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All done!

-I'd combine the two dotted rests in bar 27 into a single dotted minim rest.
Got it

-Perhaps melody notes like beat bar 4, beat 3 bar 8 and in similar places would be better as dotted minim's rather than dotted crotchets?  They sound like they're longer to me, but it's probably pretty subjective.
I did change these on purpose at some point because I noticed the voices don't actually hold to the end of the bar. They start off as almost exactly 1 beat and over the course of the song gradually get longer, but they never extend past beat 4.5. I decided to add the tenuto to emphasize they are definitely at least a full beat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Addressed all the things

I did my best to clarify when the right hand is more useful. Also moved notes around in a few places for ease.

Last small thing I would recommend is a courtesy (non-parenthesized) sharp on the first note of m. 15. Superb!
Got it

I changed the sheet name and credited Nintendo. While I was changing things, I realized that checking the box art might be a good place to get copyright info from. Looking at Rhythm Heaven, it looks like copyright is attributed to Tsunku♂ and Nintendo, while TNX is only listed as "co-developed by".

This might be a little off topic, but let me know what you guys think about using box art as a copyright source.

All changes added


I started working on this after I found your request

Thank you for being nitpicky, it makes up for my blindness

Ahh good catch. It's done

Request / Re: [MUL] Final Fantasy IX - All Hail the New Queen
« on: April 06, 2019, 10:38:35 PM »
You're very welcome :D

Added all of your suggestions except a couple things

-Sounds to me like the Bb in the left hand is re-articulated on the last quaver of the bar (like it is in bar 17).
I think you meant m.27 here. I added another Bb on beat 4.5 of m.27

-I'm hearing another D in the left hand of bar 31 between the final two notes (so that bar would just be (all quavers) Bb A D A D A D A).
I'm hearing another D in the violins which is covered in the RH, but I can't pick out anything in the bass. In fact, the D I thought I heard on beat 3 is actually a G that overlaps the violins, so I'm not hearing any D's in the bass aside from the first one...

Bar 26 and 28: adding in a D in the RH.  This means that you're not dropping from 3 notes to 2 in the right hand.
I added F#'s instead to parallel bar 30

Bar 16: similarly moving the C# up an octave, although here I can sort of see the value in both ways and there's no particular resolution to worry about (it would just make it a little less awkward to play).
I left this one alone because it started to blur the C# into the line of the melody. Should be easy to pedal everything together here I think

In addition to your changes, I also added a LH E on beat 3 of m.29

Thanks for the quality review :D

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