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Project Archive / Yugi's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 05, 2022, 01:44:56 AM »

pretty sure I uploaded it to the dropbox folder/did the stuff correct but tell me if I missed something

but anyway since Finale Notepad is still incredibly limited even ten years later here are some things I need help with, if that's okay:
  • This piece is in D flat major, though I didn't figure this part out until it became wayyy too late to change it without requiring me to start the whole thing over again. iirc Actual Finale lets you change the key without transposing all the notes either up or down so if someone could help out that'd be great.
  • Everything in the treble clef is meant to be an octave up but unfortunately 8va isn't a setting on Finale Notepad and actually putting all the notes where they're meant to be would make all the note stems look even worse than they currently do
  • All the text like the arrangement title/composer/arranger/game title I moved up more than is probably normal mostly so that none of it got stuck inside the note stems
  • Playability might be an issue? I put everything I could hear in but that results in, like, four separate components in the piece which is probably too much to do with two hands. Was thinking of adding a performance note or something saying 'hey, don't play the absolute top part once the melody comes in' though wouldn't mind advice on this front and stuff
  • this is the first time I've written/arranged music in five years, plz be gentle

Also just one more thing: there seems to be some conflicting reports on what the song's name so I figured I'd say I chose "Vacant Room" as the name of the piece due to how that appears on the official soundtrack (even if I do prefer "More Rooms"), and picked the copyright date as 2002 rather than 1996 because this wikia page says it got put in during the 2002 rerelease. if there's anything incorrect here I'll be happy to fix it!

Help! / Grace Notes
« on: September 30, 2015, 04:05:37 AM »
yo does anyone have the grace note workaround for notepad users thing that shado deleted when he first left the site

Story Telling / Mark Masters' Extraordinary Life
« on: September 27, 2015, 03:20:10 AM »

Creative Writing has been a passion of mine since last year, and one of my ambitions for when I become an adult for a long time was/is to become a novelist. It kinda picked up around the last couple of months, and I decided to do Camp NaNoWriMo this month with an idea that I had been entertaining in my mind for a long time. I was going fairly well, until I got bronchitis and later realized that NaNo is actually terrible because of the tight frame and large wordcount (which would have caused me to write a lot of filler chapters if I continued). I'm unsure if I want to still go with it currently, because of the dark and kinda complicated nature of the story, so I figured that I would post this on the forums I go to and get critique here.

So, without anything further, here's the first part of the story. I posted all that I had of it on another forum, but it turns out that people don't like reading 22000 words at once so I'm going to pace this for now.

Just a little warning first. The story I'm writing isn't exactly the most kid friendly thing. Like, in our ratings system it'd probably be rated M or MA15+ for violence and rude language or something like that. I really can't do much about the language, but if you're kinda squemish about violence skip the prologue and chapter 8

And with that out of the way.

Mark Masters’ Extraordinary Life
By Jeremy MacRae
Prologue: February 15th, 2015
This was the perfect place to begin a story.

The rain fell down from the sky, each drop bouncing off the concrete of the city, completing the natural cycle that kept the earth living. Darkness reigned, the night stretching its reach all throughout the city. The people had long since gone back to their homes, leaving the streets empty; barring the animals of the night and the moon, which gloomed in the distance, providing the one source of light that the city had, at this point. The one sound other than the rain? The thunder, booming through the night, disturbing those still up.

Truly, it was a dark and stormy night. Again, it seemed to be the perfect place to begin a story.
And on this dark and stormy night, a story will begin. The story of a man who lost everything he cared about at a young age. The story of a man who was attacked by his peers, simply for being different from them. The story of the man who had worked to get where he was. The story of a man who was a saviour, the most heroic person to ever live. The story of a man who was willing to do whatever it took, however much he lost, to do the right thing.

However, this place took host to another story on this dark and stormy night. This story, however, was different. This other story was of a man who had one day woken up and said “fuck the consequences, I’ll do whatever the hell I want.” This man’s story told how he had committed several atrocities, without feeling any remorse for what he had done. This man’s story told how he stood up, performed an act, and went away without any punishment for what he had done.

However, one of these stories was wearing thin, having reached its climax a long time ago. Now was the Denouement, the moment when the story winds down, not being able to reach its potential again?

And on this dark and stormy night, where nobody would see or hear a thing, one of these stories would begin, and the other would end.

