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Rest in pepperoni, Mario Mario, 1981 - 2021
He will be missed by all, except for me! WARIO, NUMBER ONE!

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Request / Re: Request SMG 1+2
« on: September 21, 2015, 08:05:05 PM »
Read this, but other than that, I could try Drip Drop once I get Starshine outta the way.

Whatever you do, DO NOT blame yourself. Not your fault. You got out of your way to help and I am.realy grateful for that, thank you.

And @Latios and @Olimar: Will get with those tomorow after school and work. Thanks for the help!

Oh really now? Dang it. Oh well, thanks for that heads up though!

Just gonna bump it because when I tried submitting new sheets, it said that you can only have a maximum of two sheets and I really want to get rid of sheets to upload new ones.

Replaced and all~
Thanks TheMarioPianist.

I love you so much! Thank you. God, you are a lifesaver.

@TheMarioPianist: Thank you very much and greatly appreciated!

@Altissimo: There were a couple of problems I encountered. I currently have finale notepad and I don't think Finale has the grace note option.
And when I tried pressing L, nothing happened. I have the first sets of notes on layer 1 and put the overlapping set of notes on layer 3. Not sure if this is the reason why it's not working.
That's all and thank you for taking your time to check this. I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you guys! I love you guys very much! Will update soon!

Gaming / Re: My Top 50/25/15/10/5
« on: September 20, 2015, 09:21:18 PM »
@HeartofChaos: I will do that next.
@Tobbeh: Your welcome and thanks! I really enjoyed reading yours!  And Wii fit trainer seems really interesting#

Gaming / Re: My Top 50/25/15/10/5
« on: September 20, 2015, 07:15:51 PM »
Top 10 Melee/Brawl/Wii U/3DS Characters

Number 10: Rosalina and Luma

I'm glad they are here! Who knew a calm, collected girl could be so deadly? Also, we get to have Luma which is like a 2 for 1 package deal!  The luma is the one who does most of the dirty work and her final smash involves stars shooting everywhere, then exploding, that sends the enemy flying. I was ecstatic when she appeared on the Wii U/3DS.

Number 9: Pac Man

Ah Pac Man. They are adding more and more older characters that were around in the 80's. Did you guys see Pac Man's final smash? Very creative. I love playing as Pac Man because I remember playing pac man in the arcades when I was a little girl and I was laughing as I ate up the ghosts with those power ups. Nostalgia is the only reason I included him.

Number 8: Duck Hunt

Nintendo. Did I ever tell you how much I love you? Honestly, I like this dog better than the dog that comes from the assist trophy. He is so cute! And he is extremely powerful also. And that bird is really cute! I swear when he starts sniffing the ground, my heart breaks. His final smash is also really cool as you have people throwing missile/cans at you and you explode off the stage.

Number 7: Villager

Villager has a special place in my heart. The main reason I like him is because he can get projectiles and fling it back at others. I remember I was playing against my friend, a bowser jr. He threw his cannon at me and I got it. He was shocked and was like, "Where did it go!" I laughed and yelled, "Right here!" as I flung the cannon and it hit him in the face. Ahh, memories.

Number 6: Kirby

I love that pink little gumball. <3 He is so adorable in many different ways, especially his taunts. You can steal an enemy's B move with his B move. He can also float to high distances, can change into an invulnerable rock, and his hammer is no joke. Did you guys ever get hit in the face by his hammer? Very painful. Also, did I mention he is so adorable?

Number 5: Megaman

Mega man! Honestly, I've seen people go crazy since Mega man appeared and I wouldn't be surprised. Mega man is really really fun to play with all his cannons and his final smash is really beautiful to watch and brought a single drop of tears to my eyes because it truly was beautiful. When I play with friends, at least 1 person chooses Mega man and that trend still continues!

Number 4: Captain Falcon

Who can ever forget Captain Falcon? His most famous move is the falcon punch and when paused at the right moment, you can see a fiery falcon. He is like a more agile Ganondorf and his final smash brings you a cool animation. His knee kick when timed right can be extremely devastating and his attacks are quick and powerful. A good combination.

Number 3: Sonic

One of the fastest of the characters, I love playing with Sonic on a large map while pissing everyone off with my speed. His moves involves rolling into a ball and tackling the enemy. His final smash is pretty powerful, but like Pikachu's, it is extremely, extremely hard to control. But overall, I love playing as Sonic as his speed can make for a good raging.

Number 2: Ike

Ike is a real powerhouse. He is really slow, but extremely powerful. His B move when charged fully, can be devastating to anybody, even yourself. He has a charge move, and his final smash is no joke also. He is the first of the characters that have a final smash that involves dragging the enemy in the air, slashing them, and throwing them to the ground with extreme force.

