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Off-Topic / Secret Valentine 2015!
« on: February 14, 2015, 10:01:20 PM »
I recall doing this before but I guess that we all need LOEV more this year than anything else! We need one day to not feel like killing each other!

Here's how it works: A bunch of people sign up and I use a random number generator to tell you who to send a Valentine to. That result will be pm'd to everyone participating. NO COMPLAINING ABOUT WHO YOU GET. Then you make a card and post it here on the date that everyone is expecting them. Or you can send them to me and I'll post it for you. While you can send as many as you like, you have to send one to the person determined by the random number generator. If you send anything mean, I'll get your post deleted and your Valentine sent to someone else. Images/gifs should be hosted on something like imgur and using the proper BB code. Please personalize your Valentine and not just google a finished one to send, which would be rude to whoever actually worked to make a card.

Participants so far:

1) Concerto
2) FSM
3) Saria
4) Ruto
5) DrP
6) Thatgamer Nah
7) [Name pm'd to me---waiting for permission to reveal his identity]
8 ) Yugi
9) Nocturne
10) [Name pm'd to me]
11) Dude
12) Jamaha, the coolest kid here
13) Bubbles


I know today's Valentine's day, but the due date for the Valentine is next Thursday (2/19) and sign ups end on Sunday 11:59 PM EST (2/15) (Concerto's idea). But if people really, really want I can make it sooner. Everyone should have the chance to see this and sign up, after all.


Remember to PM your nice pictures to Deku, who's going to post all of them up for anonymity. Of course, you can just post it on the thread at 2/25 but then people like surprises!

Off-Topic / 2014: A year in review
« on: January 20, 2015, 04:47:14 AM »
Did everyone have enough to drink? No? Sorry then. Please come back when you’ve had enough so you feel that this post is of better quality than it actually is. Also Kefka is a yellow-striped distraction, but he's back at school and it's still January.

Concerto comes back to tell me to get to work. That sums up my whole year -.-

Jamaha’s next thoughtful present has been decided! Now he really does have it all!

Same for Dude and his Sailor Moon dungeon.

Roz battles K-Night for the most desired job on the forum.

Dahans gives us a thoughtful Internet Christmas gift and then promptly breaks the Internet.

Olimar owns this thing now. Also, probably the least incriminating poster all year. Congratulations, because I have nothing on you!

fingerz actually traded this for real internet at home. Noooo I want to hear more priceless quotes!

Deku is on TV. Line up after dahans!

Blueflower hosts some disguished NSM awards thing and wins the “Most Likely to Incite an Angry Mob” award.

Bloop wins bragging rights and finds someone to spend all his money. But that's okay, no one can take your owls.

Nebbles takes all the selfies and superlatives!

Bubbles turns into a tree!

DrP finds the best stuff for free. Also, sorry to hear about that other event.

Slowball winks too many times to count.

SocialFox Yugi apparently beats a plagiarist on the Internet. Bespinben could learn from this guy.

Jub has the best first world problems.

Maestro's signature needs a little modesty and rollcake.

SFK is the new Harvest. Corrupt the youth!!!

Nocturne wins the "What Not to Say" award.

FireArrow needs chocolate!!!

People actually talk to manio???

In addition, a lot of you drank, fought, argued and sassed. I suppose you know who you are.

ETF has a new friend so eat your heart out, commoners.

maelstrom talks the talk but doesn’t quite walk the walk.

MLF gets schooled. Also click those links and scroll for FierceDeity's most memorable takedowns.

Thatgamer should never be allowed back. I'm not even going to sugar coat this creeper or dig through the crap posts. Ugh, I need a drink.

Likewise, GTFO King Sammer and pseudo-Sammers.

Happy New Year! More soon but I really need a break from the screen and a drink to restore my sense of humor. Leave a note if you did something important but I overlooked. Zzzz...

