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Quote from: Maelstrom on February 15, 2017, 01:00:19 PMA tip: You can set up email notifications for the topic so you get notified whenever anyone posts. That way, you don't need to log on to check this sporadically.

Okay, will do. That's all you had to say! I was completely unaware of this feature.
Quote from: Latios212 on February 15, 2017, 11:48:12 AMAh yes I think you are; in that quote you quoted Mael was just saying that we needed your approval as well to accept this submission (after Sebstian noted his consent). That's all!

Okay, no worries! Thank you.
Regardless of your behavior, I do thank you and Mariolegofan for helping me!
Quote from: Maelstrom on February 07, 2017, 09:37:52 AMbut what about jeg

Maelstrom, may I ask how old you are? Because you are quite childish and disrespectful. You might not know what it means to have commitments outside of this website, but a lot of us do. I'm currently in grad school for film and game composition, thus a lot of my time goes to actual composition, not arrangements. So just because I don't sign in every day and spend every moment of my time checking these arrangements does not mean that you are better than me as you act like you are.

If I'm interpreting this incorrectly, then I'm sorry. :)
But there have been a number of uncalled for childish remarks that I've put up with and I'm sure others have, too. Just figured it's time someone called you out on it. I could go on, but my goal is not to insult you, but to merely teach you to respect others instead of passing judgement.
.mus file has been updated with 5ths in the left hand. If you guys think octaves would be feasible then I can do that, too.
Sounds great so far! Octaves in the right hand seems difficult to me, but then again I suck at playing piano so I don't know ;D
That would be staying more true to the soundtrack, but 5ths in the left hand wouldn't hurt I don't think.
Gaming / Re: What are you playing right now?
January 30, 2017, 11:06:46 AM
Has anyone played Kirby Planet Robobot? I've been playing it, it's really fun and the levels and music are great!
Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but are there any things that we can do to improve this arrangement?
Should be updated now! Let me know if it did not work.
Hey guys, I'll update the links ASAP! I just got done with my first semester in grad school and I was busy all semester!
Gaming / Re: What are you playing right now?
October 06, 2016, 09:00:32 AM
Who's ready for Paper Mario: Color Splash?
I'm really looking forward to it!
Also Halo Wars 2... ;D
Yes, sorry about that. This was one of my first arrangements, and at the time I wasn't sure if the goal was to make the sheet music as accurate to the original as possible (same exact octaves and everything), or if it was alright to move the notes around to make it possible to perform.  ::)

Even though it is obvious to me now that it should be performable since it isn't a full score or anything like that...
Regardless, I should've checked it over again before submitting it.
Yeah I think it looks/sounds great! Thanks for the feedback guys!
Haha thanks! Yep, that's why I saved this one for my last Paper Mario: TTYD submission (at least for now). I'll take a look at it to see if I can figure out the key.