Julian King rushed down the city street, his footsteps splashing the water around him as he made a beeline for the garden, his panic rising. His night had started normally; he went to the nightclub he normally went to, got a couple of drinks, and talked to a couple of people. All normal stuff. But things had taken a bad turn literally the moment he left and now … this was happening. He was cold, he was wet, and there was a dude with a raincoat who was trying to stab him. He had left the nightclub at 1 AM, the same time he did every night, and then there he was, rushing towards him with the aim of trying to kill him. So he ran, and that brought him to where he was now.

He could see the garden coming right up now. It was the place where he worked during the day, and it would be the place that would save his life come the night. If he wasn’t running for his life right now, he’d be snickering to himself. The Rainy Day killer, the “upholder of justice” would be brought down to Earth by Julian King, the man who defeated the law without a scratch to his name. All he needed was some free time to unlock the gate, and then there’d be nobody in his way to bring him down. The thought of it made him giddy, in a way. He’d be able to perform the streak all over again, pretend to be the hero that’ll take any willing fucking bimbo off the street and into daddy’s arms, and then make sure he heard their screams as he slit their throat. And nobody would stop him, the law couldn’t touch him, and the Rainy Day killer would be clueless to where he was going to go next.

Well, that was what he was thinking until he heard another pair of footsteps, right behind him.

His feeling of giddiness then gave way to shit shit shit how can he keep up with me i’m fucked as he got closer to the gardens. He couldn’t use the door now; he didn’t have enough time to unlock it before vigilante fucker over here got to him. He looked straight ahead now, and put all of his will into speeding up. If he wanted to live, he had to jump the fence. He prepared himself, he was getting closer.





And he did. He managed to get a grip on the top of the fence, and he allowed himself to hang up in the air for a second. Then, he started hoisting himself up, up over the fence, and

He felt something pull him down and no no no he couldn’t be pulled down he was so close and then his hands slipped. What happened next was a blur to him. He went down and then his body moved around a bit and when he could focus again the other person was right behind him and there was a knife to his throat.

“Don’t move.”

The tension of the situation completely dominated anything else that was happening right now. A metallic feeling was rising and tightening all around him, and in his mind, there was nothing at all in the universe except for him, the hand holding his head back, and the knife pointed at his throat.

“If you try to escape, or if you say anything I don’t like, this knife goes straight through your throat, understand?”

He focused on the other person’s voice, and … Jesus Christ it sounded young. Julian King, the person who had defeated the legal system without a scratch, was brought down by a fucking high school student. If this was happening to someone else right now, and if he didn’t have a fucking knife to his throat, he’d be laughing his ass off at this. It was so ridiculous; the thought of it would have made anyone die of laughter!

He didn’t quite want to die here though, by any means, so he replied, saying that he understood.

“Good. Now, I’ll begin with a simple question.”

His grip tightened, bringing Julian further back.

“Why did you kill all those people?”

Julian snickered, letting out three small huffs of air from his nose and mouth. It was hard not for him to gloat about what he did whenever it was possible. Again, he was Julian King, the man who had beaten the legal system, but he wasn’t allowed to gloat about what he did, at least not to many people. “Because I liked doing it. The feeling of doing it felt amazing to me. And watching everyone else run around trying to figure out who did it was hilarious. Before you go on about how you shouldn’t put anyone above yourself, I’m just going to be clear with you. I don’t give a fuck about anyone who isn’t me. All they are to me are just people to play with. Bugs.”

A pause.

“You happy with that, Mr I fight for Justice?”

The other person wasn’t quite happy with this answer. Went on about how what he was doing was immoral and unjust and how he hated people who did it because that. Boooring. Julian decided to ask another question. “How about I ask you why you kill? Why you end so many poor, defenceless lives.”

No answer. Another snicker came from Julian.

“And what are you going to do when there’s nobody left to kill? You going to just spread your justice to whoever wrongs you”

Still no answer. Julian grinned.

“You know, maybe we’re not so different, maybe you enjoy the feeling of making somebody else kick and scre-”

Julian wasn’t interrupted by something happening in front of him, nor by somebody coming out to save him like anyone who would had seen this should; he was interrupted because a knife went straight through his throat, with his body dropping to the ground at the same time that the other person let go of him. He was on the ground, writhing in pain, with blood spurting out of the edges of where the knife was. The other person was babbling on about something, he couldn’t hear. He couldn’t focus on anything now, just the pain of what was happening to him right now. He then felt a hand come down, felt a hand start releasing the knife from his throat, making the pain worse. He opened his eyes.

