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Request / [3DS] Monster Hunter Generations - Pokke Village
« on: August 05, 2016, 05:39:07 AM »

I haven't requested in ages, but I'd love for someone to take a crack at this gorgeous song from the newest Monster Hunter that came out next month.

The Kirby's Epic Yarn soundtrack is really good, and while we have a nice chunk of arrangements on site, I feel like the rest of the OST deserves the same treatment. So, in hopes of this feat being accomplished... let's throw together an unofficial arrangement project! I believe we have it in us to do this!

For some odd reason, the playlists I've been finding on YouTube don't include Prologue and Ending, but they've already been arranged, so it hopefully shouldn't be an issue? If it is, just bring it up in here and we'll work it out. If you think any other songs on-site need to be fixed, feel free to say so.

[Link to YouTube Playlist]

Composer: Tomoya Tomita
Copyright info: Nintendo, Good-Feel, HAL Laboratory © 2010

Color coding for your convenience!
Black - not yet arranged
Red - on site, but needs minor fixing, such as formatting
Orange - claimed/in progress
Blue - arranged
Green - submitted
Pink - on site/accepted, and perfect (in other words don't worry about this sheet, we won't need to update it)

Track List:

-Title Screen - Latios212
-Quilty Square - Latios212
-Patch Castle
-Stage Clear - nutella511
-Stage Clear (Gold Medal) - nutella511
-Results - Latios212
-Kirby's Pad - mastersuperfan
-Apt. 102 - E. Gadd Industries
-World 1: Grass Land - Oronoco
-Fountain Gardens - Sebastian
-Tankbot - mastersuperfan
-Flower Fields - Latios212
-Rainbow Falls
-Big-Bean Vine - E. Gadd Industries
-Vs. Fangora - Levi
-Mole Hole
-Weird Woods
-World 2: Hot Land
-Pyramid Sands
-Dusk Dunes - mastersuperfan
-Lava Landing
-Cool Cave
-Dino Jungle
-Vs. Hot Wings
-World 3: Treat Land - Onionleaf
-Toy Tracks
-Mushroom Run - mastersuperfan
-Melody Town
-Vs. Squashini - Static
-Dark Manor
-World 4: Water Land
-Splash Beach - Latios212
-Blub-Blub Ocean - mastersuperfan
-Secret Island - mastersuperfan
-Deep-Dive Deep
-Vs. Capamari
-World 5: Snow Land -
-Mt. Slide
-Snowy Fields
-Cozy Cabin - Nebbles
-Frosty Wheel
-Vs. King Dedede - nutella511
-World 6: Space Land
-Future City - Levi
-Tube Town - Static
-Stellar Way
-Outer Rings - Latios212
-Vs. Meta Knight - Zeila
-World 7: Dream Land
-Green Greens - Onionleaf
-Butter Building - mastersuperfan
-Bubbly Clouds - Latios212
-Vs. Kracko
-Gourmet Race - E. Gadd Industries
-Ice Cream Island
-Halberd - Zeila
-Prelude to Yin-Yarn - nutella511
-Vs. Yin-Yarn
-Yin-Yarn Defeated
-Vs. Mecha Yin-Yarn
-Staff Credits - Latios212

If there's anything I forgot, or need to add, just tell me!

Arrangers so far:
E. Gadd Industries
The Mario Pianist

PC / Undertale
« on: October 07, 2015, 04:53:13 AM »
We seem to be gathering a small fanbase here for Undertale, so let's make a thread for it! Please remember to tag any spoilers, or else we'll all have a bad time.

Fulfilled requests / [PC] Undertale - "Naptsablook Theme"
« on: September 20, 2015, 12:46:24 AM »
Completed by Shadoninja
This might be one of the snazziest battle themes I've heard in a good while.

Completed by Maelstrom
One of my favorite night-time songs of Xenoblade. It's really gorgeous, hope someone gives it a shot.

Request / [3DS] Pokémon X / Y - "Route 18/19"
« on: October 20, 2013, 12:27:24 AM »

I think I'm in love with this song, help. I'd love to play it on piano one day.

Fulfilled requests / [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf - "K.K Disco"
« on: July 28, 2013, 01:21:47 AM »
Completed an on site
I need more groovy K.K songs in my life, and this is one of my favorites.

Completed by Shadoninja

I'm a little shocked we don't have this song... it's one of the best! I'd love if it got arranged.

Story Telling / My Philosophy Essay on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
« on: December 03, 2012, 05:38:59 AM »
because you all asked for me to post it :P

Are we still the same person if we happen to lose our memories? John Locke questions this, offering that consciousness is what makes up us as persons. If our consciousness is somehow altered, as long as it is our consciousness, we are still as one and our bodies do not change. In other situations, such as being the same person in a different body, we can still be who we are as long as our minds are intact. These thoughts are present in many modern day movies, TV shows, books, comics and even video games. The common character of the “amnesiac” goes through ideals wondering if they are still the same person they were before their memory loss, and if their life and return to normal. Some characters have completely altered appearances, along with no memory, and the question arises: “Are you the same person you were beforehand?”. A certain video game named Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team brings both those tropes into one character, and the focus of the game is you struggling to find out your purpose on a new world, with memory of only your name and nothing else. The main storyline of the game captures Locke’s philosophy quite well, matching the comparison humans and animals, having no one recognize you in a completely new body.

