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Submissions / Re: [3DS] Tomodachi Life - "Ballad" by Nine Lives
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:41:21 AM »
*All's good, I know the event when this plays

No, not the melody, it's the other voice that you've got in there

Forum Games / Re: Topic Kicking
« on: June 11, 2019, 07:39:45 AM »
You don't really exist, do you?

That's okay. You're among friends now. We don't really exist either.

Come, have a cup of tea. We can talk about our non-existence together.

We could also talk about our non-essence. That's fine, too.

While you're here, do you mind answering a question for me? It's been bothering me for a bit.

... Is that silence a yes or a no?

... You don't seem to be the talkative type.

Well, I guess silent protagonists are alright too. I don't mind.

for m.17-18, i'd suggest making those music box notes an octave higher or so, just so you get that timbral contrast, also i'm hearing that line go "C D G"
in the ending, you could actually move the harp line up an octave and have the LH do the double thirds
m.1 i'm thinking the bass actually starts at that C3, then hops down as you have there. so the C's in m.3-5 should actually be C3 -> C2 -> C3 as it hops up and down
i'm not sure if i'd use the glissando in m.28, since on a piano you can really do either a white key or a black key glissando, and so the F you'd hit by the white key glissando implied wouldn't go well with the F# in the treble

i want to cry

anyway, about the sheet! seems good, i see what you've done with regards to the voices. no complaints here

Forum Games / Re: Topic Kicking
« on: June 05, 2019, 07:14:16 AM »
Also, before anyone says something weird: that is one of Lucky's only lines in the play "Waiting for Godot" (the English translation) by Samuel Beckett. Analyzing that play was probably the worst time of my life and I liked it so much

Forum Games / Re: Topic Kicking
« on: June 05, 2019, 07:01:04 AM »
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Creativity Corner / Re: Insig Tries To Play - Discussion!
« on: May 02, 2019, 10:38:20 AM »
Update: I tried. I really tried.

I can't seem to find a decent solution that would allow me to show off the cutscenes and dialogue easily, while limiting the images I needed. I tried a trial run where I recorded the gameplay, clipped only certain segments and converted it to GIF, but the recording software I used isn't very good on my terrible computer. I'll keep y'all posted if I ever find a solution.

In the meantime, the adventure of Sparks the Cyndaquil and Bubbles the Totodile will still be on hold.

Submissions / Re: [PC] CrossCode - "Valse d'Ahoge" by Greg
« on: April 18, 2019, 04:01:29 AM »
Some stuff i noticed:

m. 4 sounds like you should have a diminished chord in the bass, not just a minor
m. 37 sounds like the melody ends on an A, not a D
m. 48 sounds like the bass chord should be Gm7 now, not Gm9
m. 54's first chord should be an augmented chord (just like m. 2)

For m.7 of Hymn - Spira: Sounds like the first beat should have something in eighths? Not quite sure what you're doing there. I understand why you've done some revoicing in other places, though

Otherwise, I think it's good

Tiny thing: m.13's chords should be Eb F Gb Db, not Eb Gb Ab Db. Once that's fixed, will accept

edit: meant that to be green, not pink. whoops

Gonna just do some quick checkins here before I make any edits:

- sounds like a Bb in the lowermost voice of m.2 beat 3, moves down to an A on m.3
- m.8 beat 3: i'm thinking the voice that goes "C D B C" is more important here, maybe take another listen?
- m.10 i'm hearing beat 2 as an A, followed by E, C#, Bb (without the eighth rest)
- m.11 sounds like there should be a D in the chord somewhere, doesn't look like it has that dissonance as is. likewise, try to fill out the m.12 chord a bit more to capture that feel? i hear the eighths on beat 3. of m.12 spelling out a quartal chord as well (going something like A D G C?)
-m.21-28 i don't think it should be too difficult if the LH also holds down the pinky and plays the D C Bb A bass as well, so consider adding that in?
- m.29: i'm thinking, we can either switch to a different pedal marking since this is a bit messy, or we could do the pedal for like 2 measures, then write "ped. simile", and then write out the pedal markings again when the pattern changes
- m.39 sounds like the bass should be D#, not D
-m.49 hearing those ascending 16ths as G A B C#
-m.60 beat 2.5: hearing it as 2 16ths, going D C#. m.60 beat 2.5 going E A
-m.79 i think you're getting that problem since you're not using the wavy glissando? could be wrong tho
-m.90 beat 3: you didn't add a natural to the E in the treble :(
-m.92-95 hearing the bass ascend like Db - D - Eb - E - F - Gb - G... the next note i can't hear too well, though, but i *suspect* it's a C

lotsa stuff to check and do, this wasn't a thorough checking tho

Site News / Re: Update, Thursday 21st of March 2019
« on: April 04, 2019, 05:56:06 AM »
i hope the seasonal updates becomes a new tradition

Off-Topic / Re: The Birthday Topic
« on: March 18, 2019, 07:51:00 AM »
I just noticed my birthday doesn't show on the calendar, probably because of this

I remembered with 10 minutes to spare, so I managed to snap that pic in time :P

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