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Debate topic for next Tuesday: Are cannons truly valid instruments for an orchestra? Or should they be replaced with something safer, like Tesla coils?

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-m1-4: Is there a way to incorporate or imitate the glockenspiel parts at the beginning?

-m5 and on: The oom-pah rhythm in the L.H. is very hard to play at this speed: large jumps back and forth in general are pretty hard, but these jumps are pretty large and pretty fast in itself.
I was planning on simplifying this, I just wasn't sure how much would be deemed acceptable. I incorporated your suggestions, and more!

Also, in this measure, the swung 16th in the L.H. in beat 2.25 should be aligned with the R.H. (they fall on the same beat)
I always forget that this isn't default placement...
I added a hook?, hope I did it right

-m26-27: It might be organ overtones that always confuse me, but I feel like some notes here should be higher than other notes (like m26 beat 3 or m27 beat 1)
Yeah, it was kinda hard to make out the original octaves when arranging this part, so I prioritised making a part that was both comfortable to play and sounded enough like the original, which meant keeping systems 1 & 2 similar. I'm open to suggestions on changing it!

I also hear some more stuff in m36
Some of this was intentionally simplified, but I added it back in (works better with 2 hands)
I can't get the middle triplet note to move to the LH for some reason, similar issue like on my other sub. I'll try it in another Finale edition and see if that helps

-m48: I think I hear the R.H. go to an Ab up an octave in beat 3.5?
Not hearing this, sounds like a minor 2nd

sorry about the wait, but thanks for taking a look^^

Submissions / Re: [NDS] Mario Kart DS - "Failure" by Kricketune54
« on: January 30, 2023, 10:45:38 AM »
I saw this called "Failure" more often than "Race Lose" so that's what I went with, despite the video title.
To me, "Failure" seems a bit too ambiguous, since there are several tracks in the game this could be referring to, let alone all the fanfares. Also, what exactly is being failed? Maybe worth waiting for a second opinion on this, but I'm not really a fan of the current title.

I did some layer combining because the LH part looks a little bit messy otherwise.  LH beats 2 and 4 are slightly modified notes, though I was wondering if I should have F's instead of Eb's in LH m15 beats 2 and 4
I'm not sure what parts you used where for reference, but the LH part in general looks pretty mix and matched. I hear A and F in the banjo, and F/C/Eb (descending) in the other instrument.

  • Maybe you could make the pickup measure 2 beats long instead of 1.5? Not strictly necessary but I think it would make the swing easier to read.
  • I'm not sure whether the 2nd layer in the RH is really needed, but again maybe wait for a second opinion. Throughout the whole track the rhythms are quite free, and it looks weird to only specify that in 2 places. If you're going to keep it, I would suggest removing the rests in the 1st half, and adjusting the position of the one in the 2nd half (shouldn't be the same height as 'regular' rests). The staccato in m10 should be flipped as well.
  • On the topic of free rhythms, I think that's something worth mentioning in the tempo text. The swing is super heavy and the RH isn't played that linearly.
  • Same point about the rest position applies to the LH in a bunch of places, would recommend looking over those
  • Not sure why you wrote m5 and m13 using 2 layers, seems a bit excessive

Off-Topic / Re: Is 4K or LED better?
« on: January 23, 2023, 10:44:18 AM »

I haven't added any to m.5-12 mostly because, according to what Libera said to me once (which I may be misusing here), slurs are best when they show contrast.
I agree, they would be a little superfluous here.

Good catch! In fact, I think the m.20 b.4 G major chord was an entire octave lower, not just the B & D.
Going over this again and I think I agree! I'm actually not sure if I hear a G at all here now, it might just be reverb from beat 3 (and leaving it in makes the texture a bit muddier). I think it's faintly being played so leaving it in should be good (at least, until someone else corrects it!)

I disagree. When I slow it down and raise the pitch an octave, I can clearly hear an ascending C major chord: E-G-C.
I think you're right, there's just something about the note's timbre that makes it sound like it's an octave lower if I listen too closely. It's definitely correct how you have it though..

I do and I remember spending quite a while on this. It's really subtle, but even now when I slow it down, I can clearly hear a F-G resolution across beats 2.5-3 and that G doesn't come from anywhere else, so I'm pretty sure it's not a harmonic or from a sustain. It may be too subtle to care, but I'm pretty sure it's there.
I hear it too now and it is indeed really subtle. Do you think it's worth pointing that out to the performer?