            The game starts out with the main character waking up in an unknown world in a completely new body. They – or you, even – are lost in every aspect and have no idea of why they are there. In moments, they are greeted by another pokemon, and soon find out they have to rescue others who are trapped. As the story progresses, the main idea of memory loss of the main character comes into play. They have no idea who are they are, or why they’re a human who has been transformed into a pokemon. There are certain scenes were the main character has odd dreams, and as the plot reaches its climax, you are told the main purpose you are here is to save the world from impending disaster. Not only that, you specifically requested for your memory to be erased. This way, whether human or not, the main character is ultimately the same person. They, as a human, were fully aware of their mission, and relearned it as a pokemon. As Locke would say, consciousness determines personal identity and not matter. If you truly believe in what your destiny is, no matter what body you are in, you are still the same person with the same set of beliefs. At the very end of the main story, they are almost brought back to the human world, but make the decision to remain as a pokemon. As Locke states, “Consciousness alone unites actions into the same person.”

            Another very interesting character that brings Locke’s philosophy into thought is the main villain. Not revealed until after the game’s main story line, you find out that he once was a human too, but retained no memory loss. The villain seemingly knows much about the main character, and tries to hinder their plans to save the planet. The villain was turned into a pokemon due to their bad nature, and still has memory of that. They try to hide this, though, negating the idea that consciousness makes up personal identity, not matter. They are still the same person, whether they want to believe it or not. The villain does this in an attempt hide their past and the guilt it brings upon them. ”But though the same immaterial substance or soul does not alone, wherever it be, and in whatsoever state, make the same man; yet it is plain, consciousness, as far as ever it can be extended- should it be to ages past- unites existences and actions very remote in time into the same person, as well as it does the existences and actions of the immediately preceding moment: so that whatever has the consciousness of present and past actions, is the same person to whom they both belong”, is what Locke says, making the villain the same person they are no matter what. Their actions from the past still exist and the memories do as well, and they are still the same person.

            Locke’s philosophy is a good one to follow, as it as a very good foundation to stand on, and his arguments go hand-in-hand with this game. Other than applying his philosophy to a series I love with all my heart, I agree with his argument. If I were to lose my memory, I would still be the same person. My body wouldn’t change, even if a part of my consciousness were lost. I am not a different person if I do not remember small parts of my childhood, or even what I had for dinner a month ago. As long as consciousness is still present, you are the same person and that fact won’t change. Even if my mind was swapped with someone else’s, and I happened to be in a different body, again, that wouldn’t change who I am. My physical appearance would be altered, but my consciousness would remain unchanged. This way, I’m still the same person, as you or anyone else would be in situations as such.

            From the evidence reviewed, it can be seen that the idea of memory loss is very common throughout several forms of media. Overall, the basis of Locke’s philosophy states that we are the same person as long as our consciousness is still present. As evidenced in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the main character and the villain still are the same people despite the drastic change in physical appearance. While the focus is more on the main character and their memory loss, one can’t forget the villain tries to change who he is, despite his consciousness locking him into the same being. Even presented with the option of being human again and regaining their old memories, the main character stays a pokemon to remain with their partner and what current memories their consciousness offers. Yet, as said, that fails to change who they are, and they are the still the same person through and through. 

Completed by Jompa

this is such an excellent song... and hey, it's about time someone requested a BW2 song, eh?

Well, after a year or so on NSM, I figure I should learn how to do this so I can help contribute to our wonderful site. I'm no expert so I can't promise I'll be arranging a lot, but... this will change with time.

And thanks to the little arrangement group who had the patience to teach me!


Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver:

Cinnabar Island

Super Smash Bros. 3ds/Wii U:

Magicant/Eight Melodies


Xenoblade Chronicles

Riki's Tenderness


Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Milky Way Wishes


Kirby's Epic Yarn

Weird Woods


Cozy Cabin


Frosty Wheel





Request / [N64] Mario Party 3 - "Deep Bloober Sea"
« on: August 05, 2012, 03:02:54 AM »
Here I am again, back to nag you all with a request! It's my favorite song from Mario Party 3. Super catchy. I'd appreciate it a lot if someone took this, as always.

Thank you very much in advance!

Fulfilled requests / [Wii] Super Paper Mario - "Overthere Shrine"
« on: July 01, 2012, 10:06:44 PM »
Completed by spitllama

I really adore this song from Super Paper Mario... wondering if it's arrange-able! :D Check it out, if you will, pretty please.

Completed by DonValentino

I know we have the Colosseum one (which is different, I believe) arranged, but his XD theme is FABULOUS. Like him.

I want it arranged if can, pretty please.

Jam your heart out.

Completed by pumpy_heart

Kind of upset that I haven't seen this arranged yet. D: So... pretty please?

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