Number 1: Meta Knight

Meta Knight. His speed, agility, and recovery makes up for the brute strength, but he is still extremely strong. He is hard to learn and hard to use, but if you master him, the enemy better watch out. His final smash is deadly if the opponent is over around 60% health, but it also gets your partner which sucks. He has 4 recovery moves and is ranked number 1 on this list.

Gaming / Re: My Top 50/25/15/10/5
« on: September 20, 2015, 06:31:27 PM »
@Tobbeh: Oh yeah! Negative zone would you get an immediate K.O if you did the up b move, but poltergeist would be more fitting as it gives credit to Luigi mansion and is more relevant.
And Falco's line was cool also. Only if wolf was here too. And I'll do that next! The top 10 smash characters! Good idea!

@Mariolegofan: Thanks! And yeah, many people hate water levels but they were still fun and enchanting!

@Altissimo: Ahh the 100 coins, I feel you. That place is huge, and without a walkthrough, it'd be a nightmare.

@Slow: Yeah, but thank God that place was was so small, and most of the coins were in a ring. I remember always being sucked into the black void and having to complete it over again. T.T

Gaming / Re: My Top 50/25/15/10/5
« on: September 20, 2015, 06:37:20 AM »
The music was the only thing that was good to me, but other than that, I'm not that fond of it.

Gaming / Re: My Top 50/25/15/10/5
« on: September 20, 2015, 05:41:40 AM »
Top 10 Super Mario Galaxies from Galaxy 1
My favorite galaxies from galaxy 1. Music will not count as it will be a separate category.

Number 10: Ghostly Galaxy

Ghostly Galaxy is also a real enigma. After all, Boo's are mysterious creatures. This is the galaxy where you get Luigi introduced and he has been kidnapped! We can also turn into Boo's to help save Luigi. Though, what I find weird is how the ghosts act towards you. That makes me wonder if the boos are female or genderless.

Number 9: Sea Slide Galaxy

Seaslide galaxy is a fun galaxy where you can swim all day long! As its name implies, it contains the sea and the slide, though you should watch out for the edges because they are really dangerous. Also, the water fountain thing that squirts like a rainbow when you twist a gear is also a cool plus. Also, we get to race Guppy again, though he kind of freaks me out.

Number 8: Melty Molten Galaxy

An extremely dangerous galaxy and the home to one of the toughest daredevil missions ever. This galaxy is no joke and you are at risk of getting burned to a crisp in this galaxy. This is also home to one of the coolest scenery where there is like a huge obstacle course filled with lava and you have to roll the ball across. The sinking lava spire is cool also, but brings painful memories.

Number 7: Dreadnought Galaxy

Sometimes, I don't understand people. Why do people hate this galaxy? It's actually really cool looking and the missions are pretty cool also! I love how they also incorporate the water to make it fit and it also has one of the hardest purple coin mission. I prefer this over Battlerock and I stand by this decision because this place had way more things to do.

Number 6: Dusty Dunes Galaxy

Some people like to hate against this galaxy because it is a desert and some missions are tiring, but I love this galaxy because there are tons to explore and tons more sceneries to enjoy. Those tornado's were fun to go in because we'd fly extremely high and I love the tower that drops down. I love this galaxy very much.

Number 5: Gusty Garden Galaxy

This galaxy is really a fun galaxy, but it poses some challenges. You are basically in "fruit" paradise and you get to find a worm who has decided to bury himself in an apple. You also get to ride white flowers and fight Major Burrows. The only thing I dislike is the purple coin mission and ugh, you guessed it, bunnies. They are cute, but very annoying.

Number 4: Beach Bowl Galaxy

You know a place where I would like to live? Here. I'd build my house on top of that ledge and just enjoy the view of the water, the waterfalls, and penguins playing around. I would not visit the stone cyclone as I don't want to be crushed or sucked into the black hole. But most of all, penguins! They are so adorable. <3

Number 3: Toy Time Galaxy

Nostalgia strikes again! Man, I love that feeling! This galaxy is really fun and sometimes really tasty also! The toys are very cool and that train you ride around the tracks with the toad! Orgasmic! Basically, I love this galaxy to death, especially when we battle against Mecha Bowser. Battling him is very cool as it isn't your typical boss fight.

Number 2: Deep Dark Galaxy

Deep Dark Galaxy is another one of my favorite galaxies. I just love the mysterious, creepy vibe it gives. You get to rebattle Kamella and shoot turtle shells at her face. You get to explore the deep darkest waters and hopefully wish that you don't get a jumpscare......

Number 1: Freezeflame Galaxy

Ah Freezeflame Galaxy, one of the coolest galaxies ever! They incorporate 2 elements that despise each other: fire and ice. In one mission you are in a chilly place tackling Barron Brrrr and later, you are in this lava filled place, then there is the time when hot and cold are in the same environment and you see these 2 elements back and forth. Pretty damn cool level design and it is just epic.

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