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Art / Sketch to be Vectorised
« on: August 16, 2009, 01:29:38 AM »

Any touch-ups I should make before I put it through Illustrator?

btw, here's one I did before (I haven't shaded or anything because I intend for it to be a sprite, just need to resize it)

Music / How do these amateur compositions sound?
« on: August 02, 2009, 11:00:34 AM »! Valiant Fool!.mp3 Approaches.mp3 STOP!.mp3

I exported the midi files then converted them to mp3s so that they would sound the same for everyone.

I actually intend on using these in a game I plan on making.


Off-Topic / Olympic Mascots
« on: August 08, 2008, 07:44:41 AM »

behold! this is what you get after letting Kirby rape a panda

WATER panda!

PANDA panda

FIRE panda



Story Telling / This be my epic tale
« on: August 03, 2008, 12:16:17 PM »
This is the first two chapters of a story ive been working on when I have spare time. It's called Transcendence and you will notice that I, that is Jedesyus, is one of the main characters lol

hehe, it's a little long for a forum post, but it should hold your attension (I think - lol)


Chapter One
Destiny is written

   It was dawn; a shady figure looked over a broad horizon from atop a sloping hill like a tiger, poised to strike.
“It has been a while, Shaderith, but your services are needed once more…” he murmured deep under his breathe
There was a flash of darkness and an immensely tall shadow appeared before him,
“What is your will? Master…” Shaderith asked as it bowed
“Storm the village on the far side of the field, let none survive,” commanded the figure
“And you? My lord,” asked Shaderith
   Before he could respond there was a distant echoing shout,
“Hey! You! Get off my property! Yelled a villager brandishing a rather menacing sword, clearly feeling superior
   Shaderith stepped forward and snarled.
“All yours,” said the dark figure, smirking,
Shaderith took a great leap and landed directly in front of the villager, for a fleeting moment, the villager felt an icy cold gush across his face
 â€œWhat… what are you!?” asked the trembling villager, confronted by the shaderith’s sudden presence
“Your fate…” whispered Shaderith as a murky veil surrounded them both
Five more Shaderith-like creatures emerged from nowhere. They instantly began to circle the villager.
“We can taste your fear ---
 He raised his sword and took a feeble swing.
--- Our first meal in two hundred years,” Shaderith cackled
The blade flailed through the air and hit the ground with a loud thud. The villager turned to flee before he was struck down by a vicious claw. He screamed as he saw the demons were upon him. With a single movement, a deep hole was ripped in the villager’s chest cavity, blood spaying up into his own pleading face as they began to feast on the beating heart. Victorious laughter could by heard further up the hill.

5 hours later

A young boy burst into Jared’s cabin in a state of shock.
“Chief! The village! The village!”
“Get a hold of yourself Uri!” shouted the old man
Uri was a general troublemaker, around 11 years old, usually parading Hur’thor’s streets in a wild costume.
“Chief Jared! There’s a big army! I saw it! A BIG army!” panicked Uri, tugging on Jared’s long white beard
At that moment, a broad frame clad in thick silver armor shattered the door on the other side of the room.
Uri and Jared both gave out a shout in terror.
“Fear not, Jared, it is I,” stated Marnot as he took off his plumed helmet, trying to look as heroic as possible.
Marnot was a man who entrusted absolute loyalty to the town of Hur’thor. He would defend his home at any cost – well, at least he tried.
“Jeez, man! Was that necessary!? You just sent my back door to hell!” angrily shouted Jared
“It was locked, chief…”
“Some doors are locked for a reason, Marnot! I pray you didn’t stamp all over my vegetable garden!”
“We don’t have time for this!” screeched Uri “We’re all doomed!”
“My precious veggies…” Whimpered Jared, observing his garden from the window
“Ah yes, the scoundrel is right, there’s an exceptionally large army marching straight for Hur’thor -” growled Marnot
 â€œMarching?! They are running faster than a Guichiz!!” Exclaimed Uri
“Shut up, boy!” shrieked Jared
“What the hell is a Guichiz anyway?!” asked Marnot
Before Uri could say anything –
“Cram it, runt!”
They turned to face each other again.
“From which direction?”
“The coast,” responded Marnot
“But how did they make it through the reef?”
“How should I know, chief? Though, no ships have landed on our shores”
“There better be time for lunch after this!” exclaimed Jared
Uri and Marnot turned to each other, their eye-brows raised
Jared forced himself to stand up and walk across the dusty cabin; he dropped down onto a creaky chair (almost breaking it), turned to an antique desk and began scribbling onto a brown sheet of paper.
Uri moaned
After a few minutes
“Marnot! I want you to deliver this letter to Don’dran,” commanded Jared
“My duty is to defend Hur’thor!” laughed Marnot
Jared twitched at Marnot’s words and without delay, reminded him why he was Chief of Hur’thor -
“Are you questioning my authority, Marnot!?” roared Jared
“No, of course not chief,”
“It’s either you or the boy! And I’m not sending Uri through Verva!” Continued Jared
Uri gave an exited gasp
“Verva woods is hardly -” began Marnot
“Marnot!” Jared had exploded, his old wrinkled face was bright red and his beard looked as if it was on fire. Uri stared at the old man, horrified.
“Yes, chief,”
“Do as you’re told…”
 â€œYes, chief” responded Marnot “allow me to discard my, uh… apparel; it will be a long journey,”
“Indeed,” agreed Jared
Jared turned to Uri and whispered, “Authority – kid – you gotta love it” his beard twisting into a big grin.
Marnot removed his heavy gear and placed it on the ground beside the wall with a loud thud; he snatched the letter from Jared.
“Farewell, chief,” Marnot exited through the jagged hole he had left in the wall
“You’re paying for my vege-patch!!... and that damn door too!!” shouted Jared after Marnot
Uri laughed
“This is no laughing matter, boy,” uttered Jared, “It will be best for you to leave Hur’thor with your family and friends. I must go ready the defenses”. Jared took an ornate helmet from the top of his cupboard and wiped off a thick layer of dust that was clinging to it like glue. “This is serious”.
Uri nodded and scuttled out of the cabin. After seizing his walking stick, Jared followed.
“Forget that, I’m going with Marnot,” thought Uri cunningly as he wisped off in a different direction.


