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oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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Forum Games / Re: Whoevers post last wins. New rule.
« on: July 19, 2019, 09:21:02 AM »
I really wanna try out the CTGP mod for MKWii...

Also King Boo + Shooting Star ftw!

Off-Topic / Re: Pet peeves!
« on: July 19, 2019, 09:18:42 AM »
Personally, I've always been tempted to call a future pet Peeve just so I can make terrible jokes constantly.
I have a new pet peeve

More seriously though, @ the people who don't use turn signals to indicate lane change on the major roads.

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: July 19, 2019, 09:14:02 AM »
Never dismiss the possibility that it is challenging you to a duel.
Hmmmm... it did seem not happy when I moved my laptop...

Maybe it's challenging him to a flexing duel.
I guess it flexed so hard, it flexed out of the room ; D
The next morning, it was gone, and there was a small web coming from the side of my PC down to the chair it was in.

Off-Topic / Re: Official "I'm Away Topic"
« on: July 19, 2019, 09:11:01 AM »
Oh yeah, my church's youth minister asked me to chaperone a trip that was Monday-Wednesday, so that's why I suddenly disappeared. I'm back now :D

Ahhhhh this one is tough to decide... gotta stick with the best meme, though: Dudeman wins!

7/18/19 Narcolepsy (n.)- a condition characterized by a transient compulsive tendency to attacks of deep sleep

Site News / Re: NSM Mario Maker Showcase!
« on: July 19, 2019, 09:07:13 AM »
Woohoo!! Time to make people laugh at my consistently awful self-deprecating jokes at my banter and repeated "Wow, I don't think I could have ever pulled that off!"

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!
« on: July 15, 2019, 05:05:43 AM »
So this is the current vote count:
Mikey - 1 (MadDemon)
BDS - 1 (ShyYoshiGuy)
MadDemon - 1 (BlackDragonSlayer)
ShyYoshiGuy - 2 (mikey, Funnygurl)

I think this game suffers from the fact that there are a lot of people here who have never played with a lot of the others. Playstyles, skill levels... everything is clashing and as a result, everyone is suspicious of everyone. I'm honestly in disbelief that the banker didn't get a counter, but I'm willing to chalk that up to the fact that I've never played a game with ES that made me sus of them in the first place. So here we are now, D2 is nearing a close and the current leader is winning by 1 because 2 people agreed on something.

I'm going to think for a small time more and then vote

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!
« on: July 14, 2019, 08:23:00 AM »
what if
just think about this for a sec
there isnt an inactive wolf
I thought this over, and there might be some validity here. If mikey is a wolf, I could see him trying to pull some crazy weird tactic that involves having him or a partner not vote in order to throw suspicion onto a less active person. Sure, it might not be a smart strategy, but if MadDemon is town, then it seems to be working well on BDS.

Also to note, based on what's happened up to now (although I haven't read the Discord since around 14 hours ago), my suspicions have shifted a little bit. I'll think them over, finalize them, and then post my thoughts on the game as a whole tomorrow.

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: July 14, 2019, 08:10:56 AM »
I was editing a video today, and the rendering took so long that a spider started trying to build a web to my laptop. Now it sits on my laptop, ready to strike at whatever bug dares get too close. But it also keeps striking a weird pose that I've never seen spiders make, so uh, I'm not sure if it's... okay?

7/13/19 Winklepickers (n., pl.)- shoes with a sharp-pointed toe

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!
« on: July 12, 2019, 07:52:33 PM »
You accuse Shy of his reasoning being off, and yet when you are directly asked for reasoning, all you say is
reasoning clear
When obviously it is not bc multiple people have asked you to explain further.

But on another note, so had mikey accused you, you wouldn't have asked "Why are you accusing me?" and instead would have just started accusing him? From your perspective, that works because you know your role, whatever that may be. But think about it from ours. We don't know you're human, even if I had town-read you in an earlier post. So if you, instead of trying to figure out why, immediately start pointing fingers back, that looks more defensive than anything else.

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!
« on: July 12, 2019, 06:49:12 PM »
So let me get this straight...

Hoggers voted ShyYoshiGuy after offering the explanation that Shy was too self-centered in thinking. But the post that warranted this (correct me if I'm wrong) was simply Shy questioning mikey why mikey accused Shy of being a wolf. I strongly believe that that's a natural response to being accused of being a wolf, asking why you're being accused, so I would like to post the question to you specifically, Hoggers:

If someone accused you of being a wolf similarly to the way mikey accused Shy (in a somewhat joking and/or unexplained way), how would you respond? I would assume it wouldn't be "Why do you accuse me?", because that's "too self-centered." Also, you might want to know that you won't get far in a game like this by, when asked for reasoning, you simply say "Read" and nothing more. Everyone worth their salt in this game reads, so if we're not understanding to the point of asking questions, it might be worthwhile to explain it.

Sadly, though, it seems this game is plagued with a lack of explanation and that leaves people like me who are still not all that familiar with the intricacies of more advanced playing (although I'm not so sure I'd call this game "advanced playing") in the dark. If people would actually take the time to explain their votes, they might be able to actually persuade me to support their cause.

I didn't intend on making a rant post, but do try to explain your actions when playing. If at the very least, it makes it easier for town to cooperate and makes you look less wolfish (unless you are a wolf, in which case it might reveal your colors).

7/11/19 Cecidomyia (n.)- one of a very large genus of gall-forming, minute, two-winged flies

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!
« on: July 12, 2019, 06:07:12 AM »
Oh, no it isn't. My vote is still Funnygurl555.

I was just bolding the whole statement so people read it.

The Werewolf Game / Re: TWG CXIII: Screw Strategy, We Have Money!
« on: July 12, 2019, 06:04:21 AM »
I am just documenting this here in case anyone missed it, because I feel like this is important.

Chat log from Discord
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:47
hoggers is a clown.
Just follow me.
I'm a power role.
mikeyayer a las 23:48
Oh? What are you claiming
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:48
I can't claim yet.
You don't know my alignment.
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:48
mikeyayer a las 23:48
Vote stays tbh
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:49
"I'm a power role but I can't claim which one" is kind of suspicious.
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:49
Do you have a problem, BlackDragon?
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:49
Like, if you're ACTUALLY claiming, the wolves don't really care which one you are, so you better get that info out there/
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:49
I'm the Banker.
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:50
why would you claim though
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:50
Wolves got 300
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:50
it's much too early for claims
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:50
You just asked me to
you're definitely scum for that.
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:50
You started it.
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:50
You just told me to claim and now you're burying me for it.
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:50
You're the one who said you're a power role.
ShyYoshiGuyayer a las 23:50
Why did you claim power rule in the first place?
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:50
Yea duh.
But you said
mikeyayer a las 23:50
This is fine
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:50
"Scum doesn't care which one you are, so just say it"
Can nobody see what he was trying to pull?
mikeyayer a las 23:50
Just buy wolfsbane every night
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:50
Yeah, because you already claimed.
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:50
He's trying to shade me for something he asked me to do.
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:51
I'm shading you for claiming power role in the first place.
You should have kept that quiet.
EveningSun720ayer a las 23:51
A town would never shade
you're a clown.
BlackDragonSlayerayer a las 23:51
What I said is that, now that you had already claimed, you might as well give town any help you can by claiming you're specific role.
mikeyayer a las 23:51
Alrighty then
...please ignore the fact that my Discord is in Spanish. Ayer means "Yesterday," in case you weren't aware.
So the biggest thing to get from this:

EveningSun720 claimed banker. Are there any counterclaims?

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