Off-Topic / Language Phrasebook Topic (Likely NSFW)
« on: January 18, 2015, 08:03:57 AM »
So I was thinking about my poor friend that wasn't insulting enough to some lecherous American, so I figured I'd start a thread to keep track of stuff I've picked up. Submissions are welcome, but only do so if you are actually fluent. Meaning you don't need alcohol to be coaxed into speaking the language well. This is also a reminder thread for how I'm supposed to learn another language!

Phrases are listed with their language and name of the translator. I won't include spoken instructions for anything that google can do to save space. This is pretty much everything but Cantonese (which I can probably assist with and submit material for) although it still doesn't replace someone actually saying it for you to get the correct pitch. There is jyutping for written instructions but I think that the extra numbers won't help much to non-natives either).


(To a friend, platonic) I love you.
German (manio): Ich mag dich.
Dutch (Bloop): Ik mag je.
Lithuanian (DrP): Man tu patinka.
Swedish (DrP): Jag gillar dig.
Portuguese (DrP): Eu ti gosto.
Spanish (DrP): Tu me gusta.

(To someone you LOOOOVE) I love you.
German (manio): Ich liebe dich.
Dutch (Bloop): Ik hou(d) van je (Can also say this to relatives)
French (Roz): Je t'aime/Je t'adore.
Lithuanian (DrP): Aš myliu tave.
Swedish (DrP): Jag älskar dig.
Portuguese (DrP): Te amo.
Spanish (DrP): Te amo.
Chinese (Insig): 我爱你. (Maybe it's because no one loves me, but I only hear this said in Mandarin?)

(To your relatives) I love you.
German (manio): Ich hab(e) dich lieb. (Probably only socially acceptable to say if you're a girl -Xaoz)
French (Roz): Je t'aime.
Lithuanian (DrP): Aš myliu tave.
Swedish (DrP): Jag älskar dig.
Portuguese (DrP): Te amo.
Spanish (DrP): Te amo.

What the hell are you talking about?
Spoken Cantonese (Ruto): 你講乜鬼呀? (Pronounced "nei gong mat gwai ah?")
Dutch (Bloop):Waar in godsnaam heb je het over?
Canadian French (Roz): Putain, mais de quoi tu parles? / De quoi tu parles?
French (Roz): De quoi tu jases? / De quoi tu parles?
Lithuanian (DrP): Ką tu sakai?
Swedish (DrP): Vad pratar du om?
Portuguese (DrP): O que ti está falando?
Spanish (DrP): De qué estás hablando?
German (Xaoz): Wovon zum Teufel redest du?

Shit (used whenever it's appropriate to swear)
Spoken Mandarin (Kefka):哇靠 (wa kào)
Dutch (Bloop): Kut/godverdomme/godsamme/verdomme/kak
Canadian French (Roz): Tabarnak, osti, viarge, ciboire, sacrament, calice, criss, etc...
French (Roz): Putain (I'm not really familiar with France's swear words)/Merde (DrP)
Lithuanian (DrP): šūdas (pron. shudas)
Swedish (DrP): Sket.
Portuguese (DrP): Merda.
Spanish (Ruto, DrP): Coño/Mierda. (Of these two, I have heard coño used more as the equivalent of "shit!", even though it doesn't just mean that.)
German (DrP, Xaoz): Scheiße (shit)/verdammt (damn)

Go to hell
Chinese (Insig):去死吧!
Dutch (Bloop): Ga naar de hel/Sodemieter op!/Rot op!
Canadian French (Roz): Va chier.
French (Roz): French: Vas te faire foutre.
Lithuanian (DrP): Eina į pragarą.
Swedish (DrP): Gå till helvetet.
Portuguese (DrP): Vá ao inferno.
Spanish (Ruto): Vete al diablo.
German (Xaoz): Scher dich zum Teufel.

