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After some discussion, the updaters have agreed that it would be best to not accept this sheet. While we do allow remixes/arrangements of existing works, this is essentially verbatim, even if an excerpt. I understand the desire for a fully complete library, but the sheets hosted here should be original to the game.

Not sure I can hear the G that is up there, but the G I wrote in was just the lower G -> F# moved up to fit into the RH.
I hear the G, but not the F#, but if you wrote it to double the LH then that's fine.

The rest is good too, so I'll approve

Welcome to NinSheetMusic! You submitted this at a good time, since we're actually doing a Color-themed Arrangement Project right now. If you'd like, you can make a thread in the Projects board for your sheet to save yourself a sub slot, but be sure to do this by tomorrow (that's the deadline).

Either way, here's a bit of feedback:
  • This is one of those rare instances where I think "Transcribed by" would be more appropriate than "Arranged by". This makes the most sense for solo piano pieces where all you're doing is writing what's there and nothing's getting moved around.
  • I hear m12 as 16th note rhythms similar to the rest of the piece with the F# and E being tied across beats 2-3 and 3-4, respectively. Rhythm is kinda subjective in a free-flowing piece like this, but the rest of the piece makes me feel a 16th pulse even at the end.

What you have here looks good, but yeah definitely see if you can add the bee nest thing (and any other little fanfares if they exist). You could probably fit that on page 2.

All right. Sheet's been updated!Are you sure? I hear it pretty well. It even sounds a bit more accented than the other two melodies.
I can kinda hear it now. The other changes look good!

The only other additional comments I have are aesthetic ones:
  • Staccatos should be centered over notes rather than stems (see this thread).
  • The tempo marking for BGM A is really close to that flat sign.
  • The tremolo bar in m25 is pretty short and easy to miss. You can lengthen it with the Beam Extension Tool (under Special Tools). Just stretch it a bit on both sides.
  • You should be able to easily fit the last system on Page 3.

I'm gonna go ahead and archive this one for inactivity. Feel free to resubmit in the future

Looks really good, just one comment from me:
m14 RH beat 3: Layer 2 should be 8th notes here (F#-G#), I'm assuming you didn't include that for playability. It's possible to play, but it might be easier if you moved those two notes up an octave. It's fine as-is too.

Always glad to see more Xenogears
  • m2 RH beat 3.5: It sounds like the D is restruck here.
  • m11 RH beat 3: I hear an E above the C#
  • The half rests in m16/20 RH should be hidden
  • m17 RH: While there is a G in the RH, it doesn't actually resolve up there. It only resolves to the lower F#.
Nice arrangement

Game Start
  • m1 LH beat 1: The C#-D sounds more like D-Eb to me.
  • m1 LH beat 2: It almost sounds like there's a 3rd voice here underneath the other two, Db and C I think.
  • m1 LH beat 4: Similarly, I hear an Eb below the Gb here.
  • m2 should be respelled with all sharps instead of flats (Fns should be E#s as well). This bar is a progression in B major.
  • m2 RH beats 1.75-2: The Gns should be G#s.
  • m2 RH beat 2.5: The Fn/E# should be F#.
  • m2 LH beat 2.75: Should be F# instead of A#.
  • m2 LH beat 4.25: Should be Bn instead of An.
  • m2 LH: I don't hear the 2nd Layer quarter note voice in the original.
  • Only the low voice is present in the original, it's not doubled an octave higher.
Clear A
  • m8 and 10 are in A major, so all the Dbs should be C#s.
  • 16th note rhythms should be beamed across the beat (you might recall that feedback on your Junior Class Match sheet).
  • Consider putting in the bassline instead of the countermelody, but it's up to you.
  • Beam the 16th note rhythms here too.
  • You can go to Document Options > Key Signatures > uncheck "Cancel outgoing key signature" to remove naturals before flats/sharps in key signature changes. It can help save space, but just know this is a document-wide effect (you can't set it individually), so you may not want to.
Clear B
  • For the last two chords, the middle voice should be Db-Bb instead of Ab-G.
Super Spray
  • The LH in m27-28 should be an octave lower than written.
  • I would spell the E# as Fn in m30 LH so it matches the RH. Since this is in C major, the F# on beat 2.5 is the chromatic passing tone here, not the F before it. At least that's how I hear it.
Potted Plant Pinch
  • The original version sounds like it's pitched lower than what you have written. It should start on E5 and end on F4.
  • The lowest note in m39 should be a low C instead of G.

Alright, looks good

That was fast, wow. I didn't think a piano version could sound this close to the original, and yet it does... nice Fort Francis sheet too

Awesome stuff here, especially Gloam Valley. I had tried arranging it almost 5 years ago, but I never got very far. Nice job with that one!

I also have a tendency to arrange impossible stuff. The impossible is possible. All you gotta do is make it so.
I eagerly anticipate your River Twygz Bed arrangement...

Thank you for handling this minor inconvenience. I appreciate your help.
No problem! The files have been edited with the above changes, and I'll now accept. Nice work.

Projects / Re: Bloop's Colours Project Sheets
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:48:20 PM »
Fixed the slur! I think I prefer the An there, I think the readabilty outweighs any theoretical correctness in that part because there's just a lot of weird stuff going on. Having a Bbb there makes it so that the Bb afterwards needs to have another flat, and it doesn't make the line much clearer.
Fair enough, I'll approve now

Projects / Re: Bloop's Colours Project Sheets
« on: July 19, 2021, 10:13:42 PM »
Are you sure about the last two notes? I relistened to it and now I heard them as Db and C. I'm 99% sure it jumps up from the A though.
I'm not sure what I was hearing before, bc now I do hear the Db-C.

The other stuff looks good too, I'm not entirely sure on some of those notes, but I do hear the changes you suggested. The last thing from me is that the slur in m15 is touching the beam in the RH, and that the An in m14 RH might be better spelled as Bbb. That's pretty much it, great work here

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