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Site News / Re: NinSheetMusic's 17th Birthday!
« on: April 12, 2021, 07:29:56 PM »
Updated NSM news? In this economy?

Thread bump time

I updated Koopa Troopa Beach to bring it up to a decent standard.

Ooh, that's a good sheet right there. I gotta say, I like the left hand pattern better than what we've got on the site at the moment.

While I'm honored to have two extreme versions of my sheets, at the same time, I kinda feel threatened... :-[

Seriously though, this is the best idea for an April Fool's event we've ever had! Kudos to everyone involved!


If this music rip's quality isn't clear enough, I can go find another one. Just say the word.

Ah, yes, Slider 2

Really great job on this, Latios! I was just listening to this track the other day.

Site News / Re: Update, Sunday 28th of March 2021
« on: March 28, 2021, 10:59:16 PM »
Great update! :D

Oh man, my ears do not like this soundfont ><

Just a couple of things I noticed while passing through:
- The indeterminate pitch noteheads you wrote in in m. 13-16 sound more to me like E's rather than B's.
- I don't think the use of the small noteheads for the E#s in m. 17 is clear. As Libera mentioned above it's unclear at a glance how these are different from the rest of the small noteheads you have for the percussive effect. Another thought, is the intention for large-handed people to play all three notes or omit the middle one? If the former, adding the upper E# makes it even more awkward to play. If the latter, that doesn't seem to be implied from what you wrote. My simplifying recommendation would be to just remove the lower E#s altogether.
- The DC's a bit far to the right.

(Small aside, I typically see "bassline" rather than "bass line".)

Did all of this!

It is a problem that I upload some arrangements with my students?
They work hard for music and for this site, they are accumulating transcriptions which is important for their self-esteem to be uploaded to this site, so they can work on other scores continuously.

This wouldn't be a problem if they uploaded their scores by themselves, but from the way I understand it, your country's laws would not permit this.

You need to keep in mind that the staff that processes the arrangements works just as hard as your students, if not harder. I'd venture to say you're demanding more effort out of people like Latios when you ask them to find proper titles for songs that you don't know the context of. Why should it be their job? The issue isn't that this music is exceptionally obscure, it's the fact that you cherry-pick these tracks from Zophar's Domain because they're obscure. Why is that? Can you not rely on your students' integrity? Please explain this.

The motivation behind these sheets is certainly unconventional, but if I had any say in it, I'd decide that if you want to call these "joint arrangements", you need to put more effort into finding where these songs originate from. For the very last time, this is not NSM's job, and to assume otherwise is taking advantage of a volunteer-based staff.

Aside from this, I have no issue with you submitting up to four sheets at once, as long as they're your pupils'.

Feedback / Re: Link's Awakening Composer Crediting
« on: February 28, 2021, 11:41:25 PM »
If we were to assume songs like "Ballad of the Wind Fish" and the Dungeon motif were composed by one person each, shouldn't those composers receive credit for all subsequent remixes that used their originals as bases for "new" material?

If there's a bigger accomplishment this updater team has made, I haven't seen it.

Wonderful job, guys.

Forum Games / Re: The NSM Guess-That-Melody Quiz!
« on: February 28, 2021, 12:11:23 AM »
Welcome back, everyone, to...

The NSM PrettyFrequently Guess-That-Melody Quiz!

Once again, we had a pretty great turnout on this quiz! And unlike last time, our quizzers managed to recognize every single melody -- that's what I call a success. So without further ado, here are the answers!

The Answers
Normal Section

Melody #1
1. [WiiU] Yoshi's Woolly World - "Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape!"

Timestamp: 0:27

[8:46 PM] ShyYoshiGuy: I’ve literally arranged #1

This theme was used in most of this game's trailers, so even if you haven't played this game, you've most likely heard this song. And what a fun one it is, too. Totaka's so good at what he does.

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, Radiak488417, Dudeman, Latios212, ShyYoshiGuy

Melody #2
2. [GB] Metroid II: Return of Samus - "Ancient Chozo Ruins"

Timestamp: 0:00

[9:32 PM] Dudeman: #2: Wow, this one's quirky. The weird jumps at the end sound familiar. Gives me GB Zelda vibes.

He was on the right track!

... hrmm. Two correct guesses. Well, that's better than that of my last Metroid melody.

Guessed by: Radiak488417, Maelstrom

Melody #3
3. [PS2] Final Fantasy X - "To Zanarkand"

Timestamp: 0:09

I need to apologize for this one; I forgot to add an 8va, so my transcription is an octave lower than it needs to be. Sorry about that!

Guessed by: Latios212, Beenya

Melody #4
4. [NES] Mega Man 2 - "Air Man Stage"

Timestamp: 0:38


Contrary to popular belief, Air Man is not hard; on normal mode, he dies with three hits from his weakness, and takes more damage from the Mega Buster than most other bosses. He's just nearly impossible to beat without taking damage at least once; the early Mega Man devs weren't too keen on playtesting.

