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This truly is foolishness. I used to come here because it was fun, and people would be receptive to others and me. I know I suck as an arranger, but it was still a fun hobby to me, and people used to give me constructive criticism. Somewhere along the line, that dissolved. Maestro, my support stays with you and your arrangements, but I'm done posting here. I'll float around to see whats going on as far as music, but as far as people, this is about as friendly a place as Hell, and that's not how it used to be.

This is complete foolishness. These ARRANGEMENTS are actually making it on site. As much as I hate this analogy, lets think of the American Idol try-outs. One of the things they say more often than not is "You took that song and made it your own, and I like that!" What does that mean? It means that you took a song and gave it YOUR OWN FLAIR! That is all Maestro is doing: taking a song, laying down the actually melody, and then working himself up from that melody to give it his own flair. If a person hears a song and perfectly recreates it, we say "Wow! He has a damned good ear!" On the flip side, if a person hears the song, recreates it, and then takes it even farther, we say "Wow! He's a damned good ARRANGER!"

I've stood by Maestro from square one. There is no way in Hell I'm going to be able to nail some of these tunes. However, like someone said previously, that doesn't mean we cant use them. In a lot of situations where I was doing things for Band, I used his songs more like templates. Way back when (and before my comp crashed) someone in my section wanted a Tetris theme done for the Sax that he could play in his spare time. I took the A and B theme, threw them together, and it was pretty good. Then I started thinking about Maestro's Tetris theme (that I'm not dextrous enough to play on piano) and took some of the runs out of his theme, and put them into my sax arrangement. I added another alto and tenor part, and all of a sudden, the piece was sounding much better, not overly difficult through-and-through, but still had that challenging area in it to make it both nostaligic and FUN! He was overjoyed. I see no problem with his arrangements, nor having them on the Submission forum. It's been on here for months, and you are the first admin basically telling him to trash everything because it is garbage. Not only should this be a place where pianists of ANY skill level could come to find music to play that challenges them, but also a place where we can embrace however a member chooses to arrange music. This is supposed to be a family-like environment where can all operate in harmony, not some horrible Dictatorship that dictates what you can write and what you can't. These are Arrangements, and some of them have made it on site, so I think if he wants to submit them, he was no reason why he can't if they are arrangements of video game music.

Its been forever since i posted something here, and i know its still not a piano piece, but i thought it might be fun to make an orchestrated version of Freezeezy Peak. I'm pretty happy, since its my first one to do by ear (had help with the bass part a little), but it is still only about halfway done. I could use any feedback on stuff i could do to better it. Also take note that I did my best on the instrumentation; I only have Notepad '08 so I'm limited on instruments.

I dunno. I think some of these are definately very playable. I brought the Underwater Waltz in to my piano teacher, and he sight read through it pretty successfully. He's definately not the best player, but he can sight read fairly well. I'm sure if he had the time (or the desire to play VG music), he could definately work it up. These aren't impossible, and I enjoy listening to them more than anything. If you were to make mp3's of them, I would be overjoyed (not saying that you have to).

I think Nuts and Bolts was definately not the worst game I've ever played, but nor was it the best (not quite milk, but not quite milkshake). If they were to do another BK installment, I would hope they would do it just like the Classics: the RIGHT way. BK just isn't meant to be a racing game.

Alas, deviation from the topic. Personally, im extremely excited about the Song of Storms arrangement.

Quick question: Are you missing the Fourth movement? Or is there a typo somewhere, because the files go I, II, III, V, VI. Just a-wondrin.

Edit: I forgot to praise this (silly me). This is by far the best one that you have cranked out and if only these fingers were nimble enough (glances of in a longing manner into a dark void to stage right). I truly did love every second contained within this fine suite! This coming from the guy who has both soundtracks on his iPod, however, shouldn't truly be surprising. Masterful work as always, and likewise I await with bated breath your next piece.

Home-Made Compositions / Re: MaestroUGC's Compositions
« on: March 20, 2010, 03:25:22 AM »
I actually thought that it sounded really good, to be honest. My main problems were that some phrases were just a bit too repetitive. It almost seemed like they were repeated for the sake of lenght of the piece. If you were to chop out a bunch of those situations where its the same thing over and over for 10 measures, or perhaps find a better means of linking the different phrases together in a manner that actually uses that time span efficiently, this will be an absolutely beautiful piece. The criticizing part of this is mainly directed toward the first movement, but it holds true in the other pieces. I think the second movement had the same issue. I though the fourth movement was very well paced, everything linked perfectly (not as repetitious, but still a factor in this one too) and I really thought the end was beautiful. The third piece was magnificient. I liked the fast elements, and thought the repetition in it was either non-existant or worked well with the piece. This is just a word of what I have noticed in difficult music (grade 5-6). That it holds the same theme throughout; doesn't really deviate from the 2 or three themes contained within. This makes it easier to play for actual musicians while still maintaining difficulty. So, if you feel its absolutely necessary to make multiple repeated phrases, stick 'em in faster pieces. That is my ameteur perspective on it. Overall, I give this good marks. I definately enjoyed listening.

I use Finale Reader for any file newer than '08, and you can't save files in Finale Reader with opened files. But, as previously stated, it isn't necessary to listen more than once. Im not in any other topics because these are the only topics I'm concerned with. Once Pep Band ends, then I'll piddle elsewhere. I don't have time to work on any arrangements, so, listening to other's music is my reason for coming to the forums.

Well, I can listen to it when its from the mediafire link, but as soon as I save it, it goes to the error screen :P Either way, it sounds good, and i don't really need to listen anymore. Will you be able to get the parts separated?

Everytime I try to play the Dr. Mario theme, Finale says it has encountered an error and closes down. It is the only one that does that :P

Music / Re: Pep band
« on: March 07, 2010, 02:57:41 AM »
Nana1Popo2: As long as you can get the parts to me by Tuesday or Wednesday (no later) I should be fine. Our girls team won regionals, so we're going to State, and that starts on Thursday, but its an overnight trip, so I am potentially going to be gone Thursday-Saturday. Tues-Wednesday is so that we can practice and get the music worked up in Band class by then.

Brassman: If Nana1Popo2 can't get the parts separated, then I would very much so like you to do it for me (same time constraints, obviously).

Thank you both so very much.

Music / Re: Pep band
« on: March 06, 2010, 02:12:53 AM »
I humbly thank you from the very deepest bottom of my heart! Now, I have a side favor that should take no presidence over any of your other numerous tasks (this should do very well, the Halo arrangement). If you could take Nana1Popo2's "Fever (Dr. Mario)" arrangement and separate the parts, I would be forever greatful and won't pester you anymore. You have already done a extreme service to me and I very much so thank you!

Music / Re: Pep band
« on: March 04, 2010, 01:20:51 PM »
5x7 should do. When I do it on Notepad, I highlight the entire part for the instrument, copy it, open a separate, new piece, and paste it in.

Music / Re: Pep band
« on: March 04, 2010, 02:46:58 AM »
Any luck, sir?

None (or very few) of your links are still alive :P

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