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I forgot about that one, I've changed it, and re-uploaded all the files again.

I have changed the flats/sharps in bars 6/7.
I fixed the pedal markings in bar 20 previously.
Bar 21 I prefer as is, if it has to be changed though I'll change it.
I've removed the G# in bar 25.
I've changed the notes in bar 32.
I've also changed the rolls in bars 14, and 26-32.

Thank you for the feedback, sorry it's taken me a while to get back to editing this.
Note that I had assistance with this from the artist who arranged and recorded this track.

I incorporated a lot of the changes you recommended, some that I did not:

-Bar 7 - The flats should stay as is, as they are immediately repeated from bar 6. The sharps are leading up to the new key.
-Quarters across beat 3 - This is a personal preference, as well as the original artist's preference, but I have changed most of them, with bars 19 and 23 being exceptions.
-Bars 14, 26-32 - This is what I hear, I've also confirmed the notation with the artist.

I'll upload the updated files, thank you again!

Done, and am uploading the new files now!
Thank you!

Thanks! I've made these changes, and am uploading the updated files now!

Thank you again!

I have made these updates, and uploaded the new files  :)


Thank you again for these recommendations!

I have adjusted everything mentioned in your last message.
Regarding the ones you mentioned I didn't adjust, I mentioned in my reply, all of those are in the recording, not just to my hearing, but also as per the arranger who recorded the piece for the soundtrack (I corresponded with him extensively while transcribing this). This applies to the following points:

- I don't hear the G# on m25 RH beat 1.
- In m26, I think I hear the LH playing octaves on beats 1-3 (i.e. another E above the one you already have written).
- I don't really hear the chords in m26/28/30 being rolled like you've written them. If you want to keep them for effect, though, that's fine.
- m32 LH beat 1 should be an F instead of an A.
- In m33/38, I don't hear the upper octave in the RH on beats 2-3.

I have updated the document to move some things around as you suggested to avoid collisions.

Given the tempo alterations at the beginning, maybe I should remove the Rubato and A Tempo markings now?

I have uploaded the new files, Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback!

For the eighth notes beaming, I don't mind changing it, my preference is how I had it, but I am primarily Jazz-trained.

As for a half-note from beats 2 to 3, I would prefer to avoid this, due to my own preference, but also the original composer's/arranger's.
If it really needs to be a half-note in order to be hosted here, I can make the change.

For mm25-28 and mm32-38, I have the notation as per the arranger/performer's confirmation.

I have removed m37, thank you for noticing that!
Same for m40 and fermatas!

I posted a reply, but I don't see it now... so hopefully I'm not duplicating it here!

Thank you so much for implementing these changes for me, I really appreciate it!
I adjusted a few other things based on your recomendations as well.

My only other comment is regarding that mordent, I looked back and realized it was actually just the artist's "preference" that it be there, he didn't actually record it that way for the soundtrack. I've removed it now.

I've updated all the docs again to reflect the current updated version.

Hello, and thanks for the welcome!
I looked through my Profile, and can't find where I would edit my "Arranger Name" specifically.

I have now corrected the copyright size, and italics in credits. I'm unsure if there are other corrections to be made.
I took your advice for the repeat with two endings, this makes sense, however I'm not sure what you meant about measure 37?
I have now broken the beams on the 32nd note runs.
I have now slurred the grace notes, however due to size I can't get the slur to actually appear.
I have now flipped the tie in measure 21.
I adjusted the pedal markings.

Note stuff
The high Bbs are there in the original recording.
For the dotted half note, I am actually using the original arrangers preferred notation for this (I know him), so as not to "break" the 3rd beat.
For the octaves in m11, same thing, this is how it was played as per the original arranger/performer.
m13, courtesy accidental removed.
m18-20, again this is per the arranger/performers preference.
m.23 B's adjusted, thank you for catching this!

Submission Center / Re: Submissions General Questions, Comments, etc
« on: June 11, 2021, 03:58:32 AM »

Help! / Re: How do you credit a transcription of an arrangement?
« on: June 08, 2021, 11:32:49 PM »
Sure thing! It's the "Piano Theme" from Bionic Commando for PC.
So there's the original composer, the arranger for the PC game soundtrack, and then my transcription of his arrangement.

Help! / Re: How do you credit a transcription of an arrangement?
« on: June 08, 2021, 11:06:53 PM »
Thank you!
This is a transcription of a piano arrangement from the PC sequel to an NES game.
So, my transcription is still directly from the PC game soundtrack, even though it is itself a piano arrangement of an NES theme.
How would this work?

Help! / How do you credit a transcription of an arrangement?
« on: June 08, 2021, 02:49:11 PM »
So for a submission, let's say the piece is already a piano arrangement of an existing theme from an earlier game, and I'm transcribing this, as opposed to actually arranging the theme for piano myself. Do I just put the original composer and arranger on there, or also include myself as "Transcribed by"?

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