Whore (insult for women, usually about prostitution)
Chinese (Ruto): 妓 (gei, sounds the same as "chicken")
Spanish (Ruto): Puta.
German (Xaoz): Hure (whore), Nutte (hooker), Schlampe (slut) (choose freely!)
Dutch (Bloop): Hoer (whore), slet (slut)


I'd like to doggie bag this, please. (Pack up the leftovers to go)
Spoken Cantonese (Ruto): 唔該幫我打包 (mm goi bong ngau da bao) (if you say the last two words "doggie bag", usually that's enough for the waiter. There are instances where you shouldn't do this, such as a fancy company dinner, lalala...)
Dutch (Bloop)Ik zou dit graag in een bagje willen, alstublieft.

Getting out of trouble

Can I throw up in your bathroom? I'll buy something.
German (manio): Kann ich mich im Badezimmer übergeben? Ich kauf(e) auch was.
Dutch (Bloop): Mag ik in je badkamer kotsen? Ik koop je wel wat.
French (Roz): Je peux vomir dans ta toilette? Je vais t'acheter quelque chose.
Lithuanian (DrP): Ar galiu vemti jūsų vonios kambaryje? Aš pirkti kažką.
Swedish (DrP): Kan jag kasta upp i ditt badrum? Jag ska köpa något.
Portuguese (DrP): Posso deitar-se em o seu banheiro? Vou comprar algo.
Spanish (DrP): Puedo tirar en tu baño? Me compraré algo.

I'm really drunk.
Finnish (FSM): Olen erittäin juovuksissa.
Polish (Deku):Ja jestem pijany. (if you're male)
Polish (Deku):Ja jestem pijana. (if you're female)
Dutch (Bloop):Ik ben echt aangeschoten.
French (Roz): Male: Je suis complètement saoul.
French (Roz): Female: Je suis complètement saoule.
Lithuanian (DrP): Aš labai girtas.
Swedish (DrP): Jag är verkligen berusade.
Portuguese (DrP): Eu estou muito bêbado.
Spanish (DrP): Estoy muy bebido/borracho.

You're really sweet.
German (manio): Du bist wirklich süß.
Dutch (Bloop): Je bent echt heel lief.
French (Roz): Male: T'es vraiment gentil.
French (Roz): Female: T'es vraiment gentille.

I'm taken.
Dutch (Bloop): Ik ben bezet.
French (Roz): Je suis pris/prise or J'ai déjà quelqu'un

Stop being sexy.
Dutch (Bloop): Stop eens met sexy zijn.
French (Roz): Arrête d'être sexy.

[/b]I don't speak (language)[/b]
Chinese (Insig): 我不会讲 中文 [廣東話 or 白話 for Cantonese, 普通話 or 國語 for Mandarin]
Spoken Cantonese (Ruto): 我唔識講 中文 [廣東話 or 白話 for Cantonese, 普通話 or 國語 for Mandarin]
French (Insig): Je ne parle pas français.
Japanese (Insig): 日本語を話せません.
Dutch (Bloop): Ik spreek geen Nederlands
Getting in trouble/dirty stuff

Undress me.
German (manio): Zieh mich aus.
Dutch (Bloop): Kleed me uit
French (Roz): Déshabille-moi.

yo ass so fine
Finnish (FSM): hyvä perse.
Dutch (Bloop): mooi kontje.
French (Roz): T'as un beau cul.

How long are you? When you're not talking about height
Finnish (FSM): Kuinka pitkä sinulla on?/Kuinka pitkä se on?
Dutch (Bloop): Hoe lang ben je?
French (Roz): Elle mesure combien? / Elle est longue comment?

Can you send me a naked photo?
German (manio): Krieg ichn nacktbild von dir? [Written: Kreig ich ein nacktbild dir?]
Dutch (Bloop):Kan je me een naaktfoto sturen?
French (Roz): Tu peux m'envoyer une photo de toi nu?

