MSF.....Both of which are being a bit inactive until probably the last second as wolves do.

   I'm willing to bet right now that MSF is more Town than Raeko....but I don't want to push a vote on Raeko.

    I'm feeling right now that the possible wolf team may be BDS and Raeko....I'm therefore keeping my vote on BDS for now.
If I'm correct, this phase ends in T-9 minutes at 6:00pm EST?
Quote from: Toby on March 09, 2024, 12:16:32 PMI feel like saying you're doing a reaction test defeats part of the purpose of a reaction test

Feels more like over explaining the reason for a vote

  You know, that's true. I felt that as soon as I posted it, that due the fact that I called out Raeko that now no one would say anything...So I'll change my vote now since I've made up my mind a bit more. Placing my vote onto BlackDragonSlayer for reasons in my post above, and for a sense of intuition.
Ahhh uh oh sorry bbc tag mistake...I won't edit my post but that reallllyyy makes it seem informal lol.
Quote from: ThatHiddenCharacter on March 08, 2024, 09:43:41 PMThat was absolutely not my only reason, and I even specified that it was the less important reason. My main reason was because it was Toby's third post, and he only gave one reason that didn't even feel like a good reason to place a vote so quickly. I understand voting is important in a day-only game like this, but that doesn't mean we have to rush votes out in the first half of the phase. And I didn't like msf's vote because he had said only a couple posts before that he was slightly leaning town on Specs, then basically just jumped on Toby's vote with what basically amounted to a "YEET!". Now, I fully recognize that it could just be a reaction test, which is why it only brought msf to a neutral lean for me.

  I quote this because I feel it's actually worthwhile to defend my lover here. I cannot vouch entirely that they are town but this definitely reads in my mind as leaning towards town. I agree about Toby seeming suspicious for the reason highlighted in the quote, as well as general posts since then. I'll dive more into in a moment.

  First I wanted to draw my perspective on the reads others have made thus far. This is what ZeldaPianist listed as his most-to-least human seeming list:

1. Toby
2. MSF
3. THC
4. Specs
5. BDS
6. Raeko
7. Nakah

  ^To me, putting Toby high up on the list is giving a bit too much early assurance to verify them as town. I'm not  feeling the same vibe about Toby thus far, so to see them being put on a town pedestal is a bit disconcerting. Putting Raeko and myself on the bottom of the list is a put like stuffing us in the well with a pitch fork...I can sense the Raeko read a bit because I also have a weird feeling about how Raeko has come out Day 1 with casualness followed by sudden siding with people and trigger pointing at me. BDS is actually giving me a bit of a weird vibe as well.

  Alright, having read the thread now, there's too many read lists, and I have to say I actually agree with THC's list most compared to ZeldaPianist's; and so I need to make my own list of reads.



1. BDS  ~Thus far, everything I've read by BDS has been platform text strategy, whatever that means to you I mean mostly linear straight factual talk. I think this is a bit of a shield, but his reasoning to me doesn't sound that assuring towards the truth. I sense a hint of weaving the web for the stage here. Difficult to describe, I need to bring up more details from his posts, but for now I'm going to give BDS a Wolfy Check.

2. ThatHiddenCharacter  ~This person, I did not really pay attention to at all until today when I read the DM they send me, and realized I needed to speak up due to them feeling like they were cornering themselves in the thread, and the fact that we are paired lovers. I need to state that I strongly feel that everything THC has posted thus far resounds truthful to me. I feel the same way about a lot of his reads, that's why I didn't list it above because they were a bit too long, but there's nothing but an honest feeling when I read them. As far charisma goes, his spoken words sound self-exclamatory which is a sign of town-fulness. Giving THC a Town Check
3. SpecsFlyer17  ~This person as well, perhaps even more-so over everyone else, has spoken with truthful strategy early on that made more sense to me than MasterSuperFan and BDS. I'm not sure why some people have tried to put Specs close to the chopping block, but I want those people to be noted in the minds of everyone in the game, because I find it suspicious to try to lean a wolf check on this guy. I feel that they have the highest Town Check thus far, above BDS(I say him because there seems to be a defense vibe in peoples minds where BDS is getting a green pass for no apparent reason) and above THC. tl;dr ...Town Check. 

