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Gaming / Gamescom '09 (Cologne)
« on: July 26, 2009, 11:51:20 PM »
Next month, I'll be attending at the Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. This is the successor of the Leipzig Games Convention and comparable to the American E3 or Japanese Tokyo Game Show - so it'll be pretty interesting and crowded, on top of that. I'm pretty much up to date with all upcoming games these days, but I was wondering if you guys are looking forward to that specific game I really should play. Afterwards, I'll report my thoughts here (specially for you - everything else I'll write will be in Dutch). As a gamecritic, I don't hope I'll be too honest and ruin your anticipation towards that very game. =)

Also, are there perhaps other NSM-members who are attending?

Off-Topic / Merry Christmas all!
« on: December 24, 2008, 07:04:36 PM »
I might not have been around a lot lately, but I'd still like to wish you all Merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2009 (in case I may forget it)!

Site News / A Fair Farewell
« on: July 22, 2008, 09:28:26 PM »
Most of the time, the end is considered to be as something negative. Being optimistic prevents becoming depressive or even melancholic, so see the end as something positive. Death, for example, is usually (which is pretty normal in my opinion) considered to be negative. In the Middle Ages, people lived for their life after their current one. The wonderful paintings from that time are all anonymous, as they created it for God. The more they did for God, the better the after-life would be. In the Renaissance, however, people started to focus more on their selves instead of God. Even though the Church is losing popularity these days, the Middle Ages view on death remains in other religions like Buddhism.

I'll be leaving, too. Of course I won't die, but I'll withdraw as administrator of NinSheetMusic. I got less and less time to spend time on the site and forums, and since life is getting busier each day, I decided to stop as an administrator - for real this time. My dear Finnish friend JaMaHa will look after the site as he's the one I trust most and has putted more work in this site than I did. Even though my holidays have begun since early June, I haven't got a bit of time to work on the site. Now, beside my work, with the E3, two holidays and the Leipzig Games Convention (where I'll be participating as a journalist) coming up, I can barely find time for NSM. In addition, early September university begins so from then on I'll have to put every single minute in revision as it appears to be a pretty tough study.

It's not jut time which is the reason for my leave, to be honest. Slowly, but certainly, I started to lose interest. Neither in NinSheetMusic nor gaming nor arranging, but in being an administrator. As I have no knowledge of PHP, MySQL or even HTML (well, just a bit), all I can do is command others to fix things how I'd like them. And I hate commanding others, seriously. Bossing around isn't something I should be doing, actually. I'd rather do things myself, but since I'm not able to achieve the imagined result, I had to command JaMaHa and Dekudude over and over again.

Like I said, I haven't lost interest in arranging. That's why I don't want to leave without giving something in return. All these years, ever since I started NinSheetMusic as a small website on Freewebs, I've been supported by people, who made it possible for NSM to grow. And it grew indeed, considering the fact it's one of the biggest (if not the biggest) video game sheet music archive online. I'd like to thank anyone who helped me, or I should be saying us as we're a real team, to expand NSM to its current state. I'll be submitting my final arrangements I've worked on the past few weeks, as a tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda's masterpiece soundtrack Chrono Trigger. In the case you didn't know, the Square-titel which was originally released for the SNES in 1995 will be rereleased for the Nintendo DS, which is naturally fantastic news! The songs I've released and added to the database as sheet music so far, are the ones listed below:

    * A Premonition & Chrono Trigger
    * Sunlight Morning & Peaceful Days
    * Wind Scene
    * Battle & Lucca's Theme ~Fanfare~
    * A Prayer to the Road that Lead & Manoria Cathedral
    * Frog's Theme
    * Singing Mountain

Well, consider this as an update. My final update, with hopefully way more updates to come from other. I wish JaMaHa and his crew the best for the upcoming years, hoping NinSheetMusic will expand more and more. It has already grew beyond my imagination from four years ago. I'll be hanging around on the forums until university starts, but after that it's farewell, lebewohl, adieu, vaarwel, adios and sayounara!

Home-Made Compositions / Doma Clásica
« on: June 11, 2008, 02:58:54 PM »
I've created my largest arrangement ever, it's called Doma Clásica, which is Spanish, and it's downloadable here. It contains music from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Chrono Trigger and Fire Emblem, and was composed for a musical kur (for horses). It matches the moves of the horse exactly, and the girl who used this as background music became fifth of the Netherlands. =)

A fancy font here, another neat font there et voila: the most beautiful sheet you've ever made. Unfortunately, that's not the way we work at NinSheetMusic. I often encounter sheets which lack a (proper) title, game-, composer- and arranger-name, copyright or key signatures. I prevent this in the future, I'd like to reintroduce the standard format NSM "gurus" are using ever since it was introduced before the site crashed. Take a look at this picture, and the explanation below.

If there are clear improvements that can be done to an arrangement it will not be accepted.

Here is a basic template for a sheet on NSM: [NSM Template File] (Finale Notepad users can find additional template files [here]. (Thank you, TheMarioPianist!))

The Formatting Guidelines:

(1) Song Title: Times New Roman, Size 24, Bold, Centre Aligned
  • Just the name of the song in quotation marks, nothing more to it. This goes at the top of the first page.

