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- After listening to it again, m21 sounds like it's doing a slight dimuendo. I didn't notice that. Imo I feel that just removing the accents on beat 4 would be alright, but I'm down for removing the F in m21 beat 4 too if you guys feel like it's too heavy.

- Yeah, they're not in the original (I told Lat that actually). How would you mark it though?

- I think that's on Lat's end... the files I uploaded before were at the correct tempo :p

Okay, removed those accents too (I felt they showed the start of the phrases but there're phrase lines I guess)

Hm, I think I'd just go with your suggestion then. But I can't move the key sig without needing to re-write the entire mus file lol
Could you help move it when you're doing that formatting pass in the end?

Thanks for the checks; I've changed the things you mentioned -- yeah, the last bars aren't in the original.

Alright, I think that's fair. My use of accents was mostly based on controlling the velocity midi playback, so I used a lot of them to emphasise main beats.
So I removed a bunch of them from the sheet, save for the ones where I feel the accented notes need to stand out more.

I fixed the misaligned G but I can't change the position of the key signature on Notepad...
Though I don't really agree with you on the key sig because the key change at m23 would already highlight the resolution to F major? Unless you meant that the F major actually starts at m25 and m23/24's a transition into it. Personally I felt the key change begun on m23. Nonetheless I guess having the time and key sigs coincide looks neater.

I was trying to say that the detuned piano in the original had quite a mellow timbre and so the small intervals within that chord didn't sound as nasty as on a regular piano. On hindsight, it might just be midi playback that makes the thing sound so bad...

Thank you for changing the expression text -- notepad doesn't really have a snap function so I can't align things exactly.

Updated the submission files!

- You're referring to the pitch bending in the original right? I only left the one D-Eb change in because it outlines the voice leading from Db to D♮. I don't know how to explain this properly because my theory's abysmal when it comes to chords.
- Changed.
- Fair enough, tbh I just ran a musescore plugin that set courtesy accidentals automatically and didn't check ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also got rid of the flat on m9 beat 2.75.
- Re-wrote it so that there's a Dmaj in the left hand and the 7th on the right.

(also noticed I missed out one note bracket on m40, but now that I think about it, removing that bracketed note altogether is probably better.)

- I think that's what's being played, but it sounds real nasty in that octave (and worse down one more). So maybe I'll add that but remove the D.

- I'd argue that the Bb there isn't very important because of the Bbs on beat 2.5 and the right hand. It's also because having the extra Bb would make it hard to hear the countermelody clearly, especially with the pedal. The (accented) Bb on 2.5 is already sustained and hitting the same note again causes a very 'murky' texture. I'd rather change the accents to be on 2.5 and 3.5 if we need to preserve the rhythm.

- I went ahead and added the detuned piano part (to m7/8/15/16), but omitted the F on m7/15 beat 2.5 because it sounded a little awkward. Anyway, there's an accented F on the right hand on that beat (albeit the two together are not gonna be recognised as an explicit chord/interval).

- When the A section repeats, the piano plays a slightly different bassline. The low F on m14 was a new addition, and so I decided writing that over the detuned piano would add to the variation in the second A section (i'd also rather not change it because that countermelody in the lower octave sounds very slurred with the pedal.

- I'll shift that expression text to be in-between the staves instead (the alternative would be to just write "Playful swing" instead of only "Swing" in the tempo marking, but I can't change it on my end).

Changes I've made are here:

Thanks! It's always an arms race to make covers/arrangements of new music, especially for more popular things.


Issues yay:
- m43: the crescendo needs to be invisible'd (the rit. marking above covers for it)
- m43-44: the tempo markings need to get invisible'd
- all the mordents don't playback in the midi

(edit: did one very quick edit to fix some clipping issues)

*I'm only going to give a mus file download for both of these two sheets when the submission process is complete.
Please understand.

[SWITCH] Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield
Once Upon a Time...


Battle! (Trainer)

I love hiatuses! But I love these sheets more :P (again, to save space, only embing the last sheet from each game)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Explorers of Darkness
Crystal Crossing (Jazz Combo) [mid/pdf/mscz]
At the End of the Day (Piano-Flute Duet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
In the Future - the Planet's Paralysis (Mixed Quartet) [mid/pdf/mscz]
Chasm Cave [mid/pdf/mscz]
Dark Hill [mid/pdf/mscz]
The Elevator within Sealed Ruins (Horn-Keyboard-Drumset Trio) [mid/pdf/mscz]

Pokémon: Sword & Shield
Route 1 [mid/pdf/mscz]

For m23, the rhythm section in the back plays D/Bb on both 2 and 3. (But I wrote it as D/G for some reason - changed it). I think I excluded the D/Bb on 3 because it would've been hard to stretch a ninth (D/Bb/low C) like that.

I think your mods to m24 sound closer to the original than mine, yeah. Iirc I made lowered and raised the octaves of some parts because I wanted to create a softer sound with the piano. Still I think your one's a bit easier to play so we'll keep it :p
(though you forgot to remove the bass clef after on m32)

Modified-modified mus:

So I listened through the piece again and I think we can remove a few things from m18, and shift the countermelody to a second voice like you said:

(this is done in musescore)

might be a problem at m20 where the last note of the second voice should align with the last note of the first voice, so an alternative would be this:

when you check the rest of the score you can add this in, if you don't mind :D

So, unfortunately, I'm unable to shift the tempo markings around without moving which notes they anchor to (so I left it like that) but I've fixed:
+ the key sig from Cmaj --> Fmaj
+ the spread of the staves across the two pages
+ developer info
+ last measure's wrong rhythm grouping
+ the overlapping rests

(edit: also there's a problem involving the second voice in m6, m14, etc. having a (probably) redundant flat that I can't remove without changing the pitch)

Whoops. I'm back and changed everything to 4/4 (and tweaked what Insig pointed out) - sorry it took so long. The swing didn't transition over from the xml.

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