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Alright, so now it's time to move on to the next phase: voting.
Voting will be done the same as last time; PM a ranked list of the nominations to Libera, not me, as he will be in charge of tallying votes. Using the forum's PM system is prefered, but discord can be used if that is not an option. If you're not sure how the votes will be counted, please check the post from last time.

For clarity's sake, here is an example PM:
1 - Weather
2 - Replacements
3 - Shop Themes
4 - Nighttime themes
5 - Request fulfilment
6 - Arcade titles of the 80s and 90s
7 - Forests
8 - Sad/Tragic Backstory themes
9 - Beginnings and Endings
These are just in the nomination order, so there is no significance in this order. All votes must have every nomination ranked, with no ties or they will not be counted. Like last time, all arrangers (those with at least one sheet on the site) will have their votes count as double.

The deadline is Saturday evening (4 days from this post), but please submit your votes as soon as possible.

The nominations:
- Weather
- Replacements
- Shop Themes
- Nighttime themes
- Request fulfilment
- Arcade titles of the 80s and 90s
- Forests
- Sad/Tragic Backstory themes
- Beginnings and Endings

hearing something completely different for m5 2nd layer. I'm not 100% confident, but I think it sounds something like this:

-I think the 2 8ths in b1 of m10 should be a 16th and a dotted 8th. I'm hearing a continuation of the rhythm from the previous measure.
-m11 b2.25 - dotted 8th should be a 16th on G# followed by an 8th on D#.
-I hear no 2nd layer harmony in m12 - but I do hear beat 2's 8th note being a 16th and a 2nd 16th on the D# again
-Same rhythmic pattern with the D# in m14
-I hear the 3rd harmony in b2.5 of m15
-m22 I hear this, messy as it looks:

-m23 b3- I hear the dotted 8th divided as a 16th on the A# and an 8th on the E below it
-I hear a downward motion from the chord in b3.75 to the 8th in b4.5
- M24:

-m25 - I hear a 4th harmony with b1.5 (D#)
-m25 b3-4 - I hear a dotted 8th-dotted 8th-8th rhytm here with a C#, D#, and A#


-m28 - I hear a dotted 8th, 16-tie-16, 16, 8th at a G#, A#-A#, D#, F# pattern
-m29 - no harmony on b1.75, and b 2.5 is 2 16ths, a D# and a D# an octave below (which is what is currently written)
-m3.75 has a 3rd harmony above it

-m33 - the notes should be G#-A#-B - all a full step lower than they are now
-m35 - b4 is 2 8ths - a G# (written) and a B


-m45 b2.25 - dotted 8th sdhould be a 16th on G# followed by an 8th on D#

wew that was a lot

I'm fine with all of these changes.

Good work, team

I like the idea, but is there a way to expand to to be more broadly applicable? As it is, it can't apply to any games without sad flashbacks, which is probably the majority. Rewording it do allow for creative interpretations may also be a good idea.

I took the liberty of updating the files for you.

I will leave my mark of approval here. It will be accepted once a 2nd updater looks over it.

Glad I could help; I hope to see more of you in the future.

Right, forgot about notepad. In case you haven't noticed already, it's an intentionally hamstrung piece of software meant to frustrate you into paying for finale. This can be incredibly expensive to obtain legally, although the price can be as low as $100 if you are a college/university student.

Back to the sheet; I'll be giving it a full check now. I ended up making all these changes.
-I'm going to do a bit of cross staff notation with the harmony line. This will make it clearer what is that voice instead of just having it make octaves in the same layer as the LH.
-m11 RH - the harmony here is actually a g.
-I fixed a misaligned layer in m12. Finale has a bad habit of not realigning colliding layers when you remove the collision.
-added a half note harmony in m15, even if it is just replayed the next measure
-realigned 2nd layer in m16, and added harmony to the melody for beat 1.
-Also, the 2nd note in the 2nd layer chord is an F, not a G.
-I added harmony for all the parts in the 2nd section. I also added in the 2nd voice that comes in at the end of m18 and m22.
-Fixed harmony in m25 RH - should be a G, not an A.
-changed the final beat in the final melody in the RH.
-Adjusted 8th note beaming in m8, m11, and m15. If you want to know the why of what I did, just ask.
-Slurred the grace notes.
-Added a double barline at the end of m16 to indicate the section change.

