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Music / blah54's Piano Videos
« on: May 11, 2008, 03:00:04 PM »
Been a while since I've updated... Anyways... I'll update here even though the site is dying...

Super Mario Galaxy: Gusty Garden Galaxy -
Fire Emblem: SSBM (VER. 2) -

My Channel:

List of my videos:

Pokemon Anime Theme -
LoZ 4 Overworld Theme -
Twilight Princess: Ordon Ranch -
Final Fantasy Victory Fanfare -
Tales of Symphonia: Fatalize -
Tales of Symphonia/Phantasia: Fighting of the Spirit -
Fire Emblem Theme: SSBM -
Super Mario 64 Credits -
Diddy Kong Racing: Walrus Cove -
FF4 Battle Theme:
Mario Kart Super Circuit Sky Garden -
Twilight Princess Hyrule Field -
Twilight Princess Orchester 2 Duet -
Witch Hunter Robin Anime Opening (Shell) -
Perserverance (original composition by Eclipse) -
Star Wolf Theme (Assault Version) -
Inside Hyrule Castle (LoZ 3) -
Still Alive: Portal -
The Wind Waker: The Great Sea -
Super Mario Galaxy - Good Egg Galaxy -

Feel free to make comments or suggestions on my playing... I am aware of the bad quality of my camera....

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