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"Iki Town (Night"" (Pokemon SM) by braix! <3

aaaand a nice and simple one from miss honey herself ^^

"Yoshi Star Galaxy" (SMG2) by Seb! ^^

tell me this isn't one of the funnest things you've heard ahaha

"Amusement Park" (NieR: Automata) by Maelstrom

A simple and haunting little piece that blows up into something amazing. Lots of love to Mael for taking up my request, hehe <3

"Main Theme" (Zelda: BotW) by Pianoth Eakos Shaveck

Still one of the toughest sheets I've ever shot! Huge kudos to Pianoth for this virtuoso learning experience - wish I could learn it better too, but the video's out and the baton has been passed ;D

Definitely give this one a try if you're feeling ballsy and wanna show off a bit~
Quote from: Time Link on July 29, 2018, 04:50:52 PMSo Latios212 is showing you playing in his section?

yep! i just play a lot of his sheets xP

"Twinleaf Town" (Pokemon DPPt) by Latios212 :D

Double post with one of my favourite sheets ever ;w;
With this board getting revived, I'm really looking forward to listening and commenting on some covers hehe - but on my end, here's what I've got :D


"Distortion World" (Pokemon Platinum) by InsigTurtle! :D

One of the coolest sheets I've done, without a doubt. If you know the original, you probably know why this probably shouldn't be in a sheet form xP

Insig nailed this one though - if you'd like a more experimental and pretty showy piece, this is the one :)
just wanna pop in and say that you sound great! ^^ the audio quality was excellent, the playing was confident, and i'm certain that you can definitely try some tougher sheets than these, hehe.

but excellent job with the two shots you have - keep it up, yeah :D
Quote from: Time Link on July 28, 2018, 12:36:56 PMWhy are you showing Latios212 playing and not you?

it is me, ehehe <3
Week 2 - "Iki Town (Night)" by braix! ^^

This one's not immediately straightforward in terms of fingerings, but when you do get them it feels really smooth - it flows wonderfully, just like the original. Great job to braix for the sheet, and do consider this one for a read on a slow day :)

Week 1 - AZ's Theme! ^^

Quote from: AwesomeYears on July 18, 2018, 10:59:27 PMA question, would a remix of a Mario song from a Super Smash Bros game count as a song from the Mario series? I think this is a stupid question but wanna make sure first.

Mmm...I would advise against it haha, I do wanna do a Smash album eventually ^^

Legally though, I'd assume not~
Heyya everyone! ^^

Out of necessity and panic, I decided to scour through the NSM Pokemon archive for simple stuff to play...and I found stuff! :) These will be uploaded to my Youtube channel, coming with handwritten annotations, every Saturday~

Here's the list! ;D


AZ's ThemePokemon XYarr. Joel Hands-Otte
Iki Town (Night)Pokemon SMarr. braix <3
Fallabor TownPokemon RSEarr. Dr Pamplemouse
Lumiose CityPokemon XYarr. braix baby again
The Lament of Falling StarsPokemon ORASarr. InsigTurtle
Union CavePokemon GSCarr. Olimar12345
Team Rocket HQPokemon GSCarr. Zeila
Spear PillarPokemon DPPtarr. Gav
N, The Pokemon ChildPokemon BWarr. Joel Hands-Otte
Undella TownPokemon BWarr. Deku


As an aside, if you have any suggestions for easy sheets that you did yourself, I'm always open to give them a spin - feel free to dm me on discord or message me here, I'll love you for it ;w;

(first update coming tomorrow!)
Quote from: E. Gadd Industries on July 13, 2018, 08:15:43 PM: D eyyyyyy I'll gladly help out. I have anything I've arranged so far, and I'm also working on the Sunshine OST rn, so if there's anything you want from that, let me know and I'll arrange it next!

(discussed via dm! ^^)


I've confirmed Static's "Tostarena Ruins" and THC's "Dodo's Coming"! :) From now on, there'll also be a list of confirmed sheets in the OP~

Considering the response so far, I think I won't be setting a deadline for this round! ^^ And hey, if there'd be enough interest for future runs of this (for different franchises!), I'd be so dang happy.

I do, however, intend to cap the album at around ten tracks - so when that mark is crossed, I'll start recording sessions. If your track doesn't make it by then, I could still use it for Youtube...but I hope yall understand, it's pretty tough to get a good recording, and then there's the stuff to do on the production side ahaha ;w;
Anyway, thank you all so much for the response! ^^ To follow-through with this promise, I will be commissioning the album art the moment we get 10 sheets confirmed :)
Quote from: InsigTurtle on July 13, 2018, 12:16:31 AMi feel personally attacked

especially since my idea is a very atmospheric track that i love

you can count 50% of what i say as personal attacks on you haha i dont expect to agree with you on most things too soon <3

Quote from: WaluigiTime64 on July 11, 2018, 07:05:02 PMHow long do we get to make a sheet? I'm busy, so my production rate will be much slower than usual.

Also does it have to sound directly like the original structurally, or can we arrange a minute-long piece into a 3 minute thing?

i have no timeframe in mind yet, but it's be great to have these sheets as soon as possible! ^^ also, i welcome creative strutures :)

Quote from: PlayfulPiano on July 11, 2018, 08:13:02 PMAlso, isn't this what 88bitmusic was sort of suggesting a while back in discord?

took a quick search at this! really respect that guy, whew! <3

i also see that he mentioned something about paying royalties to arrangers, buuut i promise you this is not in favour of you guys haha, unless you guys are interested in splitting costs with me xP

if you'd like a full financial explanation feel free to dm me!