Regional insults/No category

Lithuanian (DrP): Tu esi slapas pukšto" or "slapas pukštas" [Literally: You're a wet fart]
Spoken Cantonese (Ruto): 仆街 or PK (puk gai) [Literally: Fall onto street]
Spanish (Ruto): ¡Pendejo! (for males), (also means fucker, pubic can use pendeja, but that's not a common insult for women)
German (Xaoz): Verflixt und zugenäht (??? xD)/Arschloch (Asshole)/Wichser (motherfucker; freely: wanker)/Hurensohn (son of a bitch)/Bastard (guess)
Dutch (Bloop): Klootzak (bastard), lul (dick), eikel (dickhead)
German (Ruto/dahans): Sitzpinkler (guy who sits down to pee "not masculine")/Standgebläse (Air conditioner/someone who's so short that they need to stand to give a b******)

Please submit if you can! I'll update here. Rule #3 ish: Don't ask me why I ask.

Off-Topic / 2012: A year in review
« on: January 02, 2013, 12:35:29 AM »
You guys asked for it! Here are all your worst moments that you've tried wiping from your memory. Some of you should be less ashamed than others.

Slow's post count is OVER 9000!

Concerto says hi.

A wild dahans reappears! Now don't ever leave us again!!! >_>

BonusPwnage is friggin' Adonis apparently.

Shado now owns more than his own weight in hats.

K-Night writes, and writes and writes...

DrP is mad at cake. Last year it was Pocky. However, soup and camo receives his seal of approval.

Roz gets sick too often :( Also, she has an azn clone.

See you, pumpyheart! Oh wait...recent post is...recent o_O Bespinben is away for realz.


Saria is fluent in German.

A Ruto problem that's better without a solution. *cough*

Kefka misses his ham radio.

The Great NSM Novel is an accurate depiction of forum members' psyches.

SFK is a sick, sick man. So is Slow, and pretty much everyone who contributes to this thread.

The update team welcomes and dooms Olimar and shadowkirby to hard, thankless work. +random plug for Doctor Who.

Blueflower reviews games.

Kman is better good at something.

Cobraroll makes everyone panic.

ETF's BINDER FULL OF POKEMON. (Get the reference?)

Maestro is finally allowed to talk.

FSM's year has been full of ups, downs and blimp rides xD. Hope you get better soon. We might miss you while you're gone but the forum drama popcorn is overly thankful xD

50+ pages in a single year? It's true.

Nebbles submits a sheet.

Some of us actually travel to meet up!

Waddle and Bubbles join the forum after the n00b season and therefore skips initiation. Don't let them get away.

manio hangs out on Skype. Ruto fails as Skype mod. FAILURE IS UNACCEPTABLE.

[10/30/2012 11:26:00 AM] Dude: I hope you guys are planning something super awsm for me on my birthday.
[10/30/2012 11:40:30 AM] manio: I'll give you a dildo on your birthday
[10/30/2012 11:42:57 AM] Dude: Ok
[10/30/2012 11:43:49 AM] manio: but not in the size of my penis. I don't want you to kill yourself
[10/30/2012 11:44:03 AM] Dude: You're an idiot
[10/30/2012 11:44:06 AM] Dude: I can take anything
[10/30/2012 11:44:16 AM] Dude: 9_9

Random WTF moment brought to you by Harvest.

Jub is still Jub. Also why is my tiny bedroom next to Mashi's obscene animation show room? D:

Now let's get along for another year before Jamaha changes his mind!

Happy New Year!

Hehe, I don't lurk on this topic much...

My friend's looking for a good arrangement of Makar's Prayer from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for a string quartet or string orchestra. (He will perform it with an orchestra, etc...) He's wondering if anyone here from NSM is willing to do it, but the catch is, he needs it in a week from today :o

Here's the video, and there are already arrangements of the piece on the internet or even the songbook...and it's about 40 seconds long on average.

I realize that this request could be pretty difficult due to time constraints, but it's worth a try if you do have time this week. After all, you might get the chance to see it performed XD The arrangement should still resemble the original melody, but you would actually need to compose the parts for the other instruments. Creativity would actually do well here *cough* xD Playability is also important.