(2) Game Name: Times New Roman, Size 12, italic, Centre Aligned
  • This goes just under the song title. Write the full game name, not any abbreviated versions.

(3) Composer: Times New Roman, Size 12, Bold, Right Aligned
  • Put this at the top of the sheet like in the picture. Separate multiple composers with commas, with an "&" sign preceeding the last one.
  • You can either write "Composition by ..." as in the picture or "Composed by ..." That's it. No colons, semicolons, hyphens or anything fancy.

(4) Arranger: Times New Roman, Size 12, Italic, Right Aligned
  • Put this just below the composer. Write it exactly as you'd like your name to appear on the site. It doesn't have to be your forum username.
  • You can either write "Arrangement by ..." as in the picture or "Arranged by ..." That's it. No colons, semicolons, hyphens or anything special. If you used "Composed by," then use "Arranged by" and vice-versa.

(5) Metronome Marking:
  • You have to include one of these with your sheet. It must include "note value = number" like in the picture.
  • You can also add a musical direction (eg Presto) if you wish but don't substitute a Metronome Marking for a musical direction.

(6) Key Signature:
  • Use a key signature to indicate the key of the song, or at least the key that it tends to hang around most often
  • If a song doesn't have a definite key, do not use different key signatures every few measures to simply eliminate accidentals.
  • If you need help with a key signature, just ask, there'll always be someone willing to help you.

(7) 8va/8vb/15ma/15mb:
  • Use these if the notes tend to go very high or very low and the number of ledger lines impacts on readability.
  • 8va & 15ma are used to indicate that notes should be played either 1 or 2 octaves higher.
  • 8vb & 15mb are used to indicate that notes should be played either 1 or 2 octaves lower.

(8) Clef Changes:
  • In some instances (eg the left hand going very high or the right hand going very low) a clef change is needed. Insert these as necessary.
  • If you want a clef change but your version of Finale can't do it, ask around the Submissions Forum.

(9) Copyright: Times New Roman, Size 10, Centre Aligned
  • This goes at the bottom of the first page. It's easiest to enter during document setup when you first make the file.
  • Use the format used in the picture - <Publisher> © <Year Published> (Including the spaces, without the <>, just like the example.)
  • The Alt code for "©" is Alt 0169. You can also highlight this one and Ctrl C/V it into the file.

(10) URL: Times New Roman, Size 10, Centre Aligned
  • Include NSM's NEW URL: (complete with https and trailing slash; the picture above will be updated in the future). This goes just under the Copyright.

I hope everyone follows this standard-form from now on. It's really not that difficult and you'll be helping to raise the quality of the sheets on the site.

Other Formatting Guidelines:

Second+ Pages

If your arrangement exceeds one page, it is required that the following pages have a mini title and page numbers. These should occur naturally in finale, but if for some reason there is an issue with them, they should be as follows:
  • Second+ page(s), mini-titles should be Times New Roman, Size 12, Centre Aligned. At the top of each additional page.
  • Page numbers should be Times New Roman, Size 14, and should be aligned in the pattern, Even Numbers Left Aligned, Odd Numbers Right Aligned. At the top of the page.

Measure Numbers
  • Measure numbers are required and should appear at the start of each system. They should occur naturally, but if it is an issue you can reset them by going to the Document tab at the top, then select "edit measure number regions". When the pop up appears, hit "delete" then "add".

  • For Duets written for 2 people on 1 piano ("four hands"), the top piano part should have the high notes played by the person on the high end of the piano while the bottom piano part should have the notes played by the person on the lower end of the piano. These types of duets need to be formatted in the following way:
First System: Following Systems:

[Here is a template file for this type of arrangement, complete with the correct formatting]

  • For Duets written for 2 Pianos, try to give both parts the melody at some point and aim to have them roughly equal in difficulty if possible (I'm aware that this is not always possible). These types of duets need to be formatted in the following way:
First System: Following Systems:

[Here is a template file for this type of arrangement, complete with the correct formatting]

Medleys and Collections
  • For arrangements that contain a collection of fanfares, jingles, and other miscellaneous sounds used in-game, we ask that you format your arrangement in the following manner:
    • Each individual jingle must have its own time signature, key signature (if applicable), tempo marking, and dynamic indication preceding the track. It must also have a solid final bar line at its ending, and must not be connected to the following measure. Measure numbers should reset as a new song begins.
    • For collections containing more than three songs, make the arrangement title generic (such as "Fanfares Collection") and specify the individual song titles just above the Right Hand of their first measure. Here in an example of this style of formatting.
    • For collections containing three or fewer songs, you may either format the arrangement the way previously mentioned OR create an additional header for each song. These added headers must include the song title and game title with the standard formatting procedures. Only include additional composer/arranger information if it differs between songs. If it is too long to include all of the song titles (each separated with a "/"), a generic compilation title may be used for on-site purposes only. Here in an example of this style of formatting.
  • For medleys that include multiple variations of a single song from a game, make sure you include the name of each new variation in the medley just above the Right Hand as it appears. Indenting the system that starts the new variation is optional. Here in an example of this style of formatting.
  • For medleys that are prearranged into a single song in-game (such as credits themes) it will not be mandatory that you list out all of the track names as they occur. However, if you as the arranger would like to do so, you are free to.