News of an attack spread quickly through the streets of Hur’thor. Many of its citizens had fled, seeking refuge at the high-city of Don’dran. Though, there were some who stayed, desperately holding on to their home and possessions, armed, ready to defend Hur’thor – but they had no idea what they were up against.


   It had been at least half an hour since the attack; the air was filled with the defeated screams of the fallen. Shaderith’s minions prowled Hur’thor in a desperate attempt to feed.
The wounded Jared approached the centre town square and bellowed while waving his sword (a blade concealed in his walking stick) in front of him, one eye squinted shut.
“You! State your name and your purpose!!”
“I?” the dark figure stepped forward, slaying a villager that attempted to flee, his blood splattered over the cobblestone bricks.
“My name is Vaarg,” - taking another step forward
“My purpose?” Vaarg asked as he slashed down a second villager pleading for mercy
“Is to purge this wretched world!”
Within seconds, Jared was struck down.
   He could feel a lifting force, “So this is what it’s like to die? Thank Ethra, the pain has stopped” The world around him burst into oblivion and the soulmark of Hur’thor flickered in the distance. Calling… Calling…


“We’ve got to get out of here, Gina!” bawled Jedesyus
The floor shook beneath them and a splatter was heard from outside
    “No, Jeddy…” said the young woman, her eyes were blank. “Don’t follow me” she suddenly ran out of the building.
    “Come back! You’re going the wrong way! This is no time! We need to leave Hur’thor!” Jedesyus desperately followed
“Escape while you can!” she yelled back
Jedesyus couldn’t keep up,
“No!” Jedesyus panted – falling behind. “Why is she doing this?”

