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Do what you want with this information, but I've found that several (8 out of 15) of the Super Mario Sunshine sheets on site have titles differing from those on the soundtrack in Super Mario 3D All-Stars. I think I've found the right ones, but I'm not 100% sure about the battle ones since they all sound similar, blah blah blah. Check these first, heh. The sheets are:

[On-site name] | [SM3DAS name] | [Arranger(s)]

Delfino Plaza | Isle Delfino | TheMarioPianist
Deep Sea of Mare | Noki Depths | Nacho2420
Sand Bird | Secret Course - Sky and Sea | Musical Toxin
Sludge Plant Battle | Mid-Boss | Musical Toxin
Manta Storm | Phantamanta | E. Gadd Industries
Event & Goal | Event & Race Fanfare | E. Gadd Industries
Delfino Police | Mario on Trial (Movie) | BonusPwnage
F.L.U.D.D. | How to Use FLUDD (Movie) | WiiMan96 & E. Gadd Industries

I did the same for SM64 and they all are a thumbs-up. Not touched Super Mario Galaxy yet.

Edit 1/6/2021: Ok I couldn't resist. Super Mario Galaxy time! (17 out of 38)

A lot of these are small, subtle differences. For example, the only difference on Static's sheet is that he clarified where else it plays. And I know we just had a conversation about some of these, but for the sake of clarity, I've listed everything. Regardless, here's a list of every track listing that isn't 100% identical to how it's listed in Super Mario 3D All-Stars:

[On-site name] | [SM3DAS name] | [Arranger(s)]

Starbit Festival | The Star Festival | The Deku Trombonist
Into the Galaxy | Enter the Galaxy | ALPRAS
Rosalina's Comet Observatory 1, 2 & 3 | Rosalina in the Observatory 1, 2 & 3 | Olimar12345
Space Junk Galaxy | Space Junk Road | Nacho2420
Melty Molten Galaxy (Hell Prominence) | Melty Molten Galaxy | Static (Crossed out because, yeah, it's fine.)
Final Battle | Final Battle with Bowser | ALPRAS
End Title | Super Mario Galaxy | ALPRAS
Prologue | Luma | The Deku Trombonist (Very similar to A Wish, and I can't tell the difference)
The Gate | To the Observatory Grounds 1 | ALPRAS
Observatory Dome | Observation Dome |
Retro Theme 2 | Interlude | Cobraroll
Rainbow Star Theme | Rainbow Mario | B-Kpianist
Bouldergeist | Kingfin | Bloop
Mecha-Bowser | Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser | musicaXsacra
The Girl's Sadness | Sad Girl | Sebastian

Two more.
Starshroom (arranged by ALPRAS) appears to be the same theme as The Toad Brigade (arranged by iDOWN) without the intro.

Course Clear (arranged by JDMEK5), hilariously enough, is the intro music played when you boot up SM3DAS (in a different key?). At any rate, this theme appears to be from Super Mario Galaxy 2. (I found this out from a YouTube comment. "That hurts, they used smg2 music but don't include the actual game, ouch") (I've been told this is wrong. Whoops. Regardless, this does not appear on the official soundtrack, so there is no "right" track name.)

[Edit later on on 1/6/2021: This is not very relevant to rest of the post, but here's the spreadsheet I used to figure this all out, if you were curious. Don't worry about the second page. As of now, 29 out of SM64's 35 are on site (leaving 6), 16 out of SMS's 58 are on site (leaving 42), and 38 out of SMG's 81 are on site (leaving 43). Let's help E. Gadd out a bit to get more of SMS on site, lol.]
[Main PA Thread]

Soo... This is new for me, but I'm going to try transcribing the G&WG themes by splitting up the channels in VBA (VisualBoyAdvance). 2, 3 & 4 are easy since they have music rooms. However, 1 does not have one. (Haha.) Luckily, I found a workaround. Entering the Game Genie code [ID]0-58A-F74 will have the corresponding songs play when opening the Mode Select screen and using these ID values:

IDs (For example, 270-58A-F74 is Manhole)
Manhole = 27
Octopus = 32
Oil Panic = 41
Title = 52
Game Select = 56
Congratulations = 5A
Game Corner 4 = 7D
Game Corner 3 = 8B
Game Corner 1 = 90
Game Corner 2 = 94
Credits = 9C, A0, & A4 (the intro, loop, and ending have three separate IDs)

Fire appeared in the 10-14 range, but I wasn't able to find one not interrupted by sound effects. Oh well.

