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Art / Hugo is an artist. (Pokemon HG/SS Avi's & Sigs)
« on: September 26, 2009, 02:55:40 AM »
Original topic here:

- - - - -

So I've been messing with gimp lately, and I'm quite proud of what I can make! <3

Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Kanto Gym Leaders (series in progress)
All items in this series were created by using franchise sprites.

Like gallery music? Clicky!





Lt. Surge:












Story Telling / Twilight as only Man can interpret it.
« on: December 31, 2008, 11:48:00 AM »
[05:11:23]   <Sauce>   Okay:
[05:11:29]   <Sauce>   So there's this girl named Bella
[05:11:43]   <Sauce>   she's like "Omg I luv phoenix, oh well I'll leave and go to this redneck hick town in Washington"
[05:12:47]   <Sauce>   She was like "ok i'm in washington, wut do I do"
[05:13:02]   <Sauce>   And her dad who divorced her mom is liek "live with me and cook >:("
[05:13:08]   <Sauce>   So she's like "lulz k"
[05:13:21]   <Sauce>   So she's like "omg I'm nervous about this new school, omg! D: "
[05:13:38]   <Sauce>   But then her dad's like "Don't worry, I bot u a truck :3 "
[05:13:42]   <Sauce>   So she takes her truck and goes to school
[05:13:46]   <Sauce>   Oh, and the truck is loud and stuff.
[05:13:50]   <Sauce>   And fat and red and old.
[05:13:52]   <Sauce>   Like santa.
[05:13:56]   <Sauce>   ANYWAYS
[05:14:01]   <Sauce>   She goes to school, and everybody is like...
[05:14:05]   <Sauce>   "*stare*"
[05:14:10]   <Sauce>   They all stare at her, you see.
[05:14:17]   <Sauce>   And so she's like "omg nervous D:"
[05:14:29]   <Sauce>   But these people are like "lol ur gud, sit with us at lunch :D "
[05:14:36]   <Sauce>   So she sits with these people
[05:14:44]   <Sauce>   And they're like "lulz be frindz wif us"
[05:14:47]   <Sauce>   So she's like "lulz k"
[05:14:59]   <Sauce>   And then there are these sexy dudes and chicks on the other side of the lunch foom
[05:15:08]   <Sauce>   And she's like "wtf, who are teh pale sexy peepz?"
[05:15:22]   <Sauce>   And this one chick's like "Ohay, they're the cullens. They're all hawtness, but emo and hate the world"
[05:15:26]   <Sauce>   So she's like "lulz k"
[05:15:33]   <Sauce>   But this one guy, Edward starts to stare at her.
[05:15:40]   <Sauce>   And she's like "omg hawtness, but scary"
[05:15:44]   <Sauce>   He has black eyess
[05:16:04]   <Sauce>   Anyways.
[05:16:18]   <Sauce>   So she's like "zomg"
[05:16:22]   <Sauce>   Anyways, she goes to biology
[05:16:28]   <Sauce>   And her lab partner is teh hawt guy with black eyes.
[05:16:52]   <Sauce>   She sits down next to edward
[05:17:05]   <Sauce>   And he's like "OMG I HATE YOU *STARE* I HATE YOU GET AWAY!"
[05:17:10]   <Sauce>   So he leans away from her.
[05:17:18]   <Sauce>   And doesn't breathe and clenches his fists.
[05:17:24]   <Sauce>   Shes like "omg this hawt guy hates me"
[05:17:30]   <Sauce>   Anyways, she goes home.
[05:17:36]   <Sauce>   And she sleeps and cooks dinner
[05:17:39]   <Sauce>   (not in that order)
[05:17:43]   <Sauce>   Then she wakes up.
[05:17:46]   <Sauce>   And goes to school again.
[05:17:53]   <Sauce>   And she's like "Omg where's teh hawtness guy"?
[05:17:58]   <Sauce>   And her friends are like "lol idk"
[05:18:04]   <Sauce>   So she is super mad and confused
[05:18:14]   <Sauce>   "omg did I make him leave omg so sad sorry confused :? omg"'t go on a hunting trip
[05:19:29]   <Sauce>   So, she meets this guy, mike
[05:19:39]   <Sauce>   And he's lik "Omg bella u teh hawtness, hav sex pl0x?"
[05:19:47]   <Sauce>   And bella's like 'n thx maybe l8r"
[05:19:59]   <Sauce>   And she meets this girl, Jessica
[05:20:04]   <Sauce>   She's like "hay2u"
[05:20:09]   <Sauce>   And bella's like "lol hi"
[05:20:13]   <Sauce>   ANYWAYS
[05:20:18]   <Sauce>   A week later, edward comes back
[05:20:40]   <Sauce>   And then edwards like "lol hi, I'm teh edward. I'm hawtness"