Correct. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in March 2020, just a couple weeks after the pandemic quarantines started (which I couldn't have been more happy to have during that rough time :) ). However, the game received several major patches to add lots of additional content throughout 2020 and 2021. This song (and the corresponding activity) was added in the last major patch, v2.0, in November 2021. [SOURCE]
Awesome! Thanks so much :)

Hmmm, I can't hear this one. Also, I'm also not sure why it'd be there in the first place? Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I'll leave it out for now until I can ascertain otherwise.
Yeah, it doesn't really make sense for it to be there but it's just what I was hearing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you don't hear it then that's a good excuse not to worry about it!

The lower F I hear (good catch!), but I can't hear the higher F. Same as the previous point, I'll keep checking and I'll add it once I'm more confident it's there.
That may just have been harmonics then, oops. Leaving it out is more playable anyway..

A variety of reasons, most of them stemming from the idea of "still holding a note that is about to be restruck before the duration's up." However, with your notes (pun intended) above, a lot of those have been addressed and now it just looks better to be consistent. I still have questions about m.16, since, while I could make the RH Eb a layer 2 note, the resolution is handled by the LH and there rest of the notes in the measure are singles for the RH, so, to me, it looks like that Eb is hanging. So, I'm not sure quite what to do there.
It could probably go either way but I think it would be better in the lower layer for 2 reasons: 1) Showing the divide between melody and harmony, and 2) Consistency.
Side note (pun not intended), there's an Ab in m13 that would be better off in the lower layer.

Yeeeah, I thought about this point while arranging it, especially since the LH gets up into the stratosphere a bit. Firstly, I think the sheet looks really clean and adding stuff to denote that it should be handled by the other hand will just gunk it up. That triviality aside, I still feel that since the LH is really just doing one thing and that's fine and so if the player wants to hand something off, I feel that should be their decision, not necessarily mine. If you have some specifics, I'd be open to hear them, though! :)
Those are both strong points! There's no doubt that leaving the sheet as it stands is a valid option. Here's the specifics anyway, just in case:
1) m12 b2.5: Moving this one to the RH would avoid the hands getting a little close and give the LH time for the jump. Also, m11 b4.5 may or may not be more comfortable in the RH as well.
2) m22: Some of the high Fs and As might be easier to play with the RH, they would fit pretty nicely there imo. The drawback is that the RH part gets a little more complicated.
Feel free to ignore this!

One more thing I found:
  • The poco rit. and a tempo markings should both be the same height.

The lower voice in those triplets clearly ends on the C, listen back to that. You might be confusing it with another voice?
That's possible, but I'm pretty sure it's part of the same voice, it sounds like the same instrument and feels like a natural continuation.

Oh, well as I mentioned this isn't an exact transcription. The harmony there is a GbmM7, so Db is the fifth. I was more confused with how you worded it "Db should be Gb." I already have Gb appropriately represented in that measure, and it seemed like you were saying to add it like, above that second-ledger-line F, which would be wacky-town.
Yeah, please excuse my poor wording. What you have works much better in the context of this arrangement, I was just pointing out what I heard in the original. So, no change needed!

What's wrong with the hook being in line with the barline? I really almost extended it downward on that end too like the left, tbh.
I just thought it was standard practice to end the line a little closer to the notehead, but if you'd rather not do that that's fine. You could extend it downwards if you want to though I think it's clear enough as you have it.

I don't know why/how they wouldn't "fulfill the site's formatting guidelines..." I am not sure if you mean by having too much, too little, or too unclear, but I think they are pretty appropriate as and where I have them. Was there a specific one or few that you meant by this? (just seems superfluous, like "this might be an issue but it might not")
Oh yeah, they definitely aren't inappropriately used, they're really helpful! Specifically I was thinking of the way some of the tempo alteration markings are placed between the staves, since that contradicts what I was once told of them being placed above both staves (and being bold rather than italicised). I guess it's a little superfluous I just wasn't sure if it should apply here or not but wanted to mention it anyway.

To adress your notes:
  • I think it's clear enough with the double barlines alone. Besides, anyone playing this will probably be aware of how it fits together in the game.
  • The key signature as you have it is fine, even though the track does dance it around a little. It dips into some C-centric stuff in the first half, but the second half is made up of 2 I-IV-V-I patterns, so all in all the cadence is definitely centered around a tonic of G major.
  • m37-39 looks great like that! If you want you could add slurs to each fourth-eighth pattern but I think it's clear what the arranger's intent here is.