Anyways, I've only done one so far (and it's not even complete). The goal of these is to show all four channels, including the percussion channel. Once I get the percussion channel going, I'd really like feedback on how to make that better since I've never really touched it much before.

(2) Chef - [MSCZ] [YouTube]
(3) Mario Bros.
(1) Oil Panic
(2) Ball

(Note: These tempos are based on the tempos my emulator outputs. I've verified that the real Game Boy tempos and emulator tempos are not identifical. However, I don't care, so take that.)

Red- To-do list
Orange- Work-in-progress
Green- Three main channels completed
Blue- All four channels completed
There are some of these where I know I won't be able to make a good arrangement of it. If anyone is interested in turning a purple transcription into a piano arrangement, you 100% have permission to do so. (I'd like an "& ShyYoshiGuy" on the sheet.) However, I recognize that probably no one will ever take me up on that and that's fine. Just rather leave the option open if anyone ever feels so inclined.

To close this off, I'll explain how I figured out the sound channels. [VBA] gives you the option of listening to individual channels while playing:
These keybinds aren't default.
You cannot view this attachment.
After that, I used [WASAPI] to relay the game audio in Audacity in order to record it.

Sorry, but nowhere on the Internet seems to explain any of this, so I thought I'd write all this here so it'd exist somewhere
Off-Topic / This might explain some things
January 15, 2020, 07:05:24 PM
Hello guys. This might be my last forum post ever because I'm finally admitting... My first sheet, Manhole, was plagiarized from a different person's MIDI file. And by this point, I could have totally been off the hook—I mean it's not even on the site anymore—but I don't want it on my conscience any longer, so here we go. Guys, I've got a lot to spill:

On May 31, 2018, I made my first sheet. Just, y'know, googled "Game & Watch Gallery MIDI" and picked the first result and adapted it into a sheet. I didn't realize that those MIDI's actually took people time to make, I thought they were just ripped straight from the game. Looking back, that was a dumb thing to assume, but eh, hindsight's 2018, yeah? (Whoever even still has the archives from the Updater server, you can see in the first file I submitted for Olimar to edit has the same staff names as the MIDI file from that website.) So then, y'know, that sheet gets accepted, and that was a pretty happy day. Over the next month and change, I continued to do that exact thing for Octopus and Fire and Parachute, but luckily I wasn't able to get much progress with those before:

On July 23, 2018, in the Discord server (in #submissions), Olimar, Levi, Maelstrom, Brassman, etc. had a conversation about MIDI's and plagiarism and all that. Boy, that was a scary day because then I discovered everything I did was wrong. Instead of confessing right then, I did what I could to hide it. I deleted the files on my computer, I deleted the Octopus submission that had been sitting there without feedback for a time, I edited incriminating forum posts (these two were the only ones I can remember, but there must have been more). And then I decided I'd develop my ear training enough so that I could just redo Manhole but for real and replace the old one. So that's when:

On July 30, 2018, I decided what I had done to try and develop my musical skills wasn't working, so I created my most infamous forum topic of whole time, lol. My new idea. For those unaware, I became a little hostile asking people to suggest me songs to arrange. This isn't an excuse for being inconsiderate of others, but this will at least explain why. Everyone was asking questions about how I arranged my first sheet and I felt like I was being attacked. That topic lasted literally only four days before I edited every post in it to the same thing and Bree locked it. Altissimo, if you're somehow reading this, I'm really sorry for how I treated you.

On June 1, 2019, after realizing that sheet had been up for an entire year, I finally took initiative to take it down. Well, more like, I sent a confusing forum PM to Latios, not wanting to share the details of my fraudulent sheet, and then like... after two days and getting THC involved, Latios finally removed it. To both of you, that might explain why I was so incredibly nervous to say anything, and uh yeah.