Alright, I made 2 edits of the formatting, and I want you to the one to choose which one you want. You can either have the 1 page version that is smaller and slightly more squished, or the 2 page version that has more space but takes up two pages. If you're not sure, maybe print them out and see how easy they are to play on piano.

Glad I could help. Honestly, I just picked this song because I thought it'd be funny to arrange. And it was.

yes finish sophisticated fight already
m34 LH sounds a bit more complex than you've written it. If you intentionally simplified it there, that's fine, but I wanted to point it out anyway.
please don't give measure numbers after you add measures
yeah it was simplified to be more pianistic and playable.
While I was at it, I simplified the LH 16th runs to make the song more consistently playable.
Now there's never more than one 16th note in a row outside a few places in the melody where it's easy to reach without any crossing over.

I took the liberty of making the intro fermatas instead of two measures because that seems more in like with how someone would play it and not because 2 measures completely ruined my measure spacing

files updated

  • m47: To indicate the pedal markings a continuation of the implied ones from before, I would start the line just as a straight line without the bracket, or start at the ^ before it.
But it's not a continuation? The part before it still has the lift at the 8th rest like m17 onward.

everything else fixed and updated.

oh no dad

Lemme walk you through the changes I make.
First, stuff like this is a bit of a mess and likely why the import went wrong:

Not sure if this is how you had it in musescore, but there are far too many layers here and it's messing everything up.
Looks like they were messed up further my my copy+pasting, but it looks a lot cleaner like this:

-I also changed the first measure from a 1/8 to a pickup measure, which I'm sure is something that got messed up in the transfer.
-I moved the 2nd voice in m3 to the 2nd layer - voices should be kept to the same layer. As it was, the beaming made it look like beat 2 onward was actually the same voice as beat 1 1st layer.
-There's some places where the bassline is held, but in some of the short repeated notes, like m3's LH, 2 16ths would be better. I took the liberty of changing them. I also added a few staccatos to the LH in the 2nd part.

Some things I'm leaving it up to you to change:
-m15's LH starts with 3 16th notes. I hear it other places, but it did make sense to leave them out for playability reasons. I'm not sure what makes this measure different.
-m11 LH - I'ts not humanly possible to play both layers here. Either pick one, or have the right hand take that higher note. 
-The background voice. I'm a bit mixed on how you implemented it. My original idea was that it could play when nothing else was going on in the right hand to give it something to do. Having it everywhere leads to impossible jumps like m1 and a sudden increase in difficulty
-The harmony for the main melody. I wrote out what I heard for the first system; see if you can use that as a starting point to hear the harmony for the rest of it.
-One more thing about the background voice - It changes up in m12
-Measure spacing. Either tweak it so that everything is on one page (more difficult) or so that there are more systems on page 2 (harder, but I think you can do it with notepad. The reason I'm not doing it now is I think that adding/removing the 2nd layer will change the spacing of the first page somewhat.

Here's the file I fixed. As I said, there is still work to do that can help you be a better arranger by working through it yourself. It's always nice to see new arrangers around here, and this is a pretty solid first sheet, nice job.

No problem, I'll take care of it now.

REFLEC BEAT groovin'!!
[midi] [.mus] [.musx] [PDF]

On this episode of "Why did maelstrom arrange this song?"

There is no answer,

Whoops, I made a mistake. 6/4 implies that the time signiture is compound and not a simple 4/4+2/4. Either change it back or make it 3/2, but the former is probably easier. My apologies.

Sorry about the importer not working. I can give this a go and try to format it properly if you want.

Help! / Re: What do the bars by the songs mean?
« on: May 22, 2020, 07:53:25 PM »
Additionally, new sheets will start with an empty bar for the first week, as there's no data on them yet.

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