You can message me for more details.

Off-Topic / NSM Secret Valentines 2012
« on: February 06, 2012, 04:54:29 AM »

So singles awareness day is getting close for 2012...I thought it might be fun to post secret valentines to each other anonymously since every could use some love on that that day instead of being laughed at by their siblings or friends with significant others >__> And if you have someone to give you chocolates/flowers/bears, etc, feel free to sign up anyway!

What to do: Draw a valentine (yes, it should be an image file of some kind) to the person you're assigned to and submit it by 11:59 PM February 13th EST (GMT -5). Once it's submitted, it will be collected by Jub (Cupid) and posted on the thread shortly. Once you sign up, you have to make one. Don't leave your recipient with an empty post, because everyone will know who didn't send one xD And don't be mean and expect something in return for nothing, etc.

How it works:

1. Sign up on this thread! Deadline to sign up is 11:59 Wednesday, February 8th. If you're shy, you can PM Jub to sign up.
2. Jub will PM everyone with their recipient after the deadline, probably sometime around the 9th. Recipients will be decided with a random number generator. No complaints on who you get and who he/she is.
3. Write your valentine!
4. Submit anonymously. Details are pending, but right now, it seems you can just submit it to Jub via PM.
5. Jub collects the valentines and posts them on this thread after midnight, Feb. 14th. That way you Aussies can see them on the holiday as well. Hopefully. Midnight EST should be around 4 PM for you guys in Australia.
6. Of course there's nothing stopping you from submitting some valentines on your own. But the plan here is to make sure everyone who signs up gets something :D

1. No pornography. Completely serious about this one...preferably nothing nude at all. If you must post a picture of Michelangelo's David or something, use fig leaves to censor. There are kids here!
2. Picture should be no bigger than 600x600.
3. Keep things secret! Don't swap your recipient with someone else even if you "don't like him/her".  The point is to appreciate everyone on this forum^^ Think hard about what to say to him/her and what you like about them. There's always something. Failing that, cyber stalk. Look at the person's arrangements, photos or posts. There's got to be something nice there.
4. Be nice! Don't send valentines that say "you're stupid". Those won't be uploaded and you'll probably be berated by whoever got you.

Maybe a "how to write a valentine" post will be posted if everyone has a hard time writing them. Have fun!


Off-Topic / 2011: A year in review
« on: January 02, 2012, 04:50:32 AM »
Because the Internet does not it is in no particular order:

ASH501ST and Shado says Luigia is fucking awesome.

TalesEXlife, the ladies' man, impersonates a celebrity and is possibly abusing Google translate

l'm a pretty boy. girls love me so much

I don't believe I've ever heard somebody call himself a "pretty boy" before.

then faith anyway but not

is my picture beautiful or not?

Ok, I'm going to have to help you 2 out. xD

Beautiful and pretty can describe girls.

Handsome and good-looking can descibe guys.

Then again... that hair is pretty convincing...

ok... but many girls love me so much

Do they still love you when they find out about your anger management problems haha.

dude. the girls know it all already

We all know you're not Rick Mackenbach. I'm including this in 2011 because Deku said it was 2011 in his time zone, but not in mine. Technicality ftw.

JaMaHa finishes military service, has apartment woes and becomes a poster boy.

Kefka beats people up with stick.

Slow is was scared. And writes about us. ZOMG Purple Hammy Concerto is missing! Despite having the only birthday that mattered.

Cobraroll finishes military service and is our news anchor from Norway.

Roz starts university and kills stuff with fire.

ETF writes a book and practices polygamy.

Winter gets a job without pay.

Blueflower and popo might be talking to themselves.

People write letters, like 'tis 1999 1899 1799.

Ruto's 666th post. Endless ranting ensues.

dahans doesn't know what he's getting into lol jk and gets dragged kicking and screaming to the military.

Nebbles is busy.

