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tempo sounds more like quarter = 130; also the tempo marking is out pretty far imo[/li][/list]

Just want to chime in here on this real quick. The tempo marking should be left-aligned with the time signature indication.
Elaine Gould, Behind Bars, pg. 183

M.1-4: The preferred way to indicate an unmeasured tremolo is with three tremolo strikes (Elaine Gould, "Behind Bars", p.224 "Unmeasured tremolos").

M.5: Break the beam between beats 1-2 (Gould p.164 "Beaming across rests")

M.6: The placement of the 8vb marking should begin at the first note to which it applies (Gould p.28 "Octave signs"), and the length of the extension line should terminate with corner, instead of a vertical line, immediately after the last notehead (Gould p.30 "Length of extension line").

Personal preference for m.5-6: remove the phrase markings.


Live performance demo:

Notable alterations:
(1) Gradual dynamic and textural build-up from m.1-6 to m.7: includes simplified melody and accompaniment in m.1-4, and revoicing the arpeggios in m.5-6.
(2) Simplified accompaniment in m.7-8, replacing rhythmic synth bass with chords.
(3) Omission of duplet harp arpeggio in m.9-10, to highlight the subito piano dynamic.
(4) Simplified texture in m.11-14, omitting octave doublings in melody, and emphasizing bass and open 5th drone chords.
(5) Simplified accompaniment in m.17-18, replacing rhythmic synth bass with chords.
(6) Thickened texture of m.19-22 to highlight the forte dynamic (also includes the 3rd of the chord). Omitted timpani strikes on m.21 beat 3 and m.22 beat 1.


Notable alterations:
(1) Transposition of the ostinato, to allow melody and bass to be playable in original registers
(2) Omission of the whole note string pads
(3) Transposition and harmonization of the tubular bell line
(4) Omission of the 16th-note/semiquaver synth run in the repeat, substituted for an "mf-f" instruction.

Feedback / Re: Thanks for five years!
« on: January 20, 2020, 01:34:21 AM »
good vibes here : ) : ) : ) proud of you

Help! / Re: What key/time signature is this song in?
« on: July 07, 2019, 02:20:50 AM »
D minor, 4/4, 100 bpm

I'd recommend re-doing the layout with 4 systems on page 1, and 5 systems each on page 2-3. Real clean.

Gould 140-141

Submission Archive / Re: [GBC] Infinity - "Battle Theme" by Static
« on: December 14, 2018, 03:33:03 AM »
Your staff size is a bit too small -- 0.72cm at @ 75% is 0.54cm, which is in the domain of choral music, 0.48cm-0.55cm (which is typically on octavo paper held at a close viewing distance). I'd recommend a minimum of 0.6cm for piano music, or preferably 0.65cm.

Changing this will also allow you to better take advantage of your second page: you can then fill out both pages evenly, 4 systems each.

I'm hearing a major seventh sonority in the final measure -- if you change the D to a C# in the right hand chord at m.32, that'll probably work.

I feel like your arpeggio sign in measure 8 should be a tiny bit more to the right.
It's fine.
I think D3ath is onto something here. There's too little space between the arpeggio and the barline; however, moving the arpeggio to the right would cause near-collision with the accidentals. The solution to this is to add space to the beginning of the measure itself.
  • Select either the Selection or Measure tool.
    Right-click the measure and choose Edit Measure Attributes.
    Add a value to the Extra Space at Beginning field; I would recommend about 1/32 inch (0.03125").
    Click OK.
I would also recommend casting-off measure 28 as the last measure of page 1, as it's the only doable place for a page-turn.

Submission Archive / Re: [PC] Deltarune - "The Chase" by Maelstrom
« on: November 12, 2018, 01:32:25 PM »
Key is E minor.

Submission Archive / Re: [GB] Mega Man IV - "Dr. Wily Stage" by
« on: November 10, 2018, 05:03:27 AM »
Sub-1/2" margins are typically only found in the side margins of choral octavos, which have a very narrow aspect ratio. Otherwise, you should set all margins at least 1/2" (c.f. Gould 481). Additionally, side margins should be equal, unless you're preparing a gutter margin for book-binding or compensating for booklet creep (a task which which one would do in a desktop publishing software like Indesign, not Finale).

Beyond the minimum, I would argue that 3/4" side margins with 1/2" top/bottom is ideal for US Letter paper, as this allows for:
(1) Typical 3-hole punches to sit centered between the page edge and the left edge of the music staff;
(2) A "frame" that offsets the width of US Letter's wide aspect ratio, focusing the image and reducing eye fatigue;
(3) Scales and translates better when printed on international paper sizes with taller aspect ratios (such as A4).

The reason those PDF links lead to 404 errors is because Dropbox killed off Public folder links a few years ago. However, I'm sure if you contacted the arrangers of those songs (such as InsigTurtle for "Mt. Horn"), they'd gladly send you new sheet music links.

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