Saw a kid in a raincoat take the knife from his throat, blood pouring out of where the front of his neck used to be.

Saw a kid in a raincoat walk away, not even bothering to look back on what he had done.

Saw his hands cover his throat, in the vain hope that maybe; just maybe, he could live through this, start again.

You know how this story ends.

Please give me critique for this! Blank praise is also good but I'd like someone to give me actual pointers!

Home-Made Compositions / I made a mashup!
« on: September 06, 2015, 12:22:22 AM »

Help! / yo gimme songs to play
« on: February 22, 2015, 07:58:51 AM »
I'm currently a grade 5 piano student who needs a couple more songs on his repotroire so that he can learn how to read better. I don't know what songs match my level of skill. This is where you guys come in.

Just a couple of things I should probably say first:

  • Please actually be something that compliments my skill level, I don't want something too easy or too hard
  • I'd like it if the song you recommend is something from a game I know/like. I'm not stopping you from nominating songs that you personally like, its just that I'm more likely to care about an arrangement from a game you know I like rather than a game I either don't know or are competely apathetic to (e.g please don't nominate tales stuff, and i'm on a case by case basis for most mario games)
  • You can nominate off site stuff, but the first two rules apply
  • Please have the sheet in question actually be half good.

Forum Games / Video Game Character Gauntlet
« on: January 30, 2015, 06:41:40 AM »
Hey All.

Now that the post 1782 and superlatives are over, there's going to be a gap in the forum games board. To fix this, I came up with this idea, after some inspiration from other internet friends since we actually do this at least once every month.

Basically, it goes like this:

Every couple of days, I'll post a matchup here, with two characters pitted against each other. A poll will go up, and it is your job to choose which character is better than the other. After the allotted time phase is up, the poll will "close", and the winner will continue, and the loser will be eliminated from the tourney altogether. This continues until a winner is decided. Keep in mind that matchups are determined by, so it is entirely possible for a character to appear multiple times in a row.

In addition, if you post your vote in the thread, and give a reason, I'll award an extra vote for that character. This is to encourage meaningful posting and voting, and I may give an actual prize for whoever has the most meaningful vote.

The first matchup is below this post, so without further adu....


Request / [MUL] Skullgirls - "Unfinished Business"
« on: January 18, 2015, 06:29:46 AM »

Help! / Playability Help
« on: January 04, 2015, 06:29:46 AM »
(god I hate having to use this board, makes me feel like a newbie)

I got some questions about what I should be doing here.

1. Should I keep the notes from measure 10 on as sixteenths, and leave a note that says "if you can't find this playable you can play these as eigths" or should I just turn them into eigths alltogether?

2. Should I move the bass clef notes an octave up as I've done with 10? Are the notes in the chords readable?

3. What should I put in the blank space in measure 9?

Original Song:

The Werewolf Game / TWG Guide for Intermediate/Advanced players:
« on: January 03, 2015, 02:50:17 AM »

I’ve been playing TWG for about two years now (my first game, snakes on a plane, was early September 2011), and I’d say that I know my way around it by now. While I’ve had my ups and downs (depending on how I feel about TWG at the current moment), I’ve been said to be a consistently average-good player (and I’ve been said to be a good candidate for TWC wink wink mods), so I think I have a good idea on what’s good play as a role and bad play as a role.

I’ve decided to make this guide mostly because I don’t normally see guides that go outside allegiances (as in how to act like a human or a wolf) and because there are some roles out there that are extremely difficult to play if you’re unfamiliar with them (survivor and serial killer instantly spring to mind on this one). Every couple of weeks or so, depending on whether I’m feeling it or not, I’m going to post here with a guide which will outline what your role needs to do to win, and some good ideas in how to achieve that goal. I’ll also include examples of good play as that role (on twgs both from NSM and LLF), so that you can potentially incorporate those peoples play into your own playstyle and if I have the time, I’ll analyse each person and say why I nominated them.

If this topic gets enough people interested in it, I’ll be operating on a request system, but for the most part I’ll be operating on random roles I think it’ll be interesting to cover, and roles that I see are difficult to play.

So, without further adu, let’s check a role that seems to be in most TWG:

Red Scare: How to be a Seer/Cop/Whatever
Useful readings:
Dark Koopa, in LLF TWG 57: Holy Rambunctious Rerolls, Batman! (
Kyoni and Sage of the Forest, in LLF Winter TWG 2: I Spy (

You are a seer, a human special role. Your goal is to make sure all wolves are dead at the end of the game. To help with that, you get the ability to check on someone every night phase to find out what their colour is.