[05:20:55]   <Sauce>   And Bella's like (mentally) "ZOMGZOMGZOMG HE"S TALKING TO LITTLE OLD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!one!"
[05:21:01]   <Sauce>   So she's totally horny
[05:21:09]   <Sauce>   And then they do this lab on mitosis
[05:21:16]   <Sauce>   And he's like "lulz prophase"
[05:21:20]   <Sauce>   And she's like 'lulz interphase"
[05:21:30]   <Sauce>   And everybody's like "lulz they are having intellectual sex"
[05:21:33]   <Sauce>   Anyways.
[05:21:41]   <Sauce>   She thinks he's cool and stuff, and he doens't hate her as much.
[05:21:50]   <Sauce>   They start talking and what not.
[05:22:05]   <Sauce>   And eventually he's liek "lol come sit wif me"
[05:22:18]   <Sauce>   And she's like "lulz k"
[05:22:18]   <Sauce>   And they talk.
[05:22:18]   <Sauce>   Blah
[05:22:18]   <Sauce>   And then she goes home and like masturbates or something.
[05:22:19]   <Sauce>   idk
[05:22:27]   <Sauce>   Anyways, soon it starts to snow and stuff
[05:22:32]   <Sauce>   And she's like "hoshit ice"
[05:22:39]   <Sauce>   But her dad's like "hoshit snow chains on teh truck"
[05:22:48]   <Sauce>   So she's like "hoshit tankz"
[05:22:59]   <Sauce>   So she goes to school and totally wtf parks in a parking spot.
[05:23:14]   <Sauce>   And then all of the sudden some guy in a cars comes right at her!
[05:23:17]   <Sauce>   hoshit!
[05:23:22]   <Sauce>   And then it's like slow mothion
[05:23:26]   <Sauce>   And the car spins around!
[05:23:28]   <Sauce>   *spin*
[05:23:39]   <Sauce>   And she sees Edward far away
[05:23:48]   <Sauce>   And she's liek omgomgomg car
[05:24:03]   <Sauce>   But then out of nowhere Edward's liek "ohay, *shove out of way of car*
[05:24:16]   <Sauce>   And then the car like ... comes back to try and get her again.
[05:24:26]   <Sauce>   But Edward's like "i dun think so *super strength*"
[05:24:32]   <Sauce>   And then he blocks the car with his shoulder
[05:24:38]   <Sauce>   And it's like *crunch*
[05:24:51]   <Sauce>   He's like 'hoshit u almost got pwnt, u k?"
[05:24:56]   <Sauce>   And she's like "lolno, ow"
[05:25:11]   <Sauce>   She's then like "wtf, how did you get here and save meh, u wer over dere *point over dere* "
[05:25:21]   <Sauce>   And he's liek "i dunno, shaddup"
[05:25:25]   <Sauce>   So she does.
[05:25:33]   <Sauce>   Then she goes to the hospiaa;l\
[05:25:48]   <Sauce>   And the surgeons are like "lol u be fine"
[05:26:08]   <Sauce>   And then the one head doctor, who is Edward's adoptive father (also pale 'n' sexy) is like "lol X-RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
[05:26:14]   <Sauce>   And she's wtf fine.
[05:26:17]   <Sauce>   So she goes home
[05:26:31]   <Sauce>   But the kid who hit her, tyler, is like "OMGOMGOGOMGOGMOGMO SO SORRY! D: D:D: I LUV U! "
[05:26:38]   <Sauce>   He's all bloody so she leaves though.
[05:26:52]   <Sauce>   Later she's like 'edward, how u do that, u gat super powrz"
[05:26:55]   <Sauce>   And he's like "lolno"
[05:27:08]   <Sauce>   She's like 'u got bit by a radioactive spider, huh?"
[05:27:17]   <Sauce>   And he's like "lolno" again.
[05:27:20]   <Sauce>   So she's like "k"
[05:27:35]   <Sauce>   Then her friends mike and jessica are like "come to teh beach wif us, it'll pwn"
[05:27:40]   <Sauce>   So she's like "k"
[05:27:48]   <Sauce>   She gets all pissy though since it's cold, but they don't care.
[05:28:00]   <Sauce>   At the beach, she's like "whoa this is on an indian reservation or somting"
[05:28:18]   <Sauce>   And so this dude, jacob black is like 'ohay, i r indian"
[05:28:26]   <Sauce>   She's like "zomg i got sum truck from yo daddy!"
[05:28:31]   <Sauce>   He's like 'neato'
[05:28:37]   <Sauce>   Then she gets all flirty with him
[05:28:42]   <Sauce>   Wait, not yet, scratch that.
[05:28:52]   <Sauce>   Mike's all "ohay, why didn't edward cullen come"
[05:29:03]   <Sauce>   And some indian guy is like "THOSE CULLENS DON'T COME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
[05:29:04]   <Sauce>   "
[05:29:09]   <Sauce>   So Bella gets hella bella suspicious.