And now for my own notes:
  • Slurring: I think the slurs you have are great, and help show the performer how to structure their playing. That said, I think the first page in particular is a little sparse, so looking over it would be appreciated.
  • m4 & m40: I think one continuous roll on beat 3 would more accurately reflect the original
  • m5-12: The LH pattern sounds like it does in m37-39, with beats 2 and 4 not sustained as long as 1 and 3. Changing note lengths and/or adding slurs would help make this distinction.
  • m18 b4: The D in the LH chord is an octave lower
  • Same thing with m20, I think the B might also be lowered here
  • m21-24: I feel like the LH could use some more slurs. In the RH, I would recommend writing the staccato dotted eighth notes as just regular eighth notes (no staccato). Additionally, I think beaming over the resulting and already existing 16th rests would look neat.
  • Beat 1 in the LH of m21-23 is missing a C just above the A.
  • Beat 1 in the RH of m25, 27 & 29 is missing an F just below the A.
  • I think the C on beat 2 of m28 is an octave lower.
  • m32: It might be worth either moving the C in beat 2 to the LH, or copying it over and adding parentheses.
  • m39 beat 3: I don't hear the G in the RH.
  • the rit. markings and similar are best written above the staves.

Does the copyright have 2 years in it because this track was released in a later update? I'm not that familiar with New Horizons lore :p

  • m8: I hear the Bb below the F in the LH.
  • m9-16: In the RH you're using two layers a little inconsistently, is there a reason you wrote some chords in two layers and some in one?
  • For this section it might also be easier for the performer to play some of the high LH notes with the RH. There's nothing problematic with what you have currently but it might be worth trying some things out if you haven't already!
  • m9: I don't hear the middle notes in the RH triads
  • Same thing for the RH's Ab in m12
  • In m13 I hear a low Db instead of a Bb in the RH
  • I don't hear the Gb in m14, but I do hear an Ab on beat 3.
  • m15: I think I hear an F just above the Eb in the LH at beat 1.5
  • Though I'd like them to be there, I don't hear the Fs in the chords at m15 b4 and m16 b1.
  • m21-23: Same comment about moving some LH notes to the RH; it's playable as is but you might find it could be easier.
  • m24 beat 4: I hear an F above the Bb (in the RH), and I think I hear one below it too.
  • m27: The last two notes in the RH also play in octaves. You can add the lower Bb in parentheses, or you can add parentheses to the Bb in the LH.
  • m31: Despite the 8va getting in the way a little, the rit. marking is still best positioned above the staves, like you did everywhere else.

Hi! Thanks for your swift response :) As could be deduced from your sheet, you combined elements directly from the original with your own adaptation, and the result is beautiful! My intent was not to 'make corrections' per se, but rather to share my thoughts and provide a different perspective. In hindsight I should have made that clear. I'm still fairly confident in what I hear, so I could talk in-depth about all the changes you did or didn't make (I would enjoy that), but I think it's better if I simply try to answer any questions that arose...

-Not sure what you're trying to say here with all of the abbreviations lol. sorry...
The piano lick you wrote in the lower layer plays diads throughout, which could potentially be played by the LH.

-LH? Not sure I follow... As I mentioned, many of these chords were inverted/edited to catch enough of the essence of the original, not a note-for-note transcription.
Yes, I don't think I hear the Db in the LH. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the sheet, I just thought it might be worth mentioning.

-...the seventh (Ab) is present in this measure...(?)
I must have skipped over the high Ab in the RH, my bad. This section looks fine how it is :p

-Seems at home to me, since it's a lower layer. It's consistent with the rest of the arrangement as well.
This is just a personal preference of mine, and I was aware of its consistency before too. Regardless, it's obviously fine if you want to keep it where it is.

-Could you elaborate on this?
I think the hook of the 8va marking is a little too close to the end of the measure, so the (horizontal) line could be a little shorter to more neatly cover the notes.

-What do you mean?
I remember a few submissions back I was advised to change the position and appearance of some of my tempo and text expressions to better conform both to one another and also to other sheets on site. It's possible that some changes may be recommended for this sheet as well, particularly the cadenza, but I don't feel qualified to critique what you have nor do I personally see an issue with it.

I hope this helps! Let me know if anything else was unclear.