Needless to say, this is a very powerful role, and is considered to be powerful enough to have roles dedicated to countering it (Herring, Miller, and Master Wolf)! Seers normally form the backbone of a human alliance, and, if the role is in the hands of a good player/bad game design, the game can be won simply by that player making a few lucky sheerings. This, for obvious reasons, makes the seer a huge target for the wolves, so this guide will focus on how you survive for a long time as a seer, and how to make good sheerings.

Keep in mind that this guide is going to be made in the worst case scenario for the seer, which is the fact that the game is either not an alliance game or if you are not the leader of the alliance.

•   Use discretion as much as possible. This kinda goes without saying. The wolves want the seer dead for an optimal victory, and they’re likely to be looking through the thread to figure out who’s the seer. This guide is going to cover this step for the most part, but this part is going to cover basic things that are common sense not to do. Don’t claim seer to the thread if there’s no guardian (unless you seered someone red). Don’t advertise yourself as leader to the thread. Don’t be inactive (the seer can get lynched; don’t assume that you’re invincible). Don’t randomly accuse people of wolves, and don’t make yourself seem like you’re a special. This should cover the basics.
•   If you seer someone that you’re suspicious of green, blue, or yellow, don’t suddenly drop your suspicions of that person. This screams seer for anyone who’s paying attention to the thread in detail. If you suddenly find out that someone who you thought was a wolf is actually human, provide reasoning for why you don’t think that person is a wolf anymore. Maybe you misread something that they said and your suspicion is all a giant misunderstanding. Maybe they said something that makes you re-evaluate your position on them. Maybe that person was actually wolfed and they can’t possibly be a wolf (unless gambits). Maybe you can fake a chatlog with that person and have it tie into the second sentence that I made; just so long as you provide reasoning for not suspecting someone and don’t just arbitarily drop it.
•   Follow your guts first, but always take note of what other people have to say, and maybe change your target if enough people think about something. Please. Stubborn people are the worst people to deal with in TWG, and having them in a special role is like twice as bad and awful for everyone involved. In my personal opinion, seerings should be decided by a thread consencous, before the phase ends. It makes people active, it can give people insight on suspicions, and it might actually catch a few wolves in the act.
•   If you are in the alliance, but not the leader, act like a wolf. Hang with me on this one. Basically, if you act suspiciously, and a couple of people call you out on it, you are practically immune to wolfings unless wolves are idiots or know that you’re the seer. If there’s enough traction for your lynch, your alliance buddies can pull you out of it most of the time. Overall, it’s generally a good move that can stop you from getting wolfed for a while.
•  While you shouldn’t be inactive period, you should try to keep your activity private, or in the chat. Competent wolves typically tend to aim for people who are helpful  in the thread, or if they know too much. If you absolutely think that someone is a wolf, tell it to the alliance, and have the leader be your mouthpiece. The aim is so that you don’t get wolfed, and so that you give more results to the human team.
•   Always be aware of the seer counter roles. If you seered someone green or blue, that doesn’t necceceraly mean that they’re comfirmed humans, likewise, if you seered someone red, that doesn’t mean that they’re a wolf. This ties into point three, in a way, since the opinions of others could influence whether you say that they’re human or a wolf.

And that’s it, for the most part. If you have any questions about this guide, or want to request I cover a particular role, post here, and I’ll cover it within a week.

Help! / how do i make a sandwich
« on: December 16, 2014, 06:45:36 AM »
do i put bread first or butter first

Gaming / Yugi Reviews Games
« on: November 28, 2014, 10:13:02 AM »
So I wanted to improve my writing skills and my ability to think things objectively, so I decided that it would be an interesting idea to make a game review. I asked some people what game I should do, and someone said that a review of FFX would be interesting, so here we go!

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X

System: PS2, PS3, PS Vita, probably going to be ported to PC given what Square is doing currently.
Price: Got it for around $25 second hand, although prices are going to be different.
Length: I played it for around 60 hours?
Completion Level: Got to the ending, and am trying to defeat the Dark Aeons that are in my version for some reason. (Note, I actually completed the game up to the end of Zanarkand a couple of years ago, but only managed to complete the game this year, I still remember a considerable majority of it, though!)
Why I decided to play: Was twelve and obsessed with Final Fantasy at the time, bought it because it was on sale.