Gina threw herself over Jared’s blood-soaked body lying in the middle of the town square, now desolate and encompassed by crushed buildings.
“Father! No! Father!” tears pouring from her intense dark eyes - making her cheeks sparkle like rain over a blazing sun. Anger erupted from within her heart causing a shock-wave of energy to spread out across the square. Jedesyus arrived at the west entrance and collapsed, “Curse this asthma!!” he got back up and stared at Gina. From the side of her face, he could see that Gina’s eyes had changed colour, why were her eyes silver?
“Oh, no,” Jedesyus saw Jared’s lifeless face at Gina’s feet.
After being briefly distracted by Gina’s figure, he followed her gaze toward a gathering mass of purple fog. Gina’s faced skewed into rage, she snatched up her father’s sword, dashed forward and began to slash at the ominous fog wildly.
“I had no idea Gina could wield a sword like that!” Jedesyus moved closer and shouted out toward Gina “Gina! Do you need some help?” she ignored him.
Gina drew the sword back and swung down as hard as she could. The fog slipped back a few meters. The ground it was previously occupying had been completely shattered by the force of the blow.
“Impressive, who would have thought a girl could control that much power,” the fog dispersed and there emerged Vaarg, smirking as if to mock her. “This will be fun,”
Vaarg bent his right arm up and gripped the bottom of his wrist with his left hand. At that moment, a grotesque head broke through the stone that Gina had shattered. The enormous beast was dripping with grey slime and had a slug-like base instead of legs, so it was moving terribly slow. Jedesyus put himself in front of Gina. “Stay Back!” he yelled
“No offense Jeddy, but I can handle this,” Gina stepped forward and brought her fingertips together. Jedesyus stared down over her shoulder; the space between the palms of her hand was glowing. “What are you doing?! More like – HOW are you doing??” His eyes lit up in amazement. She clapped her hands together and two separate impulses flowed up her arms and merged at her chest. “Embrace me” requested Gina as she gave an extended sigh.
“Gina, I don’t think this is the time to –“
“Just do it,”
Without further hesitation, Jedesyus wrapped his arms around Gina – It felt like his entire body had been struck by lightning; there were static bolts of electricity jumping between the tips of his hairs. Gina stretched her arms out toward the advancing monstrosity and a white spiral formed at her hands. “Tighter!” shouted Gina. Jedesyus tried, even though he could feel his arms were gradually losing strength. The sky above them shone with blinding radiance - as if from heaven.
“I hope… you know… what –” Jedesyus was interrupted by an incredible outburst of energy which streamed out toward the creature standing before them. He was flung back beside the body of Jared. Jedesyus rubbed his back-side “Was that Gina??”
Gina was at her knees and the creature had gone. Vaarg snarled
“I’m afraid I can’t let you live after that display – as if I was going to let you live anyway!”
Gina was completely drained and unable to move. Vaarg slowly approached her and drew his blade, “This will be painful,” Vaarg grasped her collar and lifted her into the air - she was drooped like a rag-doll. He raised his oversized broadsword and plunged it deep into Gina’s chest – then violently beheaded her. Blood spilt across the town square.
“Gina!!!” screamed Jedesyus
Vaarg turned to face him,
“What’s the matter?” cackled Vaarg
“What the hell is wrong with you?!”
“Hey – she attacked me first, got to defend myself don’t I?” Vaarg smirked
“You did this didn’t you, you destroyed Hur’thor!!”
“A bit slow today, eh?” Vaarg wiped his blade over a dead villager, “Ready to join your girlfriend?”
Vaarg disappeared
Jedesyus’s fear mounted and he desperately observed his surroundings
Something sharp dug into the back of his neck – he couldn’t move and his whole body had slackened.
Vaarg appeared once again, “Relax, It will soon be over. It only takes a few seconds to convert a human into one of Shaderith’s minions,”
Bat-like wings erupted from Jedesyus’s shoulder blades, splattering Vaarg’s face with blood.
“Interesting – I’ve never seen you model a specimen like this Shaderith
Shaderith made a noise that resembled light-hearted laughter.
Jedesyus couldn’t believe this, the pain was horrendous - he could feel his flesh being torn apart. Just as he had lost all hope, Gina appeared before him, but how could that be? Gina was lying decapitated a few paces away from him. She leaned forward, placed her hand on his cheek and lightly kissed him, as her lips pressed against his own, he had an epiphany, “Why did I wait so long?” he thought - suffering from brief flashbacks. His fear declined as she stared into his eyes “Now go” she whispered.
The Shaderith screeched – losing its grip on Jedesyus’s neck. He leaped up into the sky with his new wings propelling him higher and higher. “I swear Gina, I will avenge you,”
Vaarg stamped his foot in frustration and slowly turned his head toward the Shaderith “You just HAD to give him wings, didn’t you Shaderith!!”