Jub is Jub.

Dude's adult links.

Mashi used big words.

NSM trolls bulbasaur and BigPedro. We all know who you are.

Raymondbl starts a flame war, page 1000 is ruined.

Bobby the Cat might be issued a restraining order.

shadowkirby invited people to gogogo on tinychat 21 times in 2011.

Saria draws.

Maestro stood around in the background...watching...breathing...

Sipan asked, how long are you?
Caps here
Holy crap, Sipan. I have to congratulate him for this one, I just never saw this coming. I didn't save the second thread though, sorry xD

No flaming guys. Just have some laughs and kill some time. This is not to make fun of a specific person, please just laugh it off and try hard not to do the same thing next year. Post if I'm missing something.


happy new year welcome in the year 20112012. 20102011 is dead

Carried this over from other forums.

How to play:

Make a post to this thread (to separate the game from the commentary, a game post should have "POST" or "BUMP" in the subject line, commentary posts can have the default subject). Your "companion" will be the one with the number that corresponds to the second you posted. (:00-:59) I have some reservations about how this is going to work here, but it's worth a shot. Most of the Nintendo characters are guys, so don't be too disappointed. It could be much worse *cough* Ganondorf

Since edits change the time of the original post, I guess I should discourage that for the lulz. Leave your "POST"-titled posts be, and you can double post to bewail you ill luck and such.

I've also tried to include as many games as possible, but there are only so many slots. Er...enjoy?

00-Princess Peach
02-NOBODY since you offended everyone else on the list, especially Ganondorf.
03-Toon Link's Grandma
04-Princess Zelda (JACKPOT)
06-Rosalina (SMG)
07-Krystal (Star Fox)
09-Fox McCloud
10-Sonic the Hedgehog
11-Great Fairy (various Zelda games)
12-Toon Link (remember this is how old he is)
13-Pauline (Donkey Kong)
15-A tetris "L" block
16-Nurse Joy
17-Beast Ganon
18-Din, Nayru and Farore
19-Mega Man
20-Generic boy farmer from Harvest Moon
21-Pony, girl farmer from Harvest Moon
22-Tingle (he comes with the little dance too)
23-Nana (Ice Climbers)
24-Sophitia (Soul Calibur 2. She appeared in a Nintendo console, so here she is)
25-Officer Jenny
30-Link (JACKPOT :D)
31-Ilia (LoZ: TP)
32-Mayor Bo (Ilia's dad)
33-King Dedede
34-Cynthia (Pokemon D/P/Pt)
35-Pikachu (hahaha, it would be like doing a stuffed animal)
36-Tetra (Wind Waker)
37-Snake (lmao)
38-Cooking Mama (Graate, you gave it yaw best effawwrt XD)
40-Sabrina (Pokemon RBY)
41-Ash Ketchum
42-Captain Falcon
43-Misty (Pokemon)
45-Malon (LoZ: OoT)
46-Donkey Kong
47-Navi (Hey!! Listen!!)
49-Princess Daisy (looks like a recolor of peach IMO)
50-Captain Olimar
53-Impa (you're probably just going to get a slap in the face, though)
55-Samus Aran (JACKPOT)
56-Epona (Link's here, so...)
57-Bowser (good luck with that, also you almost had Samus Aran  ;D)
58-Link from the LoZ cartoon series (Excuuuuuse me, princess)
59-Everyone (oh you...)
60-Samus Aran ( ;D thanks for the idea, Slow)

Edit: Trying to clear the confusion by modifying the rules a bit. Hope it isn't too confusing.

Art / Ruto Should Be Doing Science...(Art Post)
« on: July 23, 2010, 06:48:03 AM »

1. Draw stuff from art class
2. Draw stuff on my computer
3. Shoot pictures with a dinky old camera.
4. ???
5. Profit Debt

Linked from my deviantart.

I did Faron Spring also, but I'm planning to remove my signature on it since it's written in black and completely ruining the picture.


