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Gaming / Re: Great Games to look out for.
May 07, 2010, 06:29:52 PM
If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Also, SFK's point still stands, its weird you don't like video games, and you're here.
Master Gamer, for lack of a better option.
Gaming / Re: Great Games to look out for.
May 05, 2010, 04:12:14 PM
Hey ray, people will like you more if you show us your amazing banner. Just upload it to photobucket.
What "evidence" are you waiting for? We have to go off of suspicions, and everybody else in the game is less suspicious than you. Pumpy due to his strategic inactivity, MG and kotor through being helpful, Dude is the potions guy, etc.
Seeing as how this game currently has one wolf alive (due to expertness by the humans with the potions master and Universe-X axmitting to being a wolf), it seems pretty unlikely that Pumpy is a wolf, and pretty likely that SFK is a wolf.
Quote from: SuperFireKirby on May 04, 2010, 12:41:17 PMWell, I haven't defended myself mainly because I haven't really seen anything to defend myself from. I mean, I didn't think I did much to raise this much suspicion. Why is everyone all going oh SFK's A WOLF! Can someone please fill me in?

Because, out of all the possible wolves at the moment, you've contributed the least.
Quote from: KefkaticFanatic on May 03, 2010, 03:08:44 PMWhich reminds me, they cut Tom Bombadil from the film didn't they? D:
Eh, I'm kind of glad they did. It would have been completely weird in the movie, since there was such a low focus on singing in middle earth. And to be honest, Tom Bombadil doesn't make much sense at all.


[nerd]The only reason the Witch King of Angmar was able to die in the book was because the sword Merry found (from the Barrow Wights (sp)) was made and infused with magic by the men of Arnor, making him vulnerable.[/nerd]
Site News / Re: Deadline extended!
May 03, 2010, 09:20:11 PM
I had an idea, but I really can't bring it to life at the moment. Here's an AWESOME PAINT IMAGE.

Basically, the feature of the picture will be a photograph/vector/cool looking image of a white grand piano's keyboard. Behind this keyboard will be the reflection of the keyboard, and along the wall of the piano reflecting the keys, will be written the words "NinSheetMusic" in red, also being reflected by the back of the piano (to give the illusion that it's on the keys). Certain keys will be depressed through photoshop/gimp, because SPRITES will be standing on top of them (ie, link, donkey kong, etc.). The rest of the banner will be the fade from white to blue, with those Mario musical note blocks propelling mario into the light blue area (maybe containing clouds).

Well, that's the gist of it anyway. Problem is, I can't acquire the central piano image. I'd normally take an actual picture at a piano shop, but I have no camera. If somebody wants to get an image for me, or steal my idea, though, that's fine.
Nakah, when's the last time you played a TWG with kotor?
Dude: I see that now.

SFK is pretty much the last viable wolf.

Master_gamer38 - Too veteran to allow JaMaHa at beginning, and is helpful in saying kotor is human.
Sir Awesomesauce - Role PM says human.
SuperFireKirby - Probably a wolf.
Concerto - Mistaked the number of wolves for four at the beginning.
Kotorfanboy - Trustworthy reasoning and helpfulness.

Universe-X, you aren't allowed to post in the thread anymore.
Scratch Concerto from that list, and my reasoning for pumpy heart is: a player as experienced as him needs an excuse for inactivity.
[21:42:38]   <kotor>   I am unsatisfied by your claim in TWG
[21:43:05]   <Savvy-Sauce>   I am unsatisfied by your post.
[21:43:12]   <Savvy-Sauce>   You threw in reasoning for Jake for no reason at all.
[21:43:25]   <HugoMeister>   i think you're BOTH wolves!
[21:43:32]   <kotor>   quiet down peanut galley
[21:43:38]   <HugoMeister>   :(
[21:43:42]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Hugo is not a peanut.
[21:43:48]   <HugoMeister>   <3
[21:43:48]   <kotor>   Why can't I throw in some reasoning?
[21:44:05]   <HugoMeister>   Universe tried that
[21:44:06]   <HugoMeister>   it didn't work
[21:44:25]   <Savvy-Sauce>   here.
[21:44:28]   <Savvy-Sauce>   I'll translate your post for you.
[21:44:30]   <kotor>   Did you just compare me to Universe-X you son of a bitch
[21:44:36]   <HugoMeister>   WHAT IF I DID
[21:45:05]   <Savvy-Sauce>   "Jake died because he was a helpful human. However, this game is a team game, so his contributions and suspicions are still valid. With this in mind, who are we suspicious of?"
[21:45:10]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Second translation:
[21:45:30]   <Savvy-Sauce>   "Jake was suspicious of SFK and was the most helpful human. His suspicions are still valid. Who are you suspicious of?
[21:45:32]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Third translation:
[21:45:35]   <Savvy-Sauce>   "Vote for SFK"
[21:46:00]   <kotor>   Why does this make me a wolf?
[21:46:15]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Because you didn't vote for SFK.
[21:46:30]   <kotor>   Horrible reason
[21:46:36]   <Savvy-Sauce>   How is that reason horrible?
[21:46:48]   <Savvy-Sauce>   You subtley try to inspire a vote against a person without being recognized as the catalyst.
[21:47:06]   <Savvy-Sauce>   It's perfectly wolfy and it matches your nature as a wolf -devious and tricky.
[21:48:03]   <Savvy-Sauce>   WELL?
[21:48:35]   <kotor>   There's nothing wrong with catalyzing a vote against SFK
[21:49:23]   <Savvy-Sauce>   But you are so subtle it makes it seem like you don't want to be held responsible for it.
[21:49:42]   <HugoMeister>   i read "stuble"
[21:49:46]   <HugoMeister>   *stubble
[21:49:53]   <kotor>   No, I just wanted to leave the air open for discussion before I give me two cents
[21:50:15]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Well, you're my vote for now.
[21:50:41]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Besides, SFK hasn't done anything particularly wolfy in my opinion.
[21:51:21]   <kotor>   Then why didn't you say that?
[21:51:38]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Because that's not why I think you're a wolf.
[21:51:41]   <HugoMeister>   oh the huge manatee.
[21:51:49]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Any human (jake as an example) is perfectly capable of thinking SFK is a wolf.
[21:53:01]   <kotor>   I suppose
[21:53:07]   <Savvy-Sauce>   Well, I guess you seem human.

kotor is probably human. He didn't get overly defensive, and didn't respond to my points very quickly. Remaining suspects:

  1. Master_gamer38
  4. Dude
  6. SuperFireKirby
  8. Concerto
  9. Pumpy_heart

He basically just used the trickiest reasoning possible to get us all to vote for SFK. Jake's contributions remain - his primary suspicion was SFK through pretty much the whole game. kotor seems to be trying to get SFK lynched without actually voting for SFK.

Additionally kotor is one of the trickiest wolves there is, so there's that.
AP Gov. Test Sucked.