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Quote from: TheZeldaPianist275 on December 04, 2023, 08:37:21 AMAlso N1P2 this is not relevant to the game but I remember really liking some of your arrangements when I joined the site in like 2013. You did the Mario ground theme from Brawl back in the day, right?

Also... ty xD
That was such a long time ago, i loved the work i put into that haha. And i also like the newer version too :) definitely beats my attempt
Sorry, i find it tedious to go back and quote other messages when i don't have a lot of time here at work, however i think it safe to clear this:

Yes, obviously i revived THC to see if they were the CO. I dont see any harm in revealing that he was counter-claimed to by (obvious to me now) the real CO. I wont disclose their name out of their protection.

For now, until further discussion takes place, i wont reveal which TWG account is the real slim shady or not. I would find it interesting if they posted their thoughts or results in here or with me privately. They obviously know the jig is up on their end, but somehow i have been granted an additional day of life.

The results of the seering though...
The real OS claimed Toby was green.
The wolf account claimed Toby was red.

For now, this may not be a lot of help for the rest of the town, but for the ten minutes i have on break, this is what i can muster haha. I have a few more hours of work, but can check back in more so then!

THC, being the wild card that he is, is not necessarily out of the clear just yet. It would be nice to hear him speak on the happenings since N1!
I will disclose more when seer results are given.

I also am back at work so may have long periods of silence the rest of this irl day. Sorry!
lol ok well this should be fun
My parting words:

Someone here and I have been in consistent contact with my findings in game. I won't disclose them until they wish to, but I decided to trust them early on and since then (to my sheepish mind) has not shown any wolfy tendencies.
They will likely come forth after my passing, but if they choose not to, in order to protect their identity, they dont have to. If I'm alive, well then howdy-doody this became easier lol.

First, both TWGs have contacted me over the past day cycle. Starting with Waluigi.

QuoteHey, I'm the Aloof Seer... WAH

I didn't realise you claimed to topic and was asking for claims. I've not been keeping up. It's [redacted name that will be revealed later] btw.

Basically, I claimed I had a blue result just to see if there was any reactions. Plus, I wasn't sure if it was even a good idea to reveal my real Seer result to the topic at that point.

N1 I got that math was green, but from my perspective, I thought revealing who I seered would help wolves narrow down who I could be. When I decided it probably wasn't best to name the person I seered, I thought "Why not just say I got a blue result and see who picks up on it?". I thought it was worth a try, and think it got some interesting reactions.

(a later quote from Waluigi after i misread and asked for clarification):
QuoteI put it in the topic at the start of the day just to spark conversation.

I think BDS' reaction was interesting and I would give him human read for it.

I've only told you that I seered math green.

Lol k. So the plot thickens.
Then, 6 hours later I get another PM:

Quotehello im the CO, i can prove it to you by posting 'luiiigiii' (with 3 i's each) on the luigi account later today
This is from [also redacted name].

Later, the post is made in topic here.


As I'm running out of time, I will impart you with this:

If cool stuff happens overnight: Then TWG Luigi is the Aloof Seer. Waluigi owner is suspect (could be wolf, or miller/human fodder; need to discuss.)
If cool stuff doesnt happen: TWG Luigi is a wolf and needs to be lynched D2.
I am changing my vote to Specs a bit due to the (sorry i forget the twg nickname) recent jumping on the "vote math" train so quickly.
Additionally, I agree that posts are a little off, and i have actively spoken with both TWG's. I will post information most likely after day phase change. Or at least have a contingency plan because lets be honest im dying in the night lol

Depending on the N2 results, we could have a very different game on our hands.
Im at work and dont have time to check until a couple hours from now. What is the lynch count? Like 2 and 2 and 1 i think?
Going with Xiao for now, too. Inactivity isnt helping here :/
I should be able to check my phone a couple times tomorrow before the eod just incase
I'll be honest im not exactly sure who to lean towards here. I think some of the finger pointing is quite niche and circumstantial. A lot of info will be gathered before D2.

Day ends in about 16 hrs and i wont be around for a good portion of that, due to it getting late here and me working before and after N2  start.

I'm going to wait until later to make a decision, if any. But sadly the inactivity of a couple here doesnt exactly help their case :/
I would not doubt if i die in the night, too. Most here are confident im town, although the CO is an ideal target, a blue is a blue regardless.
The alt Seer account can still claim to me if its assumed im on the town spectrum.

In all honesty, i would see it as a safe bet? Also we need a backup plan on reviving candidates. Based on who dies N2, im thinking THC—it would be interesting to see the N1 death come back to actually talk
I have an interesting note.

Perhaps I'm overthinking things and this isnt the right direction, you all tell me.

I PM BDS to soft claim, especially after slight conversation begins to arise about N1 actions like claiming SL, etc...
We decide to wait until something happens (thus TWG Waluigi came forward and davy responded)

I claim SL publicly.

I get a PM from Specs suggesting that i ask for the CO to privately claim to me, to which i can work with them to prove their access to the alt account. Then if i talk publicly after that, is up to me.
I think its a fair idea, and was beginning to think the same way anyway.

I post suggesting just this, but without full detail of the plan using the CO to prove the TWG account.

Then Toby jumps on board with believing me, once almost everyone said they werent SL, only to say the same thing (which hadnt been mentioned publicly yet?), in regards to finding the alt account.
Specs agrees, now we are boarding the train that is this idea.

The first two PM's i get to claim roles are Toby, claiming human, and Specs, claiming green. Specs, specifically saying in PM "i'll bite on Toby's plan." While i thought, wasnt this along the lines of your plan to me before i posted?... albeit, i dont think i needed the rest of the town to claim to me, i just need CO, but thats different.

My question is unless they had been PM'ing, how did they just nearly have the same plan and each post about it with the confidence that they would so easily believe me?

Theres a lot of layers to TWG, i get it, but big brain plays are out of my realm haha. Targeting a returning player like THC seems legit. Targeting a seer on BDS as a returning player sounds very plausible. ( i don't want to get in a conversation of who has "more" game experience, I'm just observing)

What can we make from this? Unless coincidental and I'm gearing caught up in it? (Also, yes its a great plan that anyone could have thought of, but the fact that no one else did before them two and the coincidence that they messaged first is interesting. Thats what im looking at)
I'm aware of the Manti Rule, just didnt know you felt like you were getting subjected to it as of late~
Quote from: BlackDragonSlayer on December 02, 2023, 10:59:26 AM...what? That's been a precedent set long before the current TWG revival (and in the first game post-revivial, I was the first person wolfed).

Is this something that had happened in the past few games? A trend?
Quote from: threalmathguy on December 02, 2023, 09:21:46 AMReviving THC would be a good chance to show that the real one wasn't wolfed

So here begins a timer for claiming myself to be authentic, at least in some way.

As an aside, ive also easily painted a target on my back by claiming, and if the CO doesnt claim to me by the night, then my voice is as good as gone and i wont really be able to protect some townsfolk.

I have had two total pm's so far, although i didnt expect others to join in on the pm's... the CO is an important clear. We can work to validate your role with a TWG account.
Perhaps it would be wise during this day phase for the CO to claim to me?