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I'll be making these minor changes as I go along since you don't have full finale.
-Put more space between the staves in systems 2 and 3.
-Re-distributed 2nd layer rests in the same part and m13
-Uninverted the RH chords in m7 and 8
-Added measures numbers
-redistributed measures
-Merged text with tempo marking to create a single object
-Swapped layers in m12-m13
-Changed the last note of m15 from a 16th to an 8th (with staccato?)
-Redid dynamic/cresc. placements
-Added a G# to the LH chord in m12 for punch
-Updated margins
-Added title on 2nd page

With this, I'll stamp it with my seal of approval

My finished file:

I don't really see the point of the ped markings at all. I can't hear those notes ringing out longer than any others in the whole song and it just feels unnecessary.

Why is the En in m2 spelled with an Fb? It makes it harder to tell the chord is just a simple F7. I'd strongly recommend using a En instead in all instances.

-m17 rh b3 - I hear the F in this chord as a Ab
-m23 rh b1 - I don't hear the octave harmony here, just the lower F.
-m27 rh b4 - I hear the same chord here as back in m19 rather than the single note.
-m31 rh b4 - I hear the solitary G here instead of a full chord

How's that updated sheet coming? I've got time to check it and would be glad to do so

m17 LH b4.5 - It's an Eb, not a Bb
m18 RH - sounds like this:

Naturally, that isn't exactly playable, but the way it is now misrepresents what is being played here. I might recommend raising it an octave or rolling it.
Staccatos for 2nd layer in m17-19?

I hear what MSF heard in m28, exactly as he said, even at full speed.

Cool, thanks. I'll start doing the same from now on, then.


I am 110% positive it's not here. Having it on the offbeat is the default for this kind of song, and the fact that it's never on the downbeat makes m36 stand out more when it hits 3 times. Maybe if another updater could listen?

Project Archive / Re: Libera's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 23, 2020, 02:07:20 PM »
Alright, sounds fantastic.

Approved, and I'm satisfied with the result of m3.

Project Archive / Re: Libera's Halloween Sheet
« on: October 23, 2020, 01:24:11 PM »
m3 drone - I understand your thought process, but I still hear those As, especially on b1.25/1.5 as strong enough to include instead. Maybe the next updater could weigh in on it.

ok it took me a bit but my m8 comment was supposed to be for m10. The fact that it took me a while to figure out what I was saying is embarrassing.

Not liking my m11 changes is perfectly fine. That part is tricky and I'll trust the person who spent far too long agonizing over this, especially because I'm not that confident.

The chaos section looks better now and I'm fine giving it a thumbs up as it is now.

very close to approval

Alright, done

Out of curiosity, can I have a source on that? I'd like to know for my own pieces

m34 - I don't hear a piano chord on b3 here. It's in 36 tho.
Speaking of those piano chords in m34-37, they're actually an A and E, not an E and a B. I would recommend moving the A up and octave to prevent it from replaying the A played by the bass right before then.

m40 b4 - I hear a F here instead of the rest.

Staccatos would be nice in m17, m26, and m42
Slurs would be nice in m20-24

man that first chord made me think it was ganon at first. Upon further checking, it's in exactly the same key.

It would be nice from a visual standpoint if the 8vas extended to the end of their respective measures.

I'm not sure how I feel about the chords, but I can't come up with better ones so I think they're fine. 

and that's it.

Bump for arranger, itd be nice if this could be fixed up

Bump for arranger, this one's really close.

Unfortunately, we're going to need to shelve this for lack of activity. When you come back, feel free to resubmit it with the suggested changes.

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