[05:29:24]   <Sauce>   She decides she wants some info, so she gets all flirty with Jacob
[05:29:35]   <Sauce>   "Hey there *bat eyelashes* i hurd the cullens dun come here. y? "
[05:29:57]   <Sauce>   So Jacob's like "lol vampires. Our tribe is werewulvz and we dun like teh vampies"
[05:30:03]   <Sauce>   Bella's like "orly?"
[05:30:26]   <Sauce>   He's like "yarly. Old tribal legend says that they want teh blud. But they're nice vampies, so it's k. They still cant come on mah land though. lol superstitions"
[05:30:34]   <Sauce>   So bella's like "wtf haxx"
[05:30:41]   <Sauce>   ANYWAYS...
[05:30:50]   <Sauce>   She gets all interested in vampire crap
[05:30:57]   <Sauce>   She googles it, but gets crappy information
[05:31:01]   <Sauce>   She's like "lol this sux"
[05:31:08]   <Sauce>   Anyways...
[05:31:17]   <Sauce>   She and Edward talk more.
[05:31:21]   <Sauce>   She's like "hay u"
[05:31:27]   <Sauce>   And he's like "want sum sex?"
[05:31:32]   <Sauce>   And she's like "maybe l8r"
[05:31:42]   <Sauce>   So they get all lovey dovey
[05:32:00]   <Sauce>   Eventually, Jessica and her bitchy friends are liek "u wanna go shopping in this shady town"?
[05:32:04]   <Sauce>   And she's like "lulz sure"
[05:32:20]   <Sauce>   But she's totally a nub, and looks for a bookstore while her girlfrinds by sexy clothes.
[05:32:25]   <Sauce>   But she can't find one.
[05:32:34]   <Sauce>   She goes to come dark alley and she's like...
[05:32:38]   <Sauce>   "Bookstore, where u b?"
[05:32:49]   <Sauce>   And these mean people are like "ohay little girl"
[05:32:55]   <Sauce>   And she's like "omg rapists!"
[05:33:05]   <Sauce>   So then edward comes out of nowhere and is liek "nup"
[05:33:08]   <Sauce>   And saves her.
[05:33:22]   <Sauce>   She's like omg edward u saved me twice, i want your vampenis"
[05:33:29]   <Sauce>   And he's like "What do you mean "vampenis"
[05:33:36]   <Sauce>   So she explains what she knows about him.
[05:33:43]   <Sauce>   And he's like "damn I've been found out"
[05:33:51]   <Sauce>   So he explains to her that he can run fast, be strong, and read minds.
[05:33:59]   <Sauce>   And that he eats animal blood instead of peepl blood.
[05:34:15]   <Sauce>   She's like 'orly, ur eyes are dark and ur pissy, is that cuz u hungry for blud"
[05:34:18]   <Sauce>   And he's like "zomg yeah"
[05:34:25]   <Sauce>   So they talk.
[05:34:30]   <Sauce>   Turns out that Edward is 100 years old
[05:34:44]   <Sauce>   He was born in 1901 but was dying from the spanish influenza in Chicago
[05:35:07]   <Sauce>   And then, his adoptive father, the head guy at the current hospital was like "lulz, u gat no family, u gonna die"
[05:35:14]   <Sauce>   He was like " D: "
[05:35:39]   <Sauce>   So the doctor guy (Carlisle Cullen) was like "hay2u. wanna be vampire?"
[05:35:48]   <Sauce>   So Edward Cullen was like "FUCK YEAH!"
[05:35:55]   <Sauce>   So bam, vampire
[05:36:00]   <Sauce>   Anyways...
[05:36:06]   <Sauce>   Edward brings Bella home.
[05:36:12]   <Sauce>   And she's like "omgomgomg vampenis"
[05:36:20]   <Sauce>   She probably masturbates
[05:36:29]   <Sauce>   Back at school, edward and her get nice and flirty
[05:36:35]   <Sauce>   "Hay bella"
[05:36:38]   <Sauce>   "hey ed"
[05:36:43]   <Sauce>   " *make-out* "
[05:36:51]   <Sauce>   Eventually, edward decides to take her on a date.
[05:36:59]   <Sauce>   He's like "lets go to this meadow. it'll be sunny"
[05:37:07]   <Sauce>   And she's like "lol I'm clumsy, oh well lez go"
[05:37:13]   <Sauce>   So they go, and it's far away.
[05:37:18]   <Sauce>   And he gets naked and sparkles
[05:37:22]   <Sauce>   Then they get flirty again'
[05:37:35]   <Sauce>   He tries to be all deep and says like "I left because I wanted to protect you :| "
[05:37:38]   <Sauce>   But they just make out more.
[05:37:48]   <Sauce>   Then she gets on his back, and he runs at super speed back to her house.
[05:37:50]   <Sauce>   The end.
[05:37:55]   <Sauce>   (that's where I am at least)