Look, I've spent my fair share of time feeling really bad about this and stressing over it, and I'm just done. If you want to punish me, punish me. If you want to remove the Game Select sheet as well (even though that one was not plagiarized), go ahead. I honestly don't know what "accordingly" and "depending on the circumstances" entail in this case, and if you think I haven't obsessed over the exact wording of the forum rules, well think again. I'm sorry for all this, and I wish I had the courage to speak up in a matter of days instead of years after learning of my wrong-doings. I recommend you make it more clear in the rules or somewhere the exact nature of plagiarism, so that if there is another person in my situation, they'll know exactly what is acceptable and the consequences of doing such. Finding NSM and playing its sheets is an integral part of me finding Discord and my dearest friends, and I wish the history of me appearing there was a little more pure, heh, but... it's too late to fix that. I apologize to and appreciate all who had to deal with me in my transition period to who I am now. Thank you for reading all this. Hopefully I'll be able to see you guys around. Guguuh!
Help Guides / Finale NotePad: Tips and Tricks
January 05, 2019, 06:03:52 PM
So I've heard you're stuck with Finale NotePad (often nicknamed "NopePad"). NotePad is inherently very annoying, but at least we've created several work-arounds here at NSM. There's no more time to waste, let's get to it!

Aw man! I can't figure out how to add tempos!
Oh yes, for some reason, you can't add tempos in NotePad without some help. Seems kinda like an essential thing, I digress. There's a solution. Quoted here is Th3Gavst3r's topic which helps you with that.

The dropbox folder
TheMarioPianist's Thread.

Quote from: Th3Gavst3r on January 28, 2016, 09:10:42 PMIt's time to speed up the arranging process.

Included are Quarter, Dotted Quarter, and Half Note markings ranging 1-300 bpm.
To use them,
1) Go to the dropbox folder and download the template with the time signature your piece starts with.
2) Open it in NotePad, activate the Expression Toolp, and double click on the measure you want to add a tempo marking to.
3) Scroll down through the expressions and select your tempo.
(there are 900 of them you can't miss it)

This method even allows tempo changes in the middle of the piece, which is awesome. Also included are most of the default expressions available in the full version of Finale, such as the Swing! tempo marking, rehearsal marks, extended dynamics options, and more.

Please note: This does not "install" tempo markings into NotePad. The markings will only show up if you are editing one of the template files.

Basically an upgrade to TheMarioPianist's Thread. Good inspiration that.
Thank you Th3Gavst3r!
Note: This will only work if you use his template from the beginning. If you forgot/didn't-know to use his templates, you can copy your music into the template. (If you don't know how to do that, read the next part.)

Oh no! I need to copy my sheet into another sheet, but I don't know how!
Don't worry. You won't need to copy every single note individually into the sheet, thankfully. Wow, that'd be a nightmare.

1. Press the "Restore Down Button" in the Finale NotePad program. (There're six buttons in the top right. Minus, rectangles, x, minus, rectangles, x. Hit the rectangles button in the lower (and smaller) set.)

2. In the "File" tab, select the other file. (If you're lucky, the file will appear in the set of four files it gives you. If not, use the "Open" command.)
2b. Feel free to re-adjust the tabs. It gets a little crowded.

3. Some of the few keyboard shortcuts NotePad gives you are Ctrl+A, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V (thankfully). Use Ctrl+A with the Selection Tool to select all of the music, or alternatively if you only want to copy one staff or an excerpt highlight it with your cursor. Use Ctrl+X, +C, +V to cut, copy, paste respectively the music into the other sheet.

Oh wait! My measures are too small and all the notes are squished together!
Yeah, that's a major problem. While this solution isn't exactly the best, it at least works.

1. Locate the misbehaving measure.
2. Ctrl+X its contents into the clipboard using the Selection Tool.
3. Throw in as many 16th or 32nd notes are required to get the correct spacing (using the Simply Entry tool).
4. Ctrl+V the contents back into the measure.
5. Rinse and Repeat throughout the pesky measures. (Preferably in chronological order in the piece. Generally they tend to fix each other that way.)

There're probably more "Tips and Tricks" I've forgotten to mention. Feel free to correct any mistakes I made (Notepad mistakes as well as grammatical or spelling mistakes), or ask any questions about the frustrating program that is NotePad.

2021 Addendum:
Huh? How am I supposed to do this?
It's highly recommended you arrange the entire piece in MuseScore first and then import into NotePad. Not only because NotePad is unfortunately weirdly annoyingly frustrating to use, but also since NotePad is actually able to import many features that it cannot create itself! (See next section for a list.) To do this:

1. Make the entire arrangement in MuseScore. Don't worry about formatting.
2. On the upper ribbon in Musescore: File > Export... > Save as type: Compressed MusicXML File (*.mxl)
3. On the upper ribbon in NotePad: File > MusicXML > Import...
4. Open a template and immediately change the key signature. (Failure to do so will result in transposing the entire piece)
5. Use Ctrl+A, X, C, V to copy-paste the whole sheet over.