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, BlueKirby, Dudeman, Jake_Luigi, Maelstrom, Atcero, Static

Melody #5
5. [GEN] Sonic the Hedgehog - "Marble Zone"

Timestamp: 0:31

[9:29 PM] BlueKirby: while looking for what i thought was 14 i accidentally found 5: marble zone from sonic 1

[10:07 PM] Yug Guy: #5 - Labyrinth Zone from Sonic
[10:08 PM] you're half right
[10:08 PM] Yug Guy: what do you mean
[10:08 PM] Yug Guy: i did an arrangement of this song
[10:08 PM] Yug Guy: wait
[10:08 PM] Yug Guy: my wires crossed
[10:08 PM] Yug Guy: it's Scrap Brain Zone
[10:09 PM] you're still tangled
[10:09 PM] Yug Guy: dammit
[10:09 PM] Yug Guy: Marble Garden

Close enough. ^^

I'm relieved to see people know more Sonic songs aside from Green Hill Zone.

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, BlueKirby, Dudeman, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan, Atcero, Cashwarrior1

Melody #6
6. [SWITCH] Fire Emblem: Three Houses - "The Night of the Ball"

Timestamp: 1:12

[9:07 PM] mastersuperfan: #6 is from FE3H... somewhere
[9:08 PM] mastersuperfan: is it Life at Garreg Mach Monastery
[9:08 PM] no
[9:08 PM] mastersuperfan: bah
[9:08 PM] mastersuperfan: I'll find it at some point
[9:08 PM] mastersuperfan: ...could you at least pick a part that isn't the literal main theme
[9:08 PM] what?
[9:08 PM] mastersuperfan: #6
[9:08 PM] mastersuperfan: the part you picked
[9:09 PM] mastersuperfan: that's the FE3H leitmotif that appears in like 80% of the OST
[9:09 PM] well how was i supposed to know
[9:09 PM] mastersuperfan: well if you didn't know, you could always accept anything else with the motif in it in the same key?
[9:09 PM] it's in the same key?
[9:09 PM] mastersuperfan: yes
[9:10 PM] fck
[9:10 PM] that's it
[9:10 PM] no more FE
[9:10 PM] mastersuperfan: it's in the same key for most of the time it appears in the OST
[9:10 PM] i give up
[9:10 PM] mastersuperfan: Life at Garreg Mach Monastery is the exact same tempo too
[9:11 PM] the night of the ball is the track i chose
[9:11 PM] mastersuperfan: ah
[9:11 PM] if they're so similar
[9:11 PM] what's the point of calling it a "new track"
[9:11 PM] mastersuperfan: well the rest of the Night of the Ball is not the main motif
[9:11 PM] mastersuperfan: you just happened to pick the one part that was
[9:11 PM] not a FE fan
[9:11 PM] and at this point, that's not changing

Apologies for this one, too! Apparently, it uses the motif heard in lots of other songs, notably, "Life at Garreg Mach Monastery". This is what I get for not knowing Fire Emblem music.

-- but my man Dudeman still recognized this specific track, so he gets an extra half of a point!

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, BlueKirby, Dudeman, Radiak488417, Latios212, mastersuperfan, Maelstrom, Beenya

Melody #7
7. [DS] The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - "Realm Overworld"

Timestamp: 0:06

Never played this game, but it sounded like a nice track. And it came out of the DS era, so I was sure plenty of people knew it. (They did.)

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, BlueKirby, Dudeman, Radiak488417, Latios212, mastersuperfan, Maelstrom, Atcero, Cashwarrior1, Whoppybones

Melody #8
8. [N64] Super Smash Bros. - "Bonus Game"

Timestamp: 0:04

[10:12 PM] Yug Guy: oh, #8 is from Smash Bros 64
[10:12 PM] Yug Guy: training mode?
[10:12 PM] maybe that too? idk, but it's the break the targets theme
[10:13 PM] bonus game
[10:13 PM] Yug Guy: okay, i just checked & training mode is a different skong
[10:13 PM] i'll still give it to you

Get out of here with that "Break the Targets" garbo from Melee -- this is where it's at.

