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I have checked this previously, and it still looks great!

For future reference we generally prefer non-extended videos though, and I found one such video here:

It's just easier to navigate around the video when checking if it's as short as possible.

Submissions / Re: [SWITCH] Fire Emblem: Three Houses - "Wailing" by Libera
« on: November 12, 2019, 09:57:46 PM »
New files are up.  I fixed everything apart from

- Would suggest shortening the last system

Because I don't really see the need and I think it looks better this way.

Submissions / Re: [PS1] Final Fantasy VIII - "The Oath" by A. Connor Parr
« on: November 11, 2019, 02:10:23 AM »
I feel obligated to mention that I was only able to format what I have so far because of the help of ThatHiddenCharacter, as he has the full version of Finale and I do not. I can address the issues you've brought up using MuseScore, but it may take me a few days to update my current files as THC (should he choose to continue helping me) will then be required to make the corrections to the .mus conversion of the .musicxml import of the original .mscx file that I am unable to. I could not accomplish much of the reworking that you've requested using just Finale NotePad.

That's very helpful of him!  Although I think most of the things I'm talking about you should be able to edit in notepad (positioning of notes/articulations/dynamics, adding in bars, changing notes etc.) but feel free to take all the time you need; there's no rush.

Your detailed feedback is very much appreciated, Libera. Thank you. I tried to be careful in my arranging and be as close to the original as possible, but I think my desire for a "clean score" did get in the way; your concern with my use of fermatas is valid and I'm sorry I didn't just write out the sections that were five measures as actually being five measures. I will be better. As to your concerns about incorrect notes, I will re-listen to both the original and my arrangement so I can hear for myself when, if, and how I messed up.

I have a lot to learn. I am glad you've been candid with me about my need need to improve this score, and I will implement the knowledge you've imparted to me not just to this one arrangement, but to my arranging for this site in general.

No worries at all.  We all get better through feedback, and you seem to have the right kind of mindset.  Although, don't feel like you have to apologise to me for things I point out, it's not something to be worried about.

It appears I also misunderstood where I was supposed to link to YouTube versions of the track; I did so on my Piano Arrangements thread. Thank you for informing me of my mistake in this regard, as well. I'll post embeds on my actual submissions in the future.

I tend to post youtube videos in my PA and on submissions.  It just makes things easier that way without having to navigate around the forums to find the tracks.

I just want to say that I wholly agree with Latios here regarding the beaming.

Okay, so I actually put a lot of thought into the whole "beaming across beat 3," but the problem with this is that as a bossa nova-style piece, it would actually be notated like this (3+3+2) in most jazz scores I'm familiar with. I think that's a decent case for keeping it the way I did it, but I'll let you make the final call. I had it out both ways at various points when I made this.

3+3+2 doesn't really explain the beaming that you've used here at all to me.  It seems like you're trying to beam the phrases together?  Either way the end result is very hard to parse/read, especially with the way that the left hands beaming interacts with the right hand.  I don't think this sheet would lose anything from following standard beaming practices and would gain a tremendous amount in readability.  Also, though admittedly I'm not super clued on jazz, I used to play in a big band and I've never seen beaming like this ever before.

While I'm here, I might as well point out other stuff as I see it:

-The composer/arranger info is squashed in at the top with the title and you've got plenty of white space at the bottom of the page to alleviate that.
-The copyright/url is slightly too low.  It should be vertically aligned with the bottom margin.
-The alternating dynamics in bars 25-26 might look clearer if the piano was placed above the staff next to the notes it applies to.
-The two slurs in bar 22 are colliding slightly.
-The slur in 12 could come away from the stem a little.
-The slur in 24 is colliding with the sharp symbol.

Off-Topic / Re: The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread 2
« on: November 11, 2019, 12:40:20 AM »
Sometimes I wonder what qualifies as a 'thought of the moment' to be placed in here.  Like right now I'm wondering whether I still have milk left in the fridge, but clearly I can't post that.

...Or can I...?

Site News / Re: NSM Mario Maker Showcase! (Part 2 on 11/9 at 7pm EST)
« on: November 11, 2019, 12:37:33 AM »
I had to go to bed before it ended, but what I watched was pretty fun!

Bump for arranger.

*thud* Oh, sorry for bumping into you there.

Submissions / Re: [PS1] Final Fantasy VIII - "The Oath" by A. Connor Parr
« on: November 10, 2019, 01:25:19 PM »
Hi, welcome to NSM, enjoy your stay etc.

It's helpful if you post a youtube embed on your subs so that we don't have to go looking for the exact track you mean (it's not so bad here, but sometimes tracks are labelled poorly on youtube.)  I'm surprised neither Static nor Latios mentioned this.