Final Fantasy X is the tenth entry in the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series; which has gone on to enter itself into multiple forms of media (including movies, an anime that was released in 2001, and even a radio drama!), and has managed to sell over 100 million units worldwide. It is widely considered to be one of the most prominent RPG franchises out there, and is considered to be one of the most prominent gaming series over its 40 year reign.

However, Final Fantasy X seems to be one of the more divisive entries in the series on the internet, mostly in regards to its story and characters. While some hate the story because of its flat, sometimes plain annoying characters, and because it has scenes that are sometimes impossible to take seriously; others like it because of the development that some of the cast members do get, and because of the world and setting that the game takes place in. Enjoyment of the game heavily depends on the person playing the game here, and I doubt that everyone would share my opinion of the game. What is my opinion, you say?

I like it! While I can admit that some of the characters (*cough*Wakka*cough*) could have used more development and involvement in the story; the others generally have development and active involvement in the story at one point or another, and considering that the cast are completely varied in design, backstory and personality, this is a good thing to have in a huge rpg like FFX. The Story, while typical FF fare (ragtag bunch of misfits team up against a corrupt majority, but secret third party comes in), actually brings up some valid points about sacrifice and racism in society, and it’s worth checking out just for that if you’re interested in those things.

In terms of gameplay, FFX changed the system in which battles are fought completely, and for the better. Rather than having to wait forever for someone’s turn to come up, you input everyone’s turns in at once, and then everyone goes in a set order depending on their speed. It now makes battles much faster and less boring, and it makes forming a strategy for a battle much easier, as (now that you know when everybody is going to perform their turn) you are now aware on when the enemies are going to attack, meaning that you can stay back and guard or go full throttle on your enemies when you think the time is right.

Final Fantasy X is not without its flaws though. While I think the story is great, a considerable majority of the individual scenes don’t leave much of an impact, or (for example, the scene I linked above) are impossible to take seriously (while it is a good scene for Tidus’ character, it makes no sense outside of context). The majority of the sidequests (especially the monster collection sidequests) are tedious and grindy, and some of these sidequests are inaccessible until you fight a superboss who is far above the players level when you’re first able to access it. The game also has a tendency to lock you into an area until you beat a boss sometimes, making some boss battles unwinnable because the game decided to make you stay into a place where you can’t EXP grind.

Overall, while I do like Final Fantasy X a lot, there are some problems with it that prevent me from calling it my favourite Final Fantasy Game, which normally dissolve to gameplay and sidequests.

Final Score: 5/7

Critique of what I have written here is appreciated!

TWG 72: Minnesota Fats: America's Greatest Hero


1. Protected Wolf
2. Wolf
3. Wolf

4. Human
5. Human
6. Human
7. Human
8. Human
9. Human
10. Human
11. Human
12. Human

The protected wolf is a special kind of wolf. At the beginning of the game, the protected wolf's identity will be revealed to the thread. This is balanced by the fact that to kill him, all other wolves must be dead. If the majority vote for him, the lynch won't happen, and a random normal human will die.


1. maelstrom
2. blueflower999
3. BlackDragonSlayer
4. TST
5. Firearrow
6. Toby
7. Dumb OOT Name
8. fank
9. Olimar

Forum Games / Game of Absolute Terror
« on: October 05, 2014, 01:28:41 AM »
Type your first name into Google

Add "the Hedgehog" after it.

Post what OC character comes out of it.

The Werewolf Game / TWG 67 Host Signups
« on: May 05, 2014, 07:40:49 AM »
No-one seems to be posting sign ups so I'll put this thread here.

People who can't host:

Protected Wolf: BDS
Wolf: Bird
Wolf: Nakah

Human: Dude
Human: Mariolegofan
Human: TST
Human: Davy
Human: Mashi
Human: Noctorne
Human: Maestro
Human: Bubbles
Human: Fank

I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I was disappointed with this game. Two players (one of them being a wolf) didn’t even post at all, the game would have been ridden with phantoms if I decided to count them. Two of the three lynches were really weak, and just served as wolf rushes, and I let you all down on the story!!! There were one or two really great performances though.

As for me, I think I was an okay host. While I did have some problems (the ambiguous phase endings, forgetting to count phantoms), the rest made up for it! Also, PM me chatlogs!!!!!!!!!

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