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oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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Alright, I just edited the submission.

It's nice to see more Animal Crossing stuff! Good work.

I plan on making many more Animal Crossing arrangements in the future, especially with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons approaching.

Thanks for the help!

Alright, I edited the submission with the edits you sent; thank you again for all the help!

I also fixed other formatting issues such as the copyright text size, the margins, and the note beaming as there were some measures where you had notes extending past the 2nd beat (or 4th eighth note) even excluding the left hand. I noticed you didn't include any dynamics so I just put a mf at the beginning. I almost mistook this for the siivagunner kakariko mashup, but the notes sound find to me

Idk if it's worth it but if you would like to include it, I also added some snaps to the RH in measures 1-4 and 21-24. Otherwise, you can just get rid of them

Oh shoot, Sorry for such a late response; I somehow didn't see this.

I'll definitely try to avoid those note beaming issues in the future. Thank you so much for everything!

One more thing: I am unable to open the link you sent, because it is a .musx file, and I only have Finale 2012.

Ok, so I'm pretty sure I've covered everything. However, I ran into another unrelated problem:

Back before I submitted this sheet, I ran into a problem in measure 11; I couldn't find the articulation for both an accent mark and a staccato dot combined. Eventually I managed to find it somehow, but now I can't... again. So, I opened a sheet with that specific articulation on Notepad, and I selected that note to select an articulation. I found that there were nearly 40 accents I could choose from on that sheet, and only 19 were available on mine. I had each one open simultaneously with the same exact version of Finale (2012). Do you know why this could be? I managed to resolve this problem, but not in a way that would help me for next time.

Also, I do need help fitting it all onto one page.

Here's the link

Thank you for the welcome, and thank you in advance!

Could someone add the measure numbers to this?

(I fixed the footer problem)

Let me know if I need to fix/add anything. Thanks!

I think it should be selectable in Notepad
I must've completely skipped over that articulation when I first tried to find it in Notepad a while back, because I found it two seconds after I read that.

Thanks for notifying me of that, and another thanks for helping to make the final revisions!

I'm pretty sure I've covered all of the mistakes I made and I was able to successfully transfer the file:

However, I used Trasdegi's program and it didn't work, so the only things missing from the sheet are the page numbers, second page titles, and measure numbers, but I'm not sure if those are required. I also don't know how to add the footer for the sheet which is shown below:

Nintendo © 2002

One more thing: I'm not sure how I can combine the ">" accent mark and the staccato dot in Finale like I did in MuseScore in measure 11. Could someone help me with these last few edits?

Thank you so much for all the tips!

Could someone help me out with this? I'm apologizing for anything wrong in advance with this post and/or flaws in the sheet music I've linked since I'm new here.

Below is a link to what I arranged with MuseScore, and I followed the formatting guidelines to the best of my abilities.

I transferred the .mid file from MuseScore to a .mus (link below) and a lot of things got screwed up.

Also I have no idea how Finale Notepad works so I can't really format it properly either. Could someone fix and reformat the .mus file?

Thanks in advance!

Piano Arrangements / octolad's Arrangements
« on: September 03, 2019, 10:39:03 PM »
octolad's Arrangements

Welcome to my arrangement page!

Animal Crossing

Wild World
Steep Hill (Aircheck) MID | MUS | PDF

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