Onto feedback:

-The way the phrase ends are written at the moment is kind of inconsistent.  All of these are exactly measured as two bars each whereas we have them as a mixture of two bars measured and one bar with fermatas which I wouldn't really recommend (especially in bar 20 where the rhythm is just wrong the way it's currently written.)  I'd recommend writing all of these out exactly as two bars each and just ditching the fermatas altogether.  (For the record, by phrase ends I mean bars 4, 8, 11-12, 15-16, 20, 23-24 and 35-36.)  Also, I'm pretty sure all of these held semibreves actually end on the 4 beat of the bar (in other words, there's a bit of space before every new phrase starts.)
-The lower voice in the right hand of bar 26 sounds like it goes E -> G -> Eb rather than what's currently written in.
-The 8va in bar 28 would be neater if it started a little further to the left.
-The semibreve in the left hand of bar 12 should be a minim.
-Kind of nitpicky but it'd be nice to have all the hairpins and dynamics line up with the starts of notes.  There's no places where it would be difficult to do so as far as I can tell.  (None of the hairpins are currently lined up and the dynamics that aren't are in bars 1, 5, 13 and 21.)
-Although I'm recommending you remove the fermatas, just for your information the right hand fermata in bar 4 should go above the dyad, not below it.
-For the ending (bars 29-36) I think I'd suggest messing around with the left hand a bit.  This is the climax of the piece and the way it's currently voiced is quite high and light, which works against it being 'climaxy' I guess.  Something you could do is just lower the whole left hand by an octave, which would probably work reasonably well (although there are doubtlessly other things you could try here.  Another thing you could try is just ditching the countermelody in the left hand and going for octaves, but that might not be necessary.)
-I think the As in the right hand of bar 30 (beats 3-4) should be Bs instead, as opposed to bar 34 where they're definitely As.
-I'm not a huge fan of how the layers in bar 26 swap round going into bar 27 but there might not be a nice solution that keeps everything consistent so I can live with it.

Generally a pretty nice job, especially for a first submission.

Submissions / Re: [MOB] Fire Emblem Heroes - "Serious 6b" by Libera
« on: November 10, 2019, 02:36:31 AM »
- Courtesy natural in the right hand of m. 27 as well?

In retrospect, I've decided to remove all courtesy accidentals from this sheet; I don't think they're necessary.

- Would suggest just separating the top and bottom parts at the end since the connectedness is throwing off the position of the dots. Regardless, the top tie on the bottom part would probably be best bending upwards. (Also there's an abnormally large amount of space at the beginning of the last measure?)

Hopefully I've addressed this now!

New files are up.

Submissions / Re: [MOB] Fire Emblem Heroes - "Serious 6b" by Libera
« on: November 10, 2019, 01:21:35 AM »
- Is there a particular reason the beaming for the LH is different on the first page vs. the rest?
- I'd personally recommend a double barline at the end of 18

Basically I kept the beaming for the first page as I did for Serious 6 as it's really only the first page that takes from that piece.  After that I went with full bar beaming which I thought was more appropriate.  This was also why I've agreed with you to put a double barline in at 18.

- Try and keep your rest positions consistent - i.e. compare m. 19/21/30/47/etc.

Hopefully this is more consistent now, although they're not all the same due to the positioning in bars 47, 49 and 51 looking kind of ugly if it's not a bit higher.

- Any reason why the eighth note overlaps beat 1 in m. 41 where everywhere else it's a rest?

Filling it in everywhere looks ugly but I wanted to highlight the symmetry in that two bar phrase, which meant beaming it fully for both bars.

- Are you sure the E in the first chord in m. 46 is there? I'm just hearing a Bm7 chord

It's been a little while since I did this, but from listening to it again I think perhaps it was meant to be an F#.  I've changed it anyway.

- m. 50 beat 1.5 LH - think I'm hearing C instead of E? Not totally sure

You're right it's definitely a C.

- Maybe widen space between staves for the last few systems a bit?

Sure, a little.

- D# in m. 52 should have a B under it

I don't think it's in the piano part, but I threw it in anyway.

Everything not mentioned should be fixed and the new files are up.  Thanks for checking!

I use Notepad, so I'm not sure I can do these. If someone else could help me out with this I'd appreciate it.

I've put up files with those spacing changes I've suggested.  If there's any issue with them let me know.

The edits look good, so other than waiting for someone else to check that E/F discrepancy in bar 16 (I checked it again myself and still hear an F) I approve.

I come bearing two smaller sheets from Awakening.

'I've never seen one fall so gracefully.': [Musx] [Pdf] [Midi] [Mus]
'Leave me... Save yourselves...if you can...': [Musx] [Pdf] [Midi] [Mus]

And also one from a pretty cool game I discovered recently.  Perhaps expect more, perhaps not.

Indoctrination (The Tower): [Musx] [Pdf] [Midi] [Mus]

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