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, BlueKirby, Dudeman, Radiak488417, Jake_Luigi

Melody #9
9. [ARCADE] Haunted Castle - "Can't Wait Until Night"

Timestamp: 0:15

Did I put this single Castlevania melody in here to keep Atcero happy? Well, yes, buuuuut this song's also in Smash, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, BlueKirby, Jake_Luigi, mastersuperfan, Atcero

Melody #10
10. [SNES] Kirby Super Star - "Grape Garden"

Timestamp: 0:32

[2:27 PM] mastersuperfan: might look for #9, dunno if I'll look for #10 because I don't have the slightest clue where to look
[2:27 PM] mastersuperfan: sounds like a recent game though
[2:27 PM] mastersuperfan: although if it's Star Allies I wouldn't know it

[10:20 PM] Radiak488417: 10 is """"grape garden""""

[6:14 PM] Atcero: shiiit
[6:15 PM] Atcero: bro
[6:15 PM] Atcero: Grape Garden?
[6:16 PM] Atcero: bruhhh
[6:16 PM] Atcero: youre not gonna fucking believe this
[6:16 PM] Atcero: like im not shitting you it was already on the song from the LAST time i had to look up this song
[6:17 PM] Atcero: but thank you

I think Radiak said it best. Thanks to a single line of dialogue and GilvaSunner's lack of context, the whole Internet's got this song confused with another one, which is actually played in Grape Gardens. But look at it this way: it was either this, or "Orange Ocean". There's no real way to win here.

Guessed by: BlueKirby, Radiak488417, Maelstrom

Melody #11
11. [GBC] Pokémon Crystal Version - "Eusine's Theme"

Timestamp: 0:07

[9:32 PM] Dudeman: #11: This one also sounds familiar. I'm getting the vaguest amount of Sonic vibes from it, but I'm pretty sure that's not it. Also part of me thinks it's from a Mega Man fangame like Unlimited, but that can't be it...right?

[9:16 PM] mastersuperfan: #11 sounds like Mega Man lol

Yep, you guys fell for it. The ol' "song-that-sounds-like-Mega-Man-but-isn't" trick. This was also a good way to get a console rep for the Game Boy Color.

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, BlueKirby, Latios212, Cashwarrior1

Melody #12
12. [PC] Yume Nikki - "(Working... please wait...)"

Timestamp: 0:00

[10:17 PM] Yug Guy: oh you sly dog
[10:17 PM] Yug Guy: #12 - Save Theme from Yume Nikki

I always knew Yume Nikki was a niche game, but apparently it's less popular around here than I thought. In hindsight, I should've swapped this melody with #15 over in the obscure section. Good thing Yug had my back.

Guessed by: Yug_Guy

Obscure Section

Melody #13
13. [Wii] Wii Music - "Main Theme"

Timestamp: 0:01

[9:32 PM] Dudeman: #13: Main Theme - Nintendo's E3 Presentation 2008 Wii Music (I actually had this game, once upon a time. Barely played it. Shit's bad, yo.)

[3:52 AM] Trasdegi: WOW
[3:52 AM] Trasdegi: 13 is the only one I have xD
[3:53 AM] Trasdegi: It's wii music

[7:57 PM] Whoppybones: Found this by complete accident. A jazz arrangement of the song was on my Youtube recommended page. Thank you, YouTube algorithm!

Thank God people know this song. This game was partially responsible for me getting involved with music as a kid, and I still enjoy playing it with my sibs to this day.

Guessed by: Dudeman, Whoppybones, ShyYoshiGuy

Melody #14
14. [GBA] Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 - "Bonus Room"

Timestamp: 0:01

[9:48 PM] Jake Luigi: 14.) Bonus Room (SMA4:SMB3) [I'm so lucky that I grew up with this one.]

What a happy little song. Static, Jake -- you two are legends. I hope you know that.

Guessed by: Static, Jake_Luigi

Melody #15
15. [DSi] Nintendo DSi BIOS - "DSi Shop"

Timestamp: 0:00

[9:23 PM] mastersuperfan: what in the world is on this quiz that you put DSi shop at #15

Yeah, yeah, guys, I get it. This melody didn't belong in the obscure section like I thought it did. It's at least relieving to know time hasn't forgotten this gem.

Guessed by: Yug_Guy, Radiak488417, Latios212, mastersuperfan, Static, Beenya, Whoppybones

Congrats to everyone that participated! This was a joy to put together, and a blast to watch everyone play it; I'm glad I started making quizzes again. But wait, what's this? A new melody champion -- this is unheard of! NSM's resident meme lord has claimed victory! It's...

Papi Palindrome himself...

... with a fantabulous score of 10/15!!




The Scoreboard

I really need sleep...


[PC] Vampire Killer - "Ending"


"Mom, can we get Castlevania?" "We've got Castlevania at home." Castlevania at home:

Jokes aside, I like that we have at least one original song in this MSX2 title. At least there's something this game can be remembered by.


[SNES] Kirby's Dream Course - "King Dedede"


I'm one step closer to arranging all the unconventional Dedede battle themes. Next up in this series, I'll be re-writing my sheet of his Pinball Land theme.

Alright, I addressed Libera's comments over Discord with Static's help. Solved the tricky stretch with small noteheads, and re-wrote the right hand part in measures 18 - 27 entirely. Files are updated, sorry about the wait!

Jacopo, this game is called "Chip's Challenge", not "Chip's Challenge Music".

I'm asking out of curiosity, did you know about this game before you arranged a song from it, or did you just find its soundtrack on YouTube?

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