Also I noticed this is thread #2000! LOL.

Help! / NSM Resources
« on: July 15, 2010, 06:48:30 AM »
But this idea occurred to me and I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it.

Articles about the software make up a ton of questions, so those are definitely needed right now. General instruction FAQs can be posted here too, but that would seem more appropriate in the 'Music' board, unless it's condensed to a single post and linked.

How to open sheets from NSM by Ruto
Finale Notepad 2008 by Ruto
Adding Metronome Markings by Ruto
Number Lock Shortcuts by Brassman 388
Is [Something] in Finale [Version] by Ruto
What Should Your Sheet Look Like? by G-Han
Submission Guide by The Deku Trombonist
Guide to Making Replacement Arrangements by Olimar12345
Articulation Information by Olimar12345
All Tempo Markings and Expressions for Notepad Users by Th3Gavst3r
General Arranging Tips and Tricks by Tobbeh99
Help with choosing the correct accidentals when transcribing music by Olimar12345
The Arranging Checklist by Sebastian
Nearly All Special Formatting - Copy-Pastable Notation for NotePad Users by Lkjhgfdsa_77
More help with choosing the correct accidentals when transcribing music by Altissimo

How to read sheets
How to transcribe songs
How to use Finale Allegro/Reader/2011 etc
Differences between each version
List of terms in sheet music, or available in each software


These disappeared D:
File Info Tutorial by Shadoninja gone :C
Keyboard Shortcuts for Finale Programs by Shadoninja gone :C
Creating a PDF by Shadoninja gone :C
Pizzicatos in Finale Notepad by Shadoninja gone :C
Aligning Layers by Shadoninja gone :C
Retranscribing by Shadoninja gone :C
Filter by Shadoninja gone :C

Piano Arrangements / Mostly Wind Waker stuff...
« on: June 25, 2010, 05:18:11 AM »
Update: 8/2011 (Maybe moving this to somewhere else would be good)

A while ago when I was hunting for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Songbook (it's out of print as far as I know) I found some of their sheets. So I thought I'd post some in the .mus/.midi format here for you guys to use as reference. I am not the arranger of these songs, but I haven't seen some of these on the main website so I thought I'd share. my name isn't on any of the sheets, only the composers are. I still haven't found out who the arranger is, so I'm just going to assume it's Nintendo. Send me a message if this isn't allowed.
Note: Don't submit these sheets. Seriously. They are here only for reference.

I also noticed some really similar sheets or exact copies are actually uploaded on the main site. Maybe they should be taken down?

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker [GC]

102 Menu Selection MUS MIDI
107 Fencing Instruction MUS MIDI
145 Boss Clear Fanfare MUS MIDI

220 Fairy Spring MUS MIDI
236 Molgera Appears MUS MIDI
237 Molgera MUS MIDI
256 Ending MUS MIDI
260 Game Demo MUS MIDI

Original post: This was the old submission thread post made last year.

These following sheets aren't my arrangements but I have permission from the original arranger to rewrite his sheets in Finale Allegro and submit to the site. (Planning to update these soon too)

I checked with him these past 2-3 weeks, and nearly everything (notes/expressions/articulations/credits) should be left unchanged on the sheets, since it is written to be as close to the originals as possible. Feedback is all right, but I would need to inform Delldongo of any changes I make to the submitted sheets and whatnot...I really just have his permission for these sheets.

[PS2] - Soul Calibur III - "Healing Winds" -Delldongo MUS MIDI

[PS2] - Soul Calibur III - "Peaceful Days" - Delldongo MUS MIDI

[PS2/GC/XBOX] - Soul Calibur II - "Hubris" - Delldongo (LOL warning for this one...) MUS MIDI

[Dreamcast] - Soul Calibur -"Going to Where the Wind Blows" - Delldongo MUS MIDI

If any links don't work, or are wrong, tell me. And the spelling of "Soul Calibur" is sort of weird. I think one refers to the game, the other spelling refers to the sword in the game. Everyone except for the unofficial wiki and katakana spells it as "Soul Calibur" so I'll leave it as that.

