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Fixed! This song really makes you question your hearing after a certain time lol

All those lines in measures 17-20 are really confusing. I know that you're trying to point out phrases, but is there a less confusing way to present it?
I reduced the amount of slurs and lines a bit, I think this should be clearer.

oops life took over

Fixed! I think I accidentally left that L.H. in in the first measure.

Nice work! Here's a few things I noticed when listening:

-It looks like you left out a bit of that flute-y melody in m. 3 and 4 (most notably the Eb to F on the 4th beat of m. 3 and 1st beat of m. 4), but I think that could easily be placed in the right hand.
-The grace notes on the second beat in m. 14 and 23 are An-G-F, not F-G-F
-I think the Bb in m. 22 comes in an 8th note earlier
-You forgot the slurs on the grace notes on the 1st and 3rd beat of m. 26
-You could maybe add the F in the second voice at the end in m. 84? (The Db the bar before would probably clash too much with the C you have written in your arrangement)

Hi there! I think grew inactive a bit before you made an account I think (which is a while ago already lol). Fixed the url!


- Measures 13-14 and 17-18 look a bit odd with the staccatos below the notes on beats 1-3 with nothing above them. Not sure if I have a good suggestion here, though
I flipped the articulation markings as in m. 6 and 7, above until there are notes above.

moving articulations sucks lol

Fixed! Added the mf dynamic, as mp probably doesn't describe the intention properly at the end.

It's been a long time since I used Notepad myself lol. I think you should be able to move the tempo marking with the same tool that moves the dynamics. In full Finale, I use the staff tool to edit the abbreviations, but I don't think Notepad has that.

Yeah I wasn't sure if my explanation of m.10 was clear, this was what I meant:

With "too close to the music" I meant that the tempo marking clashes with the first measure. It's alright in the pdf (though a little close for comfort), but in the mus it's against the beam of the first few notes:

And as for the L.H. in m. 11, I'd do something like this:

I put parantheses around the first g to show that the note is played in both hands. I also shortened the melody note by an eighth note, so the second g doesn't clash with the melody

Hey, really nice work! Just a few little things I noticed:

-In m. 2 (and 31), the d in the melody is quite far from the g in the accompaniment above it; I'd either remove the quarter note in the accompaniment, or move the g an octave down.
-In the original, the melody from m. 5 to m. 12 is an octave higher (like you have it after m. 12). Did you have a reason for moving it an octave down?
-I believe there's a second voice that's playing c#'s alongside the melody in m. 10
-Maybe a bit picky, but I'd move the subtitle and arranger text a bit higher, because it feels a little bit too far down for me. You decide if that's relevant or not lol

Hi there, nice work! Here's some feedback:

-I believe the song is in D major (2 sharps) (or D Lydian, if you will).
-I can hear an accompanying part in the first 4 bars. Could you try adding that in?
-Little rhythmic error in the R.H. of m. 5: the quarter note should be two eighth notes tied together (like you did in m. 9)
-Speaking of m. 9, the first three notes in the R.H. are b - c# - d (instead of a# - b - c#)
-The 2nd part in the R.H. in m. 10 plays different notes, starting on the rest I think it's d - c# - d - d# - b - b (also notate this so it starts a third below the main melody. As it is written now, the distance between the f# and a is too big to play)
-Those b's in the L.H. of m. 10 sound a bit off to me, I think I'd write it like this (same rhythm as you have notated now):
a (bass) - d and f# (chord) - a (bass) - b - b - b
-The last note in the R.H. of m. 11 should be a g
-I'd advise using an e# instead of f natural in the R.H. of m. 10 and m. 12, to avoid unnecessary extra accidentals
-The bottom note in the last note in the R.H. of m. 12 should be a c# (instead of d)

-The measure numbers are missing
-The tempo marking is a bit too close to the music
-Remove the Pno. markings in the 2nd and 3rd system
-I noticed your pdf has a different look than the mus file. Is this because you're a musescore user? I don't know what the official rules are about this, but I personally would prefer a consistent layout between the mus and the pdf (so exporting the pdf from the mus, not the musescore file)


Don't know if the original title is "Dimble Wood" or "Let's Meet In The Mysterious Forest", but "Dimble Wood" seemed clearer to me and it's the name currently on the site, so I went with that

Fixed! That page about the page margins and text alignment was really useful btw ^^ Apparently my text was some pixels off, so that's fixed too (not that anyone'd notice)

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