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NSM Performance Videos / SirTeclas's Performance Submissions
« on: September 15, 2018, 09:30:03 PM »
I have a lot of videos recorded on my channel, and big part of the arrangements I used comes from NSM, so I'm sharing them here from now on! The first submissions are the older videos I did.

Submission #1: "N's Castle" by DrP
Submission #2: "Kolima Forest" by Jimbabwe
Submission #3: "Main Theme" by razer84
Submission #4: "Final Destination" by The Deku Trombonist
Submission #5: "Majora's Mask Medley (Clock Town (First Day), Stone Tower Temple, Boss Battle & Majora's Theme)" by Tangy & The Deku Trombonist
Submission #6: "Mortal Kombat's Theme" by DBJack
Submission #7: "Felix Battle" by Thomas Wilson
Submission #8: "Dr. Willy's Stages 1" by Commander6
Submission #9: "Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road" by The Deku Trombonist
Submission #10: "PianoX2" by Zeila
Submission #11: "Iki Town" by braixen1264 & "Po Town" by Latios212
Submission #12: "Smiles and Tears" by Ben Dauvin
Submission #13: "Pitch Black Intrusion" by G-Han
Submission #14: "PianoX1" by Zeila
Submission #15: "Metal Man" by Commander6
Submission #16: "Family" by Kim Duy Vo
Submission #17: "Magic Crafter's Home" by WiiMan96
Submission #18: "Pascal" by Maelstrom
Submission #19: "Dark Hyrule Castle" by Zeila
Submission #20: "Hollow Knight" & "Resting Grounds" by Zunawe
Submission #21: "Petalburg City" by DrP
Submission #22: "A Moment of Calm" by SombreroGuy123
Submission #23: "Dire, Dire Docks" by Nacho2420
Submission #24: "Piranha Plant's Lullaby - Piano" by The Deku Trombonist
Submission #25: "Ground Theme" by Static & "Underground Theme" by The Deku Trombonist
Submission #26: "Koopa's Road" by Don Valentino
Submission #27: "Waluigi Pinball" by Joel Hands-Otte
Submission #28: "Koopa's Theme" by Dudeman
Submission #29: "Watch Your 6" by Olimar12345 & "Demolition Inevitable" by Sebastian
Submission #30: "Dinosaur Boss Battle" by Olimar12345
Submission #31: "Ultimate Koopa" by Don Valentino
Submission #32: "Super Mario 64 Main Theme" by TheMarioPianist
Submission #33: "Inside The Mansion" by WaluigiTime64
Submission #34: "Birth" by Nacho2420
Submission #35: "Last Goodbye" by Zeila
Submission #36: "Gentle Rain" by Don Valentino
Submission #37: "Hateno Village (Day)" by Nacho2420
Submission #38: "To Zanarkand" by WiiMan96
Submission #39: "Agniratha, Mechonis Capital" by JZ
Submission #40: "Epilogue" by Olimar12345
Submission #41: "Amusement Park" by Maelstrom
Submission #42: "Norfair" by Olimar12345 (improvised)
Submission #43: "Kass's Theme" by Latios212
Submission #44: "Your Reality (Credits)" by Maelstrom
Submission #45: "Hidden Village" by Latios212
Submission #46: "Clock Town - First Day" by Tangy
Submission #47: "Exhale" by PlayfulPiano
Submission #48: "Clock Town - Second Day" by Tangy & "Clock Town - Third Day" by Latios212
Submission #49: "Gourmet Race" by E. Gadd Industries

The list will be updated everytime I record a new video of NSM's arrangements. I hope you guys enjoy, and have a good day/night :)

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