  • The 7th note on the second system should have a double flat assigned to it, just to make it clear. Also, do you intend for this downward run to be played only with one hand? If not, perhaps you could show that similarly to how you did on the previous system.
  • All the rolled eighth note chords sound like inversions of the same diminished chord, always voiced with 4 notes.
  • In the run after that, I hear the second note as Eb3, and you're missing a Gb5 at the end.
  • In the following chord, I don't think there are as many Abs as you have written, I'm not hearing the lowest one nor the one in the RH.
  • After that, I still don't think there's an Ab in the RH, and the C turns into a Bb. There's also an Eb4 in there, and I think there might be an Eb3 again in the LH but it's hard to tell.
  • In the last chord in the cadenza, I hear Gb5 instead of Ab5.
  • m3 b1.5 LH should be Bbb
  • m4 b3.5 the lower Ab in the LH should be an Eb
  • m8&m12 b4.5 LH sounds to me like a Gb
  • I hear something slightly different for m11 (also it might be worth including the Db at b3.5 to get that extra color in early on):
  • m14-17: I don't hear the top notes in the LH dyads, were they intentionally added?
  • m14: I hear an Ab3 on b3.66 and an F3 on b4.5, which should be easy enough for the LH
  • m19 LH: I hear Bbb-Db on beats 1.25-1.5. I think the last two notes are Bb-Cb, but you have those in the RH already and what you have written flows better so idk
  • Is the LH in m20 intentionally changed? If possible it would be nice to get some more of the last chord in, with the Db and Gb..
  • I hear something more like this for m21 (some stuff omitted for clarity/playability):
  • m22&23: Maybe you could include the background piano's Bb and Bbb respectively on b1 of the RH?
  • m23 b2.5: In the original the Db here is a Gb, thoughts?
  • m25: I hear a chord punch on beat 2.5 and not beat 3.5, maybe you could exchange the LH figures you have written there?
  • m27&m31: I think the chord here is comprised of Gb, Bbb, and Eb
  • m28: I don't think the chord here has an Eb in it, and maybe you could add some grace notes to fit in the chromatic entry?
  • m29: It might be worth including the 7th here in some places, particularly towards the end it's quite audible. Also the F in the last chord should be sharpened.
  • m34: I don't hear the chords here, maybe you could focus on the bass instead? That would also lower the intensity and fade better into m35..

  • I feel like the RH rest in m29 could be moved up a little
  • The 8va marking in the first system could have its hook tucked in towards the note
  • There's also the question of whether all of the text markings fulfill the site's formatting guidelines, but since I like what you have currently I'll let someone more experienced comment on that :)

Beautiful sheet, sorry if I was a little nit-picky!

  • From m9 onwards: I think you could incorporate those accented piano notes somehow; either with a corresponding marking or having those places play in octaves, for example.
  • m19-34: Do you think it's worth differentiating between the volume of the choir and strings?
  • m35-42: While this section sounds fine as is, might there be a way to incorporate some of the choir part so it's more harmonically interesting?
  • m53-end: I get wanting to have a strong contrast in the LH between this section and the preceding ones, but by making it too static it does lose some of the original's grandeur. Below is an example I came up with, accenting the downbeats with low notes, though obviously feel free to do whatever you like (or none of this, if you disagree)!
    m53-54 LH

Looking good! I have two more minor comments, namely that the fermata and dynamic markings in the first measure could be better positioned; the fermata should be centered above the notehead, and the dynamic can be moved a little upwards and to the left. Both shown below, for reference:

- Trying to update that was my first time editing in finale so now i'm iffy on actual dynamic positioning if that looks right because it looks un-centered? I don't even know...
Horizontally it looks good but vertically I'd recommend something more like this:

maybe I should just leave the dynamic and say dolce...?
I would opt for that instead, but also remove the slurs in the lower layer (unnecessary information + clutter)
Additionally, everything sounds equally intense to me so I would use one dynamic throughout the whole sheet.

- I tried to re-adjust the slurs but their positioning still feels somewhat off and I don't know how to adjust them "correctly"
That should no longer be an issue :)

One more minor thing: Have you considered shortening the last system? It looks a little stretched currently.

Submission Center / Re: Replacement Initiative
« on: January 01, 2023, 01:03:30 PM »
Sure thing!

Byelomorye Dam

Hi! Welcome to NinSheetMusic :)

The way the submissions process works is arrangers will give feedback on your sheet for you to take a look at (and implement, if you agree).
Once 2 updaters give their approval, your arrangement will be accepted, and put on the site in the next update!


  • m13: There's a rogue staccato on the last note in the RH, should probably be removed
  • m14: The LH appears to be missing some slurs, and the RH has one too many
  • m20-21: I hear this in the LH:
  • m22 & 30: I would write the RH as shown below, it's really close to a triplet but the G is distinctly on beat 4.5:
  • m24-25: I hear this in the LH:
  • m26: The Eb in the RH sounds to me like an Fn
  • m28-29: I hear this in the LH:
  • m29: The En in the RH sounds to me like a Cn
  • m31: I hear this in the LH:
  • I also don't hear a lot of the harmonies on the 2nd page that you have written, can you go over those again? Examples for what I hear in m20 and m27 are below, but really this affects the whole section of m18-m32..

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