--------end of chapter one--------

Chapter Two
After an Eternity

Long ago

The shrills of predated animals heard in the distance like the cranking of a rusty machine. The landscape dominated by the perverted lurk-weed. Surrounded by the curtain of dusk, a dark, translucent structure stood tall at the heart of the gloomy wasteland.
   A nervous warrior turned to his comrades,
“What now?” He asked under his breath
“Idiot!” harshly replied another, “Can’t you see? The tomb of Yorruk is resonating,”
He pointed up to the glowing structure which had seemingly appeared from nowhere.
“You mean that accursed thing?! We should have never come; we were doomed from the start,” shouted the first as he kicked a ravenous lurk-weed off his leg.
“I’ve had enough of your attitude, traitorous bastard,” said Aevar, stepping forward from the rabble.
Aevar drew two vicious blades from inside his cloak and made 4 deadly slices to the warrior in one elegant motion. He fell to the ground in a jerky manner as the others stepped back and cheered.
“Shut up, fools! It has begun,” declared Aevar
Everyone began to whisper amongst themselves
“SHUT UP!” shouted Aevar
Instant silence, like crushing an annoying animal under a sledgehammer.
The obelisk that towered over them throbbed and they all began to hear their own heartbeats. The cries and shouts of an ancient battle boomed within their minds. Then the monument shattered into thousands of pieces, flying in all directions like a volley of arrows, each shard piercing through multiple observers before dispersing into thin air. A soft voice echoed in their mind, a woman’s voice, a whisper “All not worthy of mind or body…”.Those remaining moved closer, avoiding puddles of blood, stained rags and clots of flesh. Aevar looked down and spat, the others grunted in agreement. It was a pitiful sight, truly signifying the downfall of their realm; moonlight rays penetrated the blood-red clouds and set their dead faces aglow. Suddenly, a presence of power took hold of them, as a dark entity began to emerge from the growing gloom. The dust surrounding them dispersed tiny flickers of dull pink light. They stared toward the figure that had appeared, Yorruk the last king of Undorrok and messenger of the gods. A rush of hope massed up inside the chosen warriors. Aevar started:
“Yorruk-kar, we have come - waiting for your arrival. After two hundred and ninety-nine years, our people –“
“Could it have been that long?”…
“Yes, master, you were –“
“And what has become of my realm? Is this foul wilderness all that remains?” asked the seemingly calm Yorruk, sniffing the air - an unusual scent, one of that a horse stable mixed with a compost mound. He raised his heavily sleeved arms up above his head.
The howls of the wind provoked a moment of deathly silence.  Aevar moved a little closer, he saw that Yorruk appeared to be younger than himself, “Peculiar” he thought.
“Yes, I can feel it…” whispered Yorruk, his face, still neutral, somewhat contrasting the intimidating intensity of his attire. He gazed up toward the twilight sky and sighed through his nose. Aevar cautiously stepped forward feeling quite unsure how their ancient leader would react -
“Master, what must we do?” Aevar asked
“We must listen…” stated Yorruk as he brought his hand up to his ear.
One of the dusty swordsmen turned to Aevar and whispered jokingly,
“I believe Yorruk-kar hasn’t fully synthesized with his body yet,” clearly amused by what he was seeing.
Yorruk let his arms drop and started to rock them from side to side as would a child and giggled to himself.
“Maybe so,” Aevar whispered back
“Yorruk-kar, may I ask? What is the last thing you recall?” Inquired Aevar
Without warning Yorruk broke out into manic laughter. Yorruk once again looked up at bloody-red sky, the half-lit moon searing in his blank eyes, then tilted his head back to meet Aevar’s intent gaze.
“Much has changed…” answered Yorruk, smiling
“Yes,” insisted Aevar
 â€œThe sky used to be blue,”
Aevar’s face slumped.
“I know it has been a long time, Yorruk-kar, but we have serious matters to take into consideration,” Interrupted the daring swordsman
“You…what is your name?” asked Yorruk
“Vaarg - my name is Vaarg,” replied the swordsman
This was indeed the same Vaarg that was fated to raze the peaceful village of Hur’thor. He began as an elite foot-soldier under the command of the Shadowcaster Aevar, and through pure determination - he would rise above his masters and bring salvation to the realm of Undorrok.
“And this is Aevar, our captain,” Vaarg continued
Aevar gave a disgruntled snort, having no need for Vaarg’s input.
“Yes… I want you two to come with me,” Yorruk, spun around, his white cloak rippling under the soft evening breeze as if it were a lit candle, disturbed by someone’s presence.
“What of the rest?” Aevar snapped, rather surprised.
Yorruk turned back to the other soldiers whom were kneeling on their weapons, still staring at the mangled bodies of their comrades.
“They may follow,”
They set off with the ever-present lurk-weed eagerly following their stretched shadows.

--------end of chapter two--------

brief brief summary

Chapter one:

Main protagonist's Village destroyed by main antagonist, protagonist's love intrest killed in the process - protagonist vows to kill antagonist

Message is sent to the central city to inform of attack

Chapter two:

Starts antagonist's background story and introduced character Aevar (eventually second main character)

Characters up to this point:

- Jedesyus
- Gina (dead)
- Jared (dead)
- Marnot
- Uri
- Vaarg
- Aevar
- Yorruk

Characters planned to make an appearance

- Solara
- Elviria
- Vilvi
- Grem

Art / Jed's Art Cranny UPDATE (2)
« on: July 31, 2008, 09:09:53 AM »
Pieces so far: 3 (MORE COMING!!)

Here's another - I used Paint Shop Pro to enhance it and i couldnt be stuffed removing all the artifacts , and yes, I prefer not to colour my works or adding a background, I simply dont have the time atm. (Update 2)

A little sketch I did a few days ago (Update 1)

Basically my first attempt at colouring a sketch on photoshop, i diddnt do too bad, but i dont like the idea of doing it again for another sketch, lol.

More coming soon

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