Help! / A lot of questions (new ones, some Y/N)
« on: June 10, 2010, 07:03:27 AM »
Edit: I don't want to spam the entire board so here's an edit....But I'm on the last sheet so I'll probably not be talking for a while about this.

I'm having a bit of trouble with these one of the sheets I'm supposed to be converting. (Caps follow)

New #1

a. -I can't seem to insert "pedal" on the sheet without it skipping the grace note. Even after I remove the "ped" the grace note doesn't play anymore, unless I move note to a different layer.  Should I omit the pedal? (Y/N) Or is there a way to fix it so I can have both? (Y/N)

b. -I need the tuplet tool for the beginning of each measure. Correct assumption? (Y/N)

c. -I'm certain there are rests in these measures. Particularly in the first one.  Problem is, that I have an idea of what they might be based on the sheet, but it disagrees with what I actually hear. Again: Leave it? (Y/N)

New #2

...This. This. How. 

More specifically:

a. How would I be able to draw the ties?
b. Is that another tuplet? >.< (Y/N)
c. The space between the quarter rest and half note is exaggerated, right? (Y/N)

Feeble attempt aka crap warning:

I warned you.

New #3

Delldongo asked me to put a sharp here. Finale's not letting me do it, and I have doubts there could be a sharp there...I don't know what to else to say. Help?

I only want to ask Delldongo as a last resort. He's helped me with some of the previous sheets already =__=

----Thanks for any input.


I got a UX16 cable for my keyboard a while ago but it's never worked. I think I looked for a month online about this problem and have found nothing on it. I would contact Yamaha about this...but then if there's a really simple solution for it first, I'd like to hear it. 

The problem is that the computers I use never seem to detect the keyboard. I followed the instructions on it, and even downloaded an "updated driver" but nothing. When I start to run the driver it says that it can't find the keyboard. D: I tried this on my desktop (WinXP) and laptop (Vista). No success. Before I bought the cable, it seemed a lot of reviews were very positive or very negative...the negative ones usually given by those who can't connect to the keyboard at all. Some insist they're not computer geeks though.

I don't think this is really a quality issue with the cable, but I'll have to consider that too if I'm out of luck again. I've checked the compatibility of the keyboard/cable/computer. According to the specs/manual, they are compatible with each other.

#2 (answered)

I posted on the request forum a while ago (also) for sheet music for the Soul Calibur series. The majority of them were just requests to convert pdf sheet music by Delldongo ( to be written in MUS files to be submitted for ninsheetmus.

Are there any other things I should do other than crediting him for the original arrangements and providing a link to his website? I have not submitted the sheets to the ninsheetmus yet, right now they are just sitting on my desktop.

Annoying question #3



Request / [MUL] Soul Calibur Series
« on: April 02, 2010, 09:08:55 PM »
I've noticed that ninsheetmus has only 2 songs for the entire series, so...

The songs I'm requesting are:

Going to Where the Wind Blows ( - played) ( - soundtrack)
Peaceful Days (
Hubris ( - I think, there are different versions of this)
Healing Winds ( - played) (
Ephemeral Dream (

The sheet music for the first 4 have been out for some time in pdf form (Delldongo's website For these songs, I was hoping to have someone write them as .mus files (I don't have the software) and submit them to the site. And credit the transcriber Delldongo for the originals if you used them.

For the last song, Ephemeral Dream, I haven't been able to find any sheet music on it and everyone who played on youtube didn't use any sheet music.  My sister wants to learn it (she's 10) and she only managed to play the first part of the song by ear. She wants to able to play more of it and check "her version" with written sheets.

Yes, this is a lot to ask, so thanks in advance. I have midi versions as well, but looking for the site is a bother. They're on my computer, so email me if you need them.

Thanks for reading!

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