- - - - TO BE CONTINUED - - - -

[00:16:10]   <Sauce>   Alright, so they go back to what’s her face’s house…… Oh yeah, Bella. And then edward’s like “lol I wach u win u sleep :3”
[00:16:12]   <Sauce>   So bella’s all “OMG NO! BITCH!”
[00:16:14]   <Sauce>   And edward’s like “no, it’s gud. ur like ‘omg sex me Edward!’
[00:16:16]   <Sauce>   Bella’s like ‘omg embarrassing”
[00:16:17]   <Sauce>   And he’s like “o well”
[00:16:19]   <Sauce>   Anyways… when Edward finally leaves, her dad comes home and iz like “make me dinnur bitch”
[00:16:20]   <Sauce>   And she’s like “lulz aight”
[00:16:22]   <Sauce>   He’s like “u had sex with any boys at skewl?”
[00:16:24]   <Sauce>   And she’s all “eew cooties”
[00:16:25]   <Sauce>   He’s like “how bout dat mike kid”
[00:16:27]   <Sauce>   She’s like “he’s sexing with Jessica nao, nthx”
[00:16:28]   <Sauce>   He’s all “o”
[00:16:30]   <Sauce>   She’s then like “lemme sleep, k?”
[00:16:31]   <Sauce>   He’s like “k”
[00:16:33]   <Sauce>   But in her room, edward’s like “hay u”
[00:16:35]   <Sauce>   â€œomg wut r u doin in mah rum! D: scary! “
[00:16:36]   <Sauce>   So he’s all “I dunno, lol”
[00:16:38]   <Sauce>   And then they have more dumb ushy-gushy flirty talk
[00:16:39]   <Sauce>   Edward’s all “u b drivin meh crazy”
[00:16:41]   <Sauce>   So Bella’s liek “omg yey”
[00:16:43]   <Sauce>   Then he’s all “I cant tayk ur smell, it r 2 gud, lemme bit jew”
[00:16:44]   <Sauce>   And bell’s like “nthx”
[00:16:46]   <Sauce>   Edward’s all “okay I’ll try not 2 bit jew, but It b hard  cuz u r gud smelly “
[00:16:47]   <Sauce>   So they talk more.
[00:16:49]   <Sauce>   Blah.
[00:16:51]   <Sauce>   â€œoh bella, u maek me feel liek a hooman :3 “
[00:16:52]   <Sauce>   Bella’s like “kewl”
[00:16:54]   <Sauce>   Edward’s like “lolololol u smell like fud”
[00:16:55]   <Sauce>   Bella’s like “shaddap! D: “
[00:16:57]   <Sauce>   Edward’s all “wanna tok bout creation, evolution and baby seals? ;3 “
[00:16:58]   <Sauce>   Then Bella goes crazy and wants to get married to Edward.
[00:17:00]   <Sauce>   â€œHAY LETZ GIT MARRIED! :O :O :O “
[00:17:02]   <Sauce>   But edward’s like “nthx maybe nevur. u too fragile. u liek teh baby seal”
[00:17:03]   <Sauce>   Then Edward goes crazy. “BITCH GO 2 BED! >:( “
[00:17:05]   <Sauce>   Anyways…
[00:17:07]   <Sauce>   She wakes up and, zomg edward’s there
[00:17:08]   <Sauce>   Edward’s liek “hay2u”
[00:17:09]   <Sauce>   And Bella’s liek “I haz a hungry :( “
[00:17:11]   <Sauce>   So edward’s like “git sum fud. I dun eat though, I r vampire”

