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PC / The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
December 17, 2010, 04:08:51 PM
Sooooooooooooooo...TES V: Skyrim. NOW WITH DRAGONS.

Music / Musical Theater
December 08, 2010, 04:45:31 PM
Discuss. I s'pose. Anyone else on here aside from Slow and I interested in theater?
I posted this review on a forum a few months ago, and read over it again just a few minutes ago, so I figured I'd post it here too. :D Hopefully there's more people (>1) on this forum who know the game. :P

*Reads Title* God, that was a mouthful.

I have just read on Wikipedia that there is an extensive number of games in this series, all but two of which I haven't actually played. Nonetheless I like the series. I have played the two games on the N64. The first one to be released being an adventure game, the second being a 2.5D platformer, with 3D towns, but still from a 2.5D perspective.

Now the first game. I absolutely loved it. Not as much as the 2nd, but it was great. Although technically it was not very astounding, save for sound, it was a very fun game to play that drew you in. It had huge areas and some really fun platforming, and many areas to go through and look around in. The music is fantastic. Your really fast-paced Japanese techno. Aesthetically, it isn't very appealing, the polygons, or lack thereof are huge, and the textures are plain and not very diverse. The only things I liked looking at were the giant robots, (I'll explain later on) and the 4 main character's facial expressions. Although they had only a few that appeared in cinematics and under certain circumstances in game, they were detailed and laughable.

 That being said the game is a comedy. From the whole plot of alien invaders coming in their big peach-shaped spaceship with the goal of turning Japan into a performing arts stage, to the dialogue between the main protagonists, Yae, Sasuke, Ebisumaru, and Goemon. It is all funny, and it keeps you interested and almost never gets boring. Another big part I loved of this game were the boss fights. There were main "chapter" bosses that were giant robots, which you fought with your own giant robot named Impact. The whole control scheme is easy-to-use, and the variety of moves makes it really fun to repeat boss fights, not to mention the simple fact that you're in a giant robot. The weapons are really fun to use, from shooting coins out of your nose, or simply kick-boxing the other mechanical giant to the ground, only to have it shoot huge spinning fan-like objects at you. The non-giant-robot boss fight are also really fun. One involves you crawling along the back of a giant, flying dragon and shooting the evil-mind-controlling spinning-top at the other end with your weapon. The others are all very fun to fight, they stay consistently somewhat difficult, even after you have figured out how to defeat them. Unlike Zelda bosses.

The characters are also very well presented. They have good dialogue which brings out they're character, and you can instantly get to know each of the characters in a few moments of meeting them. The use of different characters which is identical to Trine, in that in a puff of smoke your character will change to the next in the cycle, along with their respective power-ups, Goemon's super-saiyan-like transformation (Complete with golden hair and super strength!), Ebisumaru's shrinking ability, Sasuke's (jetpack?), and Yae's mermaid transformation are all very fun to use, and the ways by which you earn them are fun to play as well. They each involve a test of skill, for example, to get Ebisumaru's ability, you have to undergo a test which involves hit-and-run tactics to grab some prizes and then jump back into hiding, while utilizing the power of shrinking. The player is in a small 3D area, viewing from the back wall. Occasionally, lollies (dumplings) will fall from the ceiling, and the player will have to run out from behind a few pillars and grab them, before the man who's cupboard you are inside opens the door to see what the noise is. They are all very fun and rewarding when you complete them.

All in all, it was incredibly fun, with interesting castles/dungeons/temples, boss fights and characters, although it could have gone for more technically on the N64.

Now, on to the second game.

I think the subtitle of this one was called, Goemon's Great Adventure. It involves the players, Goemon and/or Ebisumaru visiting the Wise Man, who invited them to his house after inventing a Ghost Machine. The Wise Man accidentally, now bear with me, revives a woman from the future, who may or may not be the daughter of one of the protagonists, if my memory serves correct. Anyway, the plot, once again, is a complete joke if the above is in any way comprehensible. It incorporates co-op play, which is incredibly fun to do.

Technically, the game is better than its predecessor. It has better sounding music, better control and less glitches, and better textures and models.

As you proceed along the adventure, (this game's being far more structured) you once again meet up with the other two main characters, Yae and Sasuke. The travel system in this is similar to Super Mario Brothers 3, in that there are several islands and several levels within each island. Like Super Mario World as well, there are alternate routes for a few levels. On each island there 4-5 regular 2.5D levels, a Castle level, being the final level with a 2-part boss fight, and 1 or 2 towns. The regular levels are indeed regular levels. Your classic platforming that involves running, jumping, piggy-back riding, and malicious head-stomping. The castles are much harder than regular levels, often resulting in a broken N64 controller,that may require you to play through it a few time 'til you get the timing down. At the end of these levels there is a 2-part boss fight. (Not sure if all the Castles have a second part.) Anyway, the first part involves a fight between yourself and the boss, until you weaken it enough to make it run away for a bit, until your trusty robot Impact lends you a hand and beats the crap out of the robot. The boss fights again incorporate co-op play, and make them even more fun. The towns are really interesting to explore, and you'll find yourself spending more time than you think you would in one. You can also get quests from people. For example, in the first town, if you talk to a certain man, you have to go through the very (2nd?) level, and collect his mic, disc and other DJ equipment. These quests are really fun, and you get rewarded by some sort of object that's count unlocks one thing or another.

The characters are funny again. Konami did really well with the comedy. There are also a few new characters, that make for some interesting secrets and small appearances that include some cat lady. And it goes without saying that she's a ninja of some sort.

All in all, I absolutely loved the games, despite the fact that the series isn't very well known, and Gamespot's rating of 6.7 and N/A for the first and second games, respectively. I just wanted to know if there are any other Goemon fans out there. Commence discussion/hating/arguing in

Oh yeah and I'm not going to bother proofreading.
Love this song. I reckon it'll work fantastic for piano. Thanks a heap if someone can get on it! :)
Maretocks :)
PC / Favourite Oblivion mods
March 04, 2009, 07:21:12 PM
What are your favourite Oblivion mods? And where did you get them? (I don't remember mine) but I've got the Akatosh mount, pheonix armour, dark green glass armour, elven cartographer(coloured map-looks awesome)! and 1 or 2 vampire mods    hope to hear sum really kool ones!