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An excellent track, and simple arrangement as you simply have to transcribe the existing piano arrangement from ear :)


Kickstarter launches tomorrow at 5pm BST!! (9AM PDT, 12PM EDT, 4PM GMT)

And check this Vine out with 5 seconds of one of Grant Kirkhope's new tunes.... oh my god the nostalgia
Feedback / Sheet Music Errors Thread
March 16, 2014, 06:54:33 PM
Please post any errors you find with sheets in this thread.

Try to provide some detail as to what exactly is wrong (wrong notes, wrong key, formatting error, etc), along with a link to the arrangement.

Hopefully one of our wonderful community members will notice and and fix it right up!  Or, feel free to try fixing it yourself and submitting it to the "Fixing the Sheets" thread, it could be a great way to get familiar with Finale!

(I likely won't maintain this thread, so if a non-mod user wants to take it up, let me know and I'll sticky your thread in this one's place.  A mod can just edit these posts of course ;))
Off-Topic / MOVED: Parody Topic
July 02, 2012, 06:27:20 PM
Off-Topic / MOVED: The Official FSM Blog
July 02, 2012, 06:24:30 PM
The submission of anything other than piano arrangements has been suspended until further notice.

If there is sufficient interest in the addition of other arrangements, and a decent amount of high quality arrangements have already been made, then the matter will be considered again.

Those that wish to share their arrangements can do so in the Music forum.
Off-Topic / What are you listening to?
August 16, 2011, 08:50:01 PM
Simple thread.  Provide link to video or soundcloud or something if you want.

Prototyperaptor - Vivaldi
Music /
July 19, 2011, 04:40:12 PM

So this is a pretty cool new site.  It's basically a music sharing social experience deal.  It's broken up into "rooms", which have spaces for 5 "DJs" who can either pick from the turntable library or upload music from their computer to play to the rest of the audience in the "room".

People then either "awesome" or "lame" vote the song, with "awesome" votes giving the DJ points so they can have a fancy gorilla avatar and whatever.

So, it would be pretty cool for an NSM turntable partay room.  The only issue is that it apparently only lets people in the US use it at the moment, so sadface.

I created a NSM room so we can have cool parties and what.  Though it only really works if a bunch of you decide to go in ;D

Feedback / NSM Phone App with Tapatalk
April 30, 2011, 11:30:53 AM
Hey JaMaHa and/or Concerto if you even could do this, there's this nice app that gives easy access to forums on multiple mobile OS's (iOS, Android, WP7, etc) called Tapatalk.  Apparently it's free to activate on forums, and supports SMF.

Perhaps you could look into this? :D
PC / NSM Steam Group
October 04, 2010, 11:53:30 PM
I have created an NSM Steam group, so all us cool people that play PC games can be in a group and stuff.
Nintendo / Metroid Other M
August 27, 2010, 02:48:07 PM
The other topic is over a year old.

So it actually gets good reviews, and Amazon gives you $20 game credit if you preorder with free release date delivery if you're cool like me and have Amazon Prime.

But I won't get it because I still have like 20 360 games, TF2, Oblivion, 10 other games on Steam, PSP games, etc.  To work on.

And New Vegas is coming out soon.

And I have a full IB schedule to work on.

HOWEVER.  According to reviews, it's a very nice game and besides shitty storyline which was pretty obvious in the trailers, you want to be picking it up.  I probably will by the end of the year.
Off-Topic / Japan Trip!
July 17, 2010, 10:35:33 PM
So on Thursday I flew back into the US from Japan!  Had a great trip over there.  Some highlights were fun times with awesome host families, absurd amounts of sightseeing that was schweet, and tits pudding.

Some pishurs:


moar tits

epic coaster

beach with fishermans

mario kart with awesome host family

seeing fireflies at night (DAMMIT FUZZY WHY)

woody's rape face

derp bears everywhere!

tokyo fuuu (our hotel on the 18th floor of a building had epic views)

look wat I got

yet nobody there is fat

CONDOMANIA (pretty sure there were rainbow condoms somewhere, but no pictures allowed inside)

good ol figurines

tokyo tower

even moar tokyo fuuuuu


hiroshima museum

that gate thing

here is a castle

epic cityscape


smoking...OR GAY?

akihabara fuuu

akihabara, lol

aw, tits.


The rest of the pishurs (almost 1200 total):

So yeah, woo.
Movies & TV / Movie/TV suggestions
June 24, 2010, 02:03:28 PM
Hey guys, so I'm going to Japan on Monday and I'm hoping to get something to watch on the longass plane ride as well as any other "sitting around bored" times I might have. (I hope there aren't any, but you gotta prepare for the worst :P)

I was hoping to get some suggestions of stuff to watch.  I like action, drama, and sci fi.  Shows like Fringe, 24, Star Trek, Heroes before it sucked, and Chuck.  Films I've liked include the Die Hard series, Bourne series, Bond films, Serenity, Fifth Element, Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
"Running Hell" - Completed and on site
"Last Battle" - Completed and on site (duet) and by Olimar12345 (solo)
"Balcony" - Completed and on site
"Last Cave" - Completed and on site
"Moonsong" - Completed and on site
"Jenka 2" - Completed and on site
"Meltown 2" - Completed by Olimar12345
"Balrog's Theme" - Completed and on site
"Gravity" - Completed by Olimar12345

Requesting songs from one of the best games ever.

Note that you can hear these in the best quality if you use the OrgView program which is in the Deluxe version of the game which is on Mirai Gamer, but you can also just download it from mediafire

Running Hell [mp3] [youtube][/url]
Simple, but a nice melody.  Gonna be having it stuck in my head trying to beat this damn area -.-

Last Battle [mp3] [youtube][/url]
<3 this one

Balcony [mp3] [youtube][/url]
Another simple one that's just nice.

Last Cave [mp3] [youtube][/url]
The hidden Last Cave was pretty damn fun to play through :D

Moonsong [mp3] [youtube][/url]
Nice, peaceful track.

Jenka 2 [mp3] [youtube][/url]
Such a schweet sounding song :D

Meltdown 2 [mp3] [youtube][/url]
Yay Sand Zone

Balrog's Theme [mp3] [youtube][/url]
You can't NOT have Balrog.

Gravity [mp3] [youtube][/url]
Another cool sounding one

So yea, do some of these and that would be awesome, thanks.
Off-Topic / Post Your Desktop!
April 06, 2010, 04:44:49 PM
Don't want to resurrect the old thread, so here.

Completed and on site

<3 this game

This is about the best you'll get with the song:
Creativity Corner / KefkaticFanatic's Piano Performances
February 14, 2010, 11:38:25 AM
Recorded more.  Woo.

Rachmaninoff - Prelude in C# Minor
Olson - A Swing Thing (duet)
Vandall - In the Groove (trio)
Chopin - 'Raindrop' Prelude Op. 28, No. 15
Klose - Dance of the Trolls

Quality on the new ones will be terribad until Youtube finishes processing.  Meh.  I'll probably download a trial of Sony Vegas the next time I upload (used Adobe Premiere Elements 4 for the new ones) as Premiere downsizes it from 1080i to 720p <.<  The first few were ripped by my dad with Vegas, so that's why they look much nicer I assume.
November 17, 2009, 04:49:40 PM