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Off-Topic / Re: Official "I'm Away Topic"
December 31, 2016, 08:54:32 PM
Hi guys, I've been MIA from the site, and I'm sorry I forgot to post here. I've been busy with my own projects (music-related and otherwise) as well as finishing my degree program. I still try to make arrangements, and when I do I post them to MuseScore, but without access to Finale, it's too much hassle to make official submissions to NSM. I'm still around though - I read PMs and you can talk to me about arrangements and such. Happy New Year everyone, and congratulations on the Undertale arrangement project!
I'm making it a goal for myself to do all of the Undertale boss themes (once again, for myself, not necessarily for submission). I went on a bit of a frenzy over the past few weeks or so...

Hopes and Dreams
Battle Against a True Hero
Metal Crusher

Here's a link to the whole collection so far:
Undertale - Boss music

Similar to how Bergentr├╝ckung is part of ASGORE, I'm probably going to add Nyeh Heh Heh! to Bonetrousle, Ghost Fight to Dummy!, and perhaps SAVE the World to Hopes and Dreams.
I made a preliminary arrangement of Hopes and Dreams. (I dunno if Bespinben ever got around to arranging it, but I don't see his name next to it...)

Just now I made a version of ASGORE for myself, and after I finished it I compared it with yours (which is a great arrangement, by the way). The only thing I suggest is that you look over the RH of 21 - it should be C# the 2nd and 4th time.
I decided to make a version of ASGORE for myself, but I won't try to submit it, unless Olimar12345 wants me to - his arrangement is just fine.

Also, it's got a Sans-level pun in the tempo marking.
Updated. I'll need to hear a second opinion before I change the bass line in 1-3. I'm choosing to follow the more subtle bass line - it's the exact same as 5-7 except down a couple octaves - because the constant 16ths drive the piece forward in a similar way that the drums do.
Haven't updated this thread in a while. I've decided I'm going to keep all my music on my MuseScore account, and only make Finale versions when I'm looking to submit them.

Death by Glamour
Spear of Justice
Spider Dance
Quote from: DonValentino on December 19, 2015, 01:43:07 PMNooooooooooo! I was about to do this J;

lol it's ok, good work. However, needs more swag! Staccatos plz :J
Quote from: Olimar12345 on December 23, 2015, 06:57:50 PMReally good! Do you mind moving your composer/arranger and copyright info down a bit, to more closely resemble [this] example? The composer/arranger names shouldn't really be in line with the title, at least the way we format it here on NSM (especially since you have plenty of space available).

Other than that, I feel the arrangement fairs pretty well. I personally would have tried to preserve more of the light, separated, "bouncy" style emitting from daht bari sax. Right now it seems rather legato. Adjust the formatting and it'll be fine though.

I moved the names down and rearticulated the notes to emphasize the bounciness of the piece. =)
It does sound really good and faithful - it's obvious you put a lot of effort into it. But there are a few things keeping it from that next level of quality.
  • It is best to not obscure the beat division - both beats in 6/8 time need to be clear. For this reason, half-notes should not be used in 6/8 time (unless the accentuation is momentarily 3/4, which is never the case in this song). Rewrite each of them as a dotted quarter tied to an eighth.
  • The B-naturals in 31-36 should be written as C-flats. Look at the RH chord in 32 for example: it's actually a root-position triad, but it looks like a second-inversion one. C-flats will reinforce that intervallic relationship properly.
  • Temporary part splitting, such as in 9 and 10, should be done beatwise - you should not hide rests that complete the beat. For example, either the eighth rest in 9 be made visible, or the quarter note be extended to a dotted quarter (I would do the latter).
  • 7 could be taken a step further by combining the secondary voices of both staves into a double-stemmed beam.
  • Trailing rests of a beat in compound time, such as LH 13 and 14, should show all subdivisions. Instead of eighth note then quarter rest, it should be eighth note followed by two eighth rests (but quarter note followed by eighth note is acceptable).
  • I would avoid using ff everywhere because it loses its power - save it for the most dramatic moments of the piece, use f elsewhere.
  • Grace note groups should be connected to the principle note with a slur.
  • I'm not sure how, but you somehow put a staccato on rests in 13 and 16.
These are just notation points; I haven't thoroughly investigated the arrangement's accuracy (but I noticed a few notes in LH 11-12).
I'm looking forward to the next iteration =)
Super Paper Mario
Quote from: Th3Gavst3r on December 18, 2015, 07:55:53 PMAm I the only one who hears 7/8 in this? I would prefer 7/8 counting so much more .-.

I think the pulse is mostly 3+3+2+2+2 sixteenths (6/16 + 3/8). It's awkward but the notation is written to reinforce that stressing. I subdivided beams to reflect that better.

I also changed the second key to G# minor instead of Ab minor.
Derp, my bad. Fixed and fixed.