- - - - TO BE CONTINUED AGAIN - - - -

Forum Games / When __________ hands you lemons.
« on: September 11, 2008, 02:23:16 AM »
Well, a friend of mine was talking to me on AIM and he came up with this idea.

Here's how it works:

1. When its your turn, complete the previous "lemon" statement. Be creative. :)
2. Then, ask "When _________ hands you lemons...." Fill in the blank with a person/thing.
3. Don't use the same person/thing more than once; keep it original.

Note: Please underline your person/thing.

When JaMaHa hands you lemons...

Forum Games / What if.....
« on: August 22, 2008, 02:37:48 AM »
Ok I'm kinda surprised we didn't have one of these sooner. Basically someone asks a "what if" question and people answer. Few rules:

  • Don't ask more than 1 question in a row. Keep it fair to everyone else.
  • Let at least 3 answers come up before asking a question, its more fun if we get collective answers.
  • If you don't feel comfortable with a question, don't answer, and please don't complain about it. Just ignore it, and you'll be fine.
  • If you post a question, answer it.

Let the game begin.

If you are/were gay/lesbian, and you could have any partner in the world, who would it be and why?

My Answer:
Patrick Dempsey. Guess why.

Feedback / Poll Board?
« on: August 19, 2008, 04:01:33 AM »
Well, this has come up before, but since now we've been putting focus on the forum games and such, I was wondering if anyone would want the polls back in a child board or something.

I miss those polls. We had a lot of fun with them. Random is my kind of thing, so yeh.

Your opinions?

Art / Hugo's Random Arts
« on: June 22, 2008, 04:31:46 AM »
Well, I've recently gotten into making Favicons just for the heck of it. I guess I'll post them here, I got nothing to lose. They're all completely random, I just make what's going through my mind at the moment.



~Pacman (animation)


~The Happy Pencil

Last updated: June 21

Alternately, click here to see all of them with a zoom.

Fulfilled requests / [NDS] Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - "Ending"
« on: June 11, 2008, 03:36:44 AM »
Completed by Shadoninja

I just realized how much I like this song. Would anybody be able to do it by ear? I have an Mp3.

Credits Mp3

I'd really appreciate anyone who could do this. :D

Piano Arrangements / HugoMeister's Arrangements (updated 6/08/09)
« on: April 20, 2008, 09:19:58 PM »

[N64] Paper Mario
     ~Wish of the Princess Mus. Midi Arranged by HugoMeister


- - -

Accepted to Site:

- - -

Request / [Wii] Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Multiple Songs
« on: March 18, 2008, 01:20:57 AM »
I request Pikmin 2: World Map. I <3 that song.

Oh, and I would also like Mona's Pizza Song.

Off-Topic / The Birthday Topic
« on: March 07, 2008, 07:08:46 PM »
I was looking at the calander and noticed today was Nacho2420's birthday!

Happy 15th Birthday Nacho2420!  :D

Microsoft / This kid needs Halo help.
« on: February 28, 2008, 09:09:40 PM »
I love this video! This little 10 year old kid gets all mad because he can't play Halo very well.

Rofl! "Greeeeeen! Greeeeeen! Greeeeeen!"

My God, this is why people say video games are ruining the minds of the youth.

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