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Not me, but I found it here.
I've got my IRC client set to automatically login there, so if anyone ever wants to drop by and say hi, it's very possible I'll be around unless I'm asleep or working.
Hey all,

A few years back, NSM had an IRC room. It was really popular for a while, but she's dead now. Would there be any interest in resurrecting her? I know we have a Discord and and Skype room, but for those of us who use neither, a bumpin' IRC would be kind of cool.

Here is the information for the old server:

Channel: #NinSheetMusic
TWG Channel: #NSMTWG
Awesome! This one is really well done.

Think you could fix Riding?
I see you also had trouble with time signatures! What a strange song.
Howdy. I don't remember why I logged in, but every once in a while I'll check in just to see the new arrangements. I also talked to JaMaHa not too long ago about redesigning the site for him (I created the current design years ago, and I hate it) but I've been slacking on that. Life's busy.

What led me to comment on this thread, though, was actually me talking to a friend about BotW's Lost Woods theme. We were debating the time signature, and then he pointed out that you had actually created an arrangement of the song, but we found it inaccessible.

As for your Dropbox issue, can you not make the folder containing all of your arrangements public? I admit I haven't used Dropbox, so I'm not sure if that would in turn make all of the files contained therein publicly accessible, but that's the best solution I can think of off the top of my head. If that won't work, you could always put your older sheets in a "legacy" ZIP archive, and then just share your newer creations. That would prevent you from having to go back and "share" everything.
None of your links seem to work (besides, mysteriously, Stables). Any chance you'll be fixing the broken links? I love your work!
Awesome!! This looks really good. Great job, DekuTrombonist, and thanks!
Hey guys! What's the progress report on this? I'd love to see a finished sheet.
Looks awesome. :) I can't wait to learn this! Thanks so much!
Hey Bloop!
This looks awesome! You did an excellent job on this, and should totally be proud of how it turned out. Sorry I couldn't have helped more. Either way, this turned out really good!

I have two suggestions, both of which are up to you, but I feel would make this arrangement even better than it already is:

1. Maybe add some chords to the end of the song, just to liven it up? It feels a little bland, but that might just be me.
2. Chord markings. This is a complex song, and considering it's jazz, a performer would like to improvise within it. However, that is difficult in such a strange key, especially without chord markings. It's up to you, but I feel that some chord notation would compliment this song nicely.

Thanks for doing such an excellent job fulfilling my song request! :)

EDIT - Also, it looks like you're missing a composer, haha.
Fulfilled requests / Re: Very disappointed
June 30, 2011, 03:28:19 PM
We've got one over at ApolloMix. I'm not sure if it's in the right key signature--there's a LOT of accidentals--but the song's weird anyway. Enjoy!
Did anyone ever actually finish the transcription of Nothing Set in Stone? I remember we had parts, but did we ever have a complete score for the world to access?