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Sheet music is finally available for Super Mario in 'Sarasaland Adventure' as well as MP3's for both versions! Check it out below!

A Christmas gift you could say. Happy holidays to everyone!


Amazing! Well deserved, cap'n.

That was so entertaining to watch ;D Well done!

Thank you!

Thank you! And Happy Halloween to everyone. Congrats on the update.


Hope you enjoy.

LATEST STUFF: 'Bowser's Villa' [PIANO] from Super Princess Peach


Hey all! I finally got into music production recently, and I thought I could share my projects with you guys. My new 'official' artistic alias is djRyoji, and you can find the Youtube channel through the video below!

Since I'm a beginner with DAWs and whatnot, for now my focus is making covers of 8-bit songs to practice and learn the ins and outs of Reaper, the one I'm using. As a starting point, I decided to take Gargoyle's Quest since I already arranged a bunch of songs (you can find them on site) and I'm familiar with the soundtrack. Here is my latest cover, 'Breager's Palace' (listed as 'King Breager's Castle on site if you want to see a reference):

I humbly recommend to also check out the rest, I'd appreciate it a lot ('Village' has brand new counterpoint!). For now I have few stuff, but I hope you like what you hear. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. :)

p.s. I also plan to make lots of other different things, not just covers, like 8-bit/16-bit, remixes, piano arrangements and own compositions to keep it interesting.

Uhh you might want to check measures 6 and 10 again ^^''

Aw man why didn't you comment on the one before this

If I didn't it's because it's great, worry not hehe

Booooooring! Sorry Lat, just as I praise other arrangements of yours, I don't approve of this one. Sure, it's a great transcription, everything is impolutely copied from the song, but as an arrangement it's just lackluster at best, taking into consideration all the rich material from the song of course.

You know what's the problem? I see it and I don't want to play it. It doesn't look fun in the slightest. What's with the boring bass?? Double it to an octave at the very least! And no more layers? Nonsense I tell you! It's your duty as an arranger to make a song work for the instrument you arrange for!

Now this is something else! Take it as an example, a draft of what it could be. Then in the second and third sections you can change the texture to add more things and musical ideas.

But c'mon Lat, I know you can do better! What are you afraid of? Use your imagination! Make it interesting! Make it shine so it's not just another "arrangement" anyone else could do, but something YOU did with YOUR ideas and YOUR musical taste and style!

Things like this bored me to the point of quitting. I also worship Bespin for a reason, y'know?

Well that's it I think haha Here's the MUSX file so you can see how it sounds and hopefully motivates your inspiration. I also purposedly stopped abruptly so you can really compare the difference. C'mon, give me another Hau'Oli ;)

Sky Gardon

And yes, that's a pun. You're welcome.

[PC] Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location

Hmm yes yes I've been wanting to see this arranged since I first listened to it, good one.

Good idea! It's quite popular lately I see. In Brinstar all E nats should be F flats, and the Victory Theme from FFVI should be in D major though. Nice work!

It's familiar... Too familiar... Perhaps, not...

Composer is Leon Riskin.

Site News / Re: Update, Tuesday 11th of October 2016
« on: October 12, 2016, 11:51:26 AM »
Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for reviewing and submitting my remaining sheets, I'm truly honored. :)
Here, have a delightful basket of

See you around!

Thank you all and thanks for the update too, it means a lot to me. :)

Off-Topic / Re: Official "I'm Away Topic"
« on: September 20, 2016, 11:11:28 AM »
It would be inconsiderate if I didn't reply to these kind comments.

Good luck to you, wherever you may go.

Thank you Mael!

Best of luck in your life Don - I will miss you!

Thank you Nebbles! I will miss you all too.

I'm really grateful for how kind you were when I joined (and back when I still submitted things). Thank you so much Don, and good luck moving ahead!
Drop in again soon! I'll actually try to finish some SoA arrangements.

(Enticing sample to convince myself I'm serious.)

Haha thanks! And of course I will, I always thought you were a promising arranger.


I will greatly miss you, buddy. I'm very thankful for all the help you've ever given me. You've helped me learn, and for that I'm very thankful. I wish you all the luck in the world for the next endeavor that you may pursue and I hope you do the very best at any and every obstacle you may come upon. You will leave a void when you leave.


Thank you, mlf! Keep up the good work.


Well, I understand that kind of feeling you're going through. It would be pointless to force yourself to work on something you're not interested in anymore.

Best of luck in the future.

Thanks! Actually, you really remind me of myself back when I started. Even our names were awfully similar: WarioMan98 and WaluigiTime64. Back then everyone would have thought I made an alt account lol

You're allowed to leave only on the condition that you return occasionally to say hello (jk, you don't have to).

I have the following three things to say to you as I do every member that leaves us:
"1) Even if we walk different paths, one must always live on as strong as you are able!
 2) You must never treat your own life as something insignificant!
 3) Although we walk different paths, you have to promise to live the rest of your life to the fullest. That means to treat every day like it was gonna be your last in this world. Don't forget your friends at NSM. You must treasure them for as long as you live!"

I'm sad to see you go, man, but you know what's best for you so if this is what that is, I'm happy for you. I wish you the very best. Farewell, my friend. It's been an honor working with you.

P.S. We all still have skype

Thanks for the tips, will follow. Dunno if I'll post again, but I'll definitely be checking things as a mere guest. And yeah, we still do have Skype xD

We didn't talk a whole lot, but I still valued (and will miss) your presence on the forums...
Take care my friend~

Thank you :J

Bye don ;_;


"Losing soldiers is something you never
quite get used to. But it's our responsibility
to go on. And go on, we shall.”
-Captain Charlie

“Thank you, Captain. I appreciate the thought.”

Doooooooon :(

I'll miss you, man. I remember all the times you helped me out with MUS stuff back when I was a wee lad and you were still WarioMan98. Good times.

Good luck on all your future endeavors! Don't forget to write visit!

Good times indeed! Thank you very much ;)

Well, you and I never really talked much, but still, you contributed much to the site. (And also helped me out a few times ;)) Have a great life, Don! Hope to see you in the near/far future!

Thanks! Keep up the great arrangements btw!


May we meet again someday.

Thank you, may we meet someday indeed.

Really, thank you all! Best of luck to NSM.

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