Finally, a list of things you need to remember to change:
 - Song Title and Game Title
 - Composer and Arranger information
 - Copyright:
[Company/ies] © [Year(s)]
- Tempo
 - Dynamic at beginning
 - Removing stray measures after the end of the piece
 - Ensuring the repeat markings are in order (rarely an issue)

Hold on! Is this even possible in NotePad?
Things you 100% cannot do:
 - Spacing, formatting, system distribution, page distribution, any of that
 - Change time or key signatures
 - Change staves (Add, remove, modify, change clef)
 - Pickup measures
 - Compilation sheets
 - Tremolos (Importing these gave me an error message last I checked)
If any of these need changing, either wait for an Updater to do so in submissions or (in the case of signatures) use this thread to ask for a template file (or to make changes if you've already imported).

Things you can do only through importing from MuseScore:
 - Grace notes
 - Courtesy accidentals
 - First and second repeats
 - Transpose (easily, anyway)
 - Paste half, double duration
For these, this is where your original in MuseScore comes in handy. It's best to copy entire measures instead of individual parts. So, for each measure you'd like to modify, make sure both files match. Make all the changes you'd like (adding a grace note, making a certain section go up a semitone, etc.), convert the file to .mus (process in previous section), and copy the given measures into the new sheet.

Things you can surprisingly actually do:
 - Beaming (Use the / key to part/unite the selected note with the previous note)
 - Slurs (Use the Slur Tool (Metatool: 'S'))
 - Layers (1 2 3 4 in the bottomleft)
 - Tempos & Swing (Appear in the Expression Toolp upon opening Th3Gavst3r/TheMarioPianist/Olimar12345's templates shown in the first section)

For this last section here, I'd really appreciate anyone telling me what other things you 100% can't do, can import, and can do within NotePad.
Off-Topic / Happy New Year! and Thank you
December 31, 2018, 10:17:23 PM
Happy New Year e'erybody! I guess it's not 2019 for everyone yet, and not everyone uses the Gregorian Calendar... Happy New Year! 2018 may have been the worst year ever from my perspective. Let's see... my anxiety attack, my father eloping, my father lying to me, my father bringing in two annoying children without telling me... yeah, it's safe to say that was the worst year ever. But, y'know what... it would've been way worse without you guys. All of you. I guess this applies to the several other related Discord servers and such. Thank you all. First off, you brightened my days even when I was in the darkest of times. Jokey messages, discussing things that don't matter, memes, everything, you won't believe how much those things bring me joy. Second, you gave me advice with tons of stuff, my homework, my anxiety attack, my stupid "family", etc. You guys are so helpful. It's entirely possible I'd be in a darker place if you hadn't helped me with all of that. Third, you just helped me as a person. You've helped me learn how to be respectful and converse civilly. I'm sorry for all the things I said when I first joined NSM. I can see the world is much better place when you think positively. Once again, thank you all.

My New Years Resolution is to spend more time making sheets. I really enjoyed it when I made the few I did, and I'm excited to see what else I can try to transcribe. Anyways, that's all for now, thank you all, you guys are the best!
Forum Games / Hurt and Heal Topic - Poll
September 04, 2018, 03:47:57 PM
I can't decide. You can still make your own if you like. If I'm not supposed to make a poll, oops.
Forum Games / Hurt and Heal Champion! - Hurt and Heal Game
September 04, 2018, 11:25:20 AM
Wacky Races for the Sega Dreamcast is my favorite game. Game Boy/Game & Watch Gallery is my favorite series. Yoshi's Woolly World is my favorite Yoshi game. And uh, California Games is cool, I guess. Finally all the games in the Requests section currently are there because Valxiya requested them. If you have a request for WR (I doubt it), GBG/G&WG (Eh), YWW (I could see that), or CG (Psh), absolutely send them my way.