4. Nakah ~I came out a bit whimsical with nothing important to say, as I always to Day 1 in TWG's and it usually makes me appear weak and sheep'ish. This immediately was called out lol, and I apologize for not having my head in the game right away with meta-strategic talk. I tend to not be able to analyze things right off the bat with mathematical deductive reasoning about how the layout should go, and I tend to like to drop in softly and see what transpires, especially as town. If I were wolf, I'd probably stay back a bit and drop in with some teaming ideas to twist things...naturally that's what is in the wolves best interest as stated by SpecsFlyer17 THAT THE WOLVES HAVE A PRIORITY TO DEFEND EACH OTHER AND EACH OTHER'S LOVERS ....This and THIS most importantly is what we need to read between the lines and look for. This is why I believe deeply in Town Check for Specs thus far.
5. Raeko ~I pretty much have to agree with Spec's read on you in summarization...Sorry to sound like I'm riding the bus with Spec a lot in this post, but when he states: Raeko: Claimed to like Toby's reasoning for voting me, with I naturally disagree with. Could be genuine, could be using the opportunity to bandwagon on someone who isn't a wolf/wolf's lover. Just a possibility, but a slight suspicion. ....This is pretty much what I would have written as a read for you thus far, but in a neater context without paragraphs of explanation like I'm doing here lol...I'm otherwise just interested in seeing your future reactions and the reactions around you. Leaning a Wolf Check[/i] for now.
6. TheZeldaPianist275 ~You're coming off as polite and trying to be helpful, but as I've seen a lot of your posts kind of go against the general ideas that were being presented, and you're kind of popping in here and there with not much for me to read. Suspicious but a Town Check[/i] for now.
7. mastersuperfan  ~I have to agree with Specs a lot about your posting. It could be helpful the strategy you've presented, but it's also something a wolf would do off the bat...Also you did vote for spec which makes no sense to me. It sounds as though you wish to twist things and push heat with the irons in the furnace and make things shift towards suspicious fighting so the wolves can make a counter attack decision. You get a [/u]Wolf Check[/u] from me, especially because of my first post where I found what you stated as strange.
8. Toby ~So far I've seen gentle posting with not much attempt to dive into details...Kind of giving the smooth pass to let things evolve as they go along and see what unfolds. States on page 1 in one of their posts. where they say:
I think master super fans plan is fine. I also don't mind waiting a phase before we reveal to see a contrast
-This to me sounds a bit like teaming with mastersuperfan for unnecessary reasons. Why is it fine? Why do you not mind if we let things slip. Let it be noted that MasterSuperFan switches his vote onto Specsflyer17 to turn up the heat 


    Wew long post...I have much more to say, but I just realized there's been a ton of posting since I started this post. Shall return with more.

Quote from: BlackDragonSlayer on March 08, 2024, 05:58:51 PMNo. Raeko and Nakah because they both expressed the same/similar opinion about you.

Okay sorry triple post, but I need to clarify this. I'll make another post about actual reads in a bit when I've re-read the thread more.

  I actually didn't even read Raeko's original post thoroughly when she stated basically the same idea I did about MasterSuperFan's first post. I kinda glazed over her post quickly as with most peoples before posting. This was due to the fact that I was rushing a post real quick in between shifts at my job around 3:50am before I had to go clock back in lol.

  I do recall thinking around 9am when I got out of work that "oh I need to address that someone called that parallel mind-melding out." I was going to say that I was spooked that Raeko and I actually said the same exact thing. Due to the fact that we aren't paired as lovers. I was going to say that I can't prove that obviously so that would seem spooky to everyone else, but since I know for a fact myself that we aren't paired lovers that I am actually spooked. What are the odds lol we thought the same way without even knowing. She's probably like rofl you idiot.

  I'm just voting Raeko at the nonce to put a bit of pressure on her and to see what transpires...I don't necessarily have a deep wolf lean vibe coming from them.

  Also I did not intentionally sheep BDS' read. Same thing as before, I need to re-read this thread and give it more thought before making my own read. I kind of glazed over the first page and most of the second page in between shifts because there was too much meta talk going on and I had to make it in for the next shift quickly. I acknowledge this being a poor excuse and not that town-like seeming. If I were a wolf though I'd probably point fingers more at someone else other than Raeko with some sort of made up confidence to twist things, though. Instead I admit I'm quite dumbfounded at the moment.
Also I wanted to say that I too have the tendency to back myself into a corner on Day 1 especially with my posting charisma, so please bear with me on that lol I need to break my mentality back into this.

   That being said, I just realized my signature gifs of the three dancing palm tree is totally how I feel about Raeko trying to vote me and ride the Nakah suspicious bus wave this early in game. Traitor ^_^
Don't vote me out sorry I've been afk because I work overnights(Not as a wolf, as a package-handler). I have some catching up to do with the thread...

   I find it suspicious that Raeko wants to put a vote on me after saying "If THC and Nakah are lovers I would probably want to lynch one of them." -Since this obviously would take both THC and I out.

   I say this because THC and I are indeed fact lovers. I feel it's necessary to state this now since I'm apparently high on people's suspicion list. I haven't been able to keep up with the thread due to work, and there's been a lot of posting/strategic talk that has been a bit for me to keep up with. I honestly haven't dived into a TWG in months/years between here and the FFR website.

   I feel it's kind of worth noting that THC apologized to me in DM about the probability of us both getting lynched early on do to feeling that they back themselves into a corner with their charisma in game usually. So that kind of gives me a town feel about THC, but I haven't corresponded with THC other than that so I don't really know and I still need to evaluate the posts they've made.

   Since I'm being voted by Raeko, and she states that she's kind of unsure about whether to vote me(and is going to wait until close to end of day phase to decide about her vote), them I'm going to put a likewise unsure kind of vote on her as a reaction test as well to see what happens...

   I'll come back with more to say in a bit. I have the weekend off thankfully.

OH BOI look at meee I'm in looOoUwUoove!!  Here I go lovin' again!

   I don't have much more to say on top of all of the strategy logic that has already been explained, but I do agree that it seems more fun and also beneficial to keep the knowledge of lover parainings 'up in the air' until there is something fishy/inclining for someone to sense and call out...

   I suppose I would just ask a direct question(yet lightly) to stir things:

  Do any of you guys feel that MasterSuperFun's first post that broke the ice with that meta strategy was a bit quick to the punch? Should we find it suspicipus that he made it a point to declare things that way first with such enthusiasm? I wonder...

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXXI Player Signups
March 03, 2024, 03:42:01 PM
HeiiGh HoOOO

   ...Long has it been.
        Not sure what I might step into,
         but this forum returned to my memory the other night.