Pedal Markings:
  • Either write out complete pedal markings for a particular section including the release pedal symbol as needed
  • -OR- write "con pedale" at the start of the section and then "senza pedale" at the end of the section.
  • Both of these options go under the left hand.

  • These are now required on all sheets.
  • Sheets should have, as a minimum, at least an opening dynamic marking. Obviously more would be preferable.
  • Dynamic markings should be placed once between the two staves. If the dynamics are different per hand, write each one outside their staff (RH above the staff, LH below).

Articulations and Slur/Phrase Markings
  • These aren't a requirement but obviously we'd prefer it if your sheet had some of these.

Finale Defaults
Sometimes finale automatically puts these things in your blank file. Some of them are unnecessary and need to be removed.
  • Delete the text box in the top-left corner that says "score" if it happens to exist.
  • Remove the abbreviation "Pno." to the left of each system. To remove it, go to the file info/score manager and where it says "abbreviated name", click it and backspace what's there.
However, some defaults are a good thing. Several things that SHOULD be present are listed below.
  • The first system of the music should have the instrument's name ("Piano") to the left of it, between the two staves, in the center of the bracket. People want to know what instrument you are writing for.
  • The first system should be indented to accommodate the "Piano" mentioned above.

Piano Arrangements / G-Han's arrangements (updated 13/5)
« on: April 19, 2008, 07:50:55 PM »
[PS3] Nier - "Obaachan ~Piano~" - G-Han (MID)


[SNES] Final Fantasy VI - "Tina" - G-Han
[Wii] No More Heroes - "HISSATSU Jamba" - G-Han
[NDS] Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - "Bad Situation" - G-Han (MIDI)

Story Telling / Poems
« on: April 16, 2008, 08:22:59 PM »
Anyone here who writes poems? Well, I do. Here are some:

Everlasting solitude
The eternal sun is growing, and getting colder,
While I'm cooling down and remain the same size.
Gazing up at the symbol of the neverending life,
Perished as a spark in the infinite blue strife.

Falling leafs are causing shadows on my way,
A path I have walked so many times before.
But even so, I lack the courage to go on,
Not knowing whether I have failed, or you have won.

Despite being alone, something is pushing me down.
Memories attempt to crush my most valuable possession,
Like a blizzard that forces me to obey its dominion,

Whilst thoroughly examining well designed flakes.
The crowing rooster marks again the rising eternity,
And its brightness becomes the final sight for me.

Acid Runner
A journey through the forest of night,
Soaking darkness in a soft labyrinth.
My only desire is a resolving light,
So I can escape this haunted sight.

The present doesn’t want any more of me,
A black pressure shows me the abyss.
The acid is marching through my body,
Spreading hatred, erasing me to be.

Nagel bijten
Do you?

Dried Up Tears
If crying is no option,
And no one’s prepared to help me.
A second question pops up,
Should I stay or should I flee?

Fleeing not knowing where to go,
Is just as pointless as it seems.
Remaining here in loneliness,
Listening to spiritual screams.

Screaming that life’s like a rose,
Charming, with thorns now and then.
But now the rose starts to wither,
This will be the humble end.

Music / Classical (sheet) music
« on: March 28, 2008, 04:34:24 PM »
I'd like to start with playing classical sheet music, but I have no idea where to start. What songs can you play and recommend me? =) I prefer Beethoven.

Nintendo / No More Heroes
« on: March 23, 2008, 03:33:44 PM »
Am I the only one who has this game? I only heard 'Galaxy, Galaxy', followed by 'Brawl, Brawl'.

Home-Made Compositions / Folded Emotions
« on: March 02, 2008, 01:10:27 AM »

Folded Emotions - Guan van Zoggel © 2008

1 - "Unclouded Serenity"
2 - "Cemetary Scenery"
3 - "Surprisement"
4 - "Clair de Lune du Château - Movement 1"
5 - "Clair de Lune du Château - Movement 2" ~incompleet~
6 - "The Lair Called Love"
7 - "Ano Piano Thing (Live!)"

My newest album, features one completed and one demo track. Folded Emotions will be piano-only, and it contains influences from many different componists (like Yann Tiersen in Unclouded Serenity).

Music / Muse
« on: March 01, 2008, 09:05:49 PM »

Muse are an English rock band formed in Teignmouth, Devon in 1994. The band comprises Matthew Bellamy (vocals, guitar and keyboards), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Dominic Howard (drums and percussion). Muse blend alternative, progressive rock, classical music, electronica and hard rock to help form the new sub-genre of new prog. Muse are known best for their energetic live performances and frontman Matthew Bellamy's eccentric interests in global conspiracy, theology and the apocalypse. Muse have released four studio albums with their first Showbiz coming in 1999. The most recent, Black Holes & Revelations (2006), was also the most critically acclaimed, garnering the band a Mercury Prize nomination and coming third in the NME Albums of the Year list for 2006. And they rock.

After being a huge fan for over two years, I still don't know what my favorite song is. Do you?

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