Magenta- [Faithful Transcription Available]
Purple- [On site]
Shades of blue- In the submissions process
*- Next in line to enter submissions
**- Next next in line to enter submissions, etc.
(Color of asterisk(s) indicate(s) which submission it will replace.)
Green- Completed
Orange- Completed in Musescore
Red- Getting to it

You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment. - Wacky Races (Starring Dastardly & Muttley)
You cannot view this attachment.You cannot view this attachment.:
Oil Be Back* - [MUS] [YouTube]
Tombstone Pass - [Submission Topic]
Snow La Coasta - [On site]
Snow Hope Village - [On site]

Lumberjack Lake - [MUS] [YouTube]
Scarecrow Creek - [MUS] [YouTube]

Battle Theme - [On site]
Boss Theme - [MUS] [YouTube]
Miscellaneous Short Themes - [YouTube]

You cannot view this attachment.:
Main Theme - [MSCZ] [YouTube] (porting issues)
Team 00 Theme

Fish 'N' Ships
Subway Shenanigans

Wacky Tracks
You cannot view this attachment.

GB/GBC/GBA - Game & Watch Gallery 0-4: (Here we go, bois. 3/10 songs over 3/3 games. We can do it!)
1 - Game Select - [On site]
2 - Parachute - [On site]
1 - Fire - [On site]
1 - Octopus - [Submission Topic]
1 - Game & Watch Gallery - [MSCZ] [YouTube] (porting issues)
2 - Chef* - [Transcriptions]
0 - Ball** - [MUS] [YouTube (1:52)]
0 - Vermin - [MUS] [YouTube (2:55)]
0 - Flagman
0 - Manhole
0 - Cement Factory
2 - Helmet Level 1
4 - Game Select
3 - Mario Bros
4 - Mario's Cement Factory
3 - Turtle Bridge
1 - Game Corner 2

Game & Watch Gallery Game Name Chart
You cannot view this attachment.
This list uses the North American/European numbering system, where 0 is Game Boy Gallery.

Wii U - Yoshi's Woolly World:
Up Shuttlethread Pass - [MUS] [MUSX] [YouTube]
Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!
Sponge Cave Spelunking
Clawdaddy Beach
Across the Fluttering Dunes

NES - California Games:
Menu - [On site]
Half Pipe - [MUS] [YouTube]
Foot Bag - [MUS] [YouTube]
Flying Disk - [MUS] [YouTube]

Hard Hat**

Misc.: (Now doesn't my to-do list just keeping getting longer... More like a todo list.)
[SNES] Rocky & Bullwinkle - Main Theme
[GEN] Magic School Bus - Flying
(See naming convention in spoiler below.)
Baba Is You - Box Has Key (Already done Wall Is Stop, but it's not all that playable, ngl.)

Magic School Bus Naming
The only playlist I can find has no song titles, just numbers. These are what they should be called, based on the missions they play during:
  • Title
  • Walking (For whatever reason, the YouTube video isn't available, but this is the only theme not in the playlist]
  • Astro Blaster
  • Landing
  • Flying
  • Menu
  • Orbiter
  • Reflector
  • Matching Pairs
  • Shuffle

The missions are generally called [Mission] [preposition] [Planet/moon/dwarf planet]. Flying to the Moon, Flying to Mars, Flying to Venus, Matching Pairs for the Moon, Matching Pairs for Mars, etc. with a few exceptions. (Namely, Walking on the Clouds of Jupiter, Landing on the Rings of Saturn, and others.) Thus, "Flying to the Moon" is a bad name for theme 5 since it's the theme that plays when you fly anywhere. This is probably too much detail and no one will care, lol.

LM3 - The Great Stage - [MUS] [YouTube]
LoZ:TP - Link is coming - [MUS] [YouTube]

KSA - Kindness-Steeping Street
KSA - Adventuring the World with Friends

Magenta- [Faithful Transcription Available]
Purple- [On site]
Shades of blue- In the submissions process
*- Next in line to enter submissions
**- Next next in line to enter submissions, etc.
(Color of asterisk(s) indicate(s) which submission it will replace.)
Green- Completed
Orange- Completed in Musescore
Red- Getting to it

[SW] - Yoshi's Crafted World
Main Theme - [MUS] [YouTube] [MP3]

The following arrangement is not my own. In case anyone still wanted to play it, it will stay right here.
[GB] - Game & Watch Gallery
Manhole - [PDF] [MIDI] [MUS]

Unrelated, I've discovered that there are only six themes left to be arranged for SM64. (Excluding "It's a me, Mario." No, seriously, that's included for some reason.) Most of them are really short. If no one gets on that by the summer, I'm gonna try to arrange them all and see how that goes. Just trying to make my queue for submissions grow and grow, lol. They are:

Haunted House, Course Clear, Game Over, Stage Boss, Koopa's Message, and Ending Demo
Help! / My new idea
July 30, 2018, 03:54:38 PM
Mods, please delete this topic. Every time I hear the "doo doo doo doo" notification I set up for this forum, I fear that it is going to be about this topic. You have no idea the relief I get when I see that's it's just Hurt and Heal or E. Gadd's Word of the Day. And when it's about this topic, my heart starts pounding, "Is it Altissimo going for a rebuttal of what I said?" or "Is it just going to be somebody telling us how they got into this community?" or "Is it going be somebody telling me I was being aggressive and I should be nicer to the people trying to help?" And I shouldn't even mention the DM/PM's, both on the forums and on Discord. I've gotten so many. (Only one of which I appreciated, you know who you are.) This topic has been the only thing I've been able to think about for the past couple days. I can't concentrate on anything else. I can't sleep. At this point, I don't even know what I think anymore. All I know is that this topic was a terrible idea and I knew from the beginning that it was going to be a mess.

The longer this topic isn't deleted, the more I'm just going to bring more attention to how it's still up. I asked you nicely to do something about it, but I don't know if this is your sort of revenge or whatever. I hope it's just inactivity. I can't deal with this topic anymore.
Help! / Hyperlinks
July 21, 2018, 12:41:52 PM
How do you add hyperlinks? I've seen them. I don't see the button up at the top.
I hope we can play this again. It seems fun.

Rules copied and modified from the last one:

You can only play once per calendar day (so you can play in less than a 24 hour period if they are in separate days)
You can hurt up to a max of 2 Points (Yes, you can hurt 0, 1, or 2 points). You may split this hurt between multiple contestants if you so wish. You color your hurts red.
You can heal up to a max of 1 Point (Yes, you can heal 0 or 1 points). You color your heals green.

Here we go,

1. Ace Attorney - 10
2. Animal Crossing - 10
3. Banjo-Kazooie - 10
4. Castlevania - 10
5. Donkey Kong - 10
6. Dragon Quest - 10
7. EarthBound - 10
8. Final Fantasy - 10
9. Fire Emblem - 10
10. Golden Sun - 10
11. Harvest Moon - 10
12. Kirby - 10
13. Mega Man - 10
14. Metal Gear - 10
15. Metroid - 10
16. Pikmin - 10
17. Pokémon - 10
18. Professor Layton - 10
19. Sonic - 10
20. Star Fox - 10
21. Super Mario - 10
22. Super Smash Bros. - 10
23. Tales - 10
24. The Legend of Zelda - 10
25. Um... how 'bout Splatoon! - 10

Ok, first go...

1. Ace Attorney - 10
2. Animal Crossing - 10
3. Banjo-Kazooie - 10
4. Castlevania - 10
5. Donkey Kong - 10
6. Dragon Quest - 10
7. EarthBound - 10
8. Final Fantasy - 10
9. Fire Emblem - 10
10. Golden Sun - 9
11. Harvest Moon - 10
12. Kirby - 10
13. Mega Man - 10
14. Metal Gear - 10
15. Metroid - 10
16. Pikmin - 11
17. Pokémon - 10
18. Professor Layton - 9
19. Sonic - 10
20. Star Fox - 10
21. Super Mario - 10
22. Super Smash Bros. - 10
23. Tales - 10
24. The Legend of Zelda - 10
25. Splatoon - 10
Help! / “Blank Manuscript Paper”
July 19, 2018, 12:29:26 PM
First, what is "Blank Manuscript Paper"? Second, can I change it?
Request / [GB] Game and Watch Gallery - Multiple Songs
November 04, 2017, 09:38:44 PM
[OP as of November 7th, 2018:]

Of course, I mean the modern versions not the beeping stuff.  :)

G&W 1
[GB] Oil Panic

G&W 2
[GB] Chef

This originally contained:
G&WG1: Manhole,
G&WG1: Oil Panic,
G&WG2: Chef,
G&WG3: Mario Bros., and
G&WG4: Mario Cement Factory.

Since then, Manhole made it on site and was removed (now it's hidden in my PA thread), I've attempted Oil Panic (didn't go great), I've completed Chef (needs work), and the other two are on my to-do list (not happening for a while).

Here's a not-dead link for Oil Panic if you so dare to try it: