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wtf both of the wolves seered me n1

That was a really good strategy! I was thrown off for the entire game because of it. Sorry you guys lost anyway!
oh yeah i guess shoot maelstrom also
ugh sheikah was right all along


Let's go for a Maelstrom seering. It's the least we can do after shooting sheikah. I'll send a PM out to the surviving players (so nobody forgets)  momentarily!
is that a no lynch insta??????????????????????????????
Alright m80s, I just got word from Mashi that we can vote no lynch this phase. I think this is definitely what we should do. It will give us another day phase (which is basically a shooting AND a lynching) to work with, and another seer result.

No lynch

Sorry about that, sheikah. I promise to take a really close look at Maelstrom next day phase.
shoot mashi
sqwerrels and MLF, you're welcome to shoot whoever you want, just make it snappy! My preference is sheikah though
Who voted to seer Nocturne, Maelstrom and BDS on n2?
Well, somebody surviving the shooting is the best case scenario for the humans. It means we get a lynching and a shooting next day phase, rather than the game ending next night phase.
ugh i should have just shot the_last_sheikah

oh well
Surely you can do more than just sit there and say it's MLF. What's your reasoning?
what could go wrong

shoot maelstrom
Alright, here's my thinking on the remaining players:

Bird - Confirmed human.
Maelstrom - Voted to seer me on n1 when I wasn't painted. Pretty much confirmed to be human through this.
mariolegofan - Shot at Maestro immediately. Pretty much confirmed to be a human through this.
sqwirrel - Shot at Maestro immediately. Pretty much confirmed to be a human through this.

That leaves the_last_sheikah. I don't see any other options really.
Alright, let's make a deal then. We shoot you, and if you flip human, we all